Birthday messages

More than an action of pure courtesy, send a cute and original Birthday messages It has to be the exercise of an act that comes from the heart.

So that to achieve your goal of impact, to impress that loved one, I will guide you in this article, where I will be giving practical advice, as well as different options and alternatives to achieve that goal to please your family or conquer your partner, obviously depending on the final destination of those Birthday congratulations what you intend to send.

Different birthday greetings according to the occasion

It is necessary that we divide the different Birthday messages according to the protagonist of the celebration:

Celebration phrases for your parents

  • Mom today, when you are years old, I give you back the same love that you have always given me and I wish you the same happiness that you have always longed for.
  • Happy birthday, on this day happiness overwhelms us again and allows me to tell you how much I love you, beyond that love grows day by day with your teacher's gaze and your counselor's word.
  • On this day of celebration, I feel that you are the mother of the world, that there is no light clearer than you, no place warmer than your hug, congratulations mom.
  • Dear dad happy birthday, never stop smiling, the brightness of your eyes is the indispensable and daily bread that gives me the impulse to live, I dually celebrate your birth anniversary because it was also the beginning of my life.

Celebration congratulations for your partner:

  • Love, let me wake you up with a kiss to tell you how much I love you, continue walking the path of life by your side and wish you 1 and 100 more birthdays.
  • Every day I repeat to you that I love you, today your birthday renew my desire to love you forever and spend the rest of my life by your side,
  • Too much thirst to settle for a brief sip of you on your birthday, so I invite you to be together forever.
  • Happy birthday my love, all the immense of the universe fits in a flash of light, like life in an eternal second if I am with you.
  • Come and travel with me the day of your birthday from end to end, come to visit me the body, my doors and my windows, and come to walk my hope, so that you begin the morning of this day here in my chest.

Birthday messages for your friends

  • I need you to fly like a seagull and celebrate your day full of love and happiness, I need you to feel the breeze and think that you raise the best flight of your life.
  • Happiness in your day dear friend of the soul, do not move from your room, put on the pillow world and you will surely dream better. Happy Birthday.
  • On the day of your birthday, my heart will be a planet, my chest is an open house and I will be fleeting like a star in case a desire is going to ask. I'll do anything to see you happy.
  • May the day and evening of this day settle in your eyes to see you happy all the time this wonderful birthday lasts, dear friend.

Messages through social networks

Different social networks present you with a range of possibilities for you to send your congratulations to that person you love and appreciate, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik tok, hangout, WhatsApp, among others.

All offer different spaces to which you must adapt to meet their conditions and characteristics of publication, being a challenge according to which you choose to express your feelings in a limited number of characters.

Next I offer you several tips for you to extend congratulations on social networks, although the ideal would always be to give congratulations congratulations in person, the lack of time and geographical distances between regions and even between one country to another prevent the greeting person to person and favor the choice of these means to send these compliments.

Examples of how you can send birthday messages through social networks

  • Everything related to online and / or mobile messaging are the main communication channels to receive or send congratulations. This can be verified on dates such as Christmas and New Year, where millions of messages of hopes, wishes and good wishes circulate through these social platforms; Sometimes these messages do not have the desired effect and end up being just simple, colorless words that say nothing and only comply with a formality, far from the intention of becoming great details for loved ones.
  • That is also a reality in the congratulations of celebration sometimes we fall into the same situation and the messages that are sent in this type of festivities tend to be boring and always the same, do not possess any or very little creativity, and end up in the category of unimportant memories and in the drawer of forgotten things.
  • Something you must take into account is that there are cases in social networks where greetings, congratulations or birthday messages,they are limited to expressions as empty as: "HBD" (Happy Birthday), congratulations, "happy birthday", "have a good time", "enjoy your day".
  • That is, as if there were only a few ideas that work to the minimum, to fulfill an obligation and publish on twitter (which exceeds the 310 millions of users), on Instagram (more than a billion users), on Facebook (with more of two billion users) or the popular WhatsApp (about 450 millions of users) a colorless message to meet a person who has to have importance in your life.

Keys to birthday congratulations on social networks

Keys to birthday congratulations on social networks

I repeat that the ideal, the splendid thing for you would be to give the congratulations face to face, but sometimes time and / or distance do not allow it. In such a way that it is a reality that social media platforms are instruments that help you to a great extent to overcome these obstacles, but you must also take into account other elements that can help you invent a special detail, that is why you can often see some keys to give an original and heartfelt congratulation through social networks.

Consider that your birthday messages will be public

We often forget that everything we write on social networks is always subject to the observation of the participants and are in the public domain, and this can positively or negatively affect the image of the sender and the recipient of the message.

You must bear in mind that it is natural that on the day of a friend's celebration, all of your family members will walk through the networks to see the congratulations prior to yours, so you must be very careful with what you post, not whether you are going to publish things that are very personal and cause a misunderstanding or an unpleasant moment.

When you intend to write something more intimate, use the private message element. Do not make a nice detail a monumental "blunder".

Make it understandable

The messages of Birthday congratulations must be well written, I advise you to avoid some deformations of our language, such as anglicisms, if you want to write in another language, it is fine, but try not to mix, also avoid the incorrect use of uppercase and lowercase letters, and consider substitutions forbidden letters, because they are hateful, nothing of K instead of Q, nor the use of only initials to say a direct message, like "God Bless You" (DTB).

You must be clear and brief. Do not repeat words or ideas, as it is usually a single paragraph. Use punctuation marks correctly. A tip If you have practical, if you have writing problems use your computer's word processor (such as Word), there are spell checkers.

Words are not always needed

You want to congratulate, but not write, sometimes it has more value or is more appreciated, sharing a multimedia digital file that makes the celebrant feel more pleased. Twitter and Facebook have some advantages when it comes to sharing these types of files.

If you prefer and you are happy to share a link from Groovshar where you can find a favorite song of the honored or honored one; or you prefer to place your favorite photo that is stored in Flick; or a Youtube video, suddenly a "retweet" of a celebrity you want to share or a Soundcloud link where you can play a poem of your choice declared by its own author.

Put sincerity in your birthday messages

Put sincerity in your birthday messages

Coherent and simple words will always be better than a long and tedious speech, vita do things only by commitment, if the congratulation is for someone with whom you do not have daily contact, but sporadic, then do not extend so much, be concrete and write a few words with honesty and respect, unless you really feel it, avoid falling into excesses of affection.

Take advantage and highlight your creativity

Avoid the repetitive and monotonous of the few ideas that circulate published on the Web, change the dynamics, customize your creation, make it unique and exclusive, for example, try that your messages do not even exist the common words of these cases of celebrations; congratulations, happy or celebration. Try to use moments that you have shared with that person, that are pleasant, or challenges overcome between both, let the words come out of your mind, without so much rigidity and structure.

Show that effort

Be patient and take the necessary time, in your message you must show your effort and your interest in writing nice and pleasant lines for a loved one, that doing so was as important for you as for the recipient, believe me that those elements give you a value added and value each word you write.

Avoid ordinary postcards

Remember that congratulating through social networks is the attempt to provoke a reaction of celebration and joy in the person who celebrates an anniversary, in such a way, that if you send a postcard that you have created in the applications of congratulations or on the labels ( emojis) in a picture with a cake, for sure it will remain as a file that has been registered in your account, I assure you that it is unlikely that someone will see more than once a birthday postcard.

If in any way you decide to send something similar, take into account that there are web editors that help you when creating this type of elements (Photoscape, Pixlr, Picmonkey, among others). If instead you intend to do something more professionally, then you can use programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw.

It's never too late

Although social networks usually remind you of your friend's, friend's or family's birthday, it is not always within your reach to write to them in time, then your day goes by and you may feel sorry when you decide to publish the greeting, in such a way that in the end you decide not to post any message about it, in this case my advice is that you send a message to the private one, explain it, apologize and just congratulate it, it is never too late to show affection and affection for a loved one.

Be grateful

If you are the reason for the celebration and you have kept receiving tweets or publications for the reason of your celebration, you must always respond to those messages of affection, in a courteous and affectionate way also, keep in mind that there were those who thought of you and were pending , who also took time to write something affective with the sole intention of liking you, at least give him an RT or a Like.

What a great date to celebrate is a birthday and even more so if it is a loved one whom you want to please with infinite presents, sometimes due to different circumstances that we have already explained we can only send a message, then you must send a good one, creative , that it becomes the most special birthday message you have received.

Everything depends on the intention

What is the good news, you do not need to be a great writer to send that special greeting, just follow this guide and these tips that we give you with pleasure and obviously put a grain of your creativity, remember that to feel what you write is a good way to express feelings and that makes the moment creative, as well as the occasion itself, together with the meaning that the entertainer has for you, are the perfect complement for you to sprout the words alone.

Try it, do not let yourself be won by the monotonous of a colorless and empty message, put a bit of your soul and your heart and you will see the great results you will achieve and so that loved one will be pleased and pleased with your message, because obviously it will be a celebration greeting that moves away from the formal to fulfill the celebration, to become the purest communication of a feeling of joy and of the deepest love.

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