Discover the Best Youtube Converters to MP3, MP4 and AVI

Would you like to download Youtube videos and listen to your favorite songs wherever you want? For this you need a Youtube converter. This program will allow you to transform a video that is in this visual platform to other multimedia formats. Its operation is very easy and simple.

For nobody is a secret that, YouTube is a video search engine most popular and important Internet. Its growth is increasingly advanced, and that is why many people use it to spread content.

Given this great demand, many users search and download music videos, sports games, movies, series, etc., through converters. But why do I need a Youtube converter? Very simple, when downloading a video and want to copy it to a USB or mobile device, It will not work if it is not compatible.

With a YouTube converter this will not happen to you. For this I have compiled a list of the best platforms that you can use to transform Youtube videos to Mp3, Mp4 and Avi formats. Do you want to know them? Accompany me!

The best youtube converters online

Uploading videos to YouTube is very easy, unlike downloading a video. Some online converters They can help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Then the best web pages converters YouTube to Mp3, Mp4, Avi and other formats that you can find:


The Flvto is a Youtube converter par excellence since you can download the music to mp3, mp4 and AVI in seconds. Also, being very fast is totally free. Through this page you can convert a large number of songs, either on your pc or on your mobile.

Not only can you convert Youtube music, but you can also copy and paste Urls of Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook and Linkedin.

How does Flvto work? You must copy the URL of the video and paste it in the box where it says "link to the media file". Then choose the format you want by clicking the "convert to" option and wait for the application to do the rest. In a few seconds you will have the file ready for you to save it on your mobile or PC.

One of the advantages of Flvto is its compatibility with all operating systems, in Android as well as in iOS and Windows or Mac.

Online Video Converter

Another powerful Youtube converter is the Online Video Converter, capable of converting music so simple and easy. It is compatible with Safari and with Google Chrome. In just seconds you can convert your favorite song or video without downloading any program.

Conversions through Online Video Converter are highlighted by their high quality and speed of download. You do not need any installation and you can use it from any browser. You must not make any registration, you do not have a limit and it is simple and free.


The 2Conv is another popular YouTube converter. Like other pages, you just have to copy the Youtube url and paste it on this platform. Is very intuitive, so you will not have any problems.

It is compatible with any browser and format, both video and download. You can convert to Mp3, Mp4 or AVI, ensuring its use no risk of viruses or failures. In addition to converting youtube music, you can also convert the video so you can see it from your devices.


Converto is a very simple service for convert any video from Youtube to Mp3 or Mp4. It allows you to save so you can see or hear them anywhere and on any device.

You do not need to install any software, you just have to paste the url of the video you want and give it to convert. It's a short time you'll have your audio or video file to download.

Free File Converter

This is an online YouTube converter that has all the desirable features you are looking for. Its operation makes the conversion of YouTube videos very easy and easy in seconds!

Also, you can do conversion from any browser and document the conversion. It is an excellent option to convert your favorite music to mp3, mp4, avi, among others.


Videoder is considered one of the best music and video converters you can find. Is a free application It offers a variety of options such as converting videos to different formats of high quality. Download videos in 4K and several files at the same time.

It has an integrated browser that Block ads and link detection. It is very simple, you just have to copy the URL of the Youtube video and paste it on the page. Next, you choose the video or audio format you prefer, and that's it.

Mp3 converter H2converter

H2Converter is another excellent alternative to convert music from youtube to MP3, MP4 and AVI. Is a very powerful option so you can get the music library you want.

Like other converters you have to copy the url of the video you like and paste it into your search engine. Then you choose if you want the audio or video file, and you will have the YouTube video converted to audio.


Savetomp3 is another well-known YouTube converter on the internet. Although it is not very fast, the conversion quality is perfect. It never hangs! In addition, you can download the amount of songs you want. It is very simple and easy to use.

We are in the presence of a converter that only needs the URL of the YouTube video. Not only to download it but also to do it in the format you prefer.


Y2mate is a Youtube converter highly recommended. Although its procedure is the same as other converters it is very intuitive. In seconds you will have your file in the desired format so you can listen to your favorite music from your mobile or ipod.

It is compatible with both PC and Mac. You can even make the conversion from your mobile phone!totally free!


The Oflliberty converts transforms you the video you want and allows you download your audio in MP3 or in MP4. You just have to copy the url link that you want to convert and paste it in the search bar that shows the web.

It is very easy and simple to use, so there will be no complications. It is completely free and you can use it from any browser, either from your PC or mobile.


This fabulous converter offers you to download the video you want from youtube and transforms it to format you prefer. Peggo also works with Soundcloud.

You only need to copy the link of the video and paste it in the search engine of the page, and download the content.

In addition, you have the possibility to select only a part of the video. And if you prefer, you also have a version only for Android.


It is a multimedia content converter that transform directly from Internet. The operation of this converter is similar to the others, offering the possibility of changing the format of the files.

ClipConverter is one of the oldest YouTube converters and with the best opinions. It offers a free service, Whithout ads, that works both in PC and smartphone. It is one of the best options to download music from YouTube.

Its operation is very intuitive. You only have to paste the link you choose, the audio or video conversion format and the button to download. In a few seconds you will have a converted file.


Youzik is a free YouTube converter that is not very well known, but for many it is one of the best. Its operation is very fast and flawless and it is compatible with any type of format and file. You do not need any registration.

This website is compatible with tablets, phones, computers, etc. That is, you can save the file on any device. Your system ensures you a excellent quality depending on the video you download.


It is a website where you can download audios in different formats starting from a YouTube video. Your procedure is very quick and easy, you do not need registration and allows you to convert music for free.

In addition, it is capable of supporting links from many video websites and you have no conversion limit and downloads. You do not need to install or download any software.


Do you want to download only the audio of your favorite Youtube video? Yout is your best choice! When you convert it and download it in your favorite format you can listen to it in an audio player or directly on your Smartphone.

Just look for the video you want to download. Next, you copy the url and go to the Yout website and paste it and then you will get your audio track.

Clip Converter

Converting music from YouTube was never as easy as with this converter. You just have to enter the url, convert and listen, that simple and easy. This Youtube converter is a wonder, there are no records and you should not pay anything money. Is 100% recommended.

This website also gives you the option to download the files to your PC, music library or MP3 player.


KeepVid is a converter that is characterized by its excellent speed at the moment of transforming a video to the mp3 format. Download any type of video or music as long as it is available on the internet.

It is a Youtube converter to Mp3 that can also convert video from other platforms into an audio file.

YouTube Audio

YouTube Audio is a free Very simple that offers conversion of videos to mp3. It is not necessary that you are registered, the only thing you need is the URL address of the Youtube video.

Once you enter the video address, it will convert your audio into an mp3 file, which you can download immediately on your PC or mobile.


SaveFrom works through a simple process that allows you to download and convert any Youtube video to desired format. You just have to identify the video, copy your url and paste it on the SaveFrom page. Then select the download format and in the second you will have your audio or video downloaded.

You can also download audio files and other types from several web pages and social networks.


With VideoGrabby you can convert your favorite videos directly from the internet. It is also compatible with Vine and Vimeo.

It is a tool that will help you in converting videos from YouTube to MP3, as well as downloading them for free. It also allows you to download videos in their original format.


FLV2MP3 is another very reliable and recommended page to download and convert quality YouTube videos. Supports various formats and the process is very simple, fast and easy.

Without any complications you can have the best songs or videos saved and enjoy them whenever you want.

Video to MP3 Downloader

With the help of Video to MP3 Downloader, you can convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 format. One of its best features is the ability to produce audio from excellent quality.

All you need to do is place the link of the video you want in the box of the page. You press the download button, and the process of converting the video to MP3 will be done automatically. The time will depend on the weight of the video.


The Yoump34 is a platform that downloads videos and converts them into MP3 files. The download process is very simple and you can do it in three steps.

You search for your favorite video on YouTube, select it and download it in MP3 or MP4 format. The application will create a folder where you will have all the songs downloaded.


WonTube is one of the most used YouTube converter applications in mobiles. In it you can convert videos from YouTube to MP3. The software it works very fast and it converts the videos to you in a few seconds and with high quality.

One of its best features is the ability to offer the user an experience No problem!


Tubemate is another free video conversion application from Youtube, which is widely used by Android platforms.

Among its features stands out its ability to offer full resolution support. Thanks to this, you can search for high quality videos and convert them to MP3.


It is one of the websites most known that offers you to convert videos to MP3 from Youtube. However, its speed is not the fastest.

The good news is that it accepts different types of video URL from YouTube. It also allows you to download videos from Facebook and other platforms.

YouTube converters offline

Most online converters can help you Download or convert your videos easily. However, they do not offer you other functions that you can have if you have a converter installed on your pc, such as editing or customizing the videos.

They are many faster and you do not need to send your email address. You can also separate the audio from several videos at the same time.

Then I will talk about other YouTube converters that you can use offline. They offer you better performance and compatibility with many formats.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

It is an application that you must download to use it. Works on any operating system of Windows and its different versions.

This application is three times faster compared to other converters, it is also compatible with other video formats. Allow you to transfer without using a USB.

In the same way, it has an intelligent download of online videos and has a built-in DVD recorderor. Also, convert, edit, improve and download the video you want.

YouTube Downloader

It is a free converter most downloaded and used by users today. It offers you the opportunity to change videos from Youtube to MP4. It is compatible with Windows operating system version.

It gives you the service that you copy and paste the URL of the video you want to convert. It has an interface with the user and is very easy to use. In addition, the downloads and conversion of the files are very fast.

It has a very simple drop-down menu where you can select the quality and format you want to save the file.

Freemake Video Converter 4.1.7

The Freemake Video Converter 4.1.7 is a software that offers you the opportunity to convert videos from YouTube to MP4. This software is very popular and that's why he has won several digital prizes. This application is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10.

Among its features is that it allows the editing of videos and supports subtitles. Your conversion is very fast and good quality. It has a system for burning CDs and with conversion for Blu-ray format.

Free Studio

Free Studio from DVDVideoSoft, is a complete and excellent tool of download, conversion and recording of all types of multimedia files. It allows to convert videos of YouTube in audios using several types of formats compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows.

Its interface is very effective and simple, that is, when unloading and installing it, no unwanted malware will leak.

Mac X Video Converter

It is a Youtube converter for Mac. Its use is very simple and fun. You can apply the conversion automatically of videos from youtube and other social networks.

This software allows you to cut, add watermark and external subtitles to the videos. In addition, it has presentation of photos.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a software that you can use to convert YouTube video to more than 60 formats. You can download them for free. Is very easy and simple of using.

This software allows you to download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion and other sites.

So far our list of options for Youtube converters, Which of these pages or programs did you like the most? Remember that through them you can enjoy and save your favorite music and videos from YouTube whenever you want, all a wonder!

Youtube converters are an excellent tool that you can use in your day to day. They are very easy to use and you can do it in a matter of seconds. If you are a Youtube lover and you like to create your own library, with converters, you can do it! What are you waiting for?

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