How to link Twitch Prime to GTA

How to link Twitch Prime to GTA

Buy Followers! How to link Twitch Prime to GTA. If you are a GTA Online player and you also have Twitch Prime you can easily get numerous rewards. If you continue reading this guide you will learn how to link Twitch Prime to GTA to get discounts and other items. If you need help you can also read How to get Twitch Prime? … Read more

How to create a poll on Twitch

How to create a poll on Twitch

Buy Followers! How to create a poll on Twitch. One way to interact with users while broadcasting live and get the opinion of others is through a poll, these can be carried out using the chat / poll command. In this article we explain everything about how to create a survey in… Read more

How to get likes quickly on Facebook?

Buy Followers! Being a popular person on social networks is something that is important for many, because as human beings, since we are born there is an inescapable need for acceptance by the society in which we live. It is necessary to do a fairly complex study to understand this point, but today we will not talk… Read more

How to change my Facebook email?

Buy Followers! The email address that is affiliated with Facebook has an impact on many of the actions of the social network, for example, it allows you to receive notifications through said email. Luckily, Facebook allows you to change this address at any time you want, so that you can do this endless … Read more

How to block someone on Facebook?

Buy Followers! Facebook has a variety of options that can be customized so that the experience within the service is the best. In this sense, the most used social platforms so far allow you to configure many privacy functions for their users. So each user can choose an operation and undo the operation... Read more

How to appear offline on Facebook?

Buy Followers! There are many ways to use social media, all of which are sometimes time consuming and can become a bit overwhelming. Above all, when they allow other people to view without any problem everything that others have added to their profiles. However, there are several ways to avoid being overwhelmed by… Read more

How to activate followers on Facebook?

Buy Followers! Facebook is without a doubt the most famous internet platform of all time, clearly it has endless options that allow users to enjoy all kinds of actions with each other. Among these, today the famous "followers" will be highlighted, an option that any user... Read more

How to solve my problems on twitter?

Buy Followers! With the Twitter Help Center, the User can solve problems related to their User Account: Login, Suspended Account, Hacked Profile and improve the security of their Account on the platform. The User can solve problems of general issues of use: Notifications, photos and videos, issues related to their Profile, … Read more

Has my account security been compromised on twitter?

Buy Followers! The Twitter User can verify if the Security of his Account has been Compromised, by observing the following: View spontaneous Tweets published by his Account, note Unplanned Direct Messages sent from his Account. The User perceives activities carried out with his Account: How to follow, unfollow, block, etc.; get Twitter notifications... Read more

How to record broadcast on twitter?

Buy Followers! The Twitter User has the opportunity to Record a Live Broadcast with Hardware or Software; for this reason, you must follow this procedure: First, go to the configuration of your application or Hardware. Once in his application, the User continues with the procedure: Choose personalized Transmission Server; choose Twitter from… Read more

How to deactivate my account on the twitter web?

Buy Followers! To deactivate your Account on the Web, the Twitter User: Requires to log in to your Periscope Account, click on your Profile icon and choose Settings from the pop-up menu, click Deactivate Account. After clicking Deactivate Account, a methodical dialog box pops up on the screen,… Read more

How to report confidential multimedia content?

Buy Followers! On the Twitter platform, if the User views photos and videos in Tweets that they consider should be treated as Confidential Content, according to Twitter's Multimedia Content Policy, they have the duty and the right to report to Twitter. To report photographs and videos in Tweets, the User must: Locate the Tweet… Read more

How to set the pin for sms on twitter?

Buy Followers! The Twitter User has the option to configure the PIN for SMS; for this purpose, you need to follow this procedure: First, you must make sure that your mobile device is connected to your Twitter account. Next, the User logs into his Twitter Account on the web and is located in Mobile Settings; enter the... Read more

How to protect my account on twitter?

Buy Followers! Once the User has verified that their Twitter Account has compromised its security, it is suggested that they take the following precautions to Protect their Account: Discard unwanted Tweets that were published while the security was compromised. Also, scan your PC for viruses and malware, put security patches on your system… Read more

What are the hidden features of Gmail?

Buy Followers! Sometimes we feel that we spend many hours checking the mail and attending to the inbox, this happens with other platforms and perhaps with Gmail. However, Google has made it easier for users to get the most out of their Gmail with tools to eliminate repetitive tasks. We will show you, which ones… Read more

What are the functions of Gmail?

Buy Followers! Over time Gmail has made many innovations and for these reasons we will show you, what are the functions of Gmail? Conversation View: Gmail allows you to see all incoming and outgoing emails, which you can check by rechecking your previous emails for information. In case you can't... Read more

How to customize your Gmail?

Buy Followers! Gmail is one of the most used services in the world and it is a free service that makes it easy to access from any device. When using your email, you have How to personalize your Gmail? Change the background, font and theme in Gmail: To make a background and make it personalized … Read more

How to create a Gmail account?

Buy Followers! Gmail is one of the most popular platforms, easy to set up and use. In Gmail, the best of all is that registering your new account is free of charge. Creating a Gmail account is advantageous and beneficial for your use, because it allows you to be the owner of your own business, your best ally,... Read more

Features that make Gmail unique

Buy Followers! The innovations in recent times that Google's email service has had, is to have positioned Gmail. Gmail emails are the most used and popular in the world with a significant number of 600 million users. Nowadays Gmail is increasing day after day, and… Read more

How can I succeed with Pinterest?

Buy Followers! Pinterest is currently a platform that gives people permission to show their best and dream of the future projects they want to achieve. For all this, the demonstration of perseverance is necessary, but above all, teamwork that will work as a means … Read more

How to do a voice search on YouTube?

Buy Followers! The YouTube platform never tires of innovating and offering new things to each of its followers. This time it has incorporated the option to search by voice in a super easy and fast way. If you want to learn more about the subject do not depart from the following article. To search … Read more

How do I delete or deactivate my Pinterest account?

Buy Followers! Most people may go through a process of wanting to delete a Pinterest account or even deactivate it for better results when it comes to getting better results. Perhaps many people wonder why it would be a good idea to promote the deactivation of an account. Being able to delete or deactivate a… Read more

How to access the "Videos I like" option on YouTube?

Buy Followers! The YouTube platform incorporates an option that allows us to view a complete list of all the videos that we have "liked". In order to access this list, we simply have to click on the “Videos that I like” button in the main menu. But if you don't know how to access this option... Read more

How to change a business account to personal on Pinterest?

Buy Followers! Many people decide to change their Pinterest account for different reasons that make it extremely ideal today. However, thanks to this type of situation, it is possible that they give a break or a new direction to their possible ideas about the projects they have for today. Although it seems to be… Read more

How can I open a Pinterest business account?

Buy Followers! It is normal for people to want to have a personal Pinterest account to make better sense of everything they are doing within the platform. In other words, to pick up decoration ideas or also make their projects known individually as a method of networking. However, the big companies... Read more

How can Pinterest benefit me today?

Buy Followers! Various communication platforms have improved their interfaces to offer the best to users every day. However, Pinterest has been one of the pages that has evolved to provide a more lasting and sincere experience to all the people who decided to enter it. Although many do not know all the positive things … Read more

How can I have Pinterest without downloading?

Buy Followers! Many people believe that Pinterest is a difficult platform to use where there is no chance to become one of the most viewed people on the platform. However, within the Internet user category, various ways can be carried out without compromising the storage of the devices. Nevertheless, … Read more

Best app to get subscribers on YouTube

Buy Followers! More and more people are studying the possibility of creating their own YouTube channel and starting to earn money through this platform. If that is your case, let us tell you that you are going to need the help of subscribers. That is why today we show you some alternatives to get … Read more

How to use YouTube's incognito mode?

Buy Followers! Did you know that YouTube incorporates an incognito mode among its functions? If you have no idea what this tool means and what it is for, we invite you to read the following article where we are going to explain what YouTube's incognito mode is all about and how we can activate it in a few minutes. This is … Read more

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