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Do I need to deliver passwords? Do not

Under no circumstances should you provide or provide any type of password to receive the service.

When do I receive my followers?

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive your order progressively in a maximum time of 24 hours and mostly instantaneously if the system is not processing other orders. Once the service is complete, you will receive a confirmation email again.

Are the users real?

Yes, the users are real. There are two types of services followers. The normal service that mixes all types of active and non-active profiles. And the high quality HQ service that provides high permanence of followers.

Is it profitable to buy social followers?

Yes. At present It is a great Online Marketing tool.

Also, have fans It gives popularity and inspires the confidence necessary for other users to feel attracted to their account and be interested in it.

What do I do if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied, you can contact us at [Email protected] indicating the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will reimburse your money, as long as it justifies a breach by our company.

What is the use of buying Tik Tok followers? We tell you all about this application. Its origin, its success, its usefulness, the advantages of having many followers are a private individual or a company.

Dance, make a fool of yourself, imitate movie scenes, mini-video clips,… 15 seconds of your time and a phone is what you need. This new application has become one of the most downloaded for both iOS and Android. Why? We tell you.

What is Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a Chinese application. Its original name is Douyin, which literally means "shake the music". However, outside of China it is known as Tik Tok. This app is really another social network that is based on sharing music clips of 15 seconds. These clips can be avoided to get effects and the video clips are original.

What can be done with Tik Tok

The main function is that of record while dancing or playback with background music. It looks, in a way, to Instagram. So, if you have Instagram, it will be simple for you. Video shots are recorded while the button is pressed, so you can record several shots that are then superimposed.

After all, these apps try to make available to everyone the ability to edit photos and videos, without having to understand professional programs like Photoshop or Adobe Premier.

As on Twitter or Instagram, in this Video App you can see what your friends (or the people you follow) go up in their timeline You also have the "explore" section where you can see user material that you do not follow, or look for Hashtags of your interest to participate in them. There is the option to "like", "comment" or "share" the material of others. And you will see in a section all the feed of your videos. Another option for Tik Tok is to chat with other users.

Where does this App come from?

Tik Tok has already overcome the barrier of 130 millions of users. It is placed in the first position in the Apple Store, above WhatsApp, with a number of 45,8 million downloads. Compared with 35,3 and 33,8 from Yourube and Whatsapp, it's not bad.

This application belongs to the company Bytedance, the same that bought Musical.ly (application exactly the same with the one that later was merged). This Chinese company is the owner of Toutiao, its best known and most profitable product. It is a news aggregator that uses Artificial Intelligence, with 120 millions of users in the country. Although there is a great controversy around him, since the Chinese government censors the content.

Why it's good to buy Tik Tok followers in your personal account

Buying Tik Tok followers increases your influence. Is this good or bad? Everything depends on what you look for. And we explain our opinion.

If you do not represent a company or a brand and simply want to gain popularity in social networks, an easy and effortless way is to buy Tik Tok followers. There are companies that sell packages of 100-500-1000 followers (and even those you want) at a very cheap price.

What do you get when buying Tik Tok followers? Let's talk about the popularity perception. Although not all followers that you buy are natural and organic followers, these followers will increase the number that appears on your profile. And this, if it is also combined with a good strategy in your Tik Tok and a quality content, will make other users focus more on you.

This works like this. If you see that a user has many followers and many interactions, you will wonder why and what this tiktoker has to offer you. Surely you give an opportunity and you will give the follow button.

Well, it can happen with your Tik Tok account. If you decide to buy Tik Tok followers, and your followers increase exponentially, you will probably get many more natural followers. This is because you are buying positive perception. Of course, you will have to upload good content, interact with others, give likes, write comments ... In this way, your followers will upload.

Why it's good to buy Tik Tok followers to increase sales and improve marketing

As we have described before, everything has to do with the perception of popularity. By having more followers, it is possible to strengthen the personal brand. Increasing the number of followers in a few hours makes your account seem more popular and known. Therefore, it is very normal that many companies have used this strategy to gain popularity.

If you represent a company, you already know that being in social networks is the way to interact with the client and to make it closer to you. And, sometimes, having more followers is a way to make you see that you are trustworthy, that other people have already trusted you, and that they should also trust you. Therefore, making videos in Tik Tok or photos on Instagram, even if they are not very intrusive, if not original, will make your potential customers want to see and share it. Because if you only upload photos of your product, people will eventually get bored. We must provide added value, an original and fresh idea.

Tips for buying Tik Tok followers

Buying Tik Tok followers will help you more if you follow some tips. For other users to see that your personal or business brand is strong, you will also have to have a lot of content and quality. If you have a Tik Tok account with just one video, and you have 1 million followers, something goes wrong. It is suspicious and people will think that you are Spam. Unless you are a celebrity that just because you created the account, you will already receive thousands of followers.

So, upload several (preferably good) videos before buying Tik Tok followers.

It is also positive that you interact with other tiktokers, that you tell them and you like them. That you notice that you are interested in the content of others, to attract their attention.

Try not to saturate the followers you already have. Do not upload many daily content, if not 4-5 weekly, and frequently. Also, keep in mind the publication schedule, since in Tik Tok, in theory the most used strip is from 11pm to 5pm.

Also, it is better to buy small packages of 500-1000 followers, to make it more credible. And, of course, that you buy them from a reputable company that already has reviews and ratings from other users. What Do not ask for passwords Because to add followers is not necessary. If they ask you, it will surely be a scam.

En Followers Online we offer a service to grow quickly in networks. We have 10 years of experience as communities. If you trust us to buy Tik Tok followers, once the payment is confirmed, you will receive your order, little by little, in 24 hours.