Share a story about someone else on Instagram

The common goal of social networks has always been the power join people. Either through linking friends and colleagues through an exclusive network of the campus, such as the origins of Facebook. Or take it to greater scales, as it is today. A platform that has revolutionized the globe and the form of communicate at a distanceIt has been Instagram. And it is that this app, has brought with it constant innovations, such as sharing a story of another person on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Currently, users of the network use Instagram Stories very often. In this way, the propagation of the trend of history was potentiated in an eye blink. This, because the convenience of being able to post everything the user wants without overloading their profile. Since, Instagram Stories are automatically deleted at 24 hours. Although, one of the needs that the platform satisfied was to support the users in allowing to share a story of another person in Instagram.

In addition, before the use of Instagram Stories and the ability to tag people in them the network should launch a new update. Of these, expanding the range of tools to do more attractive and creative the stories, it was one. But, the Home Run that would give the application serious, share a story of another person on Instagram. Although, the last mentioned has been in the market for a short time, it has satisfied the desire of the users of the network.

Requirements to share someone else's story on Instagram

To share a story about another person on Instagram, the user should be aware of their version of OS. As well as, that the story reposted must be from a friend or similar that has indicated to me to have been with you in some photos in the Instagram Stories. Also, it must be evaluated that the version of the application is the most reciente, to be able to make use of the desired tools.

You must be labeled

A requirement to be able to share the stories of another person on Instagram, stipulates that if any user wants to share an alien story, it must be labeled. Since in order to share the Instagram Storie You must use the Direct message sent by the platform. Just at the moment of being labeled in a publication.

SOperational System

Since it is a relatively new option, only the iOS and Android more recent may make use of sharing stories of other people on Instagram, since that with a slightly outdated version should not be able to use this tool, and even restrict the applications of the network that can perform.

How to share someone else's story on Instagram?

The fabulous Instagram Stories, has facilitated the communication and publication of photos of all Instagram users. Therefore, in the stories of the network you can also label those involved, or whoever you want. Sometimes, some users are tagged in some history of your liking. Therefore, the platform putting the needs of its customers first has created the option to share the story of another person on Instagram. And so, the user can share the publication where is this labeled.


Logically, in order to share a story about another person on Instagram, the user must have an account on the social network. Therefore, to use the tool, you must access the platform with your username and password.


Once, the user has already been identified and the platform has been accessed. The individual must check your tray of Direct Message. You can do this by clicking on the mailbox icon found in the upper right corner of the screen. Once in the tray, you should check if any of your friends labeled it in a story. To later go to the label notification message.


When, the user has entered the chat of the person who has previously tagged it in a story. There to see under the notification message, a tab with the phrase "Add this content to your story". By clicking on the option, the user can share the story of another person on Instagram.


Now, the user should make use of his creativity to decorate, if he wishes, the story he is sharing. Knowing that the original identification bar of the publication will appear at the moment of Share it in your profile. In addition, the individual can set their story by using stickers, gift, dedications, and others.


Finally, after executing the creativity on the story, the individual must do click on publish. And that's it, the user has made use of sharing a story about another person on Instagram. After reaching the goal successfully, the user should only wait and review how many "views" the image acquires.

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