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Welcome to Instagramers!

More than eleven years working on the Internet and mobile applications ... And that I have to get into this mess now?

I hope you help me!

Instagram had just 1 million users and we were still very few who shared our square photos through the app. We did not know what would happen next, of course, although I sensed it.

No one would have imagined that we would one day become more than 700 millions of active users all over the world, nor that the Instagram fan movement called Instagramers (the #IGers) that I created in that 2010 winter, would have more than 500 Fan groups in more than 80 countries, gathering hundreds of thousands of people.

I want to dedicate this book to all these people who have invested a few minutes, a few hours, many days and nights, for more than 6 years, to this community project and to all those who were part, in one way or another, at some time development of the Instagramers movement.

Instagramers is, until today, the only fan network of a mobile application that has been created in history.

In this book I try to contribute all the knowledge that, as an expert in social networks and in particular in Instagram, I was storing in "my two gigas in front". I hope you find answers to all your doubts, take it out and, above all, that you continue to enjoy Instagram every day.

Let's Instagram the world!

From an early age I was fascinated by that Agfa rangefinder camera that my parents had.

Attend the ritual of how my mother brought that camera to her eyes, focused, measured the light, adjusted speed and aperture, and fired, it was a solemn moment. And when I came from the photo shop with the newly revealed photos, it was the moment of maximum surprise. See us reflected in those photos, comment how we had spent in that birthday party or how we had left with our eyes closed, laughing or looking away ... Everything was magic.

It was not until my COU end-of-course trip in Italy that my mother was kind enough to lend me her camera so I could take my first pictures. It was the first time that I had the power to photograph in my hands and I spent the trip trying to photograph everything that was in my way, spurred by the incentive to discover a new place for me.

On the way back from that trip, it was me who brought the two 36 reels that I had used to the store. And it was me who nervously came to pick up the result. When I opened that envelope in which the photos were delivered to you and I unmasked them one by one, I was not aware that a vital passion had just been born for me: to express my feelings and way of seeing life through the language of photography.

Then came many more cameras, many more reels, a wide knowledge of the technique and even a certain way of life when I discovered that, in my own company, Good Rebels - formerly a creative Territory - could also unleash my passion, making the photography that customers needed.

I still remember when in 1999 I read the news of how Kodak in collaboration with Canon and Nikon, developed an electronic sensor for use in SLR cameras, capable of taking photos with enough quality to postulate as an alternative to the traditional market of silver halide film .

Reading those news at that time was like attending a science fiction movie. However, the industry had just taken a small step for the professional at that time, but an undeniable leap for humanity, which could possibly take a few years to catch us all. But he did.

The photograph came to every device we handled: smartphones, tablets, cameras

action, etc., but despite all its digital sensors and the software capable of squeezing each pixel and returning incredible photos, it lacked something to take off like a massive trend: the emotion of sharing your photos with other people, in an easy way and effective.

And that response was brought by Instagram, which, in October of 2010, was born with the purpose of sharing with friends photos taken with a mobile phone, a game of children ... or of adults.

From that moment, nothing is the same again. More and more people are taking photos with their mobile phone; the camera with which the photo was taken is less important; more and more people who had not taken a photo before are considered professional photographers by their friends; more and more people take pictures without taking into account the sacrosanct principles that govern "real" photography: framing, precise exposure, composition, etc.

And with this panorama, for those of us who enjoy photography and look for how to get others to see and enjoy our photos, it is gratifying to find people to guide us through the complicated path of the current panorama.

When at 2011 I had the opportunity to chat with Philippe GonzĂĄlez at his home in La Vera, CĂĄceres, where he detailed his experience with the most absolute fans of the Instagram social network, it became clear to me that he was one of those guides go to understand the revolution that photography was suffering.

Philippe is one of the most curious, restless and knowledgeable people in the digital world, always linked to that sector, and is responsible for having created from scratch a movement that came to produce "stage fright" to the founders of the social network: Instagramers , a social network within Instagram, where more and more people participate around a simple concept: to enjoy photography, give and receive likes, leave comments on the photos of others and meet together to get to know each other.

And how does an old photographer like me change the era?

Photography as we have known it, taken with digital cameras that are nothing more than the mere implantation of sensors in the camera format of the 20th century, is in the process of disappearing. Those of us who have been educated with a film SLR in hand are dinosaurs wandering from one place to another, without understanding the strength of the revolution initiated by the social concept of photography.

I still try to enjoy every minute with my heavy reflex camera, with its objectives and all the paraphernalia surrounding the photograph I learned when I was very young. It's hard for me to take pictures without her, even though my smartphone has become my main camera.

Of course, I will have to make a great effort not to be like one of those old grumblers grumbling every time he sees a couple taking a selfie with a smartphone to upload it to Instagram, because "young people do not know how to really take pictures" .

Good thing we always have Phil Gonzalez and his wise advice.



Few people in the world can boast of being the cover of the prestigious American magazine Forbes with only 28 years old. The story of Instagram is an incredible story that begins the day in which Kevin Syström rejects a job offer from a certain Mark Zuckerberg.

«Zuck» was setting up a website called The Facebook that would allow students to connect to their campus through the Internet. It seemed to him that Kevin, from 22 years old, would be the right person to help him develop a photo interface. According to the story, Kevin Syström, focused on his studies, preferred to continue serving expressos to get an extra little money and, without knowing it, turned his back on Facebook, one of the greatest business successes in history.

It is also said that Kevin was a scholar on Twitter for a while. Hence, it has the most enviable username in the social network of the little blue bird. It's called @kevin to dry. It is where he forged a certain friendship with Jack Dorsey (one of its founders) and probably came up with the idea of ​​creating a "photo twitter". During a short season he studied photography in Italy and there he fell in love with his analogical side, starting his collection of cameras vintage. And as it is said that behind a great man there is always a great woman, it is rumored that the idea of ​​the filters (which was one of the pillars of the success of Instagram) was whispered his girlfriend, on a romantic walk on the beach.

At the Stanford desks, he met Mikey Krieger, a young and discreet Brazilian from Sao Paulo. Mikey would become his right hand and the developer of the first version of his app on iOS.

From the beginnings of Instagram we know little else. Kevin Systrom has never been very prolific when it comes to giving details about his life and his projects. I still remember how expensive it was for me to get a one-line interview back in the 2011. Even so, with a lot of education, the small team, installed in the old Twitter offices, accepted. Josh Riedel a very nice guy (who deleted my first account of @instagramers and then invited me to visit them in San Francisco) took the part of the relationship with the users and answered from Monday to Sunday included. They did not have time for almost anything. The important thing was to devote all the attention to the app, working day and night, and even weekends.

They were developers, designers, beta-testers and they even answered the problems of tens of thousands of users themselves. Today Instagram is part of the machinery

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg had to buy the small start-up for a value equivalent to 1.000 million dollars.

Kevin still remembers the coffee shop offer and remains equally cautious. It only usually issues a press release every 6 months when it is time to announce some great milestone, such as the 700 millions of active users in winter of the 2016.

Of the future of Instagram we know little too. What we can notice is that, in recent months, the application has been evolving at breakneck speed, adding new tools every week.

Kevin Syström had a dream. The one to launch a Twitter of photos.

His girlfriend was the one who gave him the idea of ​​vintage filters.




Instagram appears in the Applestore an 6 October of 2010.

Although its creators have been testing the app all summer, it was not until the month of October that 2011 decided to release it at the Apple store. They did it with a free version and only available on iPhone and iPod Touch. His logo was then an old Polaroid and allowed to take pictures and share them with a sweet flavor of the sixties.

Until that date we were millions with the soul of frustrated photographers. We did not dare to share our amateur gaze captured in snapshots outside the family environment. Instagram revolutionized everything. Editing the photos taken with the app and applying a filter Early bird, Kevin o Valencia We were proud of our creations. And even more so when they would only raise likes or «I like it" and get new followers.

At that time, the only official website of the company was and it detected your IP and directed you to a basic explanation in the language of your country. At least in Spain it was like that. There was a brief blog that offered you a very cool of its founders, and little else.

In a few months, the success was resounding and attracted investment funds. It led its founders to develop an Android version, the most widespread operating system on the market. That was the turning point that caught the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, founder and main shareholder of Facebook. He could not see his empire in danger, he saw how the profile of his social network "aged" and needed "new blood." Before Twitter or Google could react, Facebook got the application and announced its purchase 09 April 2012, a few days after Instagram successfully launched its version on Android.

Inspired by the Twitter interface, Instagram was born as an alternative camera app to the iPhone. It allowed making snapshots to which apply a fortnight of filters vintage. These shots were easily shared with hundreds of followers in a few seconds.

Today the application has evolved and adapted to the needs of the market. The competition of other editing apps (eyeEm, Hipstamatic, Vsco Cam ...) or the push of social networks of ephemeral content, like Snapchat, forced Instagram to react and always contribute something more. This is how the needs of young people Millenials They have been tirelessly rushing the creative mind of Instagram developers.


It is no longer the square format photo editing app and a simple mobile social network to share them. It has been integrated technologically into the powerful empire Facebook, managing not to lose its genuine personal touch. He was quickly adopting the latest trends and cutting-edge technology from his older sister Menlo Park. It has managed to engage and entertain hundreds of millions of users and allow them to enjoy. Live videos, Instagram Stories, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, direct messaging, etc. Everything you need to communicate with others in a direct and fun way.

Remember that on Instagram, photography was always an excuse to know and enjoy people.

A reliable and robust photo application, vintage filters and a community that discovers the pleasure of sharing snapshots with the rest of the world 24 hours a day were the ingredients of Instagram's success

Ignacio Villoch Bayod - @nachovilloch

Manager of events and activities of Innovation of BBVA


"A picture is worth a thousand words" popular wisdom says to describe reality objectively. And if that image also we tune with the filters of our creativity, we give it shine, saturate contrast, remove shadows -or, quite the opposite-, and voila! We already have our reality customized and subjectivated. Squaring the circle in one click!

I've always thought that social networks give us superpowers because of their ability to let us know what our friends and acquaintances are thinking, seeing or feeling, and vice versa. The Instagramers @Igers have taken these superpowers to #NextLevel sharing #Talento, #Creatividad # Innovation, #emotions, #Events with or # SinFiltros ... (or is it that you have not salivated when seeing the photos of the #foodies?) And is that we can not only creatively reinterpret reality with the filters that we like the most, but we can also share it immediately with our Fans & Followers @Igers, or in the other networks that most build our personal brand, be it Tumbler, Twitter or Facebook. No Superhero from the Marvel factory can do that. R2D2 can project holograms, but it needs the Millennium Falcon to cross hyperspace.

To me, these super powers of @Iger serve me daily and there are more and more moments that I register throughout the day making a outsourcing of neurons to devote to other things- A few months ago, the December 31, I was remembering my timeline of 2016 through Instagram photos. All the singular moments - and many that I had forgotten - were collected #SonrisasyLagrimas. And I could also stalkear the accounts of my daughters -with their permission- to verify that I had not lost anything ... and who knows if any clue for a Christmas gift hidden behind a "I like it"? -Take Santa Claus! I have more powers than you!

Instagram ... if you did not exist, we would have to invent. Thank you. #SinFilters #ConSuperpoderes.



To understand this section it is necessary to have the application installed on your mobile and to be able to follow the comments. You have to know that the design of applications between versions of Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems may vary slightly, and for some reason that of iOS seems to be the privileged when it comes to receiving new implementations.


The app is divided into two navigation menus. The lower one is usually the most important in all apps ... This lower menu contains 5 blocks (with direct access from the bar) with pretty intelligible icons.

  • The "little house" is the timeline: (as we usually call it) where you will travel doing scroll, that is, by scrolling down and discovering the photos of other users as shown by Instagram. Recently the images no longer appear depending on the time of upload and do not appear from the last one backwards, but now Instagram shows them (supposedly) responding to the criterion that marks an algorithm that knows your tastes and the people with whom you interact more. We'll talk about this later, too.
  • The magnifying glass is the search tool: It is a common search box in other applications where you can enter the name of other users, tags and recommended profiles. This section that is defined with a magnifying glass on the icon is a section where you can search for users from all over the world: by their name and / or surnames (if they have it indicated), by their Nick or search for labels or hashtags related to a theme, a place, a ..
  • The "+" is to share content: In the central part there is an icon that tells you a "+" which indicates that you can add, upload contents. It is the most important part to understand because it is the beginning of the process of uploading a photo or a video to the application. In this section and in a very "friendly" you will find icons that indicate the different steps to follow: upload photo or video, edit it with filters, flip it, add a title, tag other users,
  • The heart of "likes" are the news and activity: It is a section that is divided in two. News from other accounts that are called followed. There you will see the last thing that the people you follow have done. Maybe they put some likes to other accounts, or follow a new user ... You will see a summary of the latest news in your network. It's an interesting section to discover new Then there's the one of your "activity" which is the

section where you see the latest interactions that users have made in your account,

«I like it" that you have been granted, comments that you have written in the last photo or in any other or users that have started to follow you. It is important to check your account from time to time because after a day and depending on the activity of your account, comments and news may disappear from that line. If you do not enter often, a user can leave a comment that you never get to see. Therefore, Instagram has facilitated the possibility that each news will appear on the mobile screen through a notification. That way you will not miss anything. We will see it later in the specific section of notifications.

  • Your icon is the section of your profile: It is the section where the most important data of your account appear condensed in a few pixels. At the top, you will find, on the left, a space to upload your profile picture. You can change the photograph from your reel or take a picture and change it. You have, of course, the space where your username appears (we'll tell you later how to choose the best one Nick) and, like Instagram, was inspired by Twitter, you will find the number of photos / videos you have shared, then the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow. Below, you will find a button to edit your profile data easily and quickly, and finally, the detail of your biography that includes in 150 characters what you want to say about you and a web address that you want to highlight. This url redirects from the app, opening the browser of your phone.


  • A camera. This icon located at the top left gives you access to this section where you can perform Instagram Stories, Boomerang or broadcast a live video called Instagram Live. We will return to this important section in an exclusive section on these specific uses.
  • A paper plane: This icon will take us to the direct messaging section. A very important section that will allow you to write to other users privately. You can write to everyone except those who have blocked this option and do not want to receive direct messages from other users who are not
  • A little wheel: This wheel appears in the profile section and allows you to change the parameters of your account and other aspects such as invite Facebook friends, follow friends of yours who are in the app, find contacts in your book easily, block users, change to professional profile or private profile,

You have to know that this section also includes all the information related to privacy, the language change of the app, the possibility of blocking the use of Wi-Fi, receiving notifications, censor dissonant comments, saving the images that you upload automatically, or access the Instagram information sections, terms of use, report a problem or, very important issue, add several Instagram accounts on the same phone or link your Twitter or Facebook account.


The "intermediate" toolbar or menu appears in the section of your profile. Located between your biography and your photos, you will find a discreet bar where an icon of «see photos in a group» appears (your photos appear in rows of three) «see the photos one by one» (you see the photos on screen) complete), the icon of the label (where you will find the photos of other users in which you have been tagged) and, finally and since very little time, the icon of photos of other users that you wanted to save. This last option is very useful and comes to alleviate the problem of not having a list of "favorite accounts" such as Twitter. Instagram has opted for a section where you will accumulate the photos that you have marked as favorites and that will allow you to quickly find them again or remember a user. Important: you are the only one who can know what you have saved in that list of favorite photos. The other users or the author of the photo or video do not know that you have saved them.


We will not count all the rare name editing filters that were appearing and disappearing. You will already discover the benefits of different filters such as Early Bird, Kevin, Xpro II or the Mayfair etc., and the different built-in editing tools that allow you to level a photograph, leave the horizon well, or raise the light level, intensify the warmth of a photo or give a touch of "vignette" darkening the edges.

You will have to devote many hours to trastear. Remember that you do not have to edit and upload the photos. You can edit them and cancel the upload. Remember also that Instagram has an external app called Layout, which will allow you to make collage and all kinds of changes in a photo. For the rest, if you want to learn about photo editing apps on your mobile, we will give you some recommendations in a next chapter. There are thousands, but with a dozen of them you have almost everything to do wonders. There are even those that allow you to add texts, icons or logos and create original mosaics by combining photos or videos.


"Think mobile and you'll be right" I always pray in my lectures. Interestingly, Instagram was born without web and is likely one of its success factors. The small Instagram team devoted all its time to its mobile interface and did not waste time developing and maintaining a website.

Joe Mio @jmworks, a Japanese 26 programmer years, was going to launch, at his own risk, the first Instagram web interface. Using an Api (unofficial) was able to launch a simple web that would allow people to see the photos from their computer, put likes, follow other users, dedicate comments. He decided to call her

He had problems with Instagram and even came to cut the service, but a wave of

User demonstrations allowed Joe Mio to continue with his project until today (renamed Other websites were appearing as (today, Inkstagram (today or All of them have indirectly supported the growth of Instagram, but they have been closing their services due to their low profitability or the technical "hyperdependence" of Instagram. continues to offer a web browsing service with interesting information about the most followed users or hashtags most used in Instagram in its section Top hashtags. has focused on statistics for users and companies in a paid service that lets you know your impact on the social network.

Iconosquare has always been one of the first to offer simple and basic statistics about your community, the followers that you are winning or losing, the filters or the hours that suit you, as well as reminding you of your Instagram birth date, making a video with your best photos of the year (#bestof2015 etc.) but we can assume that it will be more and more complicated Propose useful services for users given the limitations that Instagram is imposing. You can try the service that costs from 60 euros per year and allows you to trample the most interesting information about your account, create albums of your favorite photos, automatically receive daily growth information, etc., meanwhile, decided to launch its own 5 November 2012 website. The web version has evolved recently and will probably continue to improve. Upon entering you will have to logear with your credentials, username and password. Once logeado You will see in big what you see smaller in your mobile: The photos of the people that you follow that you can comment and give them a «I like it" as in the app.

In addition, you can search and follow users, check the ones that follow you or those that you follow, report or block.

Seeking hashtags (in the same search tool as users) is good but very small compared to the information offered by the mobile version. In this aspect I recommend you look hashtags and even users through mobile. Much more comfortable and successful.

The tool is more basic than the application, but it allows you to perform some tasks more easily, edit your profile easily and answer comments from the web.

To see the profile or explore the profile of a friend, just type in your browser the address

You should know that Instagram also provides you with a series of tools to integrate your account into your website or blog or it also allows you to imbibe a photo or video of your account by copying the insertion code provided by Instagram in the 3 puntitos, next to the section to comment on your photo or video. It is very useful for bloggers and companies.

At the moment the web version does not integrate the Instagram Stories or Instagram Live, but it could be one of the next improvements of Instagram in the web part, although we remember that Instagram improves its website at a very reduced speed because the bet is always to favor the use From the phone.

There are a series of websites that allow you to perform stuff or slide show for events or parties, and is interesting for any user. You can Google the words

«Slideshow + instagram» and you will get several proposals from companies that offer it. With these tools, you can animate live a concert with the photos that have been tagged with the hashtag what promotions, and these photos will automatically appear on the screens of the event.

Sunset in San Sebastian - @kocas.


There are many improvements that the Instagram team has implemented and many will be those that will come in the coming months, but remember the main tools we have today and how they were integrated.


It is very likely that, in short, we will see how Instagram continues to adopt market trends and fashion tools, such as videos in 360Âș (a tool already available on Facebook) that will allow the application to enter the juicy business of Virtual Reality ( VR) and in the immersive contents.



To understand the success of Instagram and, in general, of the entire social network ecosystem, it is important to know the importance that the image in our lives has been taking over the last decades.

It was shortening the time needed to take pictures. The cameras evolved into increasingly agile and portable objects. They were shortening the times in revealing the photos and in being able to enjoy them. The development times lasted weeks until the Polaroid arrived. Today, with mobiles, in a few milliseconds you can enjoy your photo.

It was also shortening the time necessary to share them. Before you had a photo, you could make some copies, send them by mail or distribute them by hand. Today, WhatsApp and social networks have accelerated the process to share any information and graphic content. In a few seconds, you can solve a doubt, share the happiest day of your life or see a viral phenomenon born.


As indicated in his name (Instagram) the instantaneity was, without a doubt, one of the "key" factors of its success. Being able to take a photo, edit it and share it with the whole world in just a few seconds was the successful element of its adoption. Incidentally, Instagram proclaimed himself the best apostle of mobile photography. The smartphone It has become a member of our body. Turn it on is the first reflection we have when we wake up and the screen is the last image that we have in the retina before going to bed.

Instagram opted for the mobile first and it took 2 years to offer a very rudimentary web interface. This voluntary decision on the part of its creators was to avoid wasting time on web development and lose focus on improving the app, revealed to be a winning strategy, accustoming its users that everything exists and only exists if it can be seen on the mobile .

Today it is impossible to know for sure, but the application has had a direct impact on mobile sales. Have a good camera in the smartphone It is the main decision factor when buying a phone. Recall that, according to a study by Olapic in the 2014, the 92% of buyers placed the task of taking pictures as the most important of their mobile, at the same time as the messaging and far ahead of the call function.


Opening hours «24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days per year» and some filters vintage they are the main reason for Instagram's success. The service was, from its first steps, open day and night and allowed to share everything you wanted.

For tastes, colors. In Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Japan, Brazil or within the European community, we do not share the same content, with the same frequency and in the same way. Local tastes adapt to global fashion and countless contents are shared on any social network or on Instagram. For example, it may be interesting that Portugal has one of the most sober activities in social networks in Europe alongside its

«Dicharacheros» Spanish neighbors or their Brazilian cousins ​​who are the ones who most share their life in social networks in the world. The Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the Arab Emirates are the countries where more time is spent on social media, according to a study by We Are Social mid-year 2016.

We can notice large differences of photos shared on Instagram depending on the country of the user, their culture, their customs, their religion, the importance of the mobile in the daily life of the country, the quality of networks or connection, etc. We see how in Japan, which is traditionally a very conservative country when it comes to portraying strangers on the street, very few street or "stolen" photos will be seen. However, in the United States (New York being probably the maximum exponent) it is usually portrayed to other people kissing on the street or walkers with a bridal look curious without passing the photographer for a surly. In other countries with more rigid morals it is highly recommended to ask permission before taking a photo of a person or a temple.

On Instagram you can share everything. And after 6 years of life I've seen almost everything. From the usual selfies or stories of daily life with its collateral elements in the format of

«Here I am» or «this is what I have» (friends, family, food, cats, dogs, clothes, cars, sports, houses, etc.) even a movement of amateur artists, certainly smaller but very active.


Along with the growth of user interest in mobile photography, they were created

dozens of communities of mobile photographers and millions of people became fond of photography through Instagram. Users who have been discovering a new form of creativity and expression. These movements of users were then composed of lovers of black and white, of the street photography, nature, landscapes and sunsets, grouped under hashtags and celebrating daily challenges.

The first community born in this sense was probably that of Josh Johnson in the 2011 and under the daily animation of challenges and hashtags of this enthusiastic American. I invited users to have fun editing photos under a certain theme. Today @joshjohnson and his official account of @jjcommunity has more than 600.000 followers and is still one of the maximum exponents of the Instagram movement. Their hashtags #jj or #jjcommunity are among the most used.

Following the success of this enthusiastic Instagram and the support of his partner @ Kevinkuster, thousands of accounts have been created that highlight user photos inviting them to follow the accounts in question. These make your volume grow followers and grow its relevance, but in reality there are very few communities that have achieved the worldwide success of Josh Johnson.

Josh Johnson (@joshjohnson) tells us: electrical, is the only way to describe the last months of the year 2010 and that until the year 2012 or 2013. Everyone was so excited about making new friends, all that energy and potential of the Instagram platform. For many, it was the first time we felt we had found a community of people who really understood and appreciated the same things that we did. Photo of amateurs who had finally found their house. That was great. I was lucky to be there right in the


started with the idea of ​​"hacking" the application and creating accounts that would serve as hubs or accounts that grouped common artistic interests. Thanks to that, I grew very fast in

number of followers I realized that people started to know who I was and to get excited when I mentioned them or when they knew me in real life. It was a very fun time.


With more than 100 millions of photos shared per day, Instagram has become the largest collection of photos in history.

Kevin Kuster (@kevinkuster) adds: For me it was like an awakening. After working in Playboy magazine during

18 years, I was burned and I actually came to hate photography. I did not even have a camera. I saw a short video on the internet of how Richard Koci HernĂĄndez (@koci) took pictures with his iPhone and I was mesmerized. The next day, I bought an 3s iPhone, downloaded Instagram and ended up stuck. Instagram brought back all my passion for storytelling, for photography and for the pleasure of animating a

community at a time when I thought my love for photography had died. In many ways, Instagram me

He gave the opportunity to find a creative voice again. I have been working in this world for 25 for years and I can honestly say that I am more passionate about photography than ever.

Today there are thousands of accounts that highlight daily profiles of users who use the hashtag that promote. In the same way, they return the favor and give it visibility and possibility of uploading followers to the user. Hence, a part the explanation of the use and abuse of hashtag

"As if there was no tomorrow" and without knowing what they mean.

In Spain also, the country of the most active on Instagram, communities of users interested in the most artistic part of Instagram and the mobile photography movement were created. Luis RodrĂ­guez, also known as @luison and who became known for his original reflections in Madrid, tells us his vision of these communities and their explosion in this social network.

For more than six years, I upload daily photos in my two accounts. All of them photos made and edited only with my phone. Almost four years ago, I became part of @youmobile, a group dedicated to highlighting and promoting mobile photography. I have collaborated with numerous brands, I have won awards for mobile photography, I have been invited to blogtrips to promote places of tourist interest, I have given talks and workshops, I have done several individual exhibitions, and some collective and I have even had photos exposed in various cities of the world. I have appeared in magazines, media and co-authored a book on mobile photography, ARTmobile, which came to light thanks to a crowdfunding project with Alberto Makusikusi @albertomakusikusi (responsible for Instagramers Euskadi and Bilbao).

The power of photography brings together people and passions, projects and illusions. Thousands of users come together in virtual communities around the world.

Instagram allows you to share any type of content, personal or private, photography, videos, music on the background of a drawing, your street art or your cultural or humanitarian association as long as they respect the rules of use of the application. It also opens an infinite number of opportunities to meet people and integrate into projects related to the theme that you like most or even open doors at a professional level. Give way to your empathy and discover the people behind your accounts!

Luis RodrĂ­guez - @luison

Mobile photographer and instagramer



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Great part of the population of Instagram (it is impossible to have a magnitude) found in Instagram the fun that no longer found in other social networks. I already heard my friends often saying "Facebook bores me" and found on Instagram a way to

have fun in a simple way traveling a timeline (line of time) where "the lives of others" appear. This "voyeur" instinct relaxes us after work, makes us spend time in the subway waiting room or encourages our morning on the way to work on the bus. You see everything and that is what makes a colorful and fun social network. Hopefully it will continue to be a long time.

It is likely that this application and others give way to the television of the future, a television where you will mix defined content, series, films and documentaries with a timeline of the lives of your friends. Time to time.


Rosa Jiménez Cano - @rosajc

Correspondent of El PaĂ­s in San Francisco


Instagram, with more diffusion, active profiles and influence capacity than Twitter, is demonstrated in each catwalk, in each event, in each major act in which the protagonists want to show their B-side, their most intimate version.

The application has grown as the creativity of the users has done it. With the comic effects of Boomerang and the successful Layout collages. They have had the ability to change and add the tools that the faithful requested before falling into the hands of others who do not offer an experience of the same quality. Their live shows and ephemeral videos, with an expiration date, have ended by making the youngest fans more loyal.

In an informative way, Instagram brings freshness and closeness. Having a good list of people or profiles of firms, brands or institutions related to our topics of interest, helps to keep track of possible news. It serves to provide details, discover tastes and enrich the content.


Some aspects of these rules of use were often criticized, such as not being able to exhibit nudity or being able to show the nipple and breasts (female). Over time, Instagram was accepting more and more these types of photographs and opening their hands, for example, in the case of post vasectomy or mothers breastfeeding their children. However, we must understand that the Instagram team does not have it easy. They upload more than 100 millions of photos per day and videos, and it is increasingly complicated to control it since there is no automatic control tool, they only have the potential complaints of users against unsuitable content.

It seems that Facebook and Instagram are now in agreement with the fact that people who have had to face a mastectomy operation and have lived a life-changing experience may want to share photos that help them raise awareness about cancer of breast. Facebook pointed out that supporting men and women facing a diagnosis, being in treatment or living with cancer scars was something important. «The vast majority of this type of photos comply with

our policies » They informed and opened the possibility of sharing this type of images.

Remember that Instagram is a country of more than 700 million inhabitants where borders do not exist, cultures and religions are mixed and some content, which may seem routine in Europe, may be inappropriate in other countries.

Pablo Almansa (@pabloalmansaofficial) and his initial account closed in the 2011 for not complying with the rules on nakedness.

Mar Abad - @marabad

Co-founder of Yorokobu and Brands and Roses


The first time a post from Yorokobu's profile disappeared, I thought it was witchcraft. We lived in a modern, technified world. Progress had made us free. The Internet had broken the chains we were dragging in the past. Now we could talk to someone on the other side of the globe by pressing two keys and we could say what we wanted without being given a voice by a means of communication.

The disappearance of a PaquirrĂ­n drawing could only be a spell. As if it was not going to vanish, so suddenly, an illustration of a young man with a naked torso. An image of a face and a black and white gut that ended even a few centimeters before any genital overtone.

Alarmed, I searched for the ghost that had sneaked into our civilized world. I did not find it It was the Internet, that forum that was long called the libertarian, the one that gave me the answer. Instagram, since it had happened to the domains of Facebook, erased images of indecencies.


I discovered then that ghosts did not exist. The censors existed. And in the new digital world, the one that had democratized communication, they did not care for political or moral issues. They watched over economic interests. And they said that behind everything there was, again, an apple. Although this time the battering was not put together by a woman, Eva. He got a man, Steve Jobs. The Apple store rated applications in age brackets: for children, teenagers and adults. A penis or something much worse, a tit (Oh!), Brought out that app from the trunk of 'all audiences'. Damn! Instagram finance men could not afford it because it involved losing millions of potential users.

Yorokobu's profile kept showing works by artists, illustrators and creatives until another day they eliminated a drawing again. Between her lines a couple of tits were sensed. This time they gave the warning. A post did not meet its community standards. And there's nothing to object to. The platform is yours and you have to attend to the gorilla at the door. It is he who decides who happens and who is out of the club.

To enter the party we had no choice but to go back in time and assume its neo-Victorian morality. From then on, you had to look for camouflaged nudes instead of

explicit and feel, as in dictatorships, that you were straining the censor.

They went back to eliminate some publications and to throw us of the profile of the application with a pixelated kick. And the usual thing happened. The gags sharpened the ingenuity and, both on Facebook and on Instagram, we saw ourselves wearing a head of Chiquito de la Calzada on a whistle or a tit like a Judeo-Christian vine leaf.

Technological progress is not what they promised us. Maybe in the future.

Instagram and its many facets. Phil GonzĂĄlez portrayed by Alberto DomĂ­nguez @aldose.

Instagram always had a love / hate relationship with its community of users in terms of the limits of censorship and the politically correct and accepted.



I did not want to fall into the trap of writing a book dedicated to how to use Instagram step by step; nor convert this work into a compilation of screenshots that would become obsolete in the next update. I wanted to explain tips on how to use the app. Regardless of who you are, what knowledge you have or the operating system you use, I recommend a few universal tricks that will be of great help.


To sign up for Instagram, you must follow the steps indicated by the app. You do not need any manual It has always been very simple. You will have to give an email or sign up with your Facebook account, choose a secure password, decide a Nick or username that hits you, upload a profile picture and become a instagramer.


There are users who prefer to have a private profile. There is absolute freedom for those who want this modality. For reasons of privacy, security and discretion. If you meet a friend of yours who has his profile closed, you will have to send him a request and he will decide whether to give you access or not.


The profile is very important. Be yourself! In life there are extroverted people who will use their personal photo, others more timid who prefer to put an avatar or the logo of their company. Whatever your case, put an image. Do not leave your profile without a photo It seems that you are a newbie in this social networks.


As in all social networks, not putting a photo is synonymous with not wanting to play with the same rules as the rest of the community and provoking passivity or rejection. I suggest putting your photo, smiling or with an interesting face, depending on your mood or what you want to convey. I also recommend not changing it too many times. Many users know you by an image associated with a username, if you change it, they forget who they followed in their day and why. They could stop following you with a click.

Take the time to properly fill in your personal profile. It is your cover letter, the first thing that other users will read.


Related to filling out your profile, it seems good that you upload some personal photos of your current life to your gallery, you will make your communication closer. Something that tells who you are. Some have even specialized in this, with some success, as accounts of fashion bloggers or youtubers.

If you're not one of those, think of some of your followers They do not know you and it is a way of being closer. Some users take the opportunity to also indicate where they are in the biography, put a link to their Facebook or website, or Twitter. Some use emoticons to define their main tastes. It's not bad, it's fun and internationally understandable.


The days when people used names of mysterious users in the forums to hide their real personality are far away. On Instagram, people started using nicks mysterious, but little by little they understood that the Nick more coherent was the one that allowed to see first and last name. Others have preferred to remain hidden behind letters and numbers. Again, to taste the colors again.


The Instagram search engine tracks both the user name field and the fields related to what you have indicated in name and surname. With so many millions of users, it is likely that your name and surnames are already used by another user (s) and will have to be original.

The maximum coherence would be that you had the same Nick that on Facebook and especially on Twitter; It is usual that neither ask your phone, or your mail. They ask you directly your username in social networks!

Also think that, if you wish to remain anonymous, Google is indexing all the Instagram pages since it has as a policy to do it in priority with contents in the network that are of images and videos. You will be easily found. The web is crawled by Google and, of course, all your nicks and pages appear in Google searches, unless you've put your profile in private, of course.


A collation of the good choice of username, I take the opportunity to comment that some users do not want to feel pigeonholed in a style of photos. Some users who love color photography and want to have a black and white account create the same account and add a bn (black and white) or bw (Black and White). For example. @phigonzalez is my main official account and I could create an account of @philgonzalez_bn or @philgonzalez_bw, if you wish to have an account dedicated to that style. Other users add _street (for street photos), for example.

Some users also have several accounts because they want to have the official and some secret where they do not reveal their first and last name and want to enjoy Instagram anonymously. You already know that you can manage them all from the app without having to close an account and open again. Add it as an alternative account in the "account settings" section. I advise you to keep somewhere the email and password with which you created the account. Without these data, you will have a very difficult time when you want to recover a closed account or if you have forgotten your password. It seems absurd, but it is the subject for which they consult me ​​the most.



Choose a good Nick It has become an increasingly complicated task. That's why Instagram enabled the script in its day, and for a couple of years has opened the possibility of using the point when choosing. As with car license plates, the fact that you can use points allows you to exponentially multiply the number of combinations and give a coherent name to an account you already considered lost.

Some users have chosen to recover their real name, others have taken advantage of changing the script by point, since it is more aesthetic and allows more readable and memorable user names.

So for those who have not had the chance to catch the ideal username in their

day, this is a good time to try. You can also recover at least the name of your website or invent any communication by playing with the points in the username.

If you want to change your Nick It's as simple as going to the "edit your profile" section and choosing a new username. If you accept the new combination, you will accept the change, otherwise you can keep trying new combinations until you get the perfect name.

In this section, I recommend that if you want to change your name change the name of your account to the new one and re-register the old username with a new account, even if it is to leave it inactive. Some friend of mine changed his name and quickly a user noticed and registered the previous account, creating some misunderstandings since some users were looking for his old account and were with another person. Re-create an account with the name "old" and from there indicate in the biography where the new account is located.

In terms of nicks you will find everything My recommendation is that it be as personal and as short (and international) as possible.

If you do not find a formula in Spanish, I like to resort to mixing languages ​​or pass to English part of your entity. This is the case of @martamoneykeeper (Marta Monedero in Spanish) or get an original name, play with the words and get a combination in which nobody had thought so far. Be fun, creative and striking.

Would you have thought of calling yourself @becaria, @_heladooscuro_, @hombre_normal, @lavecinarubia @lazaroalcuadrado or @radioactivity? Well, they do.


Phil GonzĂĄlez


Founder of Instagramers





I often look at the first photo of the users and there really is not a manual of the good first photo (or video).


The application will allow you to erase everything you have uploaded or rectify what you have written since we have the ability to edit the title for a couple of years. So dare. We will remember the "old" the times in which we were wrong in the title and we had to erase everything, even the photo ...

Start with a good photo as the first delivery. It is the first that users will see when entering your profile and it will be the hook to see more.


On the contrary, that's where the success of Instagram resides. It is a world open to everyone, although it is clear that having creativity and originality will come great.

Alaska and Mario in front of their photos in the Instagramers Gallery - photo: @ireneml.

Instagram allows people like you and me to take photos and videos or share via Instagram Stories or Instagram Live, our day to day.

In addition, the application allows you to give an artistic touch to the most bland photo that you can throw in your face, feel artist for once in your life. And that people appreciate your works!

With a little time, dedication and inspiration you will feel recognized by your followers. Here you are free to learn, do what you want and be who you want to be. Freedom!



As I mentioned before, you do not need to be a professional, or have done graphics, video or design courses ... In this world of information saturation, creativity is no longer just a question of training but of originality. Having a unique and own style facilitates the thing. Facades of buildings such as those of the Dutch @macenzo, pale tones or minimalist environments such as @katia_mi or @sejkko, friends and puppies or the flowers that our beloved Bibiana FernĂĄndez @thedevilisawoman likes to share or fantastic gastronomic still lifes like the ones she gives us daily @lauraponts. It is increasingly difficult to find a "unique" style but you must try.

If you manage to come up with a "unique" style, your followers will recognize you, observe your evolution and even wait impatiently for your next installment. In this aspect you can get used to people at a time of publication. Every day you will meet your community and await your new contribution. It is a good habit inherited from other media that use y o bloggers.


If you are not very original, nothing happens, you can be inspired by others, but try to contribute something of yours. Do not copy in a rough way. He thinks that we live in a world of mixtures, of fusion cuisine, of re-editions of old records, of the dead singing with the living. The same happens in photography and throughout the art world.

You can be inspired by what others do, inform you of how they edit their photos, ask for advice through the same application and learn, find a style and, above all, most importantly, have that feeling of having a good time.


All of us have a thirst to have a community, but also of authenticity. Your own and the one you express in your photos. I always repeat that what is yours is to be yourself. In my lectures on social networks, I always say that happiness or success for a company is based on this basic concept that occurred to me years ago.

The 4Hu concept (Humor, Humanity, Humility and something of Humanitarian)

  • Humour (of good) and being nice facilitates a virtual human contact often

«Cold» caused by the use of interfaces and technologies. Be funny, respecting others, of course, and let them have a good time.

  • Humanity is to "thrill" and keep in mind that you have to do it in a few minimum square pixels or through your short videos or your
  • Humble, close, plain as in life itself, we go ... The example that sportsmen, artists or businessmen should follow should be that of a Federer or a Nadal: work, perseverance and
  • Humanitarian, but natural, that comes from within and that is not "to look good". If you use your account to help people once a year, the most disadvantaged will thank you.

Users will appreciate more your attempt to express something fun, human and close than the use of sophisticated techniques with spectacular effects in the hands of professionals.

Use humor, your sensitivity and sense of humility and you will be able to connect with others.

Phil GonzĂĄlez interviewing Steve Mc Curry in the presentation of the Lavazza 2015 calendar.

Phil GonzĂĄlez - @philgonzalez


Like Facebook, you should control both the photos and what you are going to express. You have to think that what you say is part of your personality and you are forging it. Respect your "wall" and respect that of others. Also, think that the users you follow here do not have to accept or veto you. They open the door to your world confidently.

In the same way, be careful what you indicate about yourself. I have seen users put the address of their house to invite friends and it is not sensible ... Better contact in private.

In case of problems with another user, remember that you can block him. He will no longer be able to access your content (as if your profile became a private profile) and you will not be able to access the contents of that user either. Of course, it is easy to skip that block if you remain open profile because the user that you blocked could create another account and follow you without knowing it.



Filters were the great success factor of Instagram. Before the arrival of Instagram, we were all "frustrated" photographers, clinging to take pictures of weddings and baptisms, of beautiful photos on the beach with friends and summer sunsets to get the thorn out. We saw how our friends with good material took great pictures and we were amazed.

Who would have imagined that one day we could share thousands of photos, with such pride, and that strangers were going to put us hundreds of "likes" and give our ears with pleasant comments?

@kerry_fin, a crash of the edition.

The reason, in large part, was the use of editing filters. First the Instagram and then some external applications that allowed us to perform real wonders with those photos taken from the mobile.

The most veteran of this mobile photography still remember apps like Camera Bag, Hipstamatic, Camera +, developed by my former colleagues of work, Filterstorm, and many others that were launched, were successful, stayed or disappeared depending on the fashions or the new options in the market.

Now we will see with Rodrigo Rivas some of the best apps for iOS and for Android.


Our recommended apps are Snapseed, Filterstorm, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express and Afterlight. In addition to these five we would recommend a sixth called Picfx.


The most famous application of the photo editing AppStore. Many options with basic and not so basic settings, ease of use, and a very intuitive style make it the

Perfect tool for everyday photo editing. Indispensable and more if we look at its price ... It's free.


A good application but that requires quite extensive photographic knowledge. Its use is difficult and not very intuitive, but it may be the most powerful app in terms of all the options we can have today. Apart from the basic settings of most applications that we can find, we can use Curves, Levels, Layers, etc. If you have photographic knowledge and you can only edit in programs like Adobe Photoshop, maybe it is a good option, but otherwise I do not advise downloading it because you can lose your patience. You will need an adaptation time to learn how to use it.

Its price in the AppStore is high (3,99 euros) so it is an expensive application if you are one of those who want an easy, simple and cheap edition.


Perhaps the most fashionable application now. Although it is not only an editing application, but also a camera to take photographs, it has a very simple and effective photo editor on which the vast majority of Instagram's options are based. In short, a simple, intuitive application with some options that do not have others. We can combine it with one or more apps, even be our first option.


Free application of photo editing easy and complete for those who do not need big adjustments. We can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, perform crops, rotate images ..., all in a simple and intuitive way, with sliders. In addition to all this, includes the patch tool so used in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop to clone elements. In short, a nice and nice interface that will be liked by many. In addition, we can find it for free.


The best designed mobile application for general editing in smartphone. Common options such as adjustment of brightness, contrast, focus, "vignetting", highlights or shadows ..., but others very well thought out as the application of filters imitating intrusion of parasitic light or film glazes. All this coupled with a large number of filters that we can graduate with a sliding bar like all other options. One of the best options of Afterlight is the possibility of recording all our edition in a photograph and then apply it to all the others we want. It is not free, but it has a very low price (0,99 euros).

Photo edited with the apps: Toonpaint, Laminar and Picfx by @defarv.


Our apps recommended for Android are Pixlr Express, Photo Editor, Aviary, Photo Director and PicsArt. In addition to these, we would like to add Photoshop Touch and Perfectly Clear.

To all the previously mentioned add the previously seen for iOS: Snapseed, Afterlight and VSCO Cam that are also available for Android.


Undoubtedly, Pixlr Express is one of the best rated apps by the vast majority of users of

Android Very complete in terms of basic settings and also very good in more advanced settings. Maybe with a little messy menus at first, but that are easy to use after using it several times. Good possibilities to download additional content such as frames, filters, and textures, among others. Possibility of adding fonts labels.

In short, one of the best applications for Android in photo editing with good performance. We really like the enormous possibilities it gives you when choosing lens blur, cloning etc. All for free.


Photo Editor is one of the best photo editing applications on Google Play among the free ones. Many options for image adjustment with Curves, Color Correction, Perspective Correction, Clone, Noise Elimination, etc. The problem is that it is a little complex when using. If you are one of those who need or want an easy and intuitive edition, I do not recommend this application despite its great options. If you are a user experienced in the use of editing and usually edit photographs in Adobe Photoshop, it is an application for you. You will raise your creative possibilities above the average.


The simplest application of the five that I recommend here. Simple and intuitive use with some very good basic options to get good finishes. It has basic settings of light, color, focus, filters, etc. The sliding bars make this application easy to use and without much prior knowledge. If yours is a basic edition and you do not want to complicate a lot when it comes to editing for sure it can be a good, fast and effective option. It is also free.


I could catalog it as a mix between Photo Editor and Pixlr Express. It is an editing app that mixes some advanced settings with some simpler and basic user options. Very attractive in the visual makes a lot of emphasis on the possibility of editing the color. Curves, Saturation, Color correction, HDR.

Undoubtedly a very option to take into account despite being a bit complex. It is intuitive, although it requires a bit of learning before using it very well. We like the removal tool, it is not very effective, but for certain things it can be useful. A highly recommended app and more being free.


The last of the five applications that we explain is PicsArt. In my point of view, it is the least attractive but the one that offers the most creative options regarding the addition of light. Easy-to-use and intuitive menus Visually pleasing, although not too much. Add basic settings such as Color, Curves, etc., with more advanced ones such as cloning and overlaying images. In addition to these more photographic adjustments we can add stickers, frames or flashes to our shots.

An application that is simple and can be without doubt very appropriate for users who want a basic control or a creative addition.

Apart from these editing applications focused on retouching the image and highlighting its light, colors, trimming or balancing the shot, there are some very interesting applications when it comes to giving a detail to the photo, adding a logo, making collages or integrate a text about the images that are of great help for all types of users, but in particular for professionals who use the app at the corporate level. Pablo D. Martin (@pablodmartin) co-administrator of Instagramers Spain (@igersspain) gives us some of his recommendations on the next page.


Pablo D Martin - @pablodmartin

Instagramers Spain


  • Diptic: A great classic of apps for Instagram is Diptic. The developers understood the need for users to perform collages of 3, 5, 6 or more photos together in the same photo to be published later and following some aesthetic patterns. It has more than 179 patterns collage and allows to balance tones, colors, focus, etc. A wonder of simplicity. It is worth investing a little less than one euro and is available for iOS and for
  • Repost for Instagram: It allows you refill (republish) favorite photos or videos of other users and also shows the user's name of who posted it initially. It is ideal for the communication and marketing departments of brands that want to share content related to their brands and use photos that users upload to their own profiles. There are many other options, but this one is the most used. Free for Android and
  • Instafollow unfollow for Instagram who unfollowed: His long name allows us to avoid making mistakes with other similar appeals. It tells you who follows you and who stops you from following or who can even block you. It keeps track of all fan movements and gives specific statistics about them. Maybe with tens of thousands of accounts followers your analysis processes slow down. It's available only on iOS, but there are other similar options with similar names on the Android
  • Ezy Watermark: An essential application to add watermarks to photos, with many options, typographies, emoticons, in signature mode ... It is perfect to avoid using / copying your content without permission or without your credit in the network. It costs a little more than 2 euros on Android and 2,99 euros on
  • Phonto: One of the most popular apps when it comes to adding texts to our Instagram photos. It has more than 400 available fonts, and all texts are customizable in sizes, colors and formats. It's free for iOS and Android as well.
  • Snapwidget: It is not an application but a platform multi devices that allows us to show our images of our Instagram account outside the app and in a way

automatic It comes very well if we want to integrate the content of our Instagram on our website or blog, create stuff and attracting public to our account from our other means on the Internet.



Instagram is a very addictive app and what I always remember is that it should be a form of distraction, entertainment and should not become a source of problems. Very often it is "so addictive" that, like other social networks, it could "take you away" from reality. You can lose focus on what is important in life. Your family, friends, work should remain the center of your concerns. Instagram should not become YOUR life.

Once given this advice from father, I would say that the important thing is to get along with other users.


The first thing you will ask is whether you should write in your language, your native language or English. It will depend a lot on the aspirations you have with your account. If you want to have your account closed and open to your lifelong friends, you are likely to speak in Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque.

If you want to expand the number of your followers, you will have to write your titles in Spanish and English, for example. Remember one thing It is a great opportunity. I think one of the positive side effects that he had on me (and on many of my friends) was having to refresh our English. English is the most common language and the one that people will understand as a universal language.


The users of the beginnings will still remember how basic the first versions of the application and their reduced methods of interaction could seem. The app was born with "like" options and write public comments under the photo of other users and little else.

Today you can already answer the comments one by one, you can put likes to the comments separately, as implemented Facebook years ago. These "like" comments allow a certain way to give an answer to the user without necessarily having to write something. Some users see it well, others see it badly. I think it's okay. Do not

You always have to answer a specific comment, put it like it indicates that you read his comment and you thank him back.

Today it is possible to have a private conversation with other users. A tool that was asked to scream by the users was direct messaging or DM (Direct Message) since everything had to be told in public. Today you can send a direct message to any user (as long as you do not have this function disabled in the "privacy" section and do not reject your message)

Since the appearance of direct messaging, you can contact users who use your brand or use your hashtag, to those who want to know or offer something.

If you work in the tourist office of a specific area you can look for the users that use the hashtag #extremadura, detect the most active and those that most followers have to then invite you to an event, etc. You can contact them via direct messaging without writing under the photos and in the light of everyone. The same if you work in fashion and want to contact people who are related to a specific event of yours.

Direct messaging is a fantastic tool as long as you do not abuse it. Too many of my friends have found themselves in direct messaging with unpleasant messages from men eager to get in touch with them. Remember that if someone bothers you, you can block or report them.


Although the app is very open, the circles of users and friends remain closed. What strikes me is how generational boundaries (between adolescents and adults) are the same as in real life.

Teenagers navigate, on the one hand, adults on the other. Moreover, very often, I hear teenagers say "I'm not interested in my parents' pictures, they're boring" and that's because we use

-Adults and adolescents- "Instagram" in a very different way and for very different purposes.


However, it is highly recommended to open yourself to the world and expand your circle of friends in the app. Instagram is working a lot in this sense since, to more friends, more personal interactions, more news in your account and more fun experience.

Do not forget that, for these large social networks, the challenge will be to get users and have them as long as possible. The more things that happen in your friendship circles, the more likely you are to enter Instagram several times a day.


There are several ways to discover other users. From the "word of mouth", from a friend who recommends an account, from articles in the press to some websites like that recommend users. You can also read our website where we interview users with their own style. It is also useful to visit our permanent Instagramers Gallery (@igersgallery) at the FundaciĂłn TelefĂłnica de Gran VĂ­a and discover the thirty talents we highlight each year. We also have about fifty authors exposed every two months and their winning photos of our usual competitions.

It is important to grow in the number of followers, but also to discover new profiles and follow them. You should not limit the number of users you follow

Remember that Instagram is also designed to favor contact and follow-up between users. These are some of the most common ways to discover new users.


You can find your Facebook friends during your initial registration or at any time. It is a very useful way to follow the people you are interested in and who probably follow you in turn by the closest relationship you can have. In this short process, you can see all active Facebook friends and you can follow them (or not). It's a quick way to follow people and also to be followed by "lifelong" friends.

There is also the possibility to search among your phone contacts and add people in this way.

If you do not use these two methods, you will always have a very interesting way and that is, if your Instagram account is "coupled" to your Facebook (and you have indicated that they are from the same user), the application will inform you of users friends of yours who register or who are using the application under such or such username. This information will appear in the news section.


If you are looking for a specific person, a label, a place, you can go to the magnifying glass icon in the lower menu and search by first and last names, by user name or by name of the label or the specific place. The tool usually recommends friends close to you and the search algorithm is constantly improving.

Page Explore It allows you to discover a featured video and some images about everything that is happening. These proposals are related to your interests or friends of your friends. Although you will also find proposals that you will think: «and what do I have to do with this?».

In the section of new Instagram has also been promoting the discovery of friends of your Facebook and it is likely that in the coming months will continue to bet on generating more and more links so you have more and more interactions in the app.

This section offers trends that allow you to see what is happening at that moment, both near where you are and anywhere else in the world.

It is a fundamental section to look for a label and you will see how Instagram proposes you some results coherent with the hashtags more similar or more results. If you type

«Architecture» will come out, in order of importance, the most used labels with that word. If no result comes out, nobody ever used that label. In this way, you can search

photos of place when typing for example #paris or the name of a restaurant #cellercanroca for example and see the 7.000 photos that have made diners inside and discover users interested in gastronomy, for example.

It is a good way to discover places or users that you would not have known otherwise and that have something to do with you.


Since the beginning it has taken a lot to discover other users through the comments that others can make in an account that you follow. You read something that catches your attention, an original phrase and you may visit the profile of the user in question and like what you see.


Of course, the most usual and most genuine way to meet those who follow you is to put them likes and nice comments. Usually, I usually answer all the comments of my photos and go visiting the account of the users to put in my turn, some likes and discover who he is. So I discovered authentic wonders of accounts and made friends.


As I commented before, discovering new circles of users is very related to the theme and the labels that you use or they use ... We will see it in a next chapter, but the hashtags They are the engine of Instagram activity.

One of the most interesting things is to follow the important accounts that highlight people with interests in travel, hotels, or photographic quality. In this way, every day you can see the outstanding photo of the day and you can discover the best photo of the community of #igersspain #igersvalencia or the winner of a contest of the #igersgallery


Recently, Instagram has integrated (at the top of your list of followers and followed) a search box. If you are looking for a username in the list of followers and it does not appear, that user does not follow you.

The same in the followed, but for that it is easier to go to the account in question and the option to "follow" will appear.


Marta Monedero - @martamoneykeeper

Instagramers Spain


One of the great pillars of Instagram is the interaction.

Like other social media, Instagram allows bidirectional communication with an audience formed by the group of users who follow or have come to our gallery. But we are also part of the audiences of all the people or brands that we follow or visit.

Both of us can express what we think of the contents shared with a "like", adding comments or sending private messages. In any case, in whatever direction, interact favors the engagement with the application itself. And this is the first good practice when communicating in this social network: establish an authentic dialogue, open ourselves to comments that can be poured on our photos, thank them and respond to them all sooner rather than later.

A good way to thank others to visit our gallery to say they like our photos is to return the compliment with a visit to theirs and, if we like, to follow them and / or express that admiration by also commenting on their photos.

Beyond the fun of interacting through the social network, my experience as a user was overwhelmed by attending the live shows, organized by Instagramers, with other fans of photography and Instagram.

These meetings serve to discover new users that would otherwise have come to us, but also to de-virtualize to people with whom you have been speaking for a long time, which makes future communications even better.




I've always said that the important thing is you and the content you share. Do not use tricks. Be yourself and share the best of you. Take good photos, edit them in an original way, give them a good title, make them laugh, dream or cry with your videos, but do not fool yourself to get followers and "like" them. Here are some basic tips to go, little by little, growing.


Remember that growing is not easy or fast. It is much harder to get to the 500 or 1.000 first users than to move from the 10.000 to the 15.000. It's a matter of algorithm. The more your community grows and the more interactions you produce, the more likely you are to come up with suggestions and follow you. The more time you spend on Instagram, the more likely you are to get acquainted. If you spend more time with your community, you answer them nicely and spend more time, the fruits will come by themselves, but they are many hours. And you will have to keep in mind that your life is NOT Instagram and real life is your family, your friends ... Do not dedicate more than what you should dedicate. It should not be an obsession.


Remember that one of the first things a user who has heard about you will do is enter your account to have an overview of who you are, what you do, what you share and how you share it. Your well-filled biography, a nice profile photo, with a smile and a clear image of what you share.


I always advise looking for a style and keep it for a while. Too many times I see in one account, some insistent changes of mood or style. Pictures landscape, then square, then a pizza, then a car, then a sunset, then a scene in black and white, then three photos in HDR.

Choose a style, perhaps a particular editing app and try to follow that style during a stage. Remember that painters, writers, photographers move by time and do not change their style every two days ... Forge your own style.

If you dedicate yourself to the world of video, you will have to work more and more on the production, the quality of the

recording, the scripts, what you have or specialize in something, the photos with drones or timelapse. If you like gastronomy you can focus on making mini recipes like @buzzfeedtasty.


Create your own communication style. Choose a language (or two) and decide on a style of your own. Some mix from poetry to lyrics, through declarations of love or stories that are invented. Putting a good title on your content is like extending even more its impact or what the user can understand behind what you just shared.

Like painters, you can have your own times and as your photography will evolve, your way of editing, the colors, the titles or labels that you use, will also evolve. But do not abuse too much of the labels in the titles (we'll see why later) or too long texts. People read less and less and Instagram was reducing the amount of lines seen in the preview.

Choose a good title for your photos. It is essential to unleash the imagination of those who admire them.


The craze to get followers and "I like" can go quite far and it is common to see users perform authentic strategies to achieve those ends. I do not recommend them and I'll tell you why.


Many users found a way to "cheat" others by following many users and then stop following them. Of the hundreds who followed, some returned grace and followed, they did not realize the trick and followed a user who had deceived them. Apart from being ugly, it is absurd. Today it is quite risky to use this type of practice since Instagram can detect rare actions and block temporarily or for

always the fraudulent accounts.


Many users have tried their luck and some worked while Instagram did not realize the deception. Users used to enter a hashtag of #moda for example and put likes like if tomorrow does not exist. It worked in its day, but not today. Today if you give too many likes followed and abnormally, Instagram may block your account or close it.


Many users (although less and less) ask you to follow them ... It is a technique that gives a bit of pain and is based on emotional blackmail. We do not have to resort to that.


When you are lucky to have many followers, you also have the misfortune of being in the spotlight of users who want to be noticed and who follow them. Many are those who tag you in your comments or directly in the photos with the tool photo of you which is like the usual Facebook tagging. What can happen is that a celebrity or the user who is, denounce you for bad practices and close the account. Label people only if they appear in them and in an elegant and non-repetitive way.


I will not give any app name because I do not want to give visibility to people who have found a way to do business with the greed for having followers and "I like it".

Those applications or websites that offer you to get Likes y followers They are a plague that prevents us from enjoying 100% Instagram. These tools that existed from very early on have caused that today there are millions of false accounts (an 15% says some study) and that they put

I like "false" and that the ecosystem is so perverted. Do not listen to the ads of these companies in your account or the fact that a friend of yours gets thousands of followers in a week. It is very likely that when you sign up for these tools, they force you to follow people you do not want to follow or even lose control over your account, your privacy, etc.



The fastest way to get a good number of followers is of course to be recommended (or suggested) by Instagram itself. Appearing on that list means that when a user signs up, a series of accounts is proposed and that user, a novice in the app, will be able to follow you at the start.

Being suggested is a dream for everyone, but it is only within the reach of a few. Many people contact me to ask me how can I be part of this list of suggested users?

The truth is that today is a well-kept mystery, but I can tell you how this list evolved and the criterion of choosing the graced.

During its first years of life, Instagram's own team chose a few profiles worldwide that were part of the "suggested" list. That list of a hundred people went out repeatedly in the process of registering accounts. At that time, I was lucky to be chosen and I was receiving the order of some 1.000 new followers every day. After one year, the format of the suggested choice changed. Instagram sent an email to all the initial users and told them it was time to make way for new

«Suggested». In that second stage, the suggested highlights during 15 days were suggesting

At the same time, new profiles for the next two weeks. And so it was for a time existing as a chain of recommendations.

Today it is no longer like that, or that seems to be, but because of the style of accounts that are still promoted by Instagram, we can intuit that there is still a certain subjective criterion and some intervention of the human hand. It is likely that in the part explore of the app, the algorithm is increasingly relevant and offers you accounts and content related to friends in common or your likes, but Instagram continues to control what the suggested list is manually. The suggested ones I know are usually people who at some point have had contact with the team community management of Instagram.

It is not advisable to use external apps to get more followers or "likes". Trust more in your good photos or videos.

Pablo Herreros - @pabloherreros

CEO of Goodwill


For a kiss of the skinny would give anything ... and for a like on Instagram, the whole life.

As in the chapter Nosedive from the futuristic Black Mirror series, social networks went from being a field of flowers to go to play and share the ones we take with other people, to a place to try to be loved. Creating an image and letting it fly gives pleasure, but watch yourself: do not let creating content become a sad means of getting dopamine, on a dirty coin with which to buy virtual hugs.

Try that the pleasure is in the very fact of thinking and releasing your creation, and not in the "likes" or followers that your action will bring you.

If they arrive, they arrive; but try not to fall prey to your search because recognition is not an end, but a collateral consequence, a dust that floats and falls on the main thing, which is the object of creating, the fun time you spend thinking and throwing a brushstroke of art, a few drops of humor or a bit of emotion.



The June 20 of the 2013 took place the largest of Instagram's updates since its launch. The application that was known as an editing app and square photos gave way to the use of video. An important change at a strategic level for the company, but also for its users.


As we mentioned in previous chapters, Instagram and other social networks are going to have to reinvent themselves permanently to face new competitors and keep hooking people and, in particular, young people eager for new formats of entertainment.

When Instagram releases the video there were already other applications like Viddy or especially Vine, owned by Twitter. With the Video, Instagram killed two birds with one stone. One of them, the blue of Twitter.

The application allowed to share, first a few short videos of a maximum of 15 seconds (Vine style) and now it allows you to upload videos up to 1 minute that will remain in your account unless you delete them. Then we will see that there is another modality of videos with Instagram Live or Instagram Stories that are in another section of the app and will disappear at 24 hours.

Controversy for some early adopters, fun for other users, the introduction of the video got more than 5 millions of videos uploaded on its first day and its first video with more than one million views.

The habit of using Instagram to share anything led users to integrate video as a game option more (though not their preferred one). In a way, the company has succeeded in leaving the two services to share content in the lower menu and "well juntitos" without causing discomfort in navigation. The wall of novelties has integrated the possibility of previews or make custom covers in the videos.

ÂĄYou already have a network of friends on Instagram!

Part of the success of the release of the video is that you already have "all your friends before" and you do not need to reconnect with them, or look up their user names, or your own social identity. So, why go to Vine when you have it and everything mounted on Instagram?

Copy or "inspire" in another successful mobile app is not so simple. Many apps have tried to copy the successful Instagram model without success, inspiration can be complicated because wanting to improve means complicating and killing the essence, the hook of a genuine product. In the videos section, Instagram also has filters, but above all it provides the possibility of choosing the cover image and also the ideal length of the video. They may seem like details, but it improves the user experience with Vine.


Well, it's true, in a photo you can tell almost everything. But also a video will give you sound, sweep in panoramic or 360 degrees of what is around you, and you can do more immersive the experience for your users. They will be able to live closer to you for a moment.

The irruption of the video allowed some users to tell their life in a way youtuber thousands of people, others to share their exploits skiing, artists tell the backstage of a concert or in love to declare to his fiancée. You can find all kinds of videos featured in the section explore of your application and you will see everything that can be done.


Video is the most common way to communicate. When years ago it was reserved for a small part of the population (expensive video cameras, reduced distribution system and high cost), today with the democratization of mobile that makes quality videos and technology in the hands of billions of people. people, its use becomes more habitual.

First it was YouTube and all the platforms that emerged from the UGC phenomenon (User Generated Content) but then all the apps that were integrating the video as a way of expressing themselves, of sending information or having fun. Today it is common to send a video greeting on WhatsApp or to share in images something funny or surprising on Twitter, Vine or Instagram.

@akrammuti portrays his brother @saidmuti in concert.

Instagram has, however, its duration specifications (less than one minute) and its limits of virality for distribution (have not yet seen videos that have had a worldwide success born on Instagram), but it is an ideal platform to upload short content that you want to keep forever in your account.

When you upload a video you must respect the rules and conditions of use of the application and the rights or privacy of the people you record. Remember also that, as when it comes to photos, sharing videos that are of other users is risky, you could infringe property rights.

It is more complicated to make an interesting video than a photo.

Although it may seem simple, it will always be more complicated to make an interesting video than a result-oriented photo. A simple photo can be edited with Instagram or with an external app such as Snapseed or Vsco Cam and be interesting for your followers; A video requires more tact. In a minute, you do not have much time and several things that you can count, so you must think about what you want to share. Then, the part of the sound, the instability of the image and the abusive sweeps can tire and cause rejection in those who wanted to see your last production.

If you do not feel like complicating with the video and you think you will not have much more to do a specific grace or teach others where you are spending your holidays, use Instagram Stories, which disappear at 24 hours, or Instagram Live. Two tools that we will see later.


You may have noticed that your videos get less "like" than photos and is normal.

I participated in one of the first promotional operations of the Desigual clothing brand (@desigual) in Spain and its fashion show at the Barcelona Fashion Week. This allowed me to notice the difference between video and photography.

In general, users are willing to give more likes to a photo that to a video. Think that Instagram is often used in "micro moments". You wait for the bus, a friend who does not arrive, and you open your Instagram. Review the activity is something quick when you dedicate a few seconds to each photo, but watching videos can take more time to your followers and not giving them time to give play. That may be one of the reasons.

It is a general rule and not the definitive one in the sense that some users coming from YouTube or blogs, who will have attracted their natural audience to Instagram for their videos, will continue to have a good ratio of videos watched and watched. likes since that is what is expected of them.


If photography could generate some potential means of advertising revenue (integration of advertising related to photos of places and geo-location, presence in events, etc.) in the case of video, the monetization It is much more evident.

Who is not used to seeing a video ad (or even two) before watching a YouTube video? Instagram understood and invited advertisers to invest in video campaigns.

For users who have a good number of followers, the video can be a way to promote brands, report an event and, therefore, be a source of advertising revenue.


With the addition of the video, the app bet strongly on the short video as a way to share your life, your feelings and a little everything around you. And in his day I thought about launching a news channel based on a way of social journalism and that the source was the users themselves.

It was an innovative idea, but I was stopped by the fact that it was quite complicated to create a

News channel based on the credibility of users' videos and the difficult search for content of interest, without copyright, through increasingly poorly used labels.

However, in the United States, start-up launched the first video news channel called @nowthisnews that offered short videos of current events. In fact, one of the first videos they published was the video captured by the security cameras in the sad railway accident in Santiago de Compostela. This channel used videos from other sources, apparently without authorization or free of rights.

This tells us how big the spectrum of communication can be and what Instagram can become as a communication platform through videos produced by the users themselves. From making tutorials to answering questions or giving advice that your followers they will have asked you


If the possibilities of the video are already endless, we can wait to see a gradual take off of Instagram Live or, what is the same, the live video.

We'll see later, the Instagram Stories disappear at 24 hours of your application and are having a lot of acceptance. Live video could also win followers.

Instagram Live allows you to share what you are living at a precise moment and share it with your entire community, whether you are in your country or thousands of kilometers away. Undoubtedly, the appearance of applications like Periscope (from the eternal competitor Twitter), and others, have greatly encouraged the use of live video, as well as the deployment of a mobile technology that allows data to be used without ruining your personal economy.

As in the Instagram Stories and in the videos that you upload to your account, nobody waits for you to offer high quality videos. What users like most is to see "the genuine", the "exclusive" of sharing a special moment with them, a personal moment or event of interest that happens in the other side of the country.

More and more companies use Instagram Live to the detriment of Periscope to broadcast an elocution or a conference. In the coming years it will be a way of communicating more and more normal.

Skype, Facetime, Facebook Live and now Instagram Live ..., multiple platforms that will facilitate the live broadcasting of mass events or family gatherings. The live brings truth, authenticity, close relationship with your followers ... You open the doors of your life, who you are, your company and your backstage to others. Do not stop taking advantage of it!

One of the practices that my friends Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santa Engracia use, y and founders of @topesdegama (formerly known as Andro4all) is the call to their Instagram Live. With more than 1,5 millions of fans on YouTube, Carlos and Jaume have had tremendous success in Spain and in Latin America with their channel of reviews technologies focused on the mobile world. For a few months they decided to bet on Instagram as a closer and more alive channel. Today your channel exceeds the 250.000 followers, continue to publish their fantastic tests on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views, but

They have found on Instagram a way to contact live with their community. They summon their followers a few hours before, wait for their questions and answer live at the aforementioned time. I have not seen a community as active and outstanding as your opinions and advice.

Another interesting use of Instagram Live is to explain live, what you do and how you do it. Many photographers are fond of this tool: they summon their followers at a specific time, a day of the week, and perform a live tutorial. They get interactive sessions and get them closer to their followers and new interested users.

Remember that the Instagram Live video disappears! If you want to keep it on your reel, you must click on the "save" button, otherwise you will disappear forever. You can record it and then share it if you wish in other social video networks.

If your video is of poor quality or only of specific interest, you can choose to post it in the "ephemeral" part of the Instagram Stories.

GastĂłn Oliva - @gastonoliva

Founder of Instagramers Buenos Aires


If you dare to share videos, read the advice of our friend and who was the creator of Instagramers Buenos Aires, GastĂłn Oliva (@gastonoliva) who advises you on the best mobile video editing apps to perform small wonders.

Since March of 2016 the 60 videos seconds that until then were only available to advertisers, were enabled for all users. This, along with the editing tools and filters included in the same application, gave rise to new applications designed only for video editing, some of them Instagram / Facebook (like "companion-apps"), such as Boomerang or Hyperlapse and also some other third-party video editing apps.

Between the latter and my favorites to edit or finish giving some special touches to my videos, I can recommend iMovie (iOS, free), ideal and almost indispensable for fast editions (although with time you can get very successful videos) and Adobe Premiere Clip (available for Android / iOS, is free), highly recommended if you use Adobe Premiere in its desktop version, since, in addition to its powerful editing tools, you can continue perfecting your videos there.

But within this category, the one that has most caught my attention in the last time is Cinemagraph Pro, with which you can create, from videos, a cinemagraph (or cinemagraphs) of professional results.


The cinemagraphs are «live photos». They are photos, created from a video, where a detail with a minor movement is repeated in an infinite loop giving that feeling of living photography.

But as they say, a picture is worth more than 1.000 words, a video is worth more than ...

1.000.000 of words? Better see it yourselves here in my personal space:



One of the tools that Instagram introduced in the frantic and constant updating of its application is Instagram Stories. You can access from the main page (icon of the house for you to understand) and you will see an icon that will allow you to access some complementary tools to what was the initial ecosystem (photos and videos). It is the section where all that is «trend» has been added. There you will find the tab of Instagram Stories, a tool very often compared with Snapchat.


A few years ago, specialized media on the Internet collected the information of a possible purchase of Snapchat by Facebook that could have been around the 3.000 million dollars and that could have been effective if its founder Evan Spiegel had not given pumpkins to Mark Zuckerberg.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app for images and short videos (snaps) that achieved great success among teenagers by offering a service of ephemeral content that disappeared by itself after being visualized by the follower. According to company data, Snapchat already exceeds the 120 millions of users and the 8.000 millions of videos viewed per day. Scary data that value the company in more than 20.000 million dollars.

With Instagram Stories you do not need to use Snapchat to share fun and ephemeral content.

Without having that data today, Instagram Instagram Stories are a feed secondary to that of the photos, where the content will remain present during 24 hours. If you want to save that content, you'll have to hit the "save" icon and have it saved on the reel. If it will not disappear forever and you will not have a way to recover it.


As with the use of video, it would be pointless to re-create a community of followers on Snapchat if you already have everyone added to Instagram.

Instagram Stories allows you to record mini-videos of a few seconds (or capture a photo) that disappear after the 24 hours pass. These contents do not need as much quality as

photos or videos that you upload to the usual wall of Instagram, you can do more fun things, make the fool, a joke, a grace, without worrying about what will remain in the account. The ephemeral is fashionable and it will be increasingly common to see applications of content with limited life appear.

In general, users contain and upload two or three photos a day, but in the Instagram Stories section, users worry less and can get more 10 or 15 videos, whichever they want, without fear to bore his followers.


Instagram Stories appear in a row on our feed. They are ordered by affinity with our followers, with whom we interact more, not in chronological order.

We do not need to follow someone to see their Instagram Stories, it will be enough for their profile to be public and access from their profile, touching their avatar (which will now have a circle of colors around it). Anyone who follows Instagram can see our Instagram Stories, although we can choose to block some of them.

From your feed You can touch the Instagram Stories icon or swipe to the right to access your camera.

You can leave the screen pressed to pause the slide show, or touch the left side of the screen to go back one.

You can not add old content to your Instagram Stories unless it's a screenshot or you re-import an old photo.

Instagram Stories has three different types of brushes for us to draw on our photos or videos: normal brush, highlighter and neon.

Stories offers personalized color palettes with a simple selector and pre-created palettes with themes such as «grayscale» or «earth colors».

Currently, Instagram Stories has some filters with effects and lenses, and you can add some stickers, the geolocation, the temperature of the site where you are. Iran will be adding more features soon. You can also use imported photos from apps like the fun MSQRD app.

At the time of printing this book you can not know who made a screenshot of your Instagram Story while Snapchat warns us with a warning. It is likely that in a few months it will also be available on Instagram.


Instagram Stories is a good way to integrate the Snapchat spirit into your account and reach all kinds of audiences, counting the backstage of your company, your daily moments, what is behind the curtain and in a fun and ephemeral way. The good thing about the Stories is that they do not force you to think so much about a title, or an interesting comment. In a few seconds and a few clicks you can take a picture (or record a video by keeping your finger pressed) and share it publicly with all or just some of your contacts. In this last case, the users to whom you have sent it will receive it in their direct messaging section.

You can also use a video or a photo that you already have on the reel, but it will have to be a content of less than 24 hours, otherwise it will not appear in the content proposal to be uploaded from the reel. You have to know that the screen resolution of the Stories (vertical) requires a kind of photography or vertical videos.

With Instagram Stories, users share stories more frequently and less edited, thus approaching a communication tool. You can also give more vitality to your story, using drawing and text tools. You will find in the process of uploading content the possibility of writing with brushes (write with your finger what you want about the photo or video), write a text, draw hearts or whatever you want and even mention another account that you will receive automatically A notification.

You can share everything you want throughout the day and be as creative as you want. Photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and will not be shown again on your profile or in the main section.

As you can see, you will see the stories of people you follow - your best friends and your favorite accounts - in a bar at the top of the main section. You know there is something new to see when a circle of color "waving" appears around the profile picture that has been updated. The stories of other users that appear to you are the most recent and the people with whom you interact most have priority.

You can also see the story of a specific friend or someone you follow when accessing their account profile as you do on a regular basis. There you only have to click on your profile picture and if you have a Stories available from the last 24 hours.


Click on the icon with the + sign in the upper left corner or slide to the right all your feed of Instagram and the fastest option to share a story.

Shoot a photo with the usual circular button at the bottom of your screen to take a picture or leave it pressed to capture videos. The videos will be from 10 seconds of

maximum duration, so think before what you are going to tell.

You also have the option to select old photos or videos (Boomerang, Hyperlapse, etc.), from your reel, by sliding down the screen. This will show the content of the latest 24hs.

Edit your photos or videos by adding text, emojis, or drawings on them with the different types 3 brushes or the brush that allows you to choose a specific thickness. You can also slide to the right or left to add filters.

Click on the "Done" button to save your story.

Press the icon with the √ to publish your story and choose then who you want to share it with. You can share it with everyone, with one or several users.


If you want to comment something, you can send a private message to the person through Instagram Direct. Unlike the usual publications, in the Short Stories There are no public comments or "I like". The only possible interaction is to watch the video of the person you are following and send a direct message.

This has caused that, in some cases, the followers dare more to write to your account since it establishes (at least apparently) a more intimate relationship with them. You will know that you can deactivate this function in the "privacy" section so as not to receive messages related to your ephemeral contents.

Greetings, emoticons, laughter ..., direct messaging finds its full meaning in Instagram Stories


One of the factors of morbid social networks is to know who has seen your photo and, in this case, your video or your Instagram Stories. After a few minutes, at the bottom of the own stories, in your account, you will see in overprint the name of the people who have seen your story and the name of everyone who saw your content. In the list that appears you can see first people with whom you have more relationship in the app and then others.

Your story has the same privacy settings as your account. If your account is private, only your followers will be able to see it. However, you can also hide your sequence if you do not want someone to see it.

GastĂłn Oliva - @gastonoliva


  • Remember that you can know who sees your Short Stories by pressing the gear icon in iOS (3 icon points in Android) or by sliding down on your story and access the options of it. From there you can select who you will hide this publication from.
  • You can select in the same section who can answer / comment your Short Stories: among all, only those who follow or
  • If you want to save a content before it is automatically deleted, you can do so by selecting each slide (photo or video) and downloading it on your reel. eye! You only have 24 hours from the time of publication.
  • You can share the slides (photos or videos) in your usual Instagram account or delete them from your story, from the same
  • If you want to re-use a photo before the last 24 hours, you can take a screenshot to be shown again in the content proposal of the last 24 hours. It's as simple as looking for an old photo on your reel and taking a screenshot of it. And you can share it



Instagram is trying its luck integrating tools that, depending on their reception, are relegated to the background or even disappear. The possibility of locating photos according to their geo-location On a map, it was a bet on Instagram, but despite its usefulness, it did not "reach" people and is in the process of eradicating the app. However, Boomerang has achieved some success since its inception and today accompanies the options of photos and videos.

Born as an application parallel to Instagram and not integrated into the app, today you can use that video recording process from the app itself in the "upload content" section or in the Instagram Stories section.

Boomerang allows you to record a video during a few 2 or 3 seconds that will then be played at an increased speed, remembering the effect gif so trendy on the Internet. It allows you to do something fun in just a few seconds and without having much to tell. I recommend recording several people doing a rough gesture or a funny face and the result is usually the most fun. With a field of action much more limited than the video or the Instagram Stories, Boomerang has its audience and use, in environments and more humorous or playful tones.

Boomerang brings a funny touch, an animation similar to the effect offered by the gif format and that allows turning a routine moment into something terribly viral.


Boomerang allows us to take a burst of 5 photos and converts them into a silent video that plays in a loop "round trip", creating a fun effect by remembering the Gifs so current

Boomerang, which started as a companion app external to Instagram, it was so successful that

it was included to the offer of tools in the section where they are already the Instagram Stories or Instagram live.

By pressing the shutter button on the screen, Boomerang will capture 5 fast photos in a second that will be shown as an infinite loop that we can share on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to this, Boomerang will save the clip as a video of 4 seconds on our reel, showing the roundtrip sequence, 5 times.

That with our rear camera, but we can choose to rotate it to take some #selfieboom.

I recommend the account of Hari Alamo @harialamo on Instagram, co-manager of Instagramers Las Palmas (with @akrammuti) who describes here his taste for the beauty of the moments filmed with some grace.

My journey began in 2011, one afternoon I found in a trunk my blue dress, which I had left after having finished my singing studies and never used again. I dusted it, and now it's my partner in photos and videos that I do myself ... For a while now, instagram is the basis of my free time, my hobby, which, together with my partner, we dedicate to capture ideas.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if it can also manifest movement, it transmits much more. I really like using Boomerang, because it reflects a special moment, and in a few seconds you can show something more than a static image.


Although they have nothing to do with Boomerang in its characteristics, I mention in this section these two companion apps Instagram property.

First Hyperlapse was launched (initially called Bolt, but only launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa) and then the Layout app.

Facebook and Instagram are aware of the vital need to keep their audience entertained so they do not go to have fun in other apps. Hence, the need to create an entire ecosystem of tools that make the content attractive. The timelapse and el gif They are fashionable, and somehow it had to be accommodated in the app.


The first Instagram launch of an app that complements its popular platform was Hyperlapse. Presented in August of 2014, Hyperlapse allows us to record videos, then process them and achieve stabilized videos, reducing the natural "tremor" that video recordings with mobiles have.

When starting Hyperlapse, the first thing we will see is its simple interface that will show us our

back camera and let us choose to rotate it to take a few selfielapse. Then we will have to press the main button to start filming and press again to stop filming.

The "magic" happens in a few seconds when everything is processed almost instantaneously and results in a very stable video in which we can accelerate up to 12 times its original speed (ideal for very long videos).

The generated Hyperlapse is stored on our reel and allows us to share it on Facebook and, of course, on Instagram.


The second "companion" app was launched on 23's March 2016. It does not provide great news, or effects that do not give you another multitude of apps in the market, that's why it was an app that went by without pain or glory.

Layout allows us to select up to 9 photos from our reel and filter those containing faces (saving us some time) or take 4 selfies, for later, make a collage with them.

We can select between some designs (ways to arrange the selected photos) and then individually adjust each photo of the collage and add edges to the design.

The generated photo is in 1: 1 (square) format and can be shared directly to Instagram and Facebook.

While there were already apps with which we could make collages with the photos of our phones (Pic Stitch, PicsArt, among others) and that provide many more features. With Hyperlapse, Instagram showed us that he did not want to lose ground among users of smartphones and attacked with another free app that was easy to use and did not require login or registration.



What they are and what they are for hashtags? How to use them correctly? Which are fashionable? Why some hashtags Do they give you more "I like"? Does it have something to do with the spam On Instagram? Questions that users can ask themselves and that I will try to answer in this section of the book.


Un hashtag is a character of the keyboard (pad) that is entered in the text before the word you want to "tag". This character allows a posteriori that the search engines analyze the information contained in the web or the app and categorize it by «keywords», called tags, Tags or also Keyword.

To explain it in a simple way, that means that, if you put a pad in front of a word, that word will be considered by a search engine as a "keyword" in your comment.

For example, write the following: #gato in one of your photos that contains a content related to the word cat and means that other users around the world who look for the word in question can easily find your photo when looking for that term .


You can use the hashtags in all the communications you send through the app, comments, responses to users, etc. The search engine will find the keywords with a # in any of the comments you make in one of your own photos and classify your photo in that section.

Put a hashtag in the comments of your photos! It does not have to be at the time of uploading the photo, it may be later.


In your photos, a user could put their username so that, afterwards, they can all be found at once in a search. For example, in my case, I could use hashtags

based on a common root, using labels such as: #philgonzalezviajes #philgonzalezamigos, etc.

This allows users interested in viewing your photos related to a theme very yours, find with simple search and see them in thumbnails in the search results and avoid looking at all the photos of your profile from top to bottom.


In each photo, you can put a name or a description. For you and for others. For example: #foto of my #gato named Kitty in the # garden

The idea is not to label all the words but the most important and most relevant ones. If you consider that the name of your cat is relevant, you put it, if not, no. It would be nice to add keywords like #mascotas or #pets.

In this sense, I recommend mixing labels in Spanish and English to reach more people.


It is always interesting to know where the photo was taken or to be able to find photos related to a specific place. If you upload a picture of a very cool corner, be prepared to receive questions such as "where is it?"; so better anticipate and indicate where it is.

For example: of #vacations in #Pukhet in the south of #Tailandia #Asia.


I would recommend (especially if you use special techniques) indicate the filters and applications you use, add some comments, as I usually do. It is important for others and they always appreciate it. In addition, there will be more possibilities for users to discover your profile when looking for a specific image made with that type of effect through the search engine.

For example: photo taken with #sonyxperia, #xz, application # Camera + and app #idrost using effects etc.

Using the hashtags correctly is an art. You can get good results if you do not abuse them.

@crisss #montreuxjazzfestival

And remember that not only is the first comment / title worth, but in all the comments that you are adding in your photo in the days, weeks, months later you can add some hashtag.

All the things you say will be referenced if you put a #hashtag.


Imagine that you and your friends want to have all the photos of an event, a birthday located on the same site on Instagram. It's very easy, decide an original keyword so there are not too many match options in the world. By having someone else use it, you could mix the search results (and photos) of two different events. To date, a hashtag It can not be reserved, nor belongs to anyone.

For example: #fiestukiMaria2017

If all your Instagram users friends that go to that party include the comment with

this tag #fiestukiMaria2017, then it will be very easy to find them all together in a simple Instagram search.


Some users (and companies ...) already use the hashtags to organize various types of contests or groups of interest or stayed. Imagine the simplicity of organizing a photo contest. If, for example, you want to reward the best photos of dishes, it is as simple as informing the users interested in competing to indicate in the comment of their photo a hashtag, like #recetadecocina.

For the organizers it is easy to find the proposals of the contestants, see their photos in one place and then choose the winners. In this sense, Instagram means a great step forward for the instagramers who organize contests. Instagram is one of the most comfortable tools for marketing departments of large companies as well.


Of course at any time you can add a comment of a photo you shared a while ago with the tag in question and the Instagram search will take it into account.

What does not work, logically, is tagging the photos of other users with a hashtag. You can put a hashtag in another user's photo to suggest labeling one of your photos, but Instagram will not take it into account until the user tags their photo on it.

Create your own labels for your events or trips. They will have to be original and very personal so that they do not run the risk of being the same ones already used by other users.


If you want to find some photos related to cars, for example, you just have to enter

the "explore" section on Instagram. And in the search box instead of selecting

«Users» are looking for labels or hashtags.

Put the word related to the photos you are looking for, for example, #cars. You will see all the photos tagged around the world with the tag #cars.

The Instagram team will probably have to improve their search engine with more advanced search possibilities, by categories, etc., and new ways of teaching the results.

Cristina Jimenéz (@crisss) a regular contributor to and one of the early adopters of Instagram in our country, tells us what are the hashtags for her.

The hashtags are a little the Swiss Army knife of the RR.SS. Essential on Instagram with different functions, such as sifting through the immensity of photos that are published every day and so we can focus on those that fit our interests, whether it is finding photos centered on a specific theme that fits our style ( #landscape, #architecture, #retrato or #portrait), organize or participate in competitions, events ..., promote our work, and of course, give more visibility to our images outside our group of followers.

I like to insert one or two hashtags, as relevant and original as possible, in the title of my posts. I am one of those who read the texts that accompany the image, and when I see an attractive hashtag I always click on it to see what images it hides. So I can find inspiration, users to follow, etc.

Few things frustrate me as much as finding photos tagged with hashtags foreign to the image. And is that by tagging your photos randomly with all the hashtags that you can think of what you're doing is flooding the corresponding hashtag with spam. If it's a cat,

Why #architecture tags?

My favorites are those that illustrate photos of nature, travel or people: #exploretocreate, #visualsoflife, #passionpassport, #makemoreportraits or #postthepeople. And any other that awakens my interest in exploring what's behind it.

You can use apps that recommend more tags

"Profitable" but think carefully about what you do, what is the reason for the use of a label.


The millions are hashtags which are used every day. Hard to say which are the most important. You can visit the section Top Hashtags of where you will see which are the most

important in recent years. Among the first 5 are words like #Love #Instagood #photooftheday #beautiful that are very general labels followed by #tbt that has a very concrete meaning that is "Throw Back Thursday" and that started being a hashtag that the users used to upload photos of them when they were small (among them Beyonce) and they did it on Thursday (hence the thursday) but in the end it ended up getting corrupted with photos of teenagers without clear relation with the initial sense. Today #TBT is a collection of photos of teenagers looking for followers or receiving some like and a little more. You will also have seen a lot of times hashtags #jumpstagram (for jumps) #fromwhereistand (from where I am) #merightnow (me right now) #puddlegram (reflections in puddles) or #feet (my feet).

Among the most used are other tags related to happy moments #smile #happy #friends and, of course, in a very good position the label of our world community of Instagramers, #igers, with more than 200 millions of photos tagged. The #pets (pets), #dogs (dogs), #cats (cats) and other animals cause furor, as well as the #foodporn that refers to photos of food in the beast, #fashion for fashion, or #travel for the trips.

I advise you to read carefully the comments of other users, see the labels they use and find at all times which is the most convenient. You can also decide to launch your own label or participate in competitions or weekly challenges organized by the different communities of IGers or by the company Instagram itself.


This is an example of a label created for a well-defined use and devised by @marbad. Tomorrow it could happen to you to create your own label, your own movement.

Mar tells us.

Instagram is a half-way lookout. You stop, contemplate and follow your own. The images speak of this social network that Kevin Systrom invented. Everything was assembled to share photos, drawings and, for a while, also videos. But some of us believe that words distill scenes and pictures with as much clarity or more than a photograph, and that's why we invert the laws of this platform: we publish a photo as if it simply passes by and we give the speech to the text.

And as in the digital world everything must be well labeled, one day, when publishing a short story, I added a name according to its place of origin: #instarrelato. I called this tiny narrative formula that, inside, holds a place, a moment, an event and some characters. Sometimes all appear and sometimes only one. The rest is left to intuition.

The instar report must be concise and concentrated, like an espresso, because reading on Instagram is uncomfortable, there is no time to wander. The beginning has to be a hook; the plot, a network that surrounds the reader; the end, a blow or blow.

The sonority in Instagram is important because the words have as much or more noise than the images. In order for the machine to work, each and every one of the pieces must

enhance each other. The whole must be harmonious. The image, the lyrics, the story, the rhythm and the emotion. So it's worth it to stop on the way and climb the lookout.


There are thousands of labels, but without a doubt, #iseefaces (I see faces) is one of the most notorious. Not only has more than 500.000 photos tagged, but it is a movement that everyone is very aware of, upload or not this type of photos. It's about detecting around you, in the city, shapes, colors, that remind us of two eyes, a nose, a mouth, a face. Look for the label and you will see what more fun things surround us without many times we realize.


Who has not uploaded a selfie to Instagram? With the arrival of selfie stick in the 2014, massively landed the #selfie tag (close to 300 million photos on Instagram) and is today, in all likelihood, the most famous. You all know what it is about, so I will not dwell on its definition. However, I found it interesting to provide this data published by the non-profit organization Rawhide, where he analyzed the obsession with selfies and the narcissism of users in social networks.

The report warned about the problems that this popular activity among young (and not so young) could have on the mental health of the same: increases in narcissistic personality traits, insecurity, addiction, body dysmorphic disorder and depression, among some of the problems that coincided with the increase in selfies.

But the most curious data were undoubtedly the following:

  • In the 2015, more people died in the world taking a Selfie that by attacks of
  • 55% of the Millenials they had taken selfies and they had shared them through their networks
  • 000 selfies 10 seconds were published on the 2015 on Instagram.
  • 74% of all images shared on Snapchat were selfies.
  • It was estimated that they could be in an environment of 93 million selfies each day.


Another famous tag is #nofilter, which indicates the fact that the user has uploaded the photo without resorting to editing or improving it with apps. They are usually used to support the fact that the photo or the moment that is shared is so beautiful that it does not require improvement.

Well, a study showed that at least one 11% of the #nofilter photos did have a filter. Curious things that show that the labeling system works, but with certain limits.

If you also add the fact that they are hashtags like this, without measure, and on the other hand, people put a hashtag of pet or sunset to a photo of a child to get attention and get likes, you can understand that, on Instagram, it is difficult to distinguish reality based on the hashtags.

The source of the problem was the day that Instagram succumbed to the pressure and accepted the request of users to tag their photos with more than 5 hashtags (a limit that had been placed at the beginning of the app). Today you can tag your photos with 30 hashtags that are already diluting the interest of hashtags. Both in your query and in your credibility.

Users tag photos with hashtags that are fashionable to get artificially and quickly, some likes that can be of person who "likea" in series to other photos without looking at them or of robots "likeadores" and of course, the hashtag it loses its sense to some extent.

@lagramar - #sunset - #ibiza - #eivissa


Manage your labels well (or hashtags) can be a headache especially when managed from the reduced screen of a mobile phone. The most basic way is to detect what others use and to try which labels can more or less "like" variation to your usual publications and then save these labels in your phone notebook. However, applications have appeared very soon to make it easier for you to get to know the hashtags most used and that can have an impact on your "likes" and on your followers.

Ranking of the most used 100 hashtags in


With InstaTag, you can select tags based on the category, the geo-location or even add your own hashtag and tag your best photos on Instagram with the hashtags most popular and relevant. It's free and available for Android and iOS


TagsForLikes aims to help users tag their photos more agile and get more visibility. There is an application for Android and one for iOS and it is free.


This application finds hashtags for your photos and aims to increase your "likes" and followers on Instagram. It is valid for iOS and Android.


This application allows you to choose a photo from the saved photo album or take a new photo, cut it, tag it and then upload it to the Instagram application. It also includes a series of configurations that allow you to modify the search results or copy and use the tags elsewhere. Valid for iOS and Android.


They also offer you information about the hashtags most important used in Instagram. They let you know how many millions of photos are archived under any hashtag. The fastest thing is to consult the section dedicated to this in although you will have to do login as if you entered the Instagram application.


The Instagram team has always worked to keep your application safe and clean. From the first steps of the application, our young, but clever team was chasing labels or hashtags that he considered inappropriate.

First he was eliminating words like «Sex», «Sexy», Breasts »and then he went on expanding the list of forbidden labels. If you are thinking of creating a label, avoid creating labels related to sexual vocabulary or that can be confusing.

They also removed labels such as "Instagram" (perhaps to alleviate some of the data load on their servers) and reactivated it. They also blocked labels with some crucial meaning like #iphoneography and reactivated it. Instagram did not make any official announcement to the respect, but it is to be supposed that they will eliminate the labels in photos that unnecessarily overload the servers and, especially, those that can generate ethical or moral problems.

Remember to use one of the hashtags Prohibited can generate a problem in others hashtags from that photo. I explain. If you use three hashtags valid and one "censored" is very likely that none of the three affect your photo in a category.


The November 21 2011, Instagram launched its famous #whp label meaning "week end hashtag project »or« weekend project ». The weekly challenges, already launched by many communities of users eager to entertain themselves with the app, were soon eclipsed by the corporate proposal and the Instagram weekly challenge.

The mechanics are very simple. On Fridays, Instagram through its corporate account @instagram proposes a creative challenge in the form of #whp_retodelasemana. Users are invited to participate with their photos or videos with the promise for the best that will be featured in the Instagram blog and in the world and millionaire Instagram official account and get extraordinary visibility and hundreds of new followers.

Since November of the 2011, the #whp challenges have already been dozens. Some have graced Spanish users. For a couple of years, Instagram has launched a corporate account dedicated to the Spanish-speaking user community (@instagrames) that

It proposes a similar challenge called #hallazgosemanal.

Coral MalfĂĄz - @cytomegalovirus


The challenges that Instagram proposes to us every weekend are an opportunity to look for new ways of seeing photography. It is amazing to see how many different ways there are to interpret the same theme all over the world. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to expose your image in a gallery with great visibility, it also allows us to discover talented people.

In my case I have been lucky to have been chosen at least three times, both with photo and video. But the one that struck me the most was the first time, with the #whpreflectagram. It was a huge joy, the recognition and congratulations of many iger-friends and appear on the main profile of @Instagram, the exposure to millions of users of the photo. I think that, just on that day, I won some 2000 followers, and also, shortly after, I entered the suggested list worldwide, which translated into an important boost.


In the case of my @ missvideo profile, something very similar happened. At a time when there was hardly any interest in the video on Instagram, appearing in the selected ones of the #whpartwatching made me go from just 1000 followers to 3000 and after a while I entered into suggestions.

The WHPs are a fantastic opportunity to challenge each weekend and get out of our usual way of photographing. And if we also have the luck to be chosen, this may imply an important recognition.



As happened on Twitter in its first years of life, Instagram fought the spam, but he never managed to win the game. "Made the law, made the trap" is the currency of the hackers or some clever people who try to take advantage of the network.

Although Instagram has reacted in time, there is still a huge amount of work to be done and eradicate the unstoppable spam and the false accounts that exercise like a hammer on our patience.

Instagram managed to attract the interest of Facebook, the media, more than 700 millions of users and the platform became a very sweet promotional space for the biggest brands, their activities and services. But also something much more annoying, the spam, a few repetitive advertising messages without interest for users.


Recently, a study by Statista indicated that more than 50% of global traffic to websites was caused by visits to websites made by bots. That is, by machines and not by people. In the world of apps we are seeing the same trend. Most of the time those accounts that send you repeated messages are false accounts. Often they lack even profile pictures. They are created by companies and "spam" with millions of comments and get thousands of users fall into the trap. A short-term but profitable business.

It all started years ago when it rained offers to easily get more likes y followers for a handful of euros. Many are those who bought, tested and then had problems as they not only increased their number of followers, also began to follow people who did not want to follow. To these first offers began to be added all kinds of

«Trap offers»: be models for ads, be part of an attractive casting for a television series project, etc.

The case is that the robots or bots They embitter the life of the users. There are even cases where those accounts capture real profile images to be familiar and cheat more easily. Some affected users have expressed their displeasure when seeing their usurped photos.


Today, unfortunately, there is very little that users can do against it. spam. They are Bots that invade Instagram through a security flaw (or rather lack of mischief) of their API open to developers.

We are defenseless and we only have the option to delete and report the user who left us a comment of type spam, waiting for the Instagram team to investigate and eliminate it. But fake accounts grow like foam and more false accounts are generated every day, leading to tons of false comments. Instagram can not cope, submerged under millions of complaints and notifications to verify.

A good habit is to eliminate any dubious comments in your account. Since the

"Easily get followers here" to the "follow me" that are of rare accounts without activity. This will prevent other users from seeing them in your comments and falling into the trap too.

Of course, never enter into rare links and less of your account data on a web platform other than Instagram.


Instagram is aware of the widespread discontent and is working permanently against the Spammers. It is a key point for the future of your application. Even more since the web version was launched, which means an additional incentive for the Spammers looking to place your commercial links.

Instagram has been disabling the ability to comment freely from third-party apps (including apps bots that create false accounts) and probably decide to enable only those applications that can be certified at some time.

Instagram's Api is a great open door to the dubious apps that create spam. By controlling that step and creating new third-party apps, they would drastically reduce unwanted comments in our accounts, or at least we hope so.

In a recent article on his blog, our French friends on told us:

We have checked the comments posted on the latest 10 Instagram posts of some of the major brands, and we conclude that, on average, at least the 40% of the comments we saw were not authentic.

There is no algorithm to detect false comments, so these figures are not exact, but the more you study the different types of comments in a post, the more obvious it is. We can not talk about all the brands on Instagram, but the biggest ones with hundreds of thousands of followers seem to be the most likely to receive false comments and the truth is that, as a user, there is very little that can be done that is not to pass the account to private.


Phil GonzĂĄlez - @philgonzalez


Many users write me desperately to tell me: is this Instagram post? Or worse yet. «The account has been stolen». This happens because the law is made, the trap is made. Account thieves are increasingly clever and use all kinds of tricks to get your data, and in a "legal" way.

How do they do that? Well, it's very simple:

They contact you via Facebook or via e-mail having obtained your email address, they send you a communication to tell you that you are about to lose your account and that, please, access a website as soon as possible and enter your name correctly. user, email and password.

You, in a hurry and afraid of losing your account, do not realize that you are not on the official website of but on a web page that simulates the Instagram interface. Fill your data and you're done. They have stayed with your data. You can contact Instagram to try to recover it, but it is difficult to solve it. So do not fill in anything that is outside of the website and less if it has come through email or Facebook.

Other apps that I do not recommend using are those that promise to plan publications for you, within a few hours, within a few days, etc. This type of apps ask you for your data to do it for you and, once given, nobody knows what can happen. Only it would do it with international companies of maximum credibility that propose those services.

It is usual that from an editing app you can open the Instagram account to upload your photo directly after editing it and it will require the login, that's normal, but you should see clearly that Instagram requires it and not another rare app.



One of the most sensitive issues of social networks is privacy and respect for the intimate life of its users. In a first time, and discovering the magic of finding friends from the past on Facebook, everyone used their real names and surnames, their location and what they did, but now less. More and more users are eager to preserve their anonymity.


People hear isolated cases and want to protect themselves. There is some return to using generic user names or restricting accounts to real friends. We are going to a society of the ephemeral (as evidenced by the success of Instagram Stories) and anonymity. Although some users, for personal or professional reasons, wish to continue with accounts open to the world and are not afraid to show their lives, others prefer using Instagram to communicate with a small group of close friends.

This topic is important for anyone, even if it is not famous. I had dinner at a restaurant thousands of miles from my house, hanging a photo and a user who had seen the photo and the establishment. On that occasion, there was no problem and it was fun, but if you want to have your moment of tranquility and privacy, better to share that photo at another time.

Dani Moreno (@elgallodelos40) famous radio announcer and director of "ÂĄAnda ya!", The morning show of Los40 tells us: Personally, I also upload photos of my private life, my vacations, what I like. Becoming known, even with some measures, is important so that people do not see you as a person too far from what we consider "normal". Always with caution. Once I put a picture during my vacation in which only a hammock and some flowers were seen and many instagramers already commented that they had guessed where it was. At that time, you think it can be dangerous, that it can rob you of a little privacy. Everything used in your joust

Measure is fine. Everything used in excess is bad.

If you do not want people to know much about you, upload photos of landscapes, of your travels, of architecture, timeless photos that could have been taken today, yesterday, a few years ago ... If you decide to share the "now", your trips, remember that others will know where you are and when.


Also think that when you upload some photos with some friends you are not deciding for yourself anymore, you are saying that this or that friend is partying, on vacation with you. We will see how in the years to come there will be more and more friends asking you to please do not label them, or not to appear in the photos and have a "free social network vacation".

Another thorny problem is the privacy of other people that you could voluntarily take or not in your street photos. I remember the anecdote happened to Aurora Michavila, @auroramichavila, my friend and brilliant photographer of scenes of lovers, unique moments, street kisses, etc. One day, a person contacted her via email thanking her for having taken a photograph, having captured the beauty of that moment, but asked her if she could remove it from Instagram because she did not want to see her there. In this case it was not a big problem and Aurora deleted it, but what if you take a picture that you should never have taken or shared?

I advise you to always think about it before shooting, a child, strangers in the background of your photo. Think about whether they are recognizable or could cause later problems. If you're street photographe try not to draw your face so clearly. Sometimes it will give you a lot of anger because you would like to portray that gesture or expression, but it is the life of another person that you take portrayed. If you do, it is better to show him the photo, suggest sending it to him and ask him in a friendly way if you can share it. If not, delete it.

You can download the Photographers Rights app (valid for iOS) that offers legal information about what you can or can not portray in countries like Canada, United States, France, Italy, Spain. You will discover what you can incur by taking pictures without authorization, for example. If you do not use that app and you're taking lots of pictures on the street, find out about local customs. In New York or London, you can take pictures of people without problems, but in other countries such as Japan it is much more complicated and people are protected much more. In general all over the world is quite frowned upon taking pictures without asking permission.


By default your account will always be public. Any user will be able to see the photos that you share and any user will be able to investigate you, know where you live, where you travel and with

who. That's why you should think well about what you share. Remember that, in the network, since the birth of Google, everything is known.

If you want to keep your life private, share it with only those you really know, visit the privacy section of your account and convert it into a private account.

Only the people you accept will be able to see the contents. It will not affect the followers you already had at all. If you would like to eliminate a previous follower who should not be in that private account, you should block him from seeing you again and he should request you to follow him again.

If you are a public person or your profession requires an open account for your business, the promotion of your photos, your art, you can create several accounts. The official open account will be destined for that purpose and then you will open a more discreet one, without your name and surnames and in the private account mode.


Juan GarcĂ­aCEO of Vakarian Training

Professor of the BitĂĄcoras School


Algorithms and image recognition systems have not been as effective as people on those occasions when a dangerous viral is imitated in Instagram videos and photos.

Instagram's algorithm can detect nudity, but can it detect an extremely thin girl? Can you perceive a macho language?

The community of users is the key in these situations thanks to their reports and notifications, but, ultimately, Instagram has no choice but to take sides and show their involvement to combat certain values.

The second challenge that is posed to Instagram users is their privacy.

More than a decade after Facebook was founded it no longer makes sense to think about

«Privacy options» but the reflection must be much deeper. What part of my life will be on Instagram and what part will be left out?

Having a digital identity is no longer an option to be inevitable. That should not scare the instagramer but encourage him to decide what impression he wants to give to others in this network. Before using any social network, the user must stop to think for a moment about the implications of putting a space of your life within the reach of others and configure the options of the application according to this reflection. This is the only way we can fully enjoy the personal and professional opportunities offered by this type of network.



Instagram is a window open to the world and to others. If you resist putting your account in private, everything you upload expresses who you are, what you do, what defines you. Remember that each photo tells a little more about your personality, what inspires you, what irritates you, what you like, the person you love, the brands you wear. Everything can be intuited through your photos and your comments.

It may give a little bit of fear, but on the other hand, it can be an opportunity if you want to build a personal brand (if you dedicate yourself to the media, for example) or if you want to have a coherent image in front of your 100 or 100.000 followers.

Of course, the more followers, the more responsibility you will feel and the more desire to do things well. Here I give you a few tips when it comes to taking care of your image and promoting your personal profile.


As I said in a previous chapter and so you do not go wrong in the photo, you must fill out your profile and use a good portrait photo. That is the basics. Then you should be consistent with who you are and the rest of your social networks.

You can not be a person in one account and opt for another communication style, another tone, other words and interests in another social network. In fact, social networks are increasingly connected, and you probably choose to share your Instagram photo or video, directly to Facebook and Twitter.

I remind you also to be careful with the loss of account. Other users have already suffered. As we saw here, censorship and inappropriate content, as well as the misuse of the tool can lead to a definitive loss of your history. Celebrities like Rihanna or Madonna have had their more and less with Instagram.


Depending on your personal goal I advise you to do things in a simple way. In the end it works.

If your goal is not short-term and is not to become Selena Gomez (the user who exceeded the 100 million followers recently) or in Ronaldo (the man with the most followers) do not use radical marketing techniques and explosive photos. It is not good for the hearts of boys or girls.

The first thing is to find your lifelong friends on Instagram and those who are already friends of yours on social networks like Facebook. It will allow you to grow consistently, starting with the foundations, by those you know and who may be interested in your content. You can search them in the sections of suggested friends or by their name. They are the ones who will interact more with you.



Put smart, fun, inspirational titles to your photos and videos and use hashtags that define you. You can often repeat the same label, if it is a series of photos that you make on a specific topic and some users may discover you for that reason.

For me, a photo without a title is like a car without wheels. It suggests something and the imagination of the users will do the rest. Photos can have no relevance if they do not include details of where they were taken, or do not contain related "keywords".

Positioning in Google is very important, although we are talking about mobile applications; Internet is mobile. It is likely that a comment on a photo or an explanation on your profile allows you to receive visits via the web to your Instagram account, and so you get to know.


The form of ancestral communication is still valid and although it seems increasingly irrelevant, it is the most natural, human and effective.

Tell your friends that you are on Instagram. It is a conversation topic that usually animates conversations. Promote your account with your friends or through other apps to invite them to visit it. Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, everything you want.

It is important to promote your Instagram from your Facebook. It's simple. The Instagram app allows you to connect your account with Facebook and it will be very useful if one day you have to recover quickly because of the loss of your password, for example.


As in life itself, if you disappear for months it is likely that your friends forget you, do not think about inviting you to drink something. Here is the same. Think that most of them are not close friends of yours!

Keeping in touch with the community is important and you can impose a rhythm, a goal of weekly photos to upload, but without it becoming an obligation. But, again, if you like to hang pretty pictures you should not compensate the quality for the quantity. Putting pictures to put is not a purpose. It can lead to low quality, low interest on the part of users or even some rejection. Tell things and share universal emotions. It is the recipe for success.


If you want them to be interested in you, take your interest first for others.

Who he is, what he does, where he lives. If you follow someone, you will see that, through their publications and the comments that are generated by other users you can know more about him, their concerns and detect if he has any affinity with you. From there you can build a relationship and little by little a community.


Offer your help, tips and tricks. Do not keep all the secrets for you. Life is sharing.

Apart from when and where the photo was taken, label the users that appear in the photo (if they agree clearly). You can also recommend the camera with which you took the photo, what app you used and what filters. You can see that your followers will appreciate it and they will thank you and more

people will follow you.


One of the indirect ways to meet new people is to read the comments on profiles of other users. When you click on its name, you access its profile and if it seems interesting to you, or if it has something in common with you, add it to it.

Commenting something interesting on photos of others is a smart way to draw attention to your profile. Some use it, others do not. But expressing yourself in other profiles facilitates the visibility of your name.


Speaking several languages ​​is, without a doubt, a great asset if you want to share emotions and extra-border feelings. With basic English, you can participate. You can decide to stay without speaking in international profiles and prefer to use your sense of humor or like which is international. Many users also opt for the use of emojis at the time of communication. After months, years, on Instagram, it's hard to put a "what a nice picture!" Once more, but that's what the emoticons are that reflect almost all the feelings and allow you to say hello to the friend who published the photo.


What I always repeat. In life, authenticity, transparency, being yourself is "what pays the most". Do not invent a personality, a style that is not yours. Sooner or later it will be discovered. In the same way, do not use the photos of other users making believe that they are yours. I remember an American "friend" who came very soon to have thousands of followers and that one day she was "discovered" as a photo thief, using photos of other users or that were on the network. Despite having many friends and an important fan community, she quit and we never heard from her again.

And as indicated by @trecebits in this photo, remember that "in social networks the worst mistake is not knowing how to rectify. Excuse me if you think you were wrong ».

@trecebits in La Vanguardia.

Juanma romero - @juanmaromero

Journalist and presenter of the "Me pones" program in Europa FM


I have been fond of photography for years and I like that there is a social network in which the important thing is the photos. Instagram is my particular album. The immediacy when sharing photos is important, but I like to take care of what I upload; as well as there are pictures of my day to day that I share in other networks, in Instagram I am more select and I do not upload 'everything'.

I like to take care of the composition of photography, light, color and even the text with which I accompany the photos, I like to give it an artistic touch.

The ones I upload to Instagram, I usually do them and edit them with my smartphone. The theme is varied and includes aspects of my personal and work life. In fact, we have implemented the use of Instagram in "Me Pones", the program of requests that I present at Europa FM.

At a professional level it is a direct contact with listeners who can ask for songs in the program account and they can also be informed of everything that we carry out on a daily basis on the radio. In the end, Instagram is being a tool to be closer to friends and followers in a much more personal way; and it's helping me to meet people with whom I share hobbies beyond photography.



Without a doubt, getting a "like" or increasing our number of followers has been the engine of our addiction to Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Every day, millions of people consult their last photo or video to see if it has a better reception than the previous day or if it has grown in number followers.

And it's something universal! Have 20 or 40 years, be @ Christian with about 100 millions of fans or not be religious, you will have that little bug to see what is the result of your last publication. For some users, the blessed "hearts" in their photos are only a matter of vanity, but for many others it also means an index of visibility and, even, influence. I try to explain here why the descent of likes of these last months and why you will lose in percentage of likes / followers as your account grows.


You may have noticed that the number of likes has been decreasing, that is something natural. It was something, even, predictable. The loss (in some cases very significant) of the amount of "I like" in the photos we publish, demotivates. It is important to know that the initial cause has nothing to do with your creativity, originality or sensitivity.

You are losing followers. You are losing "I like" as you grow up. Do not worry. Everything has one or several explanations.

Instagram is becoming (and more after buying Facebook) in a platform that seeks profitability. This has driven adjustments to maximize the visibility of the ads that are published (paying) by companies. The American company has been increasing its control over the visibility of some profiles (particularly corporate ones).

According to the communication team, as the application grew, it became increasingly difficult for users to see all the photos and videos that were shared. They estimated that an average user saw approximately 3.8% of the content that was available in their feed of news. With this "excuse", the application reported that it would begin to show in priority the photos and videos that they thought most relevant to each user.


So, now, every time you access your account, the publications you see in priority are the ones that you have chosen the algorithm for you and the ones you consider most interesting. This has also meant a change and it is likely that we have lost visibility and likes. We are many who follow the effectiveness of our photos with analytical tools and certainly the change has not been positive. In my case, for example, only an 10% of my followers see my publications. It can also happen because of the amount of false accounts, accounts without activity or simply that my photos no longer appear to my followers. It may be happening a bit of everything.


Account segmentation is the goal of Instagram. Since the launch of its Ads (ads) it has begun to categorize the accounts by countries, by cities, and, little by little, by demographic profiles of use, sex, age, etc. Why? Well, because information is the most valuable thing it has. What sells to companies is their power of segmentation.

This is one of the main factors that we do not already see, in a chronological way, the photos of some friends, and vice versa. Unfortunately, there is little we can do.


Another trend that users may be observing is the usual drop in the "like" ratio in relation to the number of total followers of their accounts. Let me explain: when you start on Instagram and you have 100 users that follow you, it is very likely that you will receive 30 or 40 likes by photos, having, as a consequence, a ratio of 30% or 40% of «I like»

in relation to your number of followers.

However, over time that ratio falls reaching levels lower than 10%, 5% and, little by little, close to 1%. Many are the accounts of 100 thousand, 200 thousand or 500 thousand followers that have less than 2.000 likes when a user of 10.000 followers You can get almost the same. Why?

Well, it's very simple:

  • When your account grows, it is very likely that you will not be able to be as close to your community as when you only had 100 followers. With a small community you do not miss almost any photo and you can interact with them all on a regular basis. You have more possibilities to create a frequent and close relationship. Therefore, you get more "likes".
  • Another reason may be that, by taking more time in the application, the "average age" of your users is growing. Users who are two months in the application are more avid. The number of hours we spend on Instagram is usually higher at the beginning of our IG career than a few months or a few years ago. With which, more

«Old» your followers, less time spent on Instagram and less chance to see your photos.

  • "False" users and bots they are also an important factor in the loss of likes. Instagram has been fighting for years software that allow you to "like" automatically and from accounts You think you get tens or hundreds of

"I like it" but probably many of them are non-existent users. By detecting and eliminating these accounts, Instagram reduces the potential number of likes what you can receive


According to Francesc Grau, an expert in social media, bots are inherent in the existence of the Internet. The Internet is a network of machines, and its first audience was the network of its programmers. The programmers visualize the Internet as a computer space (their habitat) where they can project their technological skills in a world ruled by users, people interacting with each other always through computer devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.). Programmers see in the bots a scalable way to maximize the time of relationship with real people (something not always within reach). Something impossible between humans without devices since the relationship time is finite and needs their tempos of trust. The bots are primitive and artificial life forms, increasingly sophisticated, with which we have to deal and report if they exceed our red lines of behavior as people.

An influencer complains about how the interaction in his account has fallen in a few months.

Those bots they act like people, but they are computer programs that simulate human activity and make us believe that they are real accounts, real followers. According to a recent study published on, more than 50% of web visits worldwide could be done by machines (bots).


The formula to increase the number of likes It is very simple. Grow your level of followers, rejuvenate your audience and, therefore, return to have more "likes".

There are users who have detected that when putting likes to users who are in turn putting likes In the photos on the Explore page, you can get more followers. They are usually new users looking for who to follow. It is not my recommendation. I think that growing is something that takes time and that it is good to get it based on continuous work and daily dedication.

The only thing we do not recommend is buying likes false in services advertised by Instagram and Twitter. You feed those businesses and powers the creation of false accounts. I recommend reading the article that Moritz (@brainyartist) of Instagramers Berlin wrote about accounts that buy followers and "like". His analysis is quite devastating. Is called

«Cheatagram - the story about cheaters on Instagram» and is on the blog

«». You will find it via Google with ease, talk about how some users prefer to buy fakes followers y likes to continue on the crest of the wave. A little sad.

Manuel Moreno - @trecebits

Creator of Social Media and Marketing Consultant of Contents


Instagram is an essential platform for any company you have identified as objectives, when planning your presence on social networks, gain visibility, create brand image and, above all, generate interactions.

This application allows to offer a human image of the brand, bringing its daily reality closer to the members of the community, as long as it is offered through the images that contain an added value, different from that of the competing companies.

This does not mean that the best corporate photographs are shared through the app. Instagram users especially value naturalness and experimentation.

In short, this is a tool that allows you to see the reality with the eyes of another person and in which, if you want to achieve the proposed objectives, it is necessary to communicate in a different way to the rest of the corporate channels. Showing the day to day of the company, its workers, and even its customers, will help to foster ties of union between users and company.

Best of all, on Instagram there are no written rules and there is a lot of room for experimentation. Each brand must find its own voice in Instagram, but once it is achieved, defines it and is respectful of it, you will see how it is one of the best tools you can have in the palm of your hand to make your users loyal.

In my personal case, it helps me connect with the audience that reads TreceBits and the companies that hire our Social Media or Digital Marketing services. I bet on the proximity, I show my day to day, which is more than working in front of a computer, teach or appear in the media. This allows me to establish points of union with many of the readers, engage in conversation and, in some cases, even a new friendship.

If you like social networks, but also travel, good food and cats,

You may have a hole in my Instagram!

If you are losing "I like" to the extent that your account

grow, do not worry, it's something natural. It's a trend that happens to everyone, including celebrities and those who have more followers in the world.




We live in a connected world and increasingly focused on the image. As the title of this book indicates, Instagram today is "much more than photos" and more than a photographic social network. It is a true platform of information, communication, marketing, which allows you to connect with potential customers and establish a relationship of trust. In addition, it still has, despite everything, its fun part.

Instagram can be the reflection of a brand, a personal style and each of them defines photo after photo, a video, their own style, their values ​​and puts forward their products or services.


I still remember the first brands that bet on Instagram in Spain. The bravest, those who did not think too much and saw it very clearly. Users were surprised to see a brand having an open account in our favorite network and we were grateful. They were part of our small community of early adopters of Instagram.

If Ford, with its @fordspain account, surprised us with the first international photo contest called #fiestagram, we received more than 18.000 photos in a few weeks and we flood the network of snapshots linked to the departure of its new model, @nhhotels prompted us to share the most endearing photos of our awakenings with their #wakeuppics or also how @canalcocina was one of the first television channels in the world to open their Instagram account and share succulent recipes. Everything made sense. Worldwide, @starbucks was again the great precursor and innovator, as it was before on Twitter.


Any company has its place in Instagram. From this ingenious family construction company in LeĂłn (@reformasarias) that shares the progress of the reforms with its clients "live", or the restaurant with star Can Jubany de Vic (@nandujubany_oficial) or the Celler Can Roca (@cellercanroca) even beer accounts like @estrelladamm that have understood the communication codes and have known how to capitalize on this photographic social revolution among its most loyal public.

You probably already know Instagram for a long time and, even, you already have your own account for your business, but I remind you here some basic tips.


As soon as you launch your own account, you must use all the means in your hands to publicize your username on Instagram. Do not forget to refer to the launch of your new account in other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The Instagram mobile interface is perfectly integrated with the other social platforms and it is easy to share a photo directly on Facebook, Flickr, Swarm, Tumblr or Twitter. In Facebook the photo you just upload with your title will appear directly on your wall. It is also important for large consumer firms to be able to promote the name of the account in other media, such as press or television ads, commercial presentations, visitor cards, mails, etc.

In general, companies often use Facebook for more static information. Twitter and Instagram have dethroned Facebook in everything mobile. If what you want to share is very visual and instantaneous it is undoubtedly the moment to use Instagram and then share it on Twitter.


In general it usually falls on the one that carries the rest of social networks. However, and with the importance that the communication of the companies at the level of social networks is acquiring, this task has progressively moved from the marketing fellow to more and more posts

«Senior». Today, publishing an image on Instagram can mean a lot to a company and should be in charge of the maintenance of the accounts some people with experience in communication, perfect knowledge of the codes of conduct and communication of your organization. They should be people with graphic sensitivity and a touch of creativity. Some communication departments manage even several different accounts, for that there is the possibility to register several accounts in the same device, in order to pass from one to another without leaving the application.


Many companies, eager to create their account, decide a nick without thinking too much.

The result? Name of unpronounceable users, too long, with hyphens and endless numbers. Remember that you will always be in time to change your mind and modify it, but if you choose it right the first time, the better.

Think of something that really reflects who you are and in as few words as possible. If it's for your company, it should be the same as on Twitter, much better.


If you have a trademark and someone is using it improperly, you can search for everything related to this topic in the Instagram help blog ( There you will find how to claim a brand through the legal department of Instagram. We managed to recover brands like @fcbarcelona or @ferrovial, singers like @alejandrosanz or djs like @wallylopez. It requires patience and following a thorough process. But, from experience, you can recover your account through that website and look for the best solutions to any type of problem, whether it is for misuse or for usurpation of your registered trademark.

If your name, brand (not registered) is already caught, choose another name that is original. Use the script or better even the point and in an ingenious way. But make it short and easy to memorize! I do not know how many accounts I have seen with names impossible to remember.

Remember that Instagram still does not have a list of favorite users (as Twitter does) and when searching for or mentioning yourself in a post of yours, other users should make an important effort to memorize your name.

For one of the TV channels where I worked, we decided to choose the username @ since I also remembered the web address


Things well done, they look good. Dedicate 15 minutes and fill that space well (can be similar to Twitter) and define what company you are. Choose a good photo or your logo, your brand. Also take advantage of the space to put your web and your Facebook, your e-commerce store. It allows users to directly access your website from Instagram. Some take the opportunity to put their e-mail address, Twitter account or customer service phone number. Think about what motivates users to follow you or not.


In general, the language you use will depend on your target audience. If your company is focused on a Spanish-speaking business, use Spanish. If you have an international market, you can use English or create two accounts. One in Spanish and one in English. Catalan companies usually have two accounts, one for each language or they can also write in two languages ​​in the same title.

@philgonzalez - footprints of flip flops on the beach.


Although your first photo will end up being lost in the depths of your account and the rest of your photos too, it is important to upload a first photo of "Welcome to Instagram" where you explain that you are the official account of the company, that you will organize contests and that you will contribute a Real added value to followers. In close key and tone of humor, better than better.


It is better to retweet the photo directly from Instagram, leave the company account on Twitter and not the personal account of the community manager. It happens often. Instead of leaving, "today I am invited by @empresa to discover their products ..." the "today I am invited by @nombredelcommunitymanager to discover ..." and of course the impact and mention on Twitter is lost.

If an incorrect username appears on Twitter when you share from Instagram, it means that there is a wrong Twitter account associated with your Instagram account. To fix it, disconnect Instagram from Twitter (in tools) and verify that the appropriate Twitter account is associated with your device. Then, reconnect with Twitter through Instagram.


If you are a company related to the hospitality industry, tourism or local commerce or retail geolocation of your photographs is essential. You must not only be present on Foursquare but also promote your Instagram account and link it to the site where you are. Hotels often invite their guests to share their photos during their stay and use their labels or geolocate their photos. These photos promote the establishment to thousands of other users and for free. In your own photos, authorize the Instagram App to geolocate your photos. If you are a restaurant or a hotel, you may receive customers via the search engine and geo-positioning.

If you want to keep your privacy since it is an office and it is not the telephone assistance department, do not use the geolocation and indicate well how to contact you in other ways.


Instagram has long since introduced an option to tag other users in your own photos. At the moment there have not been many problems because on Instagram people understand that being "all public" everything can be seen, but it is likely that, if you have an important company, users start compulsively labeling your corporate account to get your attention, for you to follow them, etc. And it becomes a dizziness.

If this happens to you, activate in your photos the possibility of reviewing the photos before you can

tagear or delete the option directly from tag.


The biggest scourge of Instagram right now is the spam. As I mentioned earlier, the spam arises from some companies of bad taste that manage to find "failures" of security in the Api of Instagram and grant likes, Do you sell followers and they handle the "reward" aspect at will. These companies have also understood how to automatically put thousands of comments on user photos. To avoid being affected, I always recommend avoiding using the typical hashtags of daily contests without meaning. The Bots or Robots spam they attack precisely the accounts of users who use them frequently. Use the tags on Instagram with common sense and avoid spam in your account.

We recommend using 3 or 4 labels in the photos as much. It can be #thename of your company #su_slogan #moda or #place where the photo or #event or #name of a campaign is taken.


Whether you are a user, an organization or a company, you can promote your own label or hashtag. First, try to use a personal label, which have not already used thousands and that inspire other users to use it. Check it before in the app's tag search engine. Promote your label The one that represents your company or your products. As an example, Nike, one of the most followed brands on Instagram (@nike) evidently promotes its usual #justdoit.


As indicated above, your comments and answers to user questions should be in line with the type of communication used by the company. I always recommend the

«Tuteo» before trying to «you», which is very cold in social networks. Instagram is a community of friends and users expect to receive a very close treatment for both a consultation and litigation. He thinks that on Instagram customers might appear who can exercise their claim right, but it is usually unusual. Users usually prefer to use Twitter for that type of use. In any case, as in other social networks, transparency and closeness, a positive and human tone is the most adapted.


You can use the famous people or ambassadors of your brand to publicize your company account or products. Of course, never label celebrities in your photos to call them attention. It is not correct and it is not well seen.

Many companies use users with many followers to carry their marketing actions. You can contact the users that interest you to invite them to your events or hire them to help you publicize your account intelligently and skillfully through their photos. We will also see it in detail later in a chapter dedicated to the use of influencers. Jean Claude Luong (@fotomaniak), manager of Instagramers Marseille in

France (@igersmarseille), participated in a billboard campaign for Apple. His photos went around the neighboring country promoting the quality of the brand's phones and that the photos had been taken with an iPhone. A few months later Tim Cook, the very CEO of Apple, visited Marseille and did not forget to go to take a picture with Jean Claude and share it on his personal Twitter. It is a great example of business vision. Thousands of users retweeted the CEO and shared photos of the "unknown" instagramer.


Instagram has already introduced direct messaging between users. It is interesting to use that tool with the fans of your brand to send them a personalized message or invite them to a brand event. If the user in question does not follow you, you must approve the connection before the message arrives.


Instagram does not require high quality or professional videos. However, we advise you to use the ones you may already be using in other platforms on the Internet and thus preserve a coherent graphic communication line.

It is necessary to define a style and a line of comments that are representative of the style and values ​​of your company. It is important that they are similar to those already marked in other networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, which will always be closely related. Having a unique and own style makes things easier. If you have a unique style, the users that follow you will recognize you. Instagram is a unique opportunity to intelligently share what you do not see about your company, the people that make it up, the quality or production processes and the innovations that are launched. Seize it! Whether you're a shoe designer like @montag73, an artisan manufacturer of handbags like @encuire or the successful account of @mrwonderful_, you can display your products and make yourself known in the same way as the @zara or @hm empire itself.

Some brands such as @nike or @alfaromeoofficial have chosen to hire mobile photographers and Instagram users on time to provide them with photos with a genuine touch. The brand @seagramsgins_es held a contest to recruit users with a style of photography close to the style they were looking for. A professional photographer and his material can give excellent photos, but many brands choose to offer a different photographic material, which retains the natural "imperfection" or limited quality of mobile photography that has given it its genuine, close and human nature.


The filters allow you to take advantage of the photos taken from a mobile phone as if it were a "mini-photoshop". In fact, even Photoshop has its own mobile versions. Instagram allows you to apply more than fifteen pre-defined filters or use

tools to enhance contrasts, warmth, depth of field, etc. Use the filters to give an artistic touch to the photos if you wish or if you want to highlight an area of ​​a photo. Remember also that there are a number of photo editing applications on your mobile that allow you to add texts, icons or logos or create original mosaics combining photos or videos. What I do recommend to companies is to choose a style and follow it.

@fotomaniak - with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.


As we have seen previously in the chapters about the Instagram Live, Instagram Stories or Boomerang tools, the video is a good alternative to the photo on Instagram. However, it is more complicated to obtain an attractive result (artistic and graphic) in a video than in a photo. A simple photo retouched with Instagram filters will give a good result and an aesthetic image. The video requires a certain concentration and think about what you want to tell. Companies usually use it during events, awards, or moments

special Another possibility is to use the Hyperlapse app that allows you to make videos type timelapse and that summarize several minutes of recording in a few seconds. It is very appreciated by the users.


I always recommend companies to organize photo or video contests that are short in terms of deadlines. The competitions must be a minimum of two weeks and at most four or five weeks except cases and exceptional awards. The long contests end up losing interest in front of other actions and the used label losing bellows. We will see more in detail in a next chapter devoted especially to this topic.

@audispain - Concurso #tieneswanderlust.

@jordi_galera ganador del concurso de @ecovidrio #vidasdelvidrio.


As happened previously on Facebook, Instagram has already opened some company profiles to differentiate, little by little, user accounts of corporate accounts. These accounts will receive a differential treatment, they will be able to see their statistics and have Facebook and Instagram metrics in the same tracking table.

If you have followed the steps and already have your Instagram account, you can associate your account with a fanpage of company on Facebook. If it has not been done automatically already, you can do it. Maybe your account has been automatically converted into a company account when that option came out and if today you see a contact button in the profile, you have been categorized as a business.

If you do not see the button "contact" in your profile to your followers is that you do not have your account categorized as a business account and you must go to the usual account settings and change to company profile or switch to business profile, if you have it in English.

There you will be asked to connect your Instagram account to a possible company account on Facebook (fan page). If you have several, they recommend linking it to the company account that you use regularly.

Once you have completed these steps, you will see the "contact" button appear on your profile. You can also have detailed statistics of your "paid" publications or the advertising you do on Instagram (just like the ads on Facebook have been working for some time). For all the information about advertising and company profiles you can visit the page for Instagram companies.


If you are a company and you are doing advertising on both Instagram and Facebook, the fact of going to the company page will allow you to get consolidated data from the advertising campaigns you do and that is very interesting when globally evaluating your campaigns .

If you are a photographer freelancer, you may want to give your account a professional image; however, there the doubts begin. If you do not plan to invest in Instagram or Facebook, I recommend you do not do it for now. You can make your website known, your email in your biography and explain who you are.

I have seen many mobile photographers friends, who dedicate themselves in part (or completely) to Instagram, happily pass their personal account to company profile. I say, at the risk of making a mistake, that it is a mistake. Having a contact button can be very professional but does not contribute anything other than link What do you have about Biography of your profile? I would wait to see what happens with all this and in a few months to see how the accounts of companies behave in terms of engagement and visibility.

If you do not intend to spend money on Instagram or advertise with sponsored posts, I do not recommend you move to a company profile. If you have already done so, you can go back.

I rely on recent history. Facebook did almost the same thing a few years ago and all the companies went on to company profile. Once there, "pun", to pay all because due to a change in the algorithm drastically reduced the "organic impact". After a few months, those who did not pass their company account to a professional page end up threatened with losing the account and we have a short memory. So it was a few years ago on Facebook and so it may be on Instagram, but "time to time."

Business! Prepare to lose visibility and your natural organic reach and have to use a budget extra to reach all the users that follow you. They will not see you all followers in a natural and habitual way. Remember that, on Facebook, when you publish organically, on your company page you will reach less than 1% of your followers, unless you pay.


It is not news that Instagram is increasingly focusing all its efforts to improve the experience of use for advertisers, providing them with more and better tools such as video ads over 1 minute, or the possibility of creating an advertisement from a fanpage on Facebook. Now they offer a variety of useful statistics for those who carry a company account on Instagram, including a contact button, access to maps and business addresses, business categorization by type and an analytics tool.

Some instagramers they also saw a bar graph icon appear on the right side of their account username that gives access to the analytics of the same. We do not know with what criteria it was applied, but the fact is that some personal accounts have it and others do not.

As in the analytics for Facebook pages, the analytics Instagram (or Insights) provide us with valuable information about who the followers of our account are, their demographic information, their location, by country or by cities, thus indicating the most suitable time zones to publish and data on gender and age. .

You can pass your Instagram account to a company account. The question is whether you should do it.

There are data of the impressions, of the clicks and the activity of the followers. Impressions show the total number of times all your posts have been viewed, the reach or scope shows the number of different accounts that have seen some of your publications, and up to the number of times your photo could have been saved in the favorite photos section of your users, etc.

You can also see the number of Instagram users who see a post in relation to the number of followers the account has. In my account, for example, I usually observe that an 10% of my number of followers You may have seen one of my photos. Inactive or less active users or result of the Instagram algorithm that limits your visibility? The fact is that I've been seeing among my friends that the reach (scope) of your photos can be understood today between the 30% in the best of cases or some suffer a range of less than 2%. That is to say that only you see an 2% of the total of your followers.

In a next chapter we will see other options of external companies that allow you to analyze your results on Instagram.

Caita Montserrat - @audispain

Marketing Director Audi Spain

Capture moments, reflect new ways of sharing experiences, living and transmitting emotions. Enthuse. This is the link that links us to Instagram.

Through our social network channels we bring our customers and / or fans closer not only our products and technological advances, but also the way of feeling and living our brand.

Audi began its activity on Instagram in the month of May of the year 2015 linked to the launch campaign of the new Audi Q3 «Wanderlust». It could not be otherwise,

«Wanderlust» has to do with the insatiable need to travel, know and explore new paths.

This campaign marked our starting signal and the path that we have maintained until today. During this campaign we had the pleasure of joining Phil GonzĂĄlez, ambassador of the instagramers in Spain. We wanted to mark the beginning of the channel with our values. Always go ahead, at the forefront of technology, to get ahead of our time, and exceed the expectations of our followers.

To this day, Audi has a thousand followers in its channel with more than 34. Instagram has allowed us to connect with our community and with the general public through different graphic materials, transmitting our message in a natural and direct way. A picture is worth a thousand words. Our goal is to continue growing in moments, inspiring images, technologies that improve our lifestyle, but above all our quality of life. We want to be present in the news feed of our followers, be part of their day to day.

We want to move Instagram so that it moves with us.

@arnaudtaquet for @audispain.



How many times have you asked yourself who are my followers? What time is it good to publish? Why do some have more "likes" than others? All these questions have invaded your mind at some point without knowing who to consult.

Taking advantage of the emptiness left by Instagram for years by not offering statistics, some companies started connecting to Instagram servers and providing their own service. tracking. Here I mention the most known and used. Some offer some data for free, others are paid. Find the one that best suits your use as a user or as a company.


Websta (formerly Webstagram) was the first web interface of Instagram and was born in 2011 as a web tool aimed at improving the experience of using Instagram from the comfort of our computers.

It offers general statistics such as the 100 top of the hashtags most used and another very interesting as which were the most geo-labeled places. In addition to these functions, Websta organizes its own contests and selections of daily featured users. It is basic but useful for users.

More information on


This French start-up took its first steps in May of 2011 under the name of Statigram. In 5 months it managed to register more than 100 thousand users who used their service and consulted their statistics. In April of the 2014 (and at the request of Instagram) had to change the denomination to Iconosquare, counting already with more than 8 millions of users.

Today, the tool requires a payment of around 60 euros per year and allows you to do things as interesting as promoting your Instagram account, through its widgets o feed tabs, that allow you to include your photos on your site or blog, and manage your comments from your website. There are different plans for companies.

And it also offers one of the best statistics for users. You can order your photos by quantity of likes or comments, analyze the engagement or participation of your community, see how your followers behave (where they are from or where they interact with you most), helping you to optimize your publications. It also tells you how many followers you lose or earn per day according to the days of publication and can analyze any correlation. Every day you can receive the report in your email and keep track of your evolution on Instagram. They also have a contest management tool, search engine influencers... Recommended for advanced users and companies that start analyzing your account.

More information on


Cool Tabs was launched in the 2001 as a version beta offering a service to launch promotions and contests within Facebook and its tabs (tabs). From there they improved the platform until it became an integral solution to manage campaigns in social networks, measuring conversions and obtaining reports. Within these tools are those of Instagram that allow us to search for users or hashtags, add our account or hashtag to a Facebook tab, insert our feed in our blog or website and soon monitor the statistics of our account.

More information at


One of the best solutions for professionals is offered by Pirendo, which monitors all kinds of interactions on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. Through its control panel, you can find updated statistics about conversations that occurred in an Instagram account with informative graphics about its evolution. It is undoubtedly one of the best in the market and allows you to extract a lot of data related to your activity and what Pirendo has always analyzed is the world of Twitter.

More info:


Apart from these applications of statistics already mentioned, our friend Vilma NĂșñez @vilmanunez, CEO of the Academy of Consultants and CONVERTS recommends us through its website the tools of Metricool, Hootsuite,, Social Rank or Social Sprout .

I also invite you to download #Triunfagram the e-book and the course on-line de Vilma who gives you keys to business strategies on Instagram on his website

IvĂĄn RodrĂ­guez GonzĂĄlez - @TwittBoy

Co-founder and CCO of Pirendo SL


When we apply tracking techniques and Big Data to Instagram, what we do in Pirendo is to look for answers to questions like: what filters to use ?, what time do I send the image ?, will videos or photos work better ?, which users are the most relevant in this sector ?, How does my competition ?, etc. And we do it in a reliable way to the 100%, the very structure of the social network allows us to compile the totality of publications that our system will later analyze with all care.

Although one of the questions that we are most interested in answering (from a professional point of view) is what can we do the agencies, companies and brands with the content that users share on Instagram. Resorting through the analysis to the identification of relevant and influential users, we can carry out actions and campaigns that integrate the content viralized by these users and their followers in any web or specific support. In this way, we can use the content downloaded by our fans in the networks to illustrate our websites, to show the best snapshots on a giant screen, or to conduct contests and promotions that go one step ahead of the simple participation with a publication.

Promote the interaction of users beyond a like making them the real protagonists of the "micro-moment" that we propose to live on Instagram, favors the creation of strong and committed communities.

The user is no longer a mere spectator, he is creator, diffuser and participant of every experience that we offer from Instagram. The correct analysis and use of all the information that in Pirendo we extract from Instagram, from its users and how they use the hashtags, it gives us the key to find the answers that allow us to reach any objective and build loyalty to the audience.




If you have a marketing department used to organizing promotions on other social networks, Instagram will be an agile and grateful platform.

It allows organizing contests in an easy and creative way in which users will be involved by appealing to their originality. We always recommend photo contests better than video contests that tend to be less "resultones". As I mentioned, it is more complicated to do something artistic with video than with photography. It is likely that in a few months or a few years, the trend will change, but for now photography is still the main category of competitions.

@iberdrolagrupo #lachispadelamor

The challenges are usually based on a simple label and an understandable mechanics in a few words. Type «Upload your photos tagging it with the hahstag of the campaign and you can win this or that gift». Organize your contest is very simple and you can get quite good results with it, but it is just as easy to make mistakes. Get inspired on how other successful companies have done before on our website

You can also organize your own contest to have fun as a user. If you have a very active fan community, a local Instagramers association or a

group of photographers loving the mills of Castilla La Mancha, people will participate with enthusiasm and enthusiasm in your proposals. It is not a topic reserved for business organizations. I remember an impromptu contest that I organized years ago and that received hundreds of participating photographs in less than a week. The challenge was related to black and white and in which I gave a simple shirt. Users want to have fun and any excuse is good.

Exhibition #urbanpeek from @ferrovial, December 2016.


You want to show that your company is human, close, make people happy, make your account known, your label, or get new followers, more "likes", etc. It is important to know what you want to achieve with your contest. If you want to grow in number of followers, for example, you should invite people to follow you and indicate that the participants should be your followers. If you want the number of participations to be high, do not put too many obstacles or registration obligations to the participant.


If you want your contest to be successful, here are some basic tips.

  • Choose a theme related to your activity. If you sell cars like Citröen (@citroenespana) invite people to share their holidays on the mountain road or on the beach. Link your brand or product with what you can find in

Instagram If you are looking for a very complicated topic, participation could be affected.

  • Choose a good hashtag. The label you use for the contest is essential. It must be fun, invite to participate and speak for itself. If you read that a friend of yours participates in a contest called #miluzdenavidad (organized by Iberdrola, @iberdrolagrupo), you will understand that photographs of Christmas and Christmas light are expected. An intelligent way of approaching the company to human values ​​at very intimate moments. And, above all, do not forget to verify on Instagram that this tag is not used as usual. You might not know who participates in your contest or has uploaded photos, because it's a hashtag of widespread use. I also recommend that you do not use contests that force users to use several hashtags, this makes the contest much more complicated when it comes to explaining and detecting the photos that have participated and failing the
  • Have a clear legal basis and participation conditions. Both the explanation in the title of your photos and the possible mentions on Twitter should indicate the mechanics of the contest, the dates of participation, the account to be followed, the prize or hook and, of course, the theme, the hashtag to use and some other details such as indicating if they are worth photos previously uploaded to the contest dates. The bases can be hosted on the company's blog or on its Facebook page, and must be reviewed by a lawyer. Depending on the value of the prize, the company must declare and pay a tax. This is usually known by the legal departments of companies. You can indicate temporarily where the bases in the link of the biography of your

A good example of copy it could be the next.

«Share your Christmas light and win an 7 Plus iPhone and two Samsung Gear 360Âș cameras thanks to @iberdrolagrupo! Capture all those lights, those flashes, those illuminations that make Christmas so special, and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #MiLuzDeNavidad. The most creative and exciting 3 photos will reward their authors with an 7 Plus iPhone to the first prize and a Samsung Gear 360 camera for the second and third prize. You have between the 14 of December to the 18.00 and the 1 of January of 2017 to the

  • Old photos accepted ».


I have always preferred to bet on the communication of competitions through user communities such as Instagramers Spain. You can contact Instagramers Spain or the different local communities through their accounts @igersandalucia, @igerscatalonia, @igersmadrid, @igersvalencia etc. The followers of these accounts are used to see daily information about everything that happens on Instagram, new features of the app, users, exhibitions and competitions that allow you to be exposed at the Instagramers Gallery in Madrid. It is a grateful audience that will participate with much desire and will viralize your next contest.

There are companies or advertising agencies that resort to the use of influencers to publicize a promotion, and it is also another possible formula. Finally, you can also resort to publish your contest on Instagram and promote it through paid ads.


I have been able to observe several practical cases of great failures, and I will not mention any in particular, but I do mention some usual factors of mistake.

  • Complicated actions: the action must be simple, that can be explained in a few words in the title of the photo. If you force, for example, the user to leave the application, register on a website or Facebook, return, upload a photo, tag friends, upload the photo to Facebook or send by e-mail ... forget it. Your contest will be a
  • Thematic impossible: force to take a photo or share content that users do not want to see in your account. It is synonymous with
  • Un hashtag that says nothing: an action without a soul The action should be fun, be a challenge for everyone and allow sharing
  • Do not let the contest die: avoid contests that are too long. I always recommend contests of two or three weeks. Then interest and inspiration decay. The other factor of discouragement can be that the account that organizes the action does not take care of the users. It is necessary to review the photos that have participated daily, put them likes or a comment to indicate that you take into account the photo for the final decision. It is vital also to answer any questions that users may have, they can be curious and unexpected questions at times. They will be those that allow you to quickly detect a fault in your mechanics or the operation of

  • The prize: it must not always be something that has economic value. We are very successful with the contests that allow people to see their photo printed in a book like this or in an exhibition
  • Avoid contests based on the number of likes harvested: it may seem to make sense, but it does not have it at all. The user with more followers will have more chances to win. The other users will not participate. Result, you will not have any participation and will always win the same, causing a feeling of frustration for users who have less
  • A well-defined jury: the jury is always the best formula to fail a contest. The draw or the numbers of likes They are unfair and do not recognize the creative value of the user. However, a jury composed of the staff of the organizing company, a recognized instagramer or a photographer, are always synonymous with

Astrit FernĂĄndez @astritfernandez

Ferrovial Head of Digital Communication


Architecture, urban art, life on the streets ... We have always needed to express our vision of the world around us. Instagram has allowed us to share it and connect with those that interest us the most. People become authors and their profile in their means of expression.

At Ferrovial, an infrastructure and services company, we have opted for Instagram as a means to communicate our projects in a close and artistic way. We have great works all over the world and we work in different sectors. There are many people who form Ferrovial and many stories we can tell, so we look for a moment, a moment or a photograph to make our work known.

In our commitment to this network, we contacted 2015 with Phil GonzĂĄlez and the @IgersSpain team. A team of artists who treat photography as a hobby. For us, a benchmark in the sector. Together we launched the first #UrbanPeek contest, a contest focused on cities and architecture. We were looking to fill the Instagram wall with urban photos ... and boy do we get it! There were more than 3.500 participants. The winner was the impressive photo of the sky from the UPF campus of Poble Nou (Barcelona) taken by the user @StopDeRoc (more than 130 thousand followers).

The success of the contest exceeded both our expectations that in November of 2016 we launched the 2 edition of #UrbanPeek, the result was even better: more than 7.000 participating photos! Together with Igers Madrid, Juan Pascual at the head, and Phil GonzĂĄlez, we organized an exhibition with the 50 finalist photos in Madrid. The winner was @rrmontero with a snapshot of a girl jumping a puddle of water through the streets of Chicago.

We only have words of thanks for the @Igers team, who have helped us take urban photography to the top. Because as we say in the team: life is a bit like an Instagram profile, it's not how you live it but how you tell it.



Facebook and Instagram reign over social photography and influence the purchase decision.

Several years ago we commented on our blog ( the reasons for the purchase of Instagram by Facebook and it became clear that, for various reasons, the photography and the future of social networks were intimately linked. Facebook (without Instagram) could have suffered terrible competition as it saw its user profile age and the Millenials Escape to other more fun platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook could not let out the full potential of influence of Instagram and acquired it for a value of 1.000 million dollars.

If years ago American studies showed how important user recommendations were (70% of users believed the opinions of friends against an 30% what they were told by brand ads), today the studies offered by Olapic ( come to show more or less the same. We believe more what our friends photograph and recommend that what is promoted in the ads of companies.

Some impressive data make Facebook and Instagram the realm of social photography and photography, in general, the key factor is the influence on the purchase decision.

Among other data, the study highlighted that:

  • The 66% of users trusted more in the photos of other clients than in those of the brands.
  • The 39% of them would most likely buy a garment if the model were another user.

Hence the importance of instagramers and the phenomenon bloggers or also y (let's not forget) that they have become the best prescribers for the promotion of their products and brands.


Remember the example of @nike (the most followed brand on Instagram with more than 7 million followers) or @hawkersco that use largely the photos uploaded by their users or by their brand ambassadors (as I was with the glasses of the Carrera sunglasses brand @carrera) when it comes to promoting their products.

Also these brand ambassadors or influencers have been used in the promotion of tourism (with the organization of travel bloggers o instagramers), gastronomy, fashion catwalks or to promote technology or mobile brands. I remember the ingenious workshop on-line of mobile photography that my friends Carolina (@carolinad) and Juan (@Castromil) launched from the great YouTube channel @clipset that offered photography courses using smart and integrated Sony brand phones. I participated in these occasions workshops and gave some specific advice to Instagram and using a Sony Xperia XZ clear. You can find them on your highly recommended YouTube channel called Clipset Video.


In recent years we have seen a race to the influencer and a fever for the search of digital «celebrities». And is that everyone wants to be influencer! Invitation to private parties, passes VIP, tickets to boxes premium and the possible extra income for these new opinion leaders 2.0 They are quite attractive. But what is that to be influencer?

Being an opinion leader has more years than the cough and the power of conviction of a person towards a group can date from the time of the caverns when the strongest human being imposed his opinion on others. Today the evolution of the species, education, rites,

Customs and religions have caused other factors to make a person heard or followed.

Digitization has accelerated it and has also meant a profound change in the communication power of people. If a few decades ago, it was necessary years before getting to stand out and even more years being a reference in fashion, painting, art, photography, music or politics, today you can get to know in a few days, a few months, and be a "reference" world in yours


One of the debates that we have often with my friend Jorge Segado (@jorgesegado), Head of Digital Product in the editorial group GyJ Spain. What is the difference between the influencer with strong power of digital summons and the influential one that can be a person with long distance in a discipline (writing, cinema, journalism, tv ...) and who does not necessarily have hundreds of thousands of followers but have the followers more influential? A very interesting debate that leads us to think about how all these profiles of influencers digital related to your aura in Blogs, in social networks and in forums that are very dependent on fashion phenomena and their certain "ephemeral power". We will have to see how everything evolves. The fact is that today there are people who have become opinion leaders with hundreds of thousands of fans, and there they are spreading styles, setting new trends and, of course, promoting products for the brands that hire them.


On Instagram, for me there are several types of influencers.

  • The influential: person who is influential whatever the social network. Footballer, actress, designer, writer, journalist, dressmaker, architect etc. Fashions and social platforms can be passed by, if they manage to maintain a personal brand in the real world, they will continue to be influential on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or what
  • El influencer «Made in Internet»: product of the world of social networks (youtuber, blogger, etc.) and that has dragged its audience to a platform more instantaneous and fun as it is
  • El influencer «Come to more» thanks to the support of Instagram: Many of us have to admit that Instagram gave us a cable and gave a "push" to our career by nominating us for a few weeks or a few months on the suggested list. Today it is more complicated to be part of that list, but in its day those of us who surf the IG wave could get tens of thousands of followers in a short space of time and in a more or less deserved way (if we refer to artistic criteria). We tend to be people with tens, hundreds of thousands of followers, without anyone recognizing us on the street, so that

  • El influencer that has really worked: I have all my admiration for people who have never been "recommended" have managed to build a community, achieve impressive results based on work, perseverance and a lot of talent. They are the people that I usually try to link to promotional campaigns or trips, since they deserve to receive the fruit of so many years of work. They are also, generally, the best engagement or connection they have with their
  • El influencer who has bought followers: unfortunately, some of the previous two profiles have been tempted to buy followers and retain a recognized position in the ranking of influencers... I prefer not to go back on these despicable practices.


One aspect that strikes me particularly is the talent (or not) of some influencers in taking care of his influence. This should be treated as a plant, every day and delicately, as in the rest of the social networks.

There are still few companies that are dedicated to represent influencers and one or none in training them, teaching them the art of doing their job well ... It is important to know how to be a influencer that takes care of your contact with clients, brands and agencies, but also with your fans and to manage your career as it should.

If you are or want to be a influencer, you should know that your most valuable capital is you, your brand and what you represent. Even if you are in a golden moment of your career, life and time go by, new talents appear and you must take care of everything that is your personal brand.

Be influencer It's like being a company or being a self-employed person. You must take care of your physical and virtual appearance. You must have a website, take care of your social networks, answer politely when they call you by phone and respond quickly to requests from agencies.

You should be consistent in what you do in your accounts (even if they are not paid commercial publications) and have a marked line, a style of your own. You must know how to choose the actions and sometimes have to reject the operations in which you do not feel comfortable or that do not fit with your way of life, your style.

You must have a commercial and pricing policy that is sustained, that is adapted to what is the market and be transparent. Sometimes people move between agencies and it's not nice to see that you have treated two communication agencies differently and at different rates.

Indicates clearly what you can and can not do. If you are a mobile photographer, you can indicate it in your proposals. If you need to take pictures with a camera and upload it after an event and not live, it is also good to comment.

In the actions where you are with more public, it is important that you know that you transform during a few hours or a year in the ambassador of the brand and that anything that is dissonant could negatively affect the company you represent.

After the actions, do not forget to send a report of what you did, some comments and give thanks. We have to thank the agencies and the brands that have believed in you.

You could talk about this topic for hours, but it's a little common sense. If you want to train to be influencer, you can attend one of my workshops or conferences. One of my projects is to organize some training days in that sense. As an example of what they do already on YouTube, we can mention the company 2btube that through its 2bcamp and its 2bacademy organizes formations for youtubers in grass that can be valid for any type ofnfluencers. In case of not following a training of this type, I recommend you to work with a person who represents you, has comparative business and relational skills.


In my case, it is a little special because on the one hand I have my facet of personal user profile under my @philgonzalez account and then there is my facet as the founder of the Instagramers world network and my activities with the @igers account and @igersSpain, as well as my shared coordination of the Instagramers Spain network.

As a community, we usually have two or three monthly contests where I sometimes participate as an "enhancer" or "diffuser" and I share some photos from my personal account as well. On a personal level, I have a long-term relationship with Sony Mobile as brand ambassador and, therefore, and out of respect, I do not collaborate with other mobile brands.

@philgonzalez for @carrera.

I work with brands in a timely manner, like a couple or three times a month for agencies that contact me, they have heard about me and they want me to participate in a campaign, but it is true that I am not very proactive when it comes to looking for advertisers. I want Instagram to remain a box of surprises where they offer me "experiences" before income. For others

users is about looking for extra income and it is lawful.

It's been a long time since I decided that Instagram was not going to be my modus vivendi and I prefer to continue having a relationship of hobby and have fun with the application.

These experiences come to me because I was the promoter of Instagramers, for the number of

followers I have in my personal account and my lifestyle I suppose.

I do not usually participate in campaigns that do not make sense and, above all, that do not stick

with me. Whether it's a car, a clothing brand, or something you would never wear, you're more than likely to reject the action.

I like to participate in actions where I enjoy, where the mechanics are simple (if it is to promote an artistic challenge that entails recognition) or where the way to make the brand known is human and close.

If I also have a wide freedom when integrating the brand, move the campaign to my style and to my account, then better than better. Everyone appreciates it. The audience and me. I usually like the actions where I integrate the product in some way, without it being a crude appearance or a logo, and I also like that they provoke some interaction with the users.

I would highlight my experience with Sony Mobile, which is spectacular. We have made fantastic trips (Thailand, New York ...) with a small group of journalists from the technological press that over time has become a consolidated group, a trip of friends, with whom you want to share moments and where We are happy to do the best for the brand. They are more PR actions (Public Relations) than advertising.

These points are key for journalists to later influencers they take care of a brand, an action and do the best for it. I always say that on trips where types of influencers it is more important to make sure that a homogenous group will be achieved and then share more photos and tweets because its members feel more comfortable together.


For a few months, I have participated in several professional forums, such as FIDE, where advisors and legal representatives of the most prominent in Spain come and where the need for a new legal framework around the advertising industry and in particular the legal situation of the influencers The legal situation of influencers It is not yet very defined or at least continues to be established based on laws that are not adapted to the new digital environment.

One of the veterans of the legislation on the advertising industry and one of its greatest experts is Ricardo PĂ©rez-Solero, from Estudio Legal de ComunicaciĂłn. Ricardo tells us: The legislation on communication always lags far behind news, practices and advertising reality. It is often anchored in obsolete principles or that should adapt to new advertising environments. It is likely that in the 5 next years more advertising will change than in the previous 50 years and will have to adapt the legislation to these new times. Among other things, one of the challenges will be to differentiate what is editorial content, entertainment or advertising.

For its part, Carolina Pina, partner director of the department of industrial and intellectual property in Garrigues and specialized in entertainment adds: Being an influencer implies a series of responsibilities. Being informed of the legal implications is important when complying with legislation in several areas such as labor law, tax or intellectual property among others.

An interesting debate that will probably expand as cases arise

"Problematic" such as those that have involved brands through a setback of one of their ambassadors or the boom in business volume that the influence industry will represent.

My advice is that any action in which you participate should be supported by the vision of a legal representative of the contracting company and with a detailed contract that specifies the obligations of each party.


I always say that the future of advertising will not be advertising. To illustrate, I tell you one of the programs in which I participate and that I mention in all my conferences. It's the brilliant project called Audi's Innovative Thinking. As bright as its name implies. It's a new way to get closer to influential from friendship, building a true and lasting relationship.

For 2 years I have been part of Audi Spain's Innovative Thinking. It all started with an amazing weekend in Baqueira where we went to learn to drive on snow. I did not know very well who would be and there I found Chicote, Carlos Jean, Jon Sistiaga and Risto, among others. And I asked Audi "why me?" Their answer is that they had followed my career on the Internet, the community movement that I had created from Instagramers and they wanted me to be part of that "small family" of innovators that brings together experts from all fields.

The objective? Have fun, give our ideas, do networking and speak freely about our projects regardless of whether it is sponsored by Audi. At no time they asked me to tweet, nor did they invite me to share anything. We had a great time, we were very comfortable and now we often see each other at the brand's events without it being an obligation. Of course, I share photos on Instagram, often framed in fantastic experiences, impossible places to visit or behind the wheel of cars I would never have dreamed of driving, but the important thing for the brand is not that you share it on social networks, it is that you are an enthusiast Of the brand.

Probably, it is the most innovative and intelligent public relations program by a brand. The future of advertising is not advertising. The future of influence will not be the influencers but the real opinion leaders who will be relevant people in their area of ​​activity.


It is also legitimate that there influencers that they look for to have income and to make profitable the hearing that can have their accounts. As a worker, you can demand retribution.

Many of my friends from the beginnings of Instagram had at one point the possibility of quitting their work and taking advantage of their sudden fame on Instagram. They became

mobile photographers, set up their own promotion agency and even representative agencies of influencers. Today they respond to all kinds of needs on the part of brands, test products, disseminate content, become ambassador of a luxury brand or attend events ... It is a job that may seem fun but requires good presence, elegance, seriousness and continuity in the relationship with brands.

I also advise the influencers (and the agencies or brands that hire them) establish lasting relationships. A relationship with influencers it is built. It should not be for a day and

"goodbye". I think the current problem in the world influencers is that brands do not take the time to build a relationship with the influencers, but they are looking for someone with many followers to meet the KPI (indicators of the performance of an action) and then it's over. The contact and the value that was created is already lost.

It is an opportunity for brands that do it well (I mentioned before Audi or Sony Mobile, but there are many more). They can have an enthusiastic fan who will not only act on the day of the action, but also will continue to speak wonders of the product because it will have created a real emotional relationship and even publish content without the brand having demanded it.

It is also clear that if a brand lends you a car or a hotel chain invites you to visit Italy or Maldives, it is a type of work that you will love. But always pay close attention to the credibility of the action in which you will be involved or involved. I have rejected actions for not believing in their success and not wanting to be linked to a failure or a brand that does not correspond with who I am.


One of my favorite talks is about collaboration with influencers, good practices, and what not to do. I summarize here some of the most important things to not forget if you are a brand or an agency:

  • Rush. Many agencies call the influencers One day to another. With the rush, errors arise and they forget to define basic things.
  • Contact cold door with a influencer. Many times a user is called without knowing who he is, what importance he has, what he has done before, or look at his photographic style, or if he is already committed to
  • Pretend to launch a campaign without having an Instagram account. It may seem curious but it happens. The influencers they will go to look for the official account and they will not understand for whom they are going to work since they do not have any account in

Then come other things that may be fruit or part of the above:

  • A product / event that is not adapted to the use influencer. Send a fashion photo specialist with professional cameras to a trip where mobile phones are promoted or someone who takes photos of street photo in black and white to a beach the
  • Not having foreseen the presence of a influencer. It happened to me a couple of times and it's horrible. You're in the back stage of a concert or a fashion show and all the

The world looks at you like an intruder because they do not know who you are ... And you think, "Earth tragame!"

  • Not having planned the hashtag Of action. It's basic but it happens. Or they tell you at the last minute and the influencers they have not heard and I do not know
  • Not having signed a contract (and insurance) with the influencer. Fundamental before starting an action so as not to create "misunderstandings" and then leave "bad taste in your mouth".
  • Do not carry the influencers to an event that is "retractable." If you take them to a party that does not lead to photographs, dark, without visual interest, the results will be much lower than


In recent months, what is called a trend is take-over of the corporate accounts of a company. What does it mean? It is about offering a user (usually with experience in social networks and a proven quality in the production of photos or videos) to carry the corporate accounts of a company, with total freedom.

The two operations in which I was involved were two really out of the ordinary experiences. They were two actions in which I participated without financial compensation but which I loved because of the challenge they entailed, the experience and being able to live something really unique.

They were two take-over of very important corporate accounts. I was able to retransmit Formula 1 from Mc Laren's boxes thanks to @JohnnyWalker and then share a great Moto GP prize thanks to @Movistar_es from within the bowels of the official Yamaha team.


I participated in the worldwide launch of Johnny Walker's account and I was in the boxes of Mc Laren to tell it through Instagram. Johnny Walker, official partner of Mc Laren for more than 25 years, made his photos of Formula 1 in black and white and fixed my style (at that time he only shared black and white photos made with the phone). They gave me the keys and credentials of their world account to be able to take pictures from within. I had never seen a reporter in Formula 1 act as freely and less with a camera as a camera. It was probably the first take-over in Instagram of the story and it came out in several digital media in the USA.

On this occasion, I flew to Milan and was lodged in a central hotel. Then I was with the team during the 3 test days and finally I lived the Monza grand prize live. There an American journalist followed me everywhere to tell how was the experience of the first influencer that could enter the boxes so restricted of Formula 1. I lived incredible moments. See two world champions such as Button and Hamilton talk to their mechanics, learn the anecdotes of the races, see the changes of wheels from within, feel the tension of the races, a dream for me since childhood. That weekend, the account

@johnnywalker grew some 12.000 followers.


With Movistar it was quite similar but this time it was in the highest motorcycle competition, with the "Movistar" team in Moto GP and with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in the legendary circuit of Le Mans, France.

As I was able to participate in the development of the action, we devised a very cool and fun approach with the social network team at @Movistar_es. A few weeks before, we organized with Instagramers Spain, an Instagram contest called #azulmovistar. The challenge for the users was to upload photos with blue tones of the brand's color. The winner would take a MotoGP book signed by Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

We received more than 1.700 photos in less than a week. And this was a way to introduce my face-to-face action in the races. Everything had continuity and meaning.

Movistar went so far in the integration that it even changed the avatar of their Twitter and Instagram corporate accounts, and I left dressed as a Movistar pilot instead of the usual logo.

On the website of Movistar Spain he said the same thing "Phil GonzĂĄlez tells us the races from within the next weekend". It was curious to see how such an important brand trusted in the good work of a influencer.

In both cases, I think we are talking about two success stories and unique take over of corporate accounts by a user.

Of course, the user should be chosen very well, to meet him in person, plan the action with time and, above all, have a signed contract. On the election of influencer Perfect, we will be back shortly.

Isabel Llano - @isasaweis


I had been using other social networks for a while when Instagram appeared. I remember seeing on Twitter and Facebook that some acquaintances began to publish different photographs: they were full of shadows, contrasts and atypical colors, and they showed anything, could be a lamp, a tree or some feet.

So Instagram started to get my attention, but it was not until I spent some time using it when I understood the meaning it would have for me.

At first I let myself be carried away by the impulse that my photographs seemed interesting: rare objects, landscapes with a lamp in the front line or some stolen to a stranger in the street. It applied a filter that darkened it to give it that retro and photographic touch with a background, and accompanied it with a word or short phrase that would give more intensity to the publication. Haha curious ... But over time that was changing, making Instagram

in a window to my world, to which I invite whoever wants to lean out.

I can show the landscape before which I find myself that has seemed beautiful to me or has evoked a nice feeling for me, and that I think will be even more beautiful if I share it. Also the delicious dish that I am enjoying and that has made me want to ask if you are so geeks like me sushi or salmorejo. Sometimes it's just an image of the desk where I work or my breakfast, because a new day begins and I want to say

«Let's go to the mess, pine nuts!»; or a dinner with friends; or two glasses of wine toasting, because I feel happy and I think that with that picture I can give someone that beautiful feeling.

Sometimes I accompany it with a couple of words or a short phrase and on the other hand I get reflective and write until Instagram gets tired and tells me that we have arrived so far, as far as characters are concerned.

Sometimes it is love that drives me, sometimes it is melancholy, sometimes it is love or friendship, heartbreak or questions on the air. They are emotions, thoughts, reflections, etc. In any case, my Instagram is a reflection of how I am, how I feel.

And it's just a passion for LIVING, and a passion to share it.


If you are from the marketing department of a company or your agency and have been commissioned to take an action with influencers, you will have several options to find the ideal profile (s).

  • Looking for your life on your own. You should know Instagram well to know what influencers correspond to your target and the objective you pursue, know how they work, how to contact them and what they charge for participating. It's a long job, but you can start looking for "keywords" related to your company and find influential people who post things related to your brand. Another option is the recommendation through a influencer Tell you other profiles that may interest you. Once detected, a simple and effective way to contact them directly is to use direct messaging. If you follow a influencer and you write him a M, you may receive a response immediately or not. Make it clear what you want from him in a few words and give him your contact information such as email address or your phone.
  • Contact one of our Instagramers Spain groups (or one of your local groups) that can help you and guide you on all of the above when looking for the best solution or the most appropriate profiles. Tailor-made actions are usually carried out according to what companies and their
  • Call agencies representing influencers. Some agencies have joined the fashion of digital influence and have welcomed under their wing influencers to provide them with the advice and representation they needed. They usually represent one or several

profiles, often related to fashion, beauty, travel, etc ... like Thinketers or Humantohuman (H2H).

  • Search automated solutions: There are platforms such as Influencity, Marvelcrowd or Social Publi that allow you to carry out actions with influencers of all kinds and independent of your number followers. It is usually a market place where an agency proposes a campaign at a price and the users participate and charge according to the return, the impacts and their
  • Influence seekers Iconosquare has recently launched a search engine influencers based on an influence index for each user. It's a quick and easy way to identify those who influence Instagram. The Cordoba company Audiense offers a similar service on Twitter and gives some information about Instagram users as well.



The most fundamental thing in my way of seeing when choosing a influencer is to analyze your account and see what you usually upload, with what tone and how you take care of your account. It is important to have a influencer that matches the campaign and the communication style of the brand, what kind of content it can produce and share. The more creative the content and the more integrated it is in the accounts, the more attractive it will be for your followers. Remember that, if it's a video campaign on Instagram, the number of "likes" is not the most important, but the number of videos viewed or reach which indicate the coverage.


Generally, one of the first factors that the agencies take into account when it comes to an influence campaign is to look at the number of followers the organization has. influencer Instagram and, however, they forget to study what this user can

«Move» on other social networks such as Twitter or YouTube. They are complementary social networks that are essential, as well as your blog or website.

  • Rate engagement is the interaction or commitment rate that users have with a influencer. We can see some great accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers, but only one or two comments. Is rare. It may mean that the community does not feel "committed" to the influencer. The above mentioned: it is important to assess the global commitment rate of a possible influencers of a brand, and not only on


It is important that they are usually active users and that they not only activate their accounts for promotional campaigns. They should mix the usual contents of their life with

campaigns and answer any questions that users may have about the product they promote.

Ignacio GonzĂĄlez - @audispain

Communication director of Audi Spain.


«Audi Innovative Thinking is an exclusive relationship and influencers program that we have activated from our brand internationally. It is an initiative that aims to connect a small selection of the most innovative people in each country with the aim of promoting opportunities to share experiences and take advantage of synergies that contribute to the future of our society from different perspectives and areas.

It is designed so that the most innovative people in our country know and live our brand in a unique way through various activities such as our international events (eg 24 hours of Le Mans) and national (eg Audi Driving Experience) or the invitation to try our new models exclusively before the official launch. In addition, all of them can enjoy an attractive commercial proposal, as well as personalized and exclusive attention.

Why Audi Innovative Thinking? Because our advanced mentality and innovative spirit have always been and will be present in all the future challenges that we face as a brand. And because we believe that creative ideas are the engine that drives our society and we must support them at all levels, from the most social part with children to young talents, to the most established personalities in the world of innovation »




According to studies at the University of Alabama, in Birmingham, ( the 65% of us are "visual learners". That is, we use images and colors, as well as other visual means to memorize and categorize information. The remaining 35% consists of people who are more auditory or kinesthetic (they learn based on gestures or movements).

Therefore, adding everything that is visual information will be effective to the presentation of your products and may increase the possibility that your customers remember the message simply because most of us are "visual learners". We are conscious beings that make rational (or irrational) decisions based on the images and feelings that they arouse.

Visual communication has become the queen of communications and the image floods everything. The main social networks are betting on images (Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram) and websites have been reducing literature to leave more space for photography and video. We do not want to read but understand, and as quickly as possible.

The success of electronic commerce is a mix of useful information, quickly understood, the confidence in paying the fair price for a quality product and an agile payment gateway.


Although Instagram is not an electronic commerce platform in itself, it allows us to publicize in the most appropriate way the products or services of a company. Often, these products are shown in real situations and with friends as models, which is a great asset for companies.

The data thrown by a study about 5.000 people (in Europe and the United States) conducted by at the beginning of the 2017, are determinants.

  • 45% of respondents seek information about brands shared by other users once a day or more.
  • 40% of respondents declare that they share photos with hashtags of brands so that other users can find them with
  • 74% of the panel declares to have tagged at least one photo with the label of one
  • 76% of them trust more in the photos of a brand uploaded by other users than by the own announcement of the
  • Finally, 1 of each 4 declares having bought a product after having seen it shared by others

These figures demonstrate the importance of the image and Instagram when it comes to promoting products on social networks. That same study highlights that Instagram leads the ranking of social networks in which young people are more willing to interact with photos of other users through comments or "like".

With an 32%, Instagram is ahead of platforms such as Facebook (28%), Twitter (9%) or Pinterest (6%).

I invite you to read the interesting full study at trust-thank-you /


Taking care of your photographic or video production is vital, but you can have several ways of doing it. Hire a professional photographer or Instagram users like @nike or other companies.

However, the best strategy (and long-haul and proven results), is to mention users. Take the example of @hawkersco. Apart from having done a great job of targeting When it comes to focusing their social media campaigns (through Facebook ads that are terribly segmented and effective), the company from Alicante long ago detected that the users themselves could be natural brand ambassadors.

They encouraged users to upload their best photos with the hashtag #hawkers or #hawkersfans, promising gifts to the daily winners (usually a free glasses) or leaving highlighted in the official account of @hawkersco. The founders told me one day that they had hired people responsible for detecting accounts more related to the brand (usually boys and girls beach, handsome and athletes, with a good number of followers) and send them a pair of glasses for free. Users who gave thanks sharing their Selfie with glasses on and the #hawkers label. Today the Spanish company is already international and hires influential people like DJ Steve Aoki @steveaoki and even a limited series of one of the most important basketball clubs such as the Lakers.

As a complement to these strategies of organic uptake of users (that is, without dedicating a hard investment in advertising) you can mount a campaign on Instagram with an investment from very low figures for your publications. This is what Vilma NĂșñez @vilmanunez tells us, a specialist in digital marketing.

Instagram Ads is one of my strategic allies. I will share two techniques that will make you convert more. The first is to import your database to Instagram Ads to show ads only to those users whose data you already have. By announcing and impacting these users who already know you, you will get conversions for very few cents. The second technique is to show ads only to Instagram users who have visited a specific landing page. This latest remarketing technique will allow you to capture more leads (qualified contacts) and close more sales automatically.

Instagram is not an e-commerce platform today, although we know that they are working on the subject because of the obvious income that could mean. However, you can use it to highlight your products, your specific promotions and put a link to your website or your e-commerce store from the details of your profile. Seize it!

Juan merodio @juanmerodio

Blogger in Speaker & International Advisor: Marketing, Innovation, Management and Digital Transformation.


I remember that my first photo was the 10 of October of 2011 and since then I have published more of 600 images with a great personal touch.

But if I look at it from a business point of view, it is a very powerful tool that I think many companies underuse, since they limit themselves to publish or even promote their products with advertising, which is correct, but you can get more out of it .

One of the strategies that I use and that I would like to share is the proactive search of clients, where for example you can see what is being posted in your area, and contact by private message with those users that you think may be your customers.

But to sell them? NO, to give them away. I am convinced that first you have to add value to others and then collect, so my suggestion is that you contribute that value first and with it you will be building the network that in the medium term will generate return. You can apply the same idea by searching by hashtags that may interest you

To summarize, if you want to obtain business results with Instagram you must be hyper-proactive not only publishing but making constant searches that allow you to expand your network by establishing new contacts.




As is the case in electronic commerce, the image is a key element of learning and education. Instagram has revealed to be a great tool for information, coaching or motivation.


Just access the account @quotes (2,3 million followers) or the tag #quotes (40 million of photos currently) to get an idea of ​​the interest that these images that combine inspiring photos and texts from various sources and motivating tone. They can be from famous writers such as Claudio Coelho, entrepreneurs or anonymous coaches, profiles of famous and encouraging quotes flood IG.

However, there are professional opportunities beyond having an account of thousands of followers and receiving hundreds of likes. If you work in the world of training, Instagram can be an element of fun, disruption, entertainment or self-help.


Nu Vallejo @ nuvallejo responsible for @IgersAndalucia told us in a recent article on the following:

We are primarily visual beings. We are biologically programmed to perceive the world in a visual way. All we have to do is look back at our ancestors: the first written communications were based on images. Hence, to date, the 90% of the information we transmit to our brain is visual.


We process images up to 60.000 times faster than texts. When we say that an image is worth a thousand words, we do not exaggerate. The 40% of the users reacts better to a content in image format, than to the plain text.

We have a greater capacity to retain visual content than any other information format. We remember up to the 80% of what we see, while only the 20% of what we read, or the 10% of what we hear. The images have ceased to be a simple illustration of a text to become, in many cases, learning itself. The photographs offer a wide range of didactic possibilities and I will detail some of them:

  • It can be used with children or people who do not know the language, adults, etc. because it uses the universal language of «the image as a vehicle of access to meaning»
  • It is a practical resource that, thanks even more to new technologies, is easy and fast to achieve and
  • It facilitates the possibility of creation and expression of information, emotions,
  • It helps to understand and reinforce the information; and get them to internalize more quickly

Also, let's not forget that its impact on social networks is also remarkable. Those tweets that include an image are capable of generating an 36% more than RT, while articles without more are 16%, and videos 9%.

Content on-line which includes visual information registers better results. Such as an 84% more visits, an 94% more clicks, or 40 times more shares. But its maximum achievement is registered in the percentage of referential links it gets, up to an 567% more. This is one of the reasons that justifies the success of infographics.

Alfonso AlcĂĄntara - @yoriento


In motivational conferences that I develop for companies and professionals, I usually recommend three simple strategies to improve our professional career: specialize to be difficult to replace; follow and learn from the professionals and referents of the sector that interests us; and create an effective personal brand.

How can we use our presence on-line to apply those three strategies and get more professional influence? I tell you in one sentence:

In Facebook you relate, in Linkedin you connect, in Twitter you inform, in your blog you propose and in Instagram you expose.

Instagram is an effective social tool for all professional profiles that want to enhance their personal brand and show their services and skills, whether they are specialists in boiler maintenance, fashion, computer programming or cooking.

Create your brand is to position yourself as you want in the minds of customers that interest you, is to tell the world what you can expect from you and your skills. To look like an expert in your industry, you must also be an expert in looking and Instagram allows you to apply your own

"Content marketing", sharing free part of what you know to earn what you're worth.

And you have to be careful because Instagram, beyond its strength as a space for social images, is also becoming the network of the networking to contact and learn from professionals that you would not have known otherwise and to relate with people you thought you did not want to know.

Everyone enjoys photos and videos of people and brands, so it is easy to relate in a context where leisure and business coexist naturally.

If you want to take your professional life as something personal you can follow «my three laws of Instagram»:

  • Turn your content and services into images and small moments into video. If you are a plumber, publish a funny photo with your uniform in full fatigues or an infographic or video with simple plumbing tricks. Your curriculum is not what

you say, it's what you do. Do it on Instagram!

  • Use Instagram as a bridge for your business and your search for opportunities. Relate naturally by commenting and saving in your favorites the publications of professionals and companies that interest you and connect in a more professional way with them using other channels such as Linkedin.
  • Be authentic. People like people who share their own and authentic content, also in the professional field. Do not strive to differentiate between personal and professional, but between public and private, between what you want to share and what you should keep in your privacy.

And in my case, there is nothing more authentic than the last advice my grandfather gave me:

«Grandfather, if you had to give me one piece of advice, what would it be?» «Be humble and have your mind».

Mariano, 100 years.



In a survey conducted by Yahoo! a few years ago (the figures have already been exceeded) the 5,5% of users had said for the first time a "I love you" and the 4% had broken through social networks. Moreover, up to 8% had proposed marriage to their partner or received a proposal through a social network. Another eHarmony study revealed already in the 2014, that, in less than 20 years, one out of every two relationships will start via the Web.

As a user I spent time observing the social impact of the app on our way of thinking and living. I already know several cases of couples "Made in Instagram" and the truth is that every time I find out about a new idyll, I'm happy a lot. I remember the first one I found out about and it was Rayco from Fuerteventura (@raycong) with Nuria from Murcia (@nuriasendra) after meeting some Instagramers stickers and today they have a boy named Mario, our first #instababy or also Denis (@dutchie) and Ilona (@ilonaizabella) both from the Instagramers Amsterdam team, united by love and by the Instagram community. Thousands of crushes on a click!

I came to think that Instagram was a fantastic mobile application that democratized the art of photography (and to a certain extent it is still true) but now I must add that it is a tremendous social network to meet people, socialize and fall in love.


Instagram generates a series of effects that disrupt our emotional and sentimental stability!


We are men and women. We share the same sensitivity for the image and above all desire to relate. We do it without cover and through photos. We often open the doors of our homes and even our hearts. And of course, what happens happens. We feel suddenly happy and without having to take any drugs. an effect

«Placebo» full-blown.


Let's not forget that a lot of the people who are in IG are single and have plenty of free time to use the application. More participation also means more possibilities to get to know your better half. When the long winter nights arrive, we become lazy. I no longer want to go out on the street. And if we do not like to watch TV, or hear about politics, the application becomes a good alternative to have a fun time.


It is a key factor in the success of the app. Who has not opened Instagram in the middle of the night? Instagram is an establishment open 24 hours, 7 days of the week and during 365 days. If you do not have any plan and you feel alone, you will always find someone to talk to, someone to discover, someone to vibrate.


We have all had a figure we hoped to see walking the school yard or a skirt climbing up the office stairs. Well here it is the same, but raised to the square. It creates a mystery, an unknown world behind a few small snapshots.

Let's not forget, of course, that the images that each one projects from itself are usually selected and subsequently edited. Instagram is a real machine to fall in love with!

However, I would give some wise advice.


For the less skilled in the Shakespearean language, like it does not mean "I love you" if the IG developers had not devised another nomenclature for the application. Do not think that receiving a like or two means having found the love of your life. Many people simply look for a moment of fun and relaxation and nothing more. So do not go to declare with the first one to pay attention to you.

How not to talk about love on Instagram if #love is the most used hashtag and the first to have exceeded the 1.000 million of photos?


Be aware that a virtual #InstaLove can end in #InstaChof. Not always the person we imagine through photos, is what we believe. And vice versa!

The first meeting is very important and the "instameets" have become a curious moment of "joys" and probably of some "downs". Virtual relationships can lead to something beautiful and we will probably live many «Instabodas» in the coming years. But the relationship may not end up like a fairy tale and you have to know how to manage the "post-relationship". Have had [Email protected] on Instagram is the same as having an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend at school or at work. Of course, I would like to end with a positive note and conclude that, although Instagram is not yet the ultimate remedy to loneliness (unfortunately, one of the evils of our society) is at least contributing, in large part, to alleviate it. Love my Friends!


If Cupid has made its effect and the relationship "instagram" ends in wedding This is your guide!

The first thing I would propose would be to create a user @bodannames of the couple. That account would offer details of the locations, some dish of the menu, exclusive photo of the day of the commitment of the bride in the hairdressing salon in the morning.

The idea is to warm up engines with exclusive photos that could only be enjoyed through Instagram and that the guests do not lose sight of the wedding at any time. With the tool of Instagram Video and Instagram Live, you could even upload very cool videos, funny Boomerangs.

A wedding also deserves a hashtag and you will have to create the tag #borannames of the couple to associate all the photos and that will allow you to have access to all the photos at a glance in the same stream after the link You can contact your friends beforehand and encourage them to share their own wedding preparations.

Inviting very «Instagramera» of the wedding of @atfunk and @elyshebeta. It was the idea of ​​@JasminRovira and designed by

As for example the recent wedding of Monica and Jose in Ibiza where they opted for a label not yet used on Instagram, #maralb. The couple also facilitated the taking of photos with a Polaroid available to the guests who could be photographed and take a souvenir of the wedding. Or hang the photos, in a corner, of the couple's best moments. This couple had prepared several very retractable moments, very instagramers so that people find obvious "aesthetic" reasons to take pictures and selfies.

On the day of the wedding you should remind everyone to start uploading photos of everything they do without forgetting the label. At the tables you could prepare some posters giving again the basic information to participate and how to download the app, etc., for those who have not yet heard.

During the dance the images can be projected on a giant screen via some of the platforms that allow you to retransmit live the photos that are tagged from the event on Instagram.

You can also place a small printer bluetooth (next to a p and the usual signature book) so that the photos can be printed in a few seconds and can be pasted in the signature book next to the dedications.


The wedding photographs with the Hipstamatic app are my passion. I always go with the mobile and the famous app vintage prepared with the Blackeys filter that offers high contrasts in black and white. I do it for myself and for those who get married. I usually send them the result of my stolen and they love it.

However, I advise you to always trust a professional photographer who takes photos with quality material and who will give you another version of the link. Thousands of wedding photographers are already on Instagram showing their skills to portray happy couples. Among them, Luisma Reyes, (@luisma_reyes) excompañero work and great professional, explains how to use Instagram as a tool to disseminate their work and the services offered.

Luisma Reyes - @luisma_reyes

Professional photographer

As a Wedding, Fashion and Lifestyle photographer, being part of the great community that makes up Instagram is, to say the least, necessary, since it allows you to interact very closely and directly.

With a visual impact, you make your work known to millions of users, future followers and future customers among them. When I make a wedding or a session for a publisher, there are certain photos that -nothing to shoot- I have clear that they will go to Instagram, since they will be the most outstanding to promote my work.

It also serves as a great help to see the various works that other photographers, style trends, and authors that serve you as inspiration.

In my case, I follow works like those of the photographers @junebugweddings and @chrisandruth, among others. I think that, if you have a defined photographic work, it is interesting to be part of Instagram to take advantage of the potential it offers.





Today the #Fashion tag is in position number 8 of the ranking of photos tagged on Instagram with more than 370 million photos and it is very likely to keep gaining positions. Instagram has given relevant people in the fashion world and its fans the ability to share moments, recommendations and consume content like never before.

Opinion leaders can share their most personal experiences in the backstage, how are you working on the next new seasons? Fans and potential customers, on the other hand, can experience the world of catwalks without being present or being invited. Instagram is changing the way we consume fashion content, get inspired and buy the most Trendy without having to need a personal shopper. You can learn to have your own criteria by browsing the app and on your mobile.

If we add the fact that users are more involved with brands on Instagram and are willing to buy more easily on-line It becomes a great opportunity for the entire industry. From photographers to agencies through designers and dressmakers who must find a way to receive comments, opinions from their customers and see what they like the most.


If you do 6 years, the precursor was definitely Burberry's (@burberry) opening your account the first, today all the big brands are already present. Nike (@nike) leads the ranking with close to 70 million followers, followed by Victoria Secret (@victoriassecret) with close to 52 million and repeating Nike, but with her account she specializes in football (@nikefootball) with 26 million. Behind come HM (@hm), Chanel (@chanelofficial), Adidas (@adidasoriginals) or Zara (@zara) to not miss this great opportunity.

Paco Llata ​​(@, long-distance fashion photographer, tells us about his Instagram experience and how he uses it.

Instagram is a great tool for my work. I discovered it four or five years ago because other photographers told me about it. At first I only uploaded photos that I made with the iPhone. I had a lot of fun doing street photo and I did not think it had the expansion it has had. It was on a trip to Miami where I realized that all the

fashion professionals upload their photos to this network. And they were not photos with the phone, which also, but the best images they did for publishing and advertising.

That made me change my mind. I stopped uploading photos with my cell phone and started using the images I took with my professional cameras. In my opinion it has become the main showcase for photographers and models.

It helps me, not only to show my work, but to see what is being done around the world. Sometimes this happens within a few minutes of making those same photos as in the international catwalks.

In my last two trips to Miami I photographed several models with whom I had previously spoken on Instagram. Other times the opposite has happened to me. Being here, in Madrid, foreign models have been directed to me, taking advantage of the fact that they were passing through Spain and seeing my photos in IG, they have asked me to make a shooting.


With the new visual narrative, fashion brands and the entire industry are using Instagram to publicize their values ​​and their products. A brand can easily provide consumers and at a glance what is the essence, the culture of the brand, the lifestyle and the products that it sells.

I think the most complete and important social network for photographers. And even more so in the world of fashion because in addition to "seeing and being seen" allows me to contact in private, by DM with the own models, make-up artists, hairdressers ... and vice versa ». -Paco Llata, photographer.

The model Anastasia Dezhina from the agency Uno Models portrayed by Esmeralda Martin @esmeraldamartin for the Tenmag magazine.


As we saw in previous chapters, who better than your fans to be the ambassadors of your brand? Brands can create a personal commitment to the community. The hashtags they are still an important weapon to spread content within the photographic network and competitions such as the one organized by Levi's (@levis) can be organized looking for the perfect model for a cowboy campaign.


Social networks have removed the information barriers between a certain "caste" that surrounded fashion and the general public. You no longer have to wait a few days to see what is going on on the catwalks on your television. Both the fans and the models themselves share what they carry and directly from the show. Some designers even offer their followers videos and snapshots of the backstage, from the nerves of the moment giving us a genuine vision of the inspiration behind their designs. Brands are increasingly constructed based on the storytelling.

Esmeralda Martin (@esmeraldamartin) international exmodelo and nowadays fashion photographer tells us everything that has changed these last 20 years in her profession.

What I see that Instagram has integrated into fashion, both as a model or a photographer, is the diffusion of your work in real time, including being able to contact through the social network. It is another tool of promotion at international level that before there was not and only the people

specialized sector could access that information.

Alberto Yague from @studioyague, one of the best digital photography retouching and postproduction studios in Spain and working with the most prestigious photographers in the fashion world, was also one of the first to use Instagram to promote his work. Tells us: My experience in IG starts at the 2010, just opened Studio YagĂŒe. My friend Phil recommended that I open an account and start uploading images from my studio. After 7 years ... we have 12.000 followers and the best thing is that we can contact all the people in our sector and vice versa!


In March of 2015, Instagram launched a new feature, Carousel Ads: a typology that allows a presentation of slides similar to the recent "albums" that have been made available to users. These carousel sponsors that appear naturally in the middle of feed Users' Instagram also include a "more information" button and serve as access to the purchase. Soon we will see how Instagram is adding more facilities to jump from the app to shopping gateways.

Salvador SuĂĄrez, co-founder of the consultancy and digital agency Good Rebels and specialized in the world of fashion and luxury, tells us:

Instagram has completely changed the relationship between brands and consumers, we are witnesses of this evolution since we have been working with recognized global brands in the fashion and luxury industry for years.

In both Europe and Latin America, we are developing an Instagram strategy for industry brands based on the personalization of the content based on the tastes and interests of the consumer.

To all this, we must bear in mind that we will have our credit card incorporated into our social Instagram profile (Facebook already has the approval of the European regulatory body to manage financial transfers between users) that will revolutionize electronic commerce in this social network because we can buy directly in a single click without having to complete long records and forms.

There is no doubt that mobile photography and Instagram have revolutionized and redefined the fashion industry. The fashion industry, formerly exclusive and reserved for a certain elite, is now accessible to any type of audience. It allows brands to create an identity, establish a real commitment to their fan community and generate sales beyond the stores of a lifetime.


During these last years, the brands were betting on blogs as a means of communication suitable to provide their products and from a close perspective. However, Instagram has been gaining ground in the usual content of fashion blogs. We have seen a major change in the publications. Blogs involve less and less text and it's all much more visual. It's not unusual to see a blogger, her work, the

appearance of your blog will have been in the fashion of Instagram. On the one hand, it is faster to share some photos from a fashion week and some comments and it's more genuine. Before, I forced the blogger to go home, edit the photos, write the article and then share it. Result: Today people do not want to wait that long anymore. Tomorrow that content is obsolete and there is another collection presented!

The fashion and luxury sector are sectors that differ essentially in the management of the product and its brand, as well as in communication strategies. Regardless of more or less formal or complex definitions linked to creativity, styles, tendencies, identity, belonging to a certain group, inspiration, etc., today we accept that each person is able to equip themselves with their own style and generate your own concept of fashion and luxury.

Instagram has become today a great showcase, a platform where many of the aforementioned elements are cited simultaneously, which go through the enjoyment in itself -through images, techniques and places of special interest- and an exercise of persecution of beauty, generation of styles and projection of one's identity in everyday life, Jorge Segado (@jorgesegado) from the publisher GyJ tells us.

Most followed brands according to the March 1 2017.

Most followed luxury brands according to in February of the 2017.


Instagram is the perfect place for luxury brands to make their mark.

It is a channel with content with high aspirations and where vanity gives free rein to share what you have, everything that others want. An escalation of means, a waste of jewels, ostentation of sports cars, hotels with suites at prohibitive prices that can sometimes seem, even in bad taste.

All the celebrities of star system They are already on Instagram, some more discreet than others in terms of personal wealth. However, and just to cite a case, the one of this American millionaire Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) that with more than 20 millions of followers (and a certified account) leads a life of exaggerations and abuses. Always surrounded by voluptuous women, exhibiting amazing yachts, jewels or luxury cars. The photos follow each other and show that luxury does not provoke (always) rejection but rather something of admiration.

Almudena Guisado - @almuguisado

Decasa television channel @decasa


@dulceida - 1,6 millions of followers

Aida Domenech

Blogger youtuber and host of «I want to be in Divinity».

@lovelypepa - 1,3 millions of followers

Alexandra Pereira

Blogger and recently it's youtuber

@collagevintage - 774.000 of followers

Sara Escudero


@ galagonzĂĄlez - 746.000 followers

Gala GonzĂĄlez.

Blogger and art director of U by Adolfo DomĂ­nguez

@trendy_taste - 474.000 followers

Natalia Cabezas

Blogger youtuber.

@lauraescanes - 440.000 followers

Laura Escanes.

Blogger youtuber.

@riumbaumarta - 424.000 followers.

Marta Riumbau.


@bartabacmode - 370.000 followers.

Silvia GarcĂ­a.

It's in the StyleLovely header

@madamederosa - 324.000 followers.

Ángela Rozas Saiz

Stylist in Mediaset, presenter of I want to be with Dulceida in Divinity.

@mypeeptoes - 311.000 followers.

Paula OrdovĂĄs

Journalist, blogger, youtuber.

@ladyaddict - 259.000 followers.

Silvia Zamora.

Next to Bartabac, in the StyleLovely header.

* Data: March 2017.




Photography was always a fundamental support of vacations and trips. From the great exploits of explorers in Antarctica to American lunar missions, photography was one of the backstage full of emotions and memories.

To be able to live things, again and again, unforgettable moments and share them with everyone in a few seconds was one of the first "reason to exist" of Instagram and one of its success factors. With more than 150 millions of photos tagged #travel and millions of other photos tagged with destinations like #Paris, #Londres or #Barcelona, ​​tourism is one of the most important content in this visual social network.

Travel preparation starts today on Instagram.

All the professionals of the trip will tell you that they live the same trip three times.

  • Before the trip: all the preparation phase, the moment in which you go informing, you listen or ask advice to your friends about destinations, the excitement in the purchase of airline tickets, looking for advice at the time of
  • During the trip: the moment in which you live the experience, you feel it, photographs and you can share the moment and what you admire. Very often with some nervousness, you try to capture with your mobile everything that
  • After the trip: Probably the most exciting time of the trip because it never ends. The nostalgia, everything you will live again during your whole life, what you liked (what you did not like and you will soon forget), go back to see the images, share them again and explain to your friends where

During these three phases, Instagram has become a vital tool. Both for those who live in that tourism industry and for those who enjoy them.


For everything explained before, photography is so important in the world of tourism and travel. Hotel companies, airlines, recommendation websites have understood that the graphic element is vital and today there is no hotel website without photographs,

which was common ten years ago. The instantaneity and the fact that the photos are uploaded by users give even more truth to the content.


Many travel catalogs contain photos edited with Photoshop, beaches of years ago without tourists just ... Instagram really shows you the destination. Remember that users believe more what a friend tells them (70%) than what an advertisement tells them (30%) and nothing better than having 600 millions of people who share more than 100 million of photos every day as Find an opportunity to promote a destination.

I always say that we have all become influencers. Have 100 or 100.000 followers, you are sharing "the most attractive" of a destination and doing a favor to the city or country you visit. Do not forget to promote it, use the geolocation, share some hashtags (in English and Spanish) of #maldivas or #maldives and mention the restaurant or hotel that you visit and has given you good service. It will be a way of thanking those who have welcomed you.

Look what your competitors do. Open your account and promote your label, invite influencers, set up competitions and announce your destination as one of the best in your country.


Based on a recent study by the company based on the use of labels, we can define the most photographed cities, either by the number of visits they receive or by the dynamism of their local users in sharing the benefits of their locality.

  1. London: 67,5 million photos
  2. Paris: 57,5 million
  3. Istanbul: 37,3 million
  4. Barcelona: 25 million
  5. Moscow: 23,2 million
  6. Berlin: 19,2 million
  7. Madrid: 17,5 million
  8. Amsterdam: 15,2 million
  9. Milano: 12,8 million
  10. Rome: 12 million


There are already many companies that have understood the importance of this network. From airlines to hotels like @iberia, @vueling or @nhhotels to tourism offices such as @spain's dynamic account, all the actors in the travel world are on Instagram.

El Pilar de Zaragoza seen by @pablodmartin.

I remember how the tourism agency of Catalonia (through its account @catalunyaexperience and in collaboration with Instagramers Barcelona) proposed us to organize a #instatrip to promote tourism in Barcelona and Girona, which was probably the first trip of influencers On Instagram. A few 12 users from around the world were able to visit the most impressive corners of Catalonia for a few days (and free of charge). We will remember how the @fcbarcelona welcomed us in #CampNou itself to

celebrate the starting gun. «12 Apostles» with accounts from hundreds of thousands of fans that would be the first step in putting the @catalunyaexperience account in close to 200.000 followers today and bringing the hashtag #catalunyaexperience reach more than 1,5 million photos.

We would repeat then in France with the #toulouseexperience, then in Switzerland with the #gstaadexperience and a good number of times in Italy with the organization of, subsidiary of tourism promotion of Instagramers Italy. Trips on the Island of Elba to Tuscany in fiat 500 of the 70 years. A fun way to discover a country and share it with millions of followers. In Spain, we would also organize several trips with the tourism agency of Costa Brava, tourism in Andalusia and the CĂĄdiz deputation with great results accumulating hundreds of thousands of impacts. We recently held informative workshops on the use of Instagram with @bthetravelbrand.


I remember that my first steps on Instagram were first in Morocco (my first photo was taken in Tetouan, Morocco) and then in Thailand in December of the 2010. My surprise was to see my account grow with users from other countries that were not from Spain. Probably because of the hours in which he published the photos from there and also because of the good use he made of the hashtags... It was evident in these two trips that I would not take the camera with me anymore ... because I was not using it anymore! And it also became clear to me that what is mine would be to portray people or landscapes in the context of travel. Today, most of my photos are focused on discovering places, dreaming of destinations around the world. The destinations that, luckily, I work or for the events of Instagramers I am taken to visit. I bring you here my thoughts and advice when it comes to enjoying your trip with Instagram.


A special trip must also be prepared in a special way. The choice of destination, mode of transport, hotels, etc. Even the friends who will accompany you. But do not forget to plan your photographic vacations too!


  • 1) Do not forget to move your previous photos to the trip from your camera roll to your Dropbox, iCloud or computer. It is so common to lose your smartphone Travel. Or what do you
  • 2) Make sure your mobile is ready to take a lot of photos and will not reach its maximum storage capacity during your trip. Leave only what is necessary before
  • 3) Do not forget to update all your applications, and in particular your favorite editing applications and of course, the most .. The Instagram application. Is

always more complicated to do it from abroad and without Wireless.

  • 4) If you are going to spend a lot of time away from plugs, buy one or two external batteries. It is not expensive and it is very useful! And of course an adapter for local plugs.
  • 5) Do not forget your favorite accessories at home, lenses for your mobile phone, your Olloclip, the tripod if you are going to take long exposure photos or in nocturnal conditions, an aquatic cover if you go to the sea or to the mountain and of course, the selfie stick that aside from the production of selfies It serves for a multitude of occasions


  • 6) From the moment «0», leaving home, being in the taxi or at the airport you might be tempted to share your experience. Make up a funny label that will be "the tag of reference »of your trip. Type #yournameusuario_tailandia2013 for example or #filipinos7 if you are 7 friends and travel to the Philippines. Think of an original label with little chance of being used by another user. It will avoid having your label contaminated with photos of other users on another trip. The more complex the hashtag (using your username, for example) less chance of that happening.
  • 7) Search the accounts of establishments you will visit, the labels that other users use of the places you visit so that other travelers can discover you. You can meet people who are in the same place as you and contact them.
  • 8) Be always ready to take as many photos as you can! If you do not do it, you can go home with great frustration seeing the scant number of photos you took from places where you may not return
  • 9) In some countries, it is not recommended to take pictures of people on the street and it may not be well seen. You must inform yourself about local customs before. In countries with a high crime rate, you must take care of your smartphone and be discreet when you take pictures and have the phone in the
  • 10) Take pictures with different camera applications and lenses. You can take pictures with your phone's native camera and then try other applications in the same place, try using different filters, apps like Vsco Cam, Hipstamatic, Snapseed ... Sometimes I have come home frustrated to take pictures with a only app when the native camera could have given me many more facilities when retouching. Usually, I usually take pictures with the phone's native camera and then retouch them with Snapseed, but I also occasionally return to the nostalgia of Hipstamatic and his photos vintage for portraits and bucolic situations.
  • 11) You can use a digital camera too! Although I'm not publishing camera photos (I do not even have it in fact) you can enjoy and share both photos (or videos) on Instagram, Facebook or wherever.
  • 12) Discover new horizons! It is possible that the holidays are the best time to change from If you are a lover of black and white can be a

good time to try new sensations and color combinations or create a travel account dedicated to your most colorful moments. Take the opportunity to try new editing applications. You probably have little time to try new things during your day to day all year ... So take advantage of your free time on vacation.

  • 13) Do not forget to write a short note daily, a reminder of all the places you are visiting in your notes in the smartphone. You will need them to title your next photos or give life to your photo albums when you return to
  • 14) Lend your smartphone to your friends! Otherwise, you will not appear in any photo!
  • 15) Do not edit in full sunlight or from a bus. Watch your photos quietly at night in your hotel room and with Wireless .. Remember that the Roaming And the data rate abroad can be very cruel on your next bill.


  • 16) Organize your photos. Select the best way to organize your photos on your mobile, think before where you will keep your photos in different albums, or open an account on Dropbox or iCloud that are the best solutions so that you never miss your graphic files and go with you all
  • 17) Share your photos through other social networks as well. During and after the trip do not forget to share your photos and videos, your Instagram Stories with all your friends, through Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. And not only in

  • 18) Do not be selfish! Send your best photos also via email to the friends who traveled with you. It is a pity that all these photos are enjoyed only by friends instagramers.
  • 19) Do not forget that you can print your photos and keep a great memory on paper of your trips. You can print your photos in spectacular format and from your mobile with the Picglaze application (@picglaze) or design your next mobile case with Casetify (@casetify).
  • 20) Next trip. Why not think about visiting a good friend instagramers who lives on the other side of the world next year?

Laura LĂłpez - @lauraponts



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We do not know if Instagram has revolutionized gastronomy or gastronomy revolutionized Instagram. The fact is that there are more than 210 million of photos tagged with #food and a few millions per dish type, like pizza o sushi who lead the ranking of dishes.

A billion, maybe more?


It has something to do with aspirations, on the one hand, as we like to share with some pride the new restaurant we discovered, the wine we tasted, with whom, and on the other hand it has to do with the rise of gastronomy in all its watersheds in our lives.

TV programs, cooking courses, chefs more media than ever (thanks Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver), the fact is that cooking is fashionable and make a hole in your life is essential. I think that also, in certain countries like Japan and cultural issues, it is very bad seen taking pictures of other people and of course, users take refuge in what they have closest and free of excuses. The sushi, companion animals and urban architecture.


Laura LĂłpez Pinos (@lauraponts) is probably the most talented and creative mobile photographer currently. Discreet and humble when it comes to his talent, he has never followed any photography course, nor has he opted to buy a professional material. Keep on taking your photos with the same cell you talk to, send WhatsApp or buy online. Laura tells us her experience.

From a very young age, the images that most caught me were those that showed people from remote places eating. I was speechless with the markets, the smells, the tastes and the revealing meals of any alley. I started to wake up the palate traveling. That's how I learned to love food, and at the same time to find the best way through the kitchen.

The pleasure of seeing what it takes to prepare a good stew, the passion to make pretty a simple raspberry cake, or the luxury of eating, eating and eating. That's how happy I was. Although I did not share it. I was the last of my group of friends to manage Instagram, and yet, right now my gastronomic account is probably the one with the most followers in Spain. How? Well, it has not been easy.

I started probably at the right time, I knew how to differentiate myself from other foodies by creating my still lifes, almost drawing with the ingredients that I had in my hands. I put aside the restaurants, I understand cooking, but I feel passion and self-love.

Not everything is achieved with a good camera. You have to work on a daily basis, be original, fast and fun and try to get your images with users that hook you, and the day you have not published anything, call you and ask: where is your picture today? ? It is the most beautiful thing that happens to me today in the network, that people wait for my publication, that people fill my account of affectionate adjectives or compliments every day and feel useful with my own hands, despite not having photography knowledge , or have attended courses.

You alone achieve this gallery, this landscape or postcard without leaving home. From the recipe, going through the preparation of the table, the assembly, the sense of the distribution of ingredients and knowing how to combine the cooked with the raw, to get the perfect picture.

Without understanding technology, or digital cameras, with a simple mobile phone I have been able to collaborate with important companies, take Instagram accounts of restaurants with Michelin stars, to be interviewed in dozens of radio or TV programs, give talks or workshops without being an expert. I had the opportunity to travel because someone at the other end of the world loved my job. I made the thousand and one contacts, special friends and I was able to have another job. Because there is no doubt that this right now is already.

I have more than 3.000 publications, some 180.000 followers and an average of 5.500 likes by photo. Here is when you can live on Instagram, be it with your photos, with your articles on pages related to gastronomy, as a community manager or simply advertising products, restaurants or hotels.

When companies insist on collaborating with you, you have already earned your success. I always wonder how long it will last, until when. So my advice to anyone who wants to enter this world, is not to abandon what you have. Success comes and goes, and I think it's smart people not to leave a job, if I've been able to combine mine, you can also achieve it. Everything is fashions. I hope they last, hopefully.

The most important thing is to love your work, work with your imagination, be very meticulous and perfectionist, this is how you can earn money through Instagram. Do not abandon your publications, be nice to your followers and distinguish yourself from others.


Almudena Guisado, Web Product Manager of @CanalCocina, famous television channel specializing in gastronomy, tells us how the channel began on Instagram.

I remember the first time I heard the word Instagram. It came from the mouth of my boss, author of this book. Phil was returning from a holiday in Thailand and was excited because he had been able to share his best photos through a new social network called Instagram. I have to admit that I did not understand anything.

Why would you be in a social network with people you did not know anything about? Why would they be interested in seeing the photos of my vacation? And the most disruptive of all, only in the app and for iOS?

But he had it clear, his intuition told him that this new social network was the future. And of course, he was not wrong one iota. And he convinced us all. The whole team opened our personal profiles and started publishing as we could.

Gonzalo D'Ambrosio (@gonzfd) and Anna Olson (@chefannaolson) chefs from @canalcocina.

Due to this enthusiasm so early, our brands were undoubtedly the first television channels in Spain to have an official Instagram account and among them, naturally, the one that best developed in this new environment was Canal Cocina. Every day we release new recipes that we upload to our website and share on social networks to give them visibility. Our photographers make wonderful pictures of the recipes and the chefs, so the work of community manager it's very easy: just add an attractive caption and Voila! The success of each post is assured!

El check blue The official account is a daily reminder of a job well done and more than 120 thousand followers who enjoy every day of our publications certify it.

Thanks to @CanalCocina, the food unites us a little more to all of us who enjoy Instagram.

As the former head of the digital department where Almudena works, I would recommend some of the accounts of the small family of "Blogueros cocineros" that we created in Canal Cocina. Each one has a very own style and they are more or less active on Instagram. I can not quote them all, but to mention some very different styles I would say @alma_cupcakes, @anaentreolivos, @lasrecetasdemj, @loletabyloleta, @postressaludables, @martasimonet, @raquel_carmona, the veterans of YouTube @elcocinerofiel or @isasaweis. Without forgetting chefs like our friend Gonzalo D

'Ambrosio @gonzfd or Julius Bienert @juliusbienert. Also in Spain, the most famous chefs such as @albertochicote, @qiqedacosta, and the fashion establishments like @bibodanigarcia that cause Instagram hysteria have not resisted.

Laura López Pinos - @lauraponts Food stylist - Brand Food Strategist Author of the book «Arte Foodie»


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In the 42 post of the hashtags On Instagram, we found the #music tag with more than 135 million photos. However, as in other cases, music is much more important than it seems and there are millions of shared photos of singers, groups, sessions in videos, memories of festivals uploaded by the artists themselves, as well as their fans.

Let us also remember that the world ranking of the most followed users is led by artists like @selenagomez (110 millions of followers), @arianagrande and @taylorswift (98 million) as well as @beyonce (more than 100 million). The first male artist is @justintimberlake and then there is @justinbieber clear.

I remember participating in one of the first promotional actions of the Primavera Sound festival (@primavera_sound) when Instagram was still an unknown application. I was a reporter for the Ray Ban brand (@rayban) and I was able to broadcast the concerts from within. Today the most important festivals already have their Instagram account and encourage the event with contests and with their hashtag official.

Alaska @alaskaoficial in the Instagramers Gallery. Photo: @ireneml

And it makes sense. Instagram is terribly visual and the musical side is inseparable from the image as our friend Alaska (@alaskaoficial) tells us here.

I am interested in singers and groups that go beyond a simple musical proposal, which become artists in which aesthetics have a complementary value in their work, be it their own image or the care with which they wrap their albums or their presentations on stage.

That's why I've also been interested in Instagram as the only social network in which I participate. Sharing images is a psychological display of the person you follow and in the case of musicians very significant. There are professional profiles for promotional purposes and no personal involvement, while there are some so artistic that only reflect an abstract facet of the artist and others so everyday that they only show what they eat, eat and have dinner.


Uri Bonet (@uri_bonet) percussionist from Love of Lesbian (@loveoflesbian) tells us that: first of all we are a group of passionate about social networks and that the management and presence in them has always been a key factor in the growth of our band. Social networks, we all know, are alive, and we are the users who evolve them. Over time we have been learning and discovering the use of each of them. You do not always hit and that's the beauty. The test, the test / error, learn, fail. That is also important.

In our case, Instagram has brought fresh air. It has meant a new approach in the approach towards our audience since it allows us to create a story. And that is very important. It is the big difference. Not only do we locate ourselves at a specific moment, but we delve into the contents. We can be storytellers. And not only professionally, but also personally, each one in our account. We love that, and I think that vision catches a lot of the artists and our followers. And to explain those stories we have the best. To Julian! (@juligan008)

The music enters through the view. It has always seemed to me that the visual is fundamental for music, that it can not be separated from sound. Alaska.

Dani Moreno, known as El gallo de los 40 (@elgallodelos40), describes how he animates his program, and how he awakens the country using music, humor and good vibes.

Definitely, Instagram is my favorite app. I usually handle other apps because being in social networks is very important for my work. The radio at this time is already a multi-platform multimedia in which networks, videos and audios coexist.

Every day I shoot a video when I start 6 in the morning and it's crazy. It's the first thing

They see our listeners when they wake up and they do not stop sending us comments. I always use it to upload videos with advancements of what will happen throughout the morning in the program and I feel a direct and quick feedback from our fans.

While listeners of "WALK NOW!" Listen to the radio in their car, at home or at work, or are even connected through the LOS40 app they can see us through the camera we have in the studio and enjoy themselves in the cover of the single that sounds at that precise moment during our program.

Personally, I also upload photos of my private life, my vacations, what I like. Becoming known, even with some measures, is important so that people do not see you as a person too far from what we consider "normal". Always with caution. Once I put a picture during my vacation in which only a hammock and some flowers were seen and many instagramers already commented that they had guessed where it was. At that moment you think it can be dangerous, that it can rob you of a little privacy. Everything in its proper measure is fine. Everything in excess is bad" Dani confesses to us.

The guild of DJs He has not been left out and his photographs are impressive. selfies with thousands of people dancing, dream trips, sleepless ways of life and good vibes. Personally I follow my DJs favorites that are @Kaskade and @Deadmau5 without forgetting my friends from the innovative thinking of @audispain both Carlos Jean (@carlosjean) and Wally Lopez (@wallylopez). Wally, one of our DJs more international comments:

Without any doubt on Instagram I found the most comfortable way to relate to my followers ... my blog is today my Instagram profile.

In Instagram Stories I upload videos as I compose music and involve my fans. With Instagram Live and live when I'm in session and when I travel I share the photos of my trips and my other hobbies. It is a direct access to my life. My favorite DJ on Instagram is @Dubfire. I like it for its music, but above all for its passion for gastronomy!

In short, music is one of the most important elements of our lives and it is natural that it is one of the most present contents in this social network. Find your favorite group, the festival where you dream to go, sure they are already on Instagram.

Javier Gayoso - @jgayoso

Country Manager Spotify Spain (@spotifyspain)


In Spotify we seek to interact with users through comments or views of our videos. That is, our Instagram strategy is based more on the engagement that performance. In other social networks, on the contrary, we are more oriented to direct traffic to the application and get more conversions (clients) to our subscriptions Premium.

The content that we started publishing on Instagram was a practically exact replica of what we had been sharing on other networks, but we realized that Instagram users follow other patterns and, therefore, require content specifically created for them.

Our intention is that every time there is more exclusive content of artists, backstage, live concerts, festivals, etc. In this way we will bring closer the life of the artists to the day to day of our followers. This is how we understand Instagram, as an extension of our daily life.

As an example, these latest news we had the office of Spotify Spain full of artists who came to leave their messages of Christmas greetings, as if any of us were presented in the living room of a friend's house and brought a gift.

Discuss that we are starting with the use of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, for example, when the Crystal Fighters came. In this case we recorded several videos of how they were prepared before the concert and a few seconds of the performance to show that exclusive part, as an appetizer. We even had a live video of 10 minutes that transported our followers in a virtual way to our office. It was a great success, so we intend to continue in that way.

I'll finish with an anecdote of the Day of the Innocents, from Instagram Stories we reproduce 'The Song of the Day' which was 'Coco-guagua' and then we put a video of a chicken. We achieve the desired double effect, promote the contents of the section and give that funny and fresh tone of our brand.




What we tell about our day to day? What we share with other users? The weather in Paris? What are some tremendous traffic jams in Madrid? A conflict in Syria or an uprising in Turkey? Or that there are people who have gathered before such or such a ministry?

Information, in its broadest sense, is all of the above, but I wanted to deal in a particular way with information related to social, economic, and political facts that have notable repercussions on the system, on the organization of our societies.

With the rise of social networks, the veracity of this information has often been the subject of debate. Is the information contrasted when shared by users via social networks, without filters, or measured? I think it is a very deep debate that requires differentiating types of concrete facts and possible manipulations. Of course you have to be cautious. We are aware that the famous Photoshop not only "takes years" models, but has transformed the original version of history, coupled with historical figures who never coincided or caused rumors without foundations. With Instagram is more complicated, due to its instantaneity, but not discarded. It would be very difficult for dozens of users to agree on an identical retouch, a new version of reality, a strike, demonstrations, but not impossible.


Could a collective hysteria occur? 2.0 similar to what was the radio version of the play "the war of the worlds" related by a young Orson Welles and that put the hair on the edge of all America? One day a large-scale manipulation could perfectly occur.

Where Twitter fails (because it's so much more viral and can be a source of crazy bugs), Instagram allows less agile repost and it requires more pause or effort. You can run a "disproportionate or false" headline on Twitter when on Instagram, it's much more likely that "what you see is what you get" but again, it's not impossible.

You can not deny its role as an informative tool with examples like the ones we lived in at the beginning of the app. I remember one morning when I woke up and with my cell phone in hand, I heard about the earthquake in Japan. I was amazed to see the photo of a user who said "I'm alive in Tokyo" (I'm still alive in Tokyo). It was my first emotional shock in the app. A user who informed all his relatives who had survived the cataclysm. #PrayforJapan was the first hashtag of the kind. Then unfortunately many others would come #prayfor some country damaged by cataclysms or any other type of human madness until #jesuischarlie that harvested more than a million photos in 24 hours in the app.

On Instagram you see more photos of support for something that really information itself. If it is true that the events of the past year 2016 in Turkey were widely broadcast in IG as they were at the time the 15-M in Madrid, but what is said, is usually more social support and the viralization of support photos or « defense of »that the application copes with. In that sense, many humanitarian associations such as UNICEF (@unicef) or Save the children (@savethechildren_es) have understood the power of call and sensitization to charitable causes of the app.

News organizations have also taken note, and we want to highlight some that

They bet and that they are leading the way in communicating the latest news through photos.

The NBC (@nbcnews) shares the best photos of its writing, commenting on the most relevant events in the world. Equally, treated in ABC (@abcnews), BBC News (@bbcnews) or the same Time magazine (@time). In Spain there was a certain slowness when adopting this new way of distributing contents. El Mundo (@elmundo_es) and especially El PaĂ­s (@el_pais) that today leads the ranking on Instagram with its 110.000 followers are the two media that have incorporated news content, although in a way


Who has not retweeted something without reading the article, or thinking about the credibility of the information or the photo?

Ángel Jimenez, a technology journalist from El Mundo based in New York, tells us his opinion about Instagram and information: "It is difficult to think of an application that has had a greater impact than Instagram, not only on the appreciation of photographic art but also on the way in which we see our life. Every day, it impels millions of people to observe reality with aesthetic criteria, to find beauty in the mundane. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Instagram is that as a communication tool it has just begun to show its potential. With tools like Stories and more flexibility in the type of images and videos that can be shared, Instagram can become a visual medium in which to tell stories with a great impact and a planetary audience, a new channel away from the noise of the web and traditional social networks ».


Perhaps he is a dreamer, but followers of social networks have contributed to overthrowing many prejudices and overcoming enormous cultural barriers, political censorship, the archaism of some governments and helped some peoples to rise up.

I really think that Instagram is one more factor of global social stability as social networks can be as a whole. There are no geographical or religious boundaries that stop the virtual friendships that are creating the applications and on Instagram is a bit the same. Prejudices about such a country or culture disappear when having a friendship with other users. You can not stop the information shared through the application. I still remember the great first social movement, at the beginning of Instagram, during the 15-M in Spain. Thousands of photographs of what happened in Puerta del Sol were uploaded to an Instagram still nascent. Then all the social movements in Asia, North Africa, Turkey have known the same kind of citizen response.

Instagram is a global village where everything is shared and everything is known. Since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, the attacks of Paris, the Seville fair or the red carpet during the Oscars. Everything is shared. The risk as Jon said starting this chapter is to make good use of the app and be cautious when analyzing or viralize what is seen.

I want to dedicate this chapter to my uncle Serafín García Ibañez, a journalist at Unesco for years and who was always a faithful defender of freedom of the press and of expression.

Uly MartĂ­n - @uly_martin

Graphic editor of the newspaper El PaĂ­s


We all know Instagram, a social network and application to upload images.

Millions of photos a day. It is increasingly common for press photographers, journalists and the media to publish photographs on this platform, to open another window to show their work.

I have been a user for a year In my portfolio there are two clear groups of journalistic photographs, the #Ulynarios, series of portraits made to characters through the mirrors of the wc, and a second group that fed with images of political, congress, senate, party themes , etc.

In both cases I use the Hipstamatic application, and in the latter the photos are in black and white. I have verified that when using the phone and not the professional camera, I can pass more unnoticed when taking pictures.



If we talk about art, the first form that will probably come to your head will be your own photography. However, all forms of art are represented today in this social network. After timid beginnings with a few "enlightened" people who shared their work street art, some graffiti or the snapshots of a few architects who portrayed their latest creations, today thousands of artists promote their drawings, their theater works, their dances or their sculptures through our favorite application.


One of the biggest controversies of the early days was the reaction of the professional photographers community and their rejection of Instagram. Instagram was photography. A new form of photography that devastated and set trends. A form of photography that began to make its way into magazines and catalogs causing some mistrust in the middle of a crisis.

I remember Sebastian Salgado himself, one of the best photographers in the world and awarded by the Prince of Asturias, telling me in the event Fotogenio de Mazarrón, Murcia that «Photography with a mobile phone is not photography». In spite of that I saw him take pictures with his smartphone at sunset and those shots would probably be worth gold. With all my respect for his tremendous career, I think he's wrong. The Polaroid was not a photograph either in its day and caused rejection and then it was adopted by all the greats. The digital camera caused the same stir and today ...

Today there are few professional photographers who have not understood the power of diffusion and promotion of Instagram.

Be photography or not, thousands of instagramers Throughout the world, they discovered photography through Instagram, they bought digital cameras, they visited exhibitions of acclaimed photographers such as Vivian Maier's recent one in Madrid, or those exhibited at the TelefĂłnica Foundation all year long and bought original photos of professionals, thus expanding the spectrum of clients of the photographic industry as a whole. Blessed be Instagram in that sense.

Internationally, renowned photographers such as Steve Mc Curry (@stevemccurryofficial) of National Geographic, David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder) or Michael Christopher Brown (@michaelchristopherbrown) of the Magnum agency or in Spain, personalities

recognized as Eugenio Recuenco (@eugeniorecuenco_oficial) or Jose MarĂ­a Mellado (@jmmellado) share their snapshots without complexes and without fears. I congratulate you.

I also want to pay a very special tribute to Oscar Masats (@rak357) a great friend, a great photographer, always faithful to our community of Instagramers Madrid who believed from the very beginning mobile street photography through shots of Alcalá or the streets of Madrid. Óscar left us a couple of years ago and we still have in his memory his #walkingmadrid that we missed so much. Your account will be forever alive for those who want to visit from time to time.

Madrid seen by @rak357.


Andrea Antoni (@stailuan) is one of the Italian artists I discovered on Instagram. Andrea is the author of the book in Italian called "Trova la tua identitĂ  her Instagram" and tells us how everything started for him and gives us some clues about the most original accounts he discovered.

I paint graffiti from 1977 and started with graphic design developing my own website, only to be able to show my work as a graffiti artist. With this background, approaching Instagram was the most natural thing in the world.

This social network is not like most people believe, it is not exclusively photography. It is a visual place without limitations and, if there are, we are probably very far from reaching them.

There is no definite way to use Instagram but infinite possibilities: you can publish only selfies, or images of your works, videos, sophisticated compositions or simple photos, digital illustrations or Boomerang, etc. Try it all out and you'll see if it leads to some kind of conclusion or personal and creative growth.

There are so many different creative approaches that I fell in love with this social network at first glance.

For original, let's talk about the account of Alessandro (@osnuflaz), a very nice Italian and traveler who shows us hilarious scenes of his toy dinosaur, the T-Rex.


Experiment and find your own style. You can find originality, something unique and different. Do not stop enriching the experience.

I am a very active user and I can not deny that on some occasion I can get bored some kind of content that is very repetitive. They work very well to get many "likes" but for me, in reality, they do not say anything about the people behind the accounts.

However, I can not help but get excited and exclaim "this guy is great!" Every time I see the gallery of some talents like @ night.crawlers, two artists (@kyleredington & @locobarry) that with a simple Go Pro and a lot imagination get a magic of lights and colors in each of their shots.

The forms of creativity are unlimited and I like to walk through all kinds of galleries. I especially like @virgola_ (who was once a featured artist of the Instagramers Gallery). Virgola is a doll drawn by Virginia, an illustrator who has her drawn girl interact with objects from everyday life, thus creating original scenes that reach you.

Another very original profile is that of Giulia Bernadelli @bernulia, an artist who draws with coffee stains and who is lately creating amazing compositions with fruits or anything else. His work could not go unnoticed and several brands already rely on their creativity and good taste.


Last but not least, I would like to mention the @Godyar profile. It does not have a thematic gallery but a set of situations, ingenious and bizarre.

At the level of my own account, my formula is as follows. Explore, look at what others do. What I like, what I do not like. Everything ends up being useful when you decide to do something. One of my favorite series is that of the photos playing with Pantone colors » concludes Andrea.


Instagram is an ideal promotion platform for companies and individuals, we have already said. For all kinds of art and artists too. But let's not forget that Instagram can become part of the creative process itself. Some talents have understood that Instagram, its form of communication, its daily publications, its format of comments and now, the arrival of new tools such as Boomerang, Instagram Live or the albums themselves can be new art forms.


I would recommend you take a look at profiles like those of the portraitist @daniwilde, the illustrator @paulabonet, the cartoonist with pen Bic @ericbicz the fun @normanmente, the fun ones

videos of people like @isaacfcorrales, the presenter and speaker @urisabat or his acolyte @jorgescremades among others.

Mar Abad - @marabad

Co-founder of the trend magazine Yorokobu.


We like to present Yorokobu as a way of telling things. That frees us from tying ourselves to labels and platforms at a time when we are passing between two worlds: that of the 20th century and the 21st century.

We think that the media are today in a limbo between what they were in the last decades of the XX and what we should be after the emergence of digital platforms. But nobody knows yet where we are going to evolve. I trust that the answer is in the kids of generation Z who are currently educated with YouTube, the Play and hopefully with some paper books.

What interests us the most in Yorokobu is publishing information that makes us reflect and encourages readers to awaken their creativity.

That is, for me, the most important challenge that the media now has: to stop indoctrinating and

publish information that makes the audience think. Let's form critical citizens, because this millennial ideal, however civilized we believe, remains a mirage.

That is the purpose behind our articles, our videos and our animations. But on Instagram the idea is different. We do not replicate the same content on all the platforms we use. In each one we offer content adapted to the profile of the audience and the possibilities of the channel.

Yorokobu on Instagram claims to be a community. We use this social network as a support to show interesting illustrations, photographs and creative works. We do not tell stories here

We already have other platforms for words. In Instagram we focus on the graphic, in the communication through images. We could even say that it is a kind of showcase where we show relevant works for anyone interested in creativity. Although, of course, that does not exclude publishing jokes or eccentricities. These things are essential to stay alive.

@godyar »



The flagship project of our worldwide fan network called Instagramers (@igers) is undoubtedly the Instagramers Gallery. This gallery, unique in the world, is open in the TelefĂłnica Foundation Space of the FundaciĂłn TelefĂłnica de Madrid in Calle Fuencarral, 3 (Gran VĂ­a subway) and I invite you to visit it throughout the year. Something always happens. You can find Instagram accounts from @espacioftef and @fundaciontef respectively, as well as our @igersgallery that organizes competitions and exhibitions.

And who better than Almudena Bermejo, the director of Espacio FundaciĂłn TelefĂłnica to tell us about it?

Almudena tells us: «Since April, 2014, the Fundación Telefónica Space is the headquarters of the Instagramers Gallery, a project that brings together the axes that this institution has promoted from its origins: technology and culture. It is an innovative commitment to quality content from a digital platform of full relevance and constantly growing as is the social network Instagram.

From the smartphone to the network and from there to the walls of Espacio Fundación Telefónica. This is the route taken by the images that can be physically seen in the @IgersGallery. With a theme closely linked to the programming of the Space, this initiative offers the opportunity for anyone to be part of it, calling for participation through competitions that facilitate interaction with users. In this way the online and offline world are united, creating a community in tune with the most current trends in the digital society ».

For Kim Olijslager (@Kimberleepower) coordinator of the Instagramers Gallery within the Espacio Fundación Telefónica «The gallery is a meeting point for all fans of instant photography and Instagram. Not only for people from Madrid, but also for those users from all over the world who come to visit the Spanish capital and want to see the @IgersGallery. We received many messages from #instaviajeros who are passing through and who want to meet to meet more instagramers. The Gallery gives the opportunity to known and less known artists to exhibit their works in a recognized and internationally prestigious site. Visitors can discover the world of Instagram and know a little more about what they can find on an artistic level in this app ».

Phil and Fran Perea (@frnperea) portrayed by @ireneml.

We organize workshops where artists from different artistic fields present on Instagram, teach us how to use it and as a colophon, our annual #instameet that is organized in the Instagramers Gallery and where we have been able to invite people like Alaska and Mario, Chicote, Jon Sistiaga or Wally López among others to share their vision, how they use it on a personal level and meet new talents from the social network » adds Kim.

You can find information all the year through the web

We would like to especially thank Almudena Bermejo, Lydia Loste, Elena Gonzålez (@elenaescocia), Andrés Perruca (@andresperrruca) and Ezequiel Villajos (@zequelin) and the entire Foundation team for their patience, support and enthusiasm throughout the year and in all our projects and events. I also want to thank Lorena Andrenacci, Gustavo Blanco and the entire Fundación Telefónica de Buenos Aires team that hosted several exhibitions at its headquarters and allowed us to cross the pond and join the projects from both sides of the Atlantic.

Long live the Instagramers Gallery!

Andrés Fernåndez - @andres_fdez CEO of @picglaze -

Partner in printing of the Instagramers Gallery in Madrid.

With the development of the Picglaze app we managed to make those moments come alive and we all came back to touch and feel the photos made with the mobile in an innovative format.

This has allowed us to support the Instagramers movement and the Instagramers Gallery with the production of several exhibitions a year produced from those artistic images that users of the application share and go from the 2.0 world to the real world.

A different and attractive way to contribute our grain of sand to art and culture starting from a digital and social movement.




All the experts agree. The purchase of Instagram by Facebook that made so much ink a few years ago and gave so much fear to users (loss of privacy, arrival of advertising) was a clear need to continue feeding the growth of "THE social network" of Mark Zuckerberg and keep the audience alive among their ranks. All the social networks end up succumbing to an erosion, a certain boredom of its users that look for novelties and it is increasingly difficult to manage this type of business.

Instagram injected a balm of "youth" and stopped the bleeding of adolescents who fled to other services ... And, on the other hand, tried to retain its dominance in the land of communication via photography ... With Instagram, Facebook managed to retain that audience little faithful but so interesting at the consumer and audience level. Young.

Snapchat already had a certain success when Mark acquired about 750 millions of dollars Instagram, but at that time, probably Zuckerberg saw little tour. The app is fun five minutes but then you get bored or it seems complex if you are older than 20 but ... for the younger ones? The case is that Snapchat has been growing as the foam and then met the failure of Mark in the attempt to buy Snapchat by checkbook and by 3 billion dollars ... Today after its recent IPO will have to be seen, but its value is above the 20.000 million dollars. Facebook is close to 900.000, remember it.

After trying to launch a Snapchat of its own (which quickly closed) Mark looked for another alternative and was to offer a space to teenagers on Instagram to be able to chat and communicate on Instagram. The arrival of the messaging, then, of the Instagram Stories, then, of Instagram Live were, without doubt, important turning points, as they were before, the arrival of the hashtags (January 2011) or video (July 2013) and profoundly changed the use of the app.

I always comment in my interventions that, on Instagram, the photo is a great excuse to interact and have fun.


The fate of Instagram will depend on the talent of Facebook to entertain its users and in particular young people.

Something that catches my attention is the tremendous difference of use that exists between categories such as adults over 25 years and adolescents under 20 years. I remember the first steps of the app where we were mostly adults and with a purchasing power

«Medium high». The app was only available for iPhone and it was two years later, in the 2012, that, with the arrival of Instagram to Android, substantially changed the audience. More terminals accessible to young people and a totally different use. The "elders" use it to have fun, to know the world, follow a Norwegian or a Turk, establish a friendship with a stranger they will never see and who lives in Boston and have a certain interest in getting followers from around the world, expanding horizons ...

On the contrary "Generation Z", as we call it (born of the year 1995 onwards) is related in a different way. He was born connected through his parents, he does not understand personal relationships in the same way, they do not measure success in the same way, nor of course they relate as their parents did. This means that the "gurus" of social networks and owners of empires like Facebook must be very attentive to what these young people want, who change a lot and very quickly. They are less and less faithful to brands and can leave you for another fashionable app or another form of entertainment.


Talking to Isabel (@isa_isasanchez), whose parents Isabel and Javier are also on Instagram, I realize the enormous difference in the use of a social network between parents and children. She has 18 years old. He is not really interested in interacting with people who do not

known. Isa tells us: »I prefer that the accounts be kept private because I believe that people have to maintain a minimum of privacy and not let unknown people know more than they should know».

Many young people close their accounts when their parents leave them open to everyone. She uses Instagram as another more visual and fun communication platform. He likes Instagram Instagram and Instagram Live more without any special reason. Only by being permanently connected to your circle of friends. «The live shows are very fashionable because you can communicate with a lot of people in one place» adds Isabel.

Mark Zuckergerg and Kevin Syström wage a battle against the boredom of young people.

This way of using the app by young people I observed in a conversation "face to face" with students during the event "The Country with my future 2016" and ratified by Aina (@rroselavy) a friend teacher of institute that helped me contrasting with the opinions of their students.

Although they are not "definitive" since they were small groups, they do provide curious conclusions such as:

  • They use it to follow and communicate with real friends. The vast majority affirm that they have it so as not to be socially excluded and for two or three years. They use it to be in contact with their real friends, especially with those who live in another city. To learn about the lives of others in the "gossip" plan. Instagram allows you to be in contact with people who do not see every day in class. This is, in its majority, the use that they give to the social network. They do not care so much if they follow many people or not, the vast majority use it to follow their friends. They are more concerned with the social image, with which, some say that the people who follow many people are those who pretend to have more friends. Despite thinking that social networks fragment society, affect face-to-face personal contact, etc ... they all use and enjoy Instagram and integrate it perfectly into their day-to-day, even in their face-to-face meetings.
  • You follow me I follow you? Although the subject of following / not following depends many times on vanity, we observe that the majority of the boys affirm that they follow girls who do not follow them. The rest claim to follow accounts related to the hobbies discussed above, whose users do not follow them. When they are people they do not know, they are usually, above all, accounts freak (said by themselves) the girls, especially accounts about fashion and then accounts about sports and a large part accounts about art (photography, dance, painting ...) and some students, the least, the
  • When they follow other accounts of unknown people they are usually famous or surprising accounts. The majority affirms that they like to follow celebrities and that through instagram they feel closer to them, but discard the construction of a relationship exclusively through the network. The social relationships that have had only through instagram, have not Several students claim to have known

people through the network, which has not pleased them. Many of them follow accounts where they publish photos and videos that are outlandish, surprising, with unusual content, freak ... Closer to the usual they are looking for on YouTube. The majority affirms to follow accounts on their hobbies (sports, artistic photography, dance, fashion, etc.).

  • From what social networks feel closest. They prefer Instagram to Facebook because «Facebook is the social network of parents». Instagram is more impersonal and instantaneous but important fact, prefer Instagram or Snapchat because it allows more diverse publications but curious to see that if they had to dispense with an application between WhatsApp and Instagram, they would stick with WhatsApp since it is very practical, apart from maintaining social relations, helps them in their day to day with the study (notes or questions). Does this perhaps explain why Facebook is adding elements such as Instagram Stories to its own platform like WhatsApp?
  • What are your preferred contents? They prefer to upload and watch videos because it allows them to be closer to the moment and the person who published them.
  • How much time do you dedicate to the day? All day! In the moments when they do not do anything, or even when they are in class. It's automatic. They are constantly opening the application, although at the same time they are doing something else. Many of them recognize that it is not good because it distracts them from studying. Then they use it mostly in the evenings and nights and most say they take time to edit the photos, especially the
  • They worry about privacy: Yes, and a lot. Some have attended talks at their institutes on Internet security, and, although as they get older, they are less concerned about privacy, most, especially girls, prefer to have a private account. Despite this, all agree that they close the account according to the content of their publications. Most (especially girls) have a private account, for security. Some young people say that it is at the request of their
  • How they see the future of Instagram: If we ask them if they will still like it in a few years, they say that according to how it evolves. They think so, but it depends on how it will be in a few years. The vast majority would like to include the video call: to be in direct contact and in real time with the people with whom they have contact through the


All these opinions are very valuable for any professional of photography, communication, the press or television if they want to remain the means of the future. These comments are those that describe the next generation of consumers. For Instagram,

"Renew or die" is as important as any other company or current social network that seeks to live or survive in this increasingly accelerated world.

Phil portrayed by @juanpas9.

Phenomena like Myspace disappeared, others like Twitter show some signs of weakness. Social networks are increasingly clear that their days may be numbered.

  • The "audit", from the business of the audience to the attention: Growth of the use of multi-devices, people connected to the internet while watching a series or football ... It is increasingly difficult to maintain the attention of the public and win the communication platforms that generate «wide audience + high level of attention». I define it as "audit".

In mobile devices (and in apps like Instagram), almost maximum attention is required to see the photos ... The challenge of Instagram will continue to grow in audience and keep people entertained for many minutes.

  • Entertainment does not have to take the form of photos and videos: Instagram will continue to offer new forms of entertainment following trends cool for young.

Videos, Direct Messaging, Hyperlapse, Boomerang ... A whole battery of tools and parallel apps that seek to facilitate new forms of entertainment ... So you have a good time and so you do not go to another site, another app ... Facebook has understood and is constantly making improvements in the use of its platform.

  • A growing integration with Facebook and also with WhatsApp: You will have noticed that you get friends suggested on Facebook that you only knew through Instagram, or WhatsApp contacts that appear as suggested on Facebook as well ... Well, Facebook will continue to organize your social life, your friends and perhaps recommend a day with whom It suits you to marry according to affinities, tastes and likes.

  • Advertising comes to Instagram: This integration will be relevant in the commercial field where Facebook is practically replicating the model of the «organic pseudo-post» (that is to say that a publication appears on Facebook in your news and does not appear to be advertising) and you can see on your wall, some ads mixed with photos of people who

Many people are complaining. Much more than with the arrival of advertising and "post sponsored" on Facebook. Advertising on Instagram seems much more ubiquitous than on Facebook.

  • Fall of the engagement. Some recent study has sent the alarm signal and points to a sharp drop in engagement on Instagram, Facebook will probably have to backtrack and regain control and "cure" the ads by accepting only quality campaigns and controlling the number of impacts per

In that sense, Instagram and Guiness launched in the United States, the first spot of 60 seconds, a format that will probably allow more storytelling and more creativity for brands that can create more interesting ads ... Everything is yet to be seen.

  • The influencers and groups of Instagramers: They will continue to be an asset for advertisers and brands will realize that advertising as it is today in Instagram will serve for one type of actions, for others not. Not all influencers they will get to stay alive. The art of being influencer will remain so without being

«Too much» influenced.

  • Video and Live on Instagram will be increasingly important: And commercial. I already commented on the blog a few years ago, the video would be increasingly important for the advertising activity of Instagram as it is more common (and accepted) to see an advertisement in front of a video or via brand content that among many other photos. Instagram is already even encouraging producers to make their releases exclusively through series in 1 minute. In fact, recently and to encourage people to upload more videos and on the other hand to offer a metric similar to YouTube, Instagram has changed the number of likes by number of
  • The 360Âș video on Facebook and maybe soon on Instagram. VR or Virtual Reality is fashionable. Facebook, Playstation, Samsung and the large corporations already work on immersive content. If Facebook already has videos and photos in 360Âș, there is little left for Instagram to integrate it into the app. It will require other ways of seeing it (with glasses) but it will arrive.

Manuel GonzĂĄlez, (@manuelg_noli) director of the Zoom Net program on TVE (@zoomnet_tve) and specialist in new technologies, tells us how he sees this new technology applied to IG.

The domestic 360 cameras have made fashionable on Instagram the #tinyplanets -a two-dimensional representation of a circular photo, reminiscent of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-, that is the first contact of Instagram with reality virtual, but I'm sure that very soon we can play with the 360 photos and videos with our finger making Instagram a more interactive social network between user and image.

But that will only be the beginning, if Facebook already has its VR chat rooms ready with avatars, Google has launched a version of its Chrome search engine focused on the

virtual reality and Twitter is thinking about including 360 content, surely the future of Instagram also goes through there.

Immerse users in immersive environments where they can share moments in virtual rooms populated with photos, videos, Instagram Stories or streaming 360 in real time. Of course, to preserve its essence Instagram will integrate its filters and image editor in these virtual reality environments. And it will also keep its square format, adding a vintage touch to a technology with as much future as the VR. Virtual reality and 360 will not unseat traditional photography and video, they will coexist in the same app, bringing greater richness and immersion to the stories that count every day of the millions of users who upload their moments to social networks. I do not see the moment when I can upload Instagram to my VR Stories.

  • An instagram without likes and without followers? Probably one of my most eccentric ideas, but it deserves a reflection is that one day the likes We know that like It is the symbol of social networks and Facebook magnified it. It is in fact one of its icons and the symbol that adorns the entrance of its business complex in Menlo Park. It is also the essence of all social networks that have then adopted that interaction or positive assessment by your friends as a stimulating element and

The race to like and follower, the search of the favorite or retweet have been the definitive emotional doping to catapult the frequency of use of such social applications ... But what would happen if tomorrow there was no likes o followers?

As a user, could you enjoy uploading photos without feeling that you are more or less than another? Only for the real pleasure of sharing a photo and receiving comments and little else ... Probably the bots, likes false and a series of disgusting practices ... There I leave it as a reflection.

  • From the filters vintage to the macro edition. Instagram continues to offer new ways to edit and new filters. The idea is to facilitate the work and avoid that users are going to other apps to edit and that other editing app is transformed someday into a social network of photography. The biggest scare took him with Vsco Cam, an editing app that became such a phenomenon within Instagram that it was launched on his own social network of Vsco cam fans. Even so, I think that Instagram will be able to use Vsco fashion as it could previously with ..
  • Towards an Instagram themed? I've been thinking for some time that Instagram will have a

day that "thematized". Or offer the possibility of creating lists of favorites that I mentioned earlier and that would allow us to order the people we follow by themes such as "architecture, travel or cats" ... or create sub-sections where the photos would naturally appear by theme ... It would be a luxury.

  • Integration of Instagram images on other platforms. Before the purchase by Facebook, Instagram was investigating possibilities to integrate the feed not only in blogs and websites but also in services of geolocation and flirting with Foursquare to provide that important visual element .. However Facebook froze everything. It is likely that if an Instagram day stops growing exponentially, ideas should be retaken in that
  • Another type of entertainment on Instagram? As commented a few lines above, it is very likely that Instagram will continue to explore new forms of entertainment away from the photos and video. The use of direct messaging seems to have received good reception and it is very likely that the company opens new horizons ... Everything that could be welcomed by users when having fun and sharing it with friends ... Buy something second hand , listen to music or a new service Dating, everything could have a place in the future
  • And what will happen to our Instagramers community? One of the thoughts that has been around my head for 6 for years, day after day as the instigator of this worldwide movement of Instagramers, is that. What will happen to the community? Will he die one day? Will the flame go out as Instagram changes? Will we all be bored of the app and put likes and comments to friends you know virtually at night before going to sleep? Well, the truth is that I do not know very well. As the app evolves I have noticed that many friends who were not there, or are not as many hours as before. Others left and did not return, others disappeared and returned. Difficult to know. Probably Instagram would have to analyze that movement of "churn" as the specialists call it (churn: the ratio of people who register as compared to the number of people who leave and indicate the health of a mobile phone company or from a social network).

Leading several forums of Instagram enthusiasts, I notice how the app has evolved, how the interest changes on the part of the users and that of the #Igers, the greatest community exponents, born organizers and «soul connectors». Some new ones were animated, others disappeared, others changed their goals but I am always puzzled by the incredible work of all those members who animate the lives of others, organize instameets and social stays and try to make people a little happier. To all this group of enthusiasts and dreamers here in Spain and around the world, I want to convey my eternal gratitude. It would never have been possible without them.


This book deserves to end with what most unites us to the Instagramers that are our moments of life. I've always said that on Instagram, photography is an excuse to get to know each other, have fun and love each other.

Here I tell you some endearing anecdotes that happened on Instagram. I hope they will inspire, excite, vibrate or do you prove just how amazing it can be this social network and the people who compose. And I'll start with the worldwide Instagramers movement.




People often ask me, how all this Instagramers was born, the reason for the hashtag #Igers or why I did not sell Instagramers like Instagram did with their app. LOL. Everything has its explanation! Here I summarize six years of my life and that of thousands of people around the world. Six years of dedication around a project that was as simple as easy to explain, as replicable internationally as it made sense. The rest, because there were many sacrifices and a lot of personal dedication on my part and for the hundreds of manIGers as I call them. Here it goes!

It all started in December of the 2010, I downloaded the application after recommendations from several friends. Instagram did not have three months to live and barely 500.000 users in the world. A minority mainly established in the United States and a few freaky of new technologies by the rest of the world. In Spain probably less than 10.000 at that time. I was fiddling with the application and I took my first photo in Morocco. With many colors and much HDR, he emphasized especially how important it was to communicate things visually. I was not aware that I was, without knowing it, starting the most important project of my life.

I was uploading photos without much thought until a few months later, during my first trip to Thailand, a liking me, I fell, I became addicted to Instagram. I was followed by less than 50 people and when I got 3 likes, I wanted 4, and then 5 and I was excited when an Australian user started following me. Someone I did not even know! It was so different, so fresh, so different from Facebook and other social networks. A couple of months went by until the tipping point, the key point as it is called.


One of those Sundays that made me lazy on the bed, I went into my Instagram account to take a look and stumbled on a few comments from users who talked about the operation of the application and how to use it properly. They asked themselves

«How to be part of the" popular "page on Instagram?».

I got into the conversation and wrote in the comment thread under a photo, "10 commandments of good behavior on Instagram". Ten tips on how to make the best pictures, tricks to engage the community, how was important to write good titles, the correct use of labels ... and loved it! Suddenly I realized that this was something important, that what I learned from social networks for my professional activity, could serve other people. So I decided to start writing a blog called before I changed my mind. In the end I spent all that Sunday writing without stopping, without showering and without taking off my pajamas.

The next day, I went to work and I explained the blog to Antonio BĂĄez (@antoniobaez) and Juan de la Cruz, @ elhombretecla -programmer and designer in the company where he worked-, and they gave me a hand with the creation of a simple Wordpress blog. My intention was simply to help people understand the application of Instagram, but suddenly began to have an unexpected and positive reception by the most active users. I was thrilled when "The Next Web," a reference site on the Internet, wrote an article mentioning my project as "The Instagram Guide that was missing." And it is true that at that time the Instagram team did not have a corporate website or gave any explanation of use. I did not know then that would then El PaĂ­s, El Mundo, TVE, on CNN or Mashable in USA and even mentioned in Vogue Russia or Play Boy! LOL again.

The anecdote is that three weeks and 5.000 followers later, the Instagram team suddenly removed my account from @instagramers for violating the rules. They were partly right since Instagramers could create misunderstandings. At first I got very angry and I even considered leaving the project, but finally I opted to start over from scratch with a new account (@Igers) that would be an intuitive diminutive of who we are Instagram users, instagramers. I created the #IGERS label. I was changing the rules of the game and taking the first step towards something that was going to get out of hand. Today, there are more than 200 millions of photos tagged and it is one of the 30 hashtags most used in Instagram. Probably more photos 300 million if we add the different labels #igersspain #igersitalia or #igerslondon, etc ... all over the world.

Annual meeting of heads of Instagramers Spain in CĂĄdiz 2016.


During the next two years, I spent all my nights writing articles for the blog and answering questions and comments. People started asking me if I could use my brand for their projects and exhibitions in Spain, and it occurred to me that it would be cool to have some kind of association in Spain, but I did not fall into bureaucracy. I wanted to avoid "killing" a community project with rules and the rules of an association. So we assembled two groups of instagramers, one with Marta (@martaar) in Barcelona called @igersbcn and another in Madrid with Luis (@luison) and Pilar (@daphnepi). I quickly realized that people wanted to meet in person, they needed someone to help them make the leap from the virtual to the real, so we started to organize Instameets. At that time there were no direct messages and everything that was to facilitate contact outside the application was holy water.

The first two instameets took place in February of 2011 in Madrid first and then in Barcelona and more than one hundred people attended each of them. I could not believe it. The concept went viral and within a few weeks cities such as London (@igerslondon), Manila (@igersmanila) and San Francisco (@igersSF) joined the movement. A first national network called Instagramers Italia was created ( by the hand of Ilaria Barbotti (@ilarysgrill) and Orazio Spoto (@oraziospoto) that was to become one of the most active worldwide with more than 90 groups in their country, along with other organizations such as Instagramers France (@igersfrance) led by Hervé Bois (@timbrado) or Instagramers México ( with a great team and Hector Navarro (@hnato_nf) at his head or @IgersBrasil (@annaleticohen and @kaliquedias) ... Just to name a few. Today we are more than 600 groups in 80 countries. The list

complete is in ( and this project that started locally celebrates some 50 events per month at the global level. We have organized hundreds of exhibitions and passed the bad swallow of the initial misunderstanding with Josh Riedel (@josh), great kid and the number 3 employee of Instagram. Josh had up to the point of inviting me to visit the Instagram / Facebook offices. All a dream come true.


It is very strange when someone recognizes me and says "you are Phil GonzĂĄlez", as if he were a celebrity. There are a few times, but it never ceases to amaze me. It's amazing how the Internet can change your life if you have a good idea and you dedicate yourself to

fund to carry it out. I do not seem to have changed the world with a new medicine, but yes, I am excited to know that one day a child was born, someone found his best friend, another job thanks to Instagramers and the mere fact that one day I started with a blog for help people. It's as exciting as those 100 millions of pictures and videos that are shared every day on Instagram. Humbly, I do not think we've been a factor in Instagram's success, it would have been the same. But I do think we create a unique community. The first worldwide community of fans of an app and in mode of open source, where everyone contributes their bit to the success of all.

Alfonso Alcåntara (@ yoriento) always says that «you have to take professional life in a very personal way», and it is a great truth. At this moment, there is no difference between my work, my free time, my hobbies and my passions. I keep working hard, and the time, I never stop putting all my energy in what moves me. This book is the proof of that. Other tens of hours to try to transfer to other people my humble experience, tips that can be useful and, above all, enjoy doing it thanks to the interest of Eugenio Tuya @nenedelcerro and the Anaya / Photo Club team that has believed in this project.


Today throughout the world our activity continues to focus on organizing #instameet, photo shoots and #photowalks (photo tours) as well as weekly or monthly competitions to promote an event, an exhibition at the Instagramers Gallery, search for mobile photographers to participate in actions with institutions, tourist offices or brands that bet on Instagram.

In parallel we have developed very curious projects such as the Instagramers Academy that was born in Italy and today is in 4 countries. The @igersacademia Spanish that emerged as a result of a conversation I had with @daniparra_photo and @pablodmartin today travels the country to train users to all news on Instagram supported by Campo Viejo @campoviejorioja.

We also have an Instagramers Map ( that has constituted maps of cities such as Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Girona, Madrid, Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza, but through the eyes and photos of the jnstagramers of those cities. This idea of ​​Albert (@aangueraroig) and Rosa (@rosacomes) of Instagramers Tarragona (@igerstgn) has caught the attention of media and tourism promotion agencies.

At a global level, we have carried out the most fantastic actions collaborating with the Bienale de Venezia, museums like the one in Geneva, or we have been partners of the Universal Expo Milano 2016 among other things. There are already hundreds of exhibitions that have taken place from Manila to Caracas, from Buenos Aires to Vienna, passing through massive instameets in Berlin, Indonesia, Lisbon, Rio, San Diego or Tokyo. Impossible to talk about everyone again. It is best to follow the international account of @igers or your country or city!

On a personal level it has also been the most incredible IGstoria that has ever happened to me and the most enriching experience of my life. I have known thousands of people and many people that I admired, the greatest photographers, artists, athletes, journalists ... I still have trouble assimilating it.




Silvestre's grandfather was also called Silvestre Vivo.

Carmen and Silvestre in their curious family reunion.

At the beginning of September of the 2011, I was reading comments on Instagram, when suddenly the name of a user in another user's account caught my attention. It was called @silvestrevivo.

My paternal grandfather was from Mula, a town in Murcia, and had several brothers, but the terrible civil war that shook our country separated them. They left all of Mula losing contact. My grandfather Antonio finally met my grandmother who was from Pedroche, a town in CĂłrdoba and spent the rest of his life there with her and her nine children. He had lost all contact with his brothers. He died and never, nor his 9 children, nor us his grandchildren, knew anything of the rest of his family.

It sounded like having heard from her mouth, as a child, that one of her brothers was called Silvestre. It was amazing that I remembered that detail because this relative had already died more than 40 years ago. He kept a black and white photo of him.

Silvestre was not a very common name, nor is "Vivo" our family name. So as soon as I read a username like @silvestrevivo gave me a

I turn to my heart and wondered if that unknown user and I could be family.

I entered his gallery and reviewed it carefully from beginning to end, looking for any clue, a picture of Mula or whatever. I did not find anything Finally, the 12 of September of the 2011, after a few days of doubts, I decided to ask him. I could not stand curiosity anymore.

It only took a few minutes to answer me. I was as surprised as I was. In his house the family was as revolutionized as mine. Tremendous chance that it was him, that was registered in Instagram under his full name. My sister Laura Vivo @lauvivo also contacted him and from there began an exchange of information and photos by electronic messages. It was very exciting. And it still is!

My father and my uncles are excited. My father and hers are cousins ​​and they did not know each other. It's incredible that this has happened and through Instagram, a social network of photography!

Two weeks later, I went to Seville and met in person. We had a coffee and spent the afternoon chatting, catching up on family stories and commenting on the surprising nature of this meeting. It was short, but I really liked to meet you. He is a great boy.

Now Silvestre is living in Holland. He left a few years ago to start a new professional adventure. I continue to share my life on Instagram, he is not as active as before but I appreciate this social network for what he served, for having reunited our family.

Carmen Vivo - (@Carmen_VT)



She got the wrong username and in my account, by chance, she wrote. After two days, I was traveling to China. I do not know what was happening to me, or what was happening to her, but it was very curious what we both felt ... We had just crossed two messages and we wanted to keep talking and knowing something more about each other!

MarĂ­a and SaĂșl in New York

I went to China and during the 15 days of my trip we did not stop sending messages, I told her my days and she told me her own. I always repeat that I made that trip with her. I felt that she came with me everywhere. It was curious to know that, without knowing each other, we were looking for each other, as if we had known each other all our lives. In the mornings, when I woke up and before leaving the hotel, I carried the messages that she left me during the night and then on the train I read and re-read them with so much illusion that everything around me, not even the Chinese cities existed.

On the way back we were both quite scared. Everything had been a dream and so, without more, could be left. What was my surprise when I met a "girl" of 21 years, at that time I had 36 and our lives very little to see. I was surprised by his laughter. It was open, big, sonorous and sincere. From that moment, the fears, the doubts and the age difference disappeared and both she and I let ourselves go. A man of 36 years and a girl of 21 who managed to erase numbers to create them themselves, with dates, with stories, with anecdotes and a life of their own. I looked at my existence with different eyes, with another

point of view. Thanks to his desire to eat the world, I began to drink my life.

Four years later I am on the sofa in our house and she is here, by my side. In this time, I have seen Maria jump into pools "without water" just to accompany me in my dreams. We have traveled to amazing places and we have enjoyed every minute together.

Everything was wonderful until one day the disease knocked on our door. Maria went through very difficult situations, but we managed to overcome it together. After those moments when I saw her smile until the worst of days, I decided it was time to celebrate life, to live with her. It was in New York, at Christmas. She had always dreamed of going to Manhattan and it was where I proposed that we never part again, that we spend the rest of our lives together. And it will be in June when, during a big party, we will celebrate this love story.




«The idea of ​​a #madridneoyorkino is prior to Instagram. I want to say that, in my interior, I have always thought that there was some kind of connection between my beloved city, Madrid, and New York. Same light, same aesthetics (in certain areas), same character of "crucible" of cultures ... Create a hashtag it did not suppose more than the materialization of that idea through concrete images.

In the 2011, I opened my personal account (@nata_41) and that's when I started to collect images of other Instagram users who were enthusiastic about this label, previous pleas and explanations of what "madridneoyorkino" was. At first, many people did not understand the concept well. It is precisely as a result of a discussion with a user about which photo was appropriate to tag and what was not, when I decided to open the @madridneoyorkino profile. I started selecting what was genuinely «#neoyorkino» and what not ... And until today!

My #madridneoyorkino fascinated me, I fell in love, I liked every day more, and I knew that many igers were also hooked.

The first images correspond to the Hospital de la Princesa because, at that time and due to illness, I had to spend a lot of time there. It was an 100 building, it tasted like New York and I moved to the city of skyscrapers, it reminded me that it had always been my dream. Travel to the Big Apple

In Madrid, there are many buildings with pure Manhattan style. The Picasso Tower (whose architect built the Twin Towers no less), the building of the Virgen de los Peligros street, the Gran Vía from beginning to end ... And despite that, what fascinates me most about the tag is to continue finding «Environments» New Yorkers that are not always related to architecture. The light, the one that makes the blue of the sky shine on a clear day, in a surprising way just like on the other side of the pond ... At least, as I imagine it is through the photos and the movies!

I am no longer able to walk around Madrid without looking for that resemblance, it can be said that I am obsessed ... My gallery, the fruit of all the contributions of the instagramers who participate in it, is today an infinite treasure that I want to dedicate to you ».




For me, Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) represents the essence of Instagram and one of the best uses I know of this tool today.

He is an audiovisual executive producer, and one day, back in 2011 his girlfriend and current wife, fed up with waiting when they were in Barcelona recording, took him by the hand pulling him and he immortalized that moment creating the hashtag #followmeto Today is probably one of the most used in the platform and has already more than half a million photos tagged.

With the success (more than 6 millions of followers between their profile, that of their wife and that of the project) and the number of destinations they visit for work, they saw the opportunity to monetize their profiles (and their incredible engagement) offering to companies and tourist destinations

the promotion through Instagram.

They recently launched their own website (, in which you can hire them to promote your company or tourist destination in a channel that, each time, has more traction to reach users in its first stage of the trip, inspiration.

Another exciting story in Instagram is that of Elena Mikhailovna, better known as Baba Lena (@babushka_1927) or Grandma Lena. A few months ago I discovered the wonderful story of this grandmother, a Russian lady who at her 90 years (she celebrates this year) and with a hard past like few of her work, working in the field and with ill-treatment included, decides to travel alone to discover the world with your own eyes and fly to the most remote destinations.

After its discovery in Vietnam by Ekaterina Papina, a compatriot and blogger of trips that she found her having dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant, Baba Lena has become a mediatic phenomenon in the televisions of her native Russia and, of course, in the social networks, managed with much success by her grandchildren. Success stories that remind us, again and again, what should be our mantra: Never stop traveling.




It was during school holidays in Switzerland. I went shopping with my two girls. We were all three seeing clothes in the store of a famous Spanish fashion brand, when my oldest daughter wanted to try on a gray suit. My youngest daughter became infatuated and wanted to try it too. They entered the tester as if it were a magic trick.

And what was my surprise when opening the curtain of the tester when I saw that an infinite perspective had been created! This moved me in a few milliseconds to my childhood, to the memory of a game that fascinated me for hours, to find the effects of mirrors with endless reflections.

I exclaimed: «Look at me!» And it was in the reflection of that mirror that that photo was born «instantly». I participated then in one of the habitual challenges of Instagram whose weekly theme was #whpidentity and I published it under the title of "same but different" ("same but different" in English).

«Same but different» @tizzia

It was a message between the lines, addressed to my daughters, these two girls from 12 and 15 years old, back then ... "Others may believe that you are the same, society may wish you to be

"Uniforms", but look for your own identity under its various facets, because each of you has its own world to explore ».

My surprise was greater when I found out that I had won the weekly Instagram contest and my photo was published by 8's official account @instagram on March 2016, Women's Day.

For me it was a symbol. The following days my daughters were excited, they told me

"We are everywhere!" ... We went on Twitter, on Facebook, without really understanding why. The photo was published by several accounts all over the planet and renamed as

«How many girls?» (How many girls do you see?). I received emails from journalists from all over the world, from Australia to China and they asked me if I was the author of the photo, they asked me what their story was and if I gave them my permission to reproduce it in their respective media.

I did not realize that the photo had gone viral. I realized that in my account the comments and "likes" did not stop growing under my picture, but I could not imagine that the photo would go around the world printed in all the newspapers and popular magazines like the New York Times Magazine or television channels like the BBC, MTV and the very CNN.

I received in that photo and throughout this year near 5.000 comments on innumerable

23.000 languages ​​and more "I like", something incredible for the average interactions I usually have.

I was already more than satisfied with this unexpected and tremendous success when the last 13 of January of 2017 I received an email from the producer of the «Shorty Awards», something like

«Oscar» from social networks, informing me that I will participate as a finalist in these awards in the category "Instagram of the year" competing with other 6 nominees, including celebrities such as Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, Willow Smith, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. In short, my daughters face the stars! It's the icing on the cake!

The event took place on the 23 last April in 2017 in New York and I won the prize

Instagram of the Year. It was something unique in our lives.




Digital & social media director at Iberdrola and former social media manager of the National Police account.

From those initial times as community manager of @policianacional memoria, the daily reality of the use of people, as well as listening to some wise men and lovers of this social network -like the author of this book, Phil GonzĂĄlez-, made me understand that I had to add more personality to Instagram and a storytelling that hooked with the users, in addition to visual photos, that the agents, actions, devices and police training facilitated me much more than others. But there is a day when everything changed in the Instagram of @policianacional and "it was put together" a good one: It was the day that I shared a photo of

«Brazacos», which became a legend for women and the entire gay community in Spain and filled with racy comments our post from an anti-riot service agent in a security device.

Article in The World telling the viral phenomenon of «Brazacos».

There are many anecdotes that have arisen around this social network, but the reactions of people are overwhelmingly fantastic: good vibes, respect, love ... And do scroll with your finger on the screen of the mobile ensures you enjoy, relax, imagine or see stories ... and maintain a relationship of continuity with that person or brand. The haters y trolls they are more typical of other networks such as Twitter, and respect, optimism and good vibes, along with attractive images, Instagram. And that is something that no one will discuss today.

In September of 2015 I was lucky enough to face a fantastic new professional challenge in a very large Spanish multinational, Iberdrola (@iberdrolagrupo). Make a brief analysis of this company, like any other Ibex, had little time and had his Instagram open, but with a few images ... without soul, without storytelling or any story, without people ... and without a clear audience to want to reach.

Since then we have been working as a team and, gradually, with a clear objective: to transmit our orientation to the people and our global leadership in renewable energies. We are lucky to be the green company ... with facilities in unique landscape and environmental environments, worth visiting, enjoying and portraying ...

Long live Instagram and visual language!




Explaining what Instagram meant for me in those days is something much deeper than I ever imagined. Instagram years ago, at the beginning, it was a small family. We were three cats, who liked photography and sharing. Three cats in love with the application, its logo and everything it gave us.

#IGllavero from @nh2igual

I was a girl, small compared to the older ones with many more followers, but I had huge ideas, and from one of those ideas the #IGllavero was born. And a crack, perhaps in the space that links the web to the world, leaked my work to the people.

They were days of messages and messages to acquire one of my creations. Instagram, her logo, was a wonderful little camera, full of colors and everyone loved her.

I was locked for hours and hours creating key chains. Days and days and months and months. They sold themselves in pairs, hundreds of key rings were sold. Every day I answered more than 10 mails and everyone asking for the keychain. Instagram changed my life and its direction. After the key ring came more things, new creations and I could not stop. To this day, I keep creating, innovating and enjoying and sometimes, I look back or someone writes to me and says: do you know that I still have IGllavero?




I have always been in love with the past, a great defender of the feeling of nostalgia. With more than 360 millions of photos tagged, #tbt is one of the hashtags most used in Instagram and had as an initial objective to remember that childhood far from our digital era.


Appeared at the beginning of 2011, without an origin, or known parents, it meant publishing our photos of when we were children and that on Thursday. That year was fantastic and many of us waited impatiently the next Thursday to share excited, our old photos made with reel cameras. Photos forgotten in a drawer that had not been lucky enough to see the day in the Instagram era.

Then, the #tbt label began to be democratized, was used by celebrities and more celebrities and lost its initial and emotional meaning. Today #TBT is a collection of photos of teenagers looking for followers or receiving a "like" and little else, as has

happened with many other fashionable hashtags, in fact.

However, and as a great nostalgic, I could not help but remember that great first global movement on Instagram that had us all gathered under the same motto, showing long before the fever of #selfies, the face of childhood on Thursday.

And to illustrate, what better to use this #tbt that goes back to those years in which one had fun without control, in which was not fully aware of what was happening around, but where the moment prevailed.

In this case, a Colombian friend, Felipe Pava @felopava, tells us that upon receiving his mother's suggestion of putting on a hat to avoid the cold of a typical cold October night in BogotĂĄ, his response was: "No mom! When have you seen Superman with a hat?




On a typical New York morning, where the cold takes over the streets, and the daily becomes increasingly gray, I sought a creative outlet to the everyday trying to connect several people at the same time for a common purpose. This is how the #24HourProject was born, a worldwide movement that invites photographers to share the stories of their own cities, once a year and for 24 continuous hours.


I am a photographer who focused my passion and sensitivity on documenting everyday street stories with a sense of perpetual iconic emotions. Originally from Lima - Peru and currently based in the city of New York, I started my visual documentation in 2010.

In 2016, the @24HourProject, joined 2,785 participants of 718 cities in 107 countries with the purpose of documenting the human aspect during a single day and, at the same time, promote the initiative of an NGO that is in charge of providing help to survivors of the trafficking of human beings.

The day of the event, from when New Zealand awakes until Hawaii goes to sleep, you can see human stories sprouting up on all social networks. Participants feel a spirit of brotherhood knowing that just like them, there are others documenting those little stories of their cities live. That day alone is enough to follow the #24HourProject in Instagram or in all other social networks.

"We turned off the TV at home and connected it to the #24HourProject", it was one of the comments that a parent saw when the live stories were purer and richer than the current television programming in his city. "I was hospitalized all weekend after a delicate operation. Following the #24HourProject has filled me with hope ... and life ", comments like this make that year by year put more effort into the project to keep trying to do something different by inviting everyone to document the human aspect of their own cities.

For more information you can visit my web, @24HourProject in instagram and you can also see my documentary work in the account @renzogrande.




For the world of professionals who have photography as their main activity (be it artistic or commercial), Instagram has become very associated with mobile photography.

This meant that many colleagues rejected or criticized its use for not believing in a tool associated with exhibitionism, frivolous social networks and low photographic quality.

For me, on the contrary, Instagram was a breakthrough in my way of seeing photography. He made me embrace my cell phone as my main camera and gradually forge my own photographic style. I began to photograph in a habitual and serious way with smartphone shortly after launching Instagram.


Documentary and street photography had always been one of my passions and, along with the inspiration I had received during my photographic studies from the hand of great photographers, joined the power to see more photographs of unknown people from around the world and the possibility of connecting and learn from them. Instagram, directly and indirectly, gave me a unique opportunity to believe in myself and find that personal style I was looking for.

From there, the platform opened an infinity of doors, gave me the opportunity to expose my work beyond any border, participate in contests, in international exhibitions and get unimaginable job opportunities.

The Anaya publishing house proposed to me to write a series of books about mobile photography (2016 published "Mobile photography" and soon a second book about "street photography" will be published) and even photography classes throughout Spain.

Many professional colleagues never believed in Instagram; but many others ended up registering and discovering their tremendous communication and commercial potential. Although it is true that those who enter first have a certain advantage, the platform is still a sea of ​​possibilities for everyone and success depends, to a large extent, on creativity and the desire to go beyond each one. The ability to reinvent ourselves is an aspect that we all have to keep in mind and this new digital era is testing us all, the photographers.

In his day, I encouraged myself as a photographer to believe with all my heart that a new digital tool could revolutionize photography (the mobile phone), I struggled and little by little I managed to make room for myself.

I owe a lot of that professional success to Instagram.




When I joined Instagram, my first idea was to travel the world through the eyes of others. This way you could read in my profile. I wanted to see the Scandinavian countries with three meters of snow and not as they show us in those TV shows where Spanish appear in the month of July, all in short sleeves.

Over time, I gave free rein to my culinary entanglements, photographing what I cooked, kneaded or what was interesting to me wherever I went. A daily photo. For me, a place to publish photographs created exclusively with my iPhone. A lot has changed Instagram since then. And in that time, I have known good friends, we have shared dinners, gatherings, trips and I have even made new clients with whom I have worked in different collaborations. I was improving my skills making bread, knowing the community #panarras, gastronomic bloggers, cooks and also photographers by hobby and profession. Of these, many were and are regulars #instagramers that delight us with a daily photo, or almost. In the end it is like a big family, where you maintain a relative contact and where, in many occasions, you end up devitalizing in events or staying to take something without more.

I was remembering a photograph, or two, or rather, that I published 283 weeks ago, the 2 of October of 2011. It was the day of the bicycle in Madrid. My son was walking with his wooden bike without pedals on the Gran Vía. That day a Madrid - Barcelona connection was born that has gone on, and better. To an Instagramer from Barcelona, ​​@bcnmonamour, he liked my photography for several coincidences, and that was followed by more photographs, shipments of personalized cookies made at home, etc. Afterwards, both families did to see each other, bridges or vacations. In the end there are stories of spies in recent dates; investigations that

They required some confirmations to be able to publish very juicy articles in national media. Gemma loves to cook, so we had many pictures and culinary curiosities to share with our iPhone. And also with many other friends cooks within the community of Instagramers.



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