Why a Lorem Ipsum in Latin for your projects?

In this world of graphic design or work aimed at the digital market we find several tools that make our work easier. Some of them arranged in specific programs, others more common than we can use in any circumstance.

Such is the case of Lorem Ipsum, a term that probably sounds familiar to you, but of which you do not know for sure its meaning. Even when you know its usefulness.

In this post I come to show you a little of its origin and meaning. So when you see it, recognize it and know what it is about, especially its usefulness in the web world. You dare?

When can I use it?

The Lorem Ipsum, is not more than a fill text, that is, a text that allows us to see how a final design would look, even without having the actual content. They know it as false text because it is a text that is not part of the design.

It comes to cover a space where a text certainly goes, but either you do not have it or you do not want to present it. Well, this false text is like a sketch to detail the framing and all the elements that would make up the design.

In addition, it is perfect to test the different fonts to use. So you can use it when you need fill a space within the design. So that you will notice how it is going before putting the finishing touches on it.

So you can use it whenever you like, well in graphic design, web pages, newspaper layout. That is, everything concerning the digital world that involves spaces to include texts and that you also need, in principle, to present it with a sketch.

Why Lorem Ipsum and not another text?

It is common to ask yourself this question, because there are countless texts or we could even type in any letter and that's it. However this pre-designed text, It has certain well-thought-out characteristics.

In principle it is written in a language that they identify as Latin, but even in that language it has been difficult to translate it, because it lacks meaning. This influences what is sought: that the client does not get distracted by reading the text. When what we need is that you observe the framing of the design and how it would look like.

The other important point of using the false text is that its visual characteristics are properly organized. It may be meaningless at the time of reading, but in terms of structure it is perfect. Complete sentences, with their respective pauses, as a paragraph should be.

For this reason Not recommended use another text or just type a letter at random. Because in this way the effect that is required neither visually nor in terms of structure is achieved. Precisely for that the Lorem Ipsum is designed.

Who wrote it and when did it begin to be used?

Much is said about this text, some claim that dates from the 80 years, while others say that it comes from the 60 years. The certain thing is that in the printers of that time also it was required of pages of test and then the false text fulfilled its function.

However, the text has its origin in a classic of literature written by Marco Tulio Cicero. Specifically, of the philosophy treatise known as De finibus bonorum et malorum.

It was in the first of five books, called Liber Primus. And although it has undergone some variations in time, the beginning was known as:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas I hate sapien, scelerisque in bibendum vitae, pellentesque sed sapien. Aliquam mattis convallis ante, in ullamcorper orci lacinia in. In ac ipsum eleifend, suscipit erat vel, egestas lacus. Curabitur pharetra sem sed augue rutrum interdum. Nam in tortor sem. Etiam in pellentesque risus, vel bibendum sem. Praesent ullamcorper rutrum maximus. Quisque facilisis I hate tincidunt lacinia. Praesent volutpat commodo lectus. Curabitur lobortis libero magna, nec varius velit varius ut. Etiam molestie felis at elit aliquet, non egestas leo lobortis.

A little history

After the 60 years, typography Letraset popularized the text of Cicerón filling, printing some templates that served as transfer sheets. These transfer pages, were known as Letraset Body Type and were included in an advertising campaign of that company.

Then at 1980, a software development company, Aldus Corporation, which corresponds to the well-known PageMaker program he retook the Lorem Ipsum. This program so used in the world of layout, comes with text templates that contain automatic filling.

This has allowed, over time, other software developers to implement these templates giving them different uses. And despite the technological development, you continue using the same fill text when the printing press and design were barely visible.

If the web is your world, without a doubt, you have run into this type of filler texts over and over again, especially in designers and programmers. Sometimes, because this is required, we manually enter letters or words at random. However, there are programs that already give you that facility through a tool.

Visual effect to the change of typography

The typography to be used in any design or page is also decisive and speaks for itself, according to the message that you want to express. The web developers and design programs, they also use the fill text to test the different typefaces.

In this case, just like when it comes to complete paragraphs, it not only allows you to identify that everything is perfect. At the same time avoid any distraction for being reading the text. Although of course, after you present the actual text you can certainly determine how beneficial the typography used is.

That is, the simulated text, being incomprehensible to the human eye, it does not allow any visual disturbance. And focus on observing the framing of the design, instead of deviating to read the text that is found there.

For this reason, the function of the false text it has become so important in the world of design and layout. Being its ultimate goal to achieve that you can check the spaces of the design or text, which must be well distributed. And in turn verify that the fonts are consistent with the content of the work to be presented.

Some generators with a touch of humor

Although the reasons why the lorem ipsum is used in Latin are already known, some generators They have put a touch of humor. This has been achieved by changing the text and making others more fun.

That while it is true that it can generate some kind of distraction, it is also true that each person according to their preferences. There is also for all tastes. Know below some of the most common:

Chiquito Ipsum

It is a generator with high humor content for those who have known Chiquito de la Calzada. A Spanish humorist, icon of the Iberian Peninsula who created his own language.

Each filling done by Chiquito Ipsum shows the characteristic humor of this character, giving it a different value to the common Latin to which we are accustomed.


Currently Game of Thrones is positioned in the world of cinema, and for its fans a fill-in text with the favorite word of this character: hodor.

Nietzsche Ipsum

Maybe not with the same load of humor, but with a philosophical tendency where the theories of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche reign.


A fake text set in the science fiction series of Netflix, Stranger Things. Its content is composed of some scenes of American history that has created a fever in the spectators.

As well as generators with personal touches, such as those I have just described, there are others that are somewhat more formal. Just type: text generators and you will see everything that the web has for you.

The important thing Lorem Ipsum is that it fulfills the function of framing the texts and exemplifying the designs correctly.

Either by printing or by web publication. And its initial form, although it will change over time, will continue to fulfill the same function.

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