Friv games

Would you like to play online and for free? The Friv games They are your best option. These games offer you the possibility to play the genres you want, from adventures, action, to cooking and sports.

But what are friv games? It is a platform with mini games, compatible with your PC, Smartphone or Tablet, easy, simple and fast to play. The title you choose can be played from the web.

The friv platform is considered one of the places of online entertainment more known by users worldwide. Its success is because you can find the game you want in an easy and fun way, without reading instructions.

If you want to know more about Friv games and which are the most popular, I invite you to continue reading this post.

What is the origin of Friv games?

The 2006 year a British teacher created an educational tool to apply to his students. This was done with the aim of developing their mental abilities through fun and entertainment.

This tool is currently one of the most popular and visited online gaming websites on the web. This is, page that has exceeded the top positions in the ranking of the best portals of online games of the world.

It is important that you know that when talking about Friv we refer to a brand and not a type of game.

What do you offer?

Previously, Friv only presented educational games, such as memory, logic, mental ability, among others. Currently, it offers you a catalog of games that adapt to the needs and tastes of the users. In Friv you will find lots of fun for the whole family.

It is a very intuitive page, which is created in flash and does not overwhelm you with advertising compared to others. In addition, you do not have to register to play, the games are completely free and you can enjoy them in full screen.

Once you are inside you will not see words, but the thumbnails of the games. You will know the name of the game when you place the mouse cursor over any of them. In short, the Friv games are an excellent option when having a fun time.

The best friv games

Without a doubt friv is a reference for all fans who like it play online, fun and free. That is why, if you still do not know the best that this page offers you, we have prepared a list of the best friv games:

Super Mario 3 starscramble

One of the most liked friv games is Super Mario 3 Starscramble. It is a game with the same style as the classic games of Super Mario.

It has the sounds and the original music, as well as the main characters, enemies and objects that we know. It's an end, it's an excellent way to spend a very fun time.

Tennis Legends

In this fabulous game you will be able to play the best tennis matches with celebrities of this sport. The game is simple but very entertaining and fun that will disconnect you from reality.

It offers you jspecial ugadas where you will get small objects that will appear on the screen.

Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a classic that you can not stop playing and that many fans have on their mobile for a long time. In this popular game you have to take off the threads so that the balls are falling to the mouth of some green characters.

Is a puzzle game which is very entertaining and that will make you think a lot.


The Snowy is an excellent friv game where his protagonist is a white bear. It is a game that you have to go through levels through the manufacture of snowballs and go throwing the enemies.

It is a very game easy and entertaining which increases its difficulty as you advance in level.

Bubble shooter

A classic like Bubble shooter could not miss in the list of the best friv games you can find on the net. This famous game is a classic that aims to throw colored balls and eliminate the ones you have on screen.

As you progress through each level you will have more difficulty completing the screens. It is a very fun game that you can not stop playing.

Mario Shoot Ballon

Through a very striking visual image and with Mario as the main character this puzzel game It is one of the best you will enjoy.

Is blow up the balloons that appear on the screen through a cannon that shoots balls. Is A very entertaining friv game that you will not regret playing it.

King of Fighter Win X

You remember King Of Fighters, one of the classic fighting games that you played on the consoles. Well now you can play it through the network.

It is a very simple game to handle that maintains all the characteristics of its first title.

Fireboy and Watergirl 4

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 It is an excellent and popular puzzle game. You can play it only with two characters or with another person who is in the network.

The game is about solving puzzles in order to get to the right doors. It's a game that will definitely challenge your mind completely and It will be very fun

Cookie Crush

If you are looking for a friv game that will make you have fun to the fullest, Cookie Crush is the ideal for you. This fabulous puzzle game is similar to the popular one Candy Crush game but in this case it will not be candies but cookies and cakes.

You only have to collect three or more equal pieces and you can advance levels.

Mario New Adventure

Another game of the favorite character of friv games that is very visited is Mario New Adventure.

It's a fun platform game where you can handle Mario and his bat. It is very easy to handle, its visual image is very colorful and entertaining.

Dirt Showdown

In the game Dirt Showdown you will enjoy the funniest races and exciting. You can dodge some obstacles, jump some ramps, hit opponents and run around corners.

If you succeed correctly you will achieve get the first place in the races. With the money you earn in each race you can buy other cars with more functions and so you can defeat the competitors.

Sky Safari

Sky Safari is a friv game that aims to slide for some mountains of snow while dodging animals, rocks, cabins and caves.

You must collect coins, climb on top of the penguins and meet the objectives, in order to obtain points. If you hit obstacles, the snow avalanche can catch you.

French Cheff Real Cooking

And if you're a kitchen lover, then with French Cheff Real Cooking you'll enjoy cook the richest dishes.

Also, you can cut vegetables, fry meats, season delicious stews, make soup. You just have to make sure you give it a lot of flavor and taste before the demanding French chef savors your dishes.

Truck Loader

In the game Truck Loader you will take care of place boxes inside the trucks Of transport. In addition, you will drive a vehicle that has a mechanical arm that has a magnet, and will help you lift and move the boxes.

You must place the loading quickly and organized before you run out of time. You will advance through rough levels that will make your addiction to the game greater.

Kung Fu Grandpa

If you are looking for a game that offers you the best martial arts, Kung Fu grandpa is a good option, although here you will be a grandpa. This grandfather martial arts expert He will face street kids and show him who is the best.

So you can apply fabulous techniques of martial arts and special powers so that you end up with some criminals.

Super Frisco Frenzy

It is a fun game that you will enjoy to the fullest. In it you will have to drive a tram through the streets of San Francisco.

In that case its purpose is not to avoid the obstacles but on the contrary, you have to hit everything what you see You will earn many points and you will reach the goal.

Mechanical Soldier

In this fabulous game called Mechanical Soldier you will become brave soldier. You must complete all the missions of a difficult combat. In order to succeed, you will need the help of military tanks and many weapons.

As you progress you will get points that you can redeem for improvements in your soldiers, as well as in the purchase of weapons.

Fatal Fighters

Fatal Fighters is a game that includes a combination of rblock puzzle, adventure and fight. You can improve your character according to how you break the blocks, which must be 3 or more of the same color.

The bigger the block that you break, you will get more powers to beat your rivals. Each color of the blocks has different properties, so you must know which one you are going to break.

Ruthless Pandas

Ruthless Pandas is a friv game where you have to save the panda planet from a invasion of evil bears brown In your fabulous ship you have a number of weapons that you can improve as you collect red gems.

This entertaining and fun game is very addictive, since as you progress you will want to play more and more.

Tanks Gone Wild

Tanks Gone Wild is a strategy game that aims to confront enemy tanks in a field. You must dodge the missiles and cover yourself behind trees and houses so you do not lose the battle.

If you manage to defend yourself, you will advance levels and earn points that allow you to improve your combat, speed, movement and shooting powers.

Pac Xon Deluxe

If you are a fan of popular Pac Man game, this friv game will like you very much. It is a similar game, but in this case you will not cross a labyrinth, but you must protect yourself from the ghosts until the labyrinth is closed.

As you advance the space is getting smaller, that is, as you go forward the difficulty increases.

Girls Games Plaza

Girls Games Plaza is a game that you will have a fun time with. You will learn several kitchen Recipes under the instructions of the game itself. Each recipe has its own procedure, which you must overcome to earn bonuses.

It is a very good game if you like cooking and learn recipes dynamically.


And if you have cupid instincts, Angelito is the ideal game for you, since you'll have to create different couples to see if they are compatible. The protagonist of this game is a young man named Angelito, who has to shoot arrows at couples in order to form pairs.

If the couple is not compatible, you have to keep trying and so discover which is the correct partner. It is a simple, fun and entertaining game. You just have to be aware of the characteristics of the characters.

Water Sons

This game is based on the famous animation series "The amazing world of Gumball", which airs on Cartoon Network. In the game you will have to manage your characters and respond correctly to the needs of the missions.

Motocross Unleashed 3D

If you are a speed lover you can not stop playing this title. In Motocross Unleashed 3D you can compete with fabulous motocross bikes in several circuits. You can do it in story mode or loose races.

To achieve the title you must increase the speed and add points through the coins you hold in the jumps and acrobatics.

Gotham City Rush

This friv game is playing the game of Dark Knight "Batman". In it you will have to travel several worlds in the style of Mario Bros and you must overcome the enemies that are lurking the streets of Gotham.

Mad Arrow

This game is framed in the time of ancient Greece where you will have a number of soldiers, who will help you avoid enemy troops invading the city. You will need a lot of skill to know where to place each soldier so that the enemies can not cross.

Premier Goal Keeper

In this game you can play like a football player and you will have to catch balls in the best style of the famous goalkeepers of the Premier League. You must use the mouse to catch or stop the balls that will be thrown at you. If you succeed, you will advance to another level.


Boom is a game that could not be missing in the list of the best friv games that are giving to talk. To the best style of Bomber Man, this game will make you have fun for a while.

The game consists of going through several different phases where a miner has to go exploding boxes. This in order to win prizes and kill the enemies.


Skywire is a very simple game but very entertaining for the little ones in the house. You should only use where buttons, to go up and down. Its purpose is to keep three characters in a moving cable car. You must avoid the obstacles and reach the end so you can win.

Choochoo puzzles

It is a curious puzzle game where you have to move the pieces of different colors so that the red piece reaches a specific point. Is a strategy game and it is addictive thanks to its mechanics.

City Siege 3: Jungle Siege

It is an entertaining and fun game where your mission is to free the characters from the evil ones who are in the jungle. To achieve this you have to hire other people who will help you in the difficult mission.

In this game you can be a sniper, spy or pilot, where you will have to participate in a tough battle full of obstacles. Is very fun and addictive since it will make you spend many hours of entertainment.

Rogue Soul 2

In this second installment of the Rogue Soul saga you will find a large number and variety of new enemies, movements and elements. Also, in the game store you have new ones available armaments, ammunition and agility. You can buy these items with the coins you collect during the game.

It is a friv action game very simple and fun, where you have to go through several levels to beat the enemies and improve purchases.

Water Mania

Water Mania is an educational friv game aimed at the little ones in the house. In this game you will become a firefighter who will try to help the people and animals that live in a city.

It is a game that promotes the values ​​of solidarity, respect and love for the neighbor.

Mini Putt 3

Mini Putt 3 is one of the classic friv games that can not be missed in this list. In it you will have a fun time trying to get good scores at put the ball in the holes.

It is excellent for you to play with friends and thus know who is the best at the mini golf.

Pipe Riders

Pipe Riders is a very simple but addictive game. The purpose of this friv game is roll inside a pipe where you will find many obstacles that you should avoid.

You must test your skills to reach the goal and win.

Football kicks

If you are a football fan this game is ideal for you to enjoy an afternoon full of fun games.

Although it is very simple, it is an entertaining game, since you must throw fouls and overcome the barrier and the goalkeeper so that score a goal. It is also a perfect game to play with friends.

Fever for Speed

Fever for Speed ​​is an arcade style friv game with which many of us have grown up and enjoyed. A driving game where you can run at full speed and enjoy quality music at the same time. To be an online game is quite seen and addictive by many fans of car racing.

Without a doubt the Friv games They are a great choice for lovers of online mini games. You only need a browser compatible with flash so you can enjoy many afternoons of training and fun

If you liked this post, I invite you to commentWhat is your favorite friv game?

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