More and more people are studying the possibility of creating their own YouTube channel and start making money through this platform. If that is your case, let us tell you that you will need the help of subscribers. That's why today we show you some alternatives to get new followers on YouTube.

Subscribers are key within YouTube. The platform requires a minimum number of followers to be able to monetize our channel and thus begin to earn money for the creation of audiovisual content. There are some applications that could help us get subscribers and here we tell you which ones are the best.

Growing up on YouTube is not easy

Many users of the YouTube platform are making money just by uploading content to this application, however, one thing must be made clear and that is growing on YouTube is not as easy as some believe.

To add new subscribers to our channel it will be necessary to invest a lot of time within the platformBut not everyone has the ability to spend hours creating content for the app. In these cases an extra help would not be bad.

That is why today we want to introduce you some of the best applications to gain subscribers on Youtube. They will not do all the work for us, but they will help us to make the task of adding followers not so complicated and boring.

Top best apps

On the web we find an extensive list of applications designed to get subscribers on YouTube. There are some that are quite effective and reliable, while others are just false promises.

We bring for you a top with the best applications to get followers on Youtube. Take note and get the most out of these amazing tools.


One of the best app that could help you get new subscribers on YouTube it is precisely TubeMine. Through this tool you will be able to give a tremendous boost to your channel, and the best of all is that it will be in a very short time.

It will not be necessary to buy followers. The operating mode of this application mainly consists of share our videos with those who are part of this community. If we want to share a video we will need "coins" that you can buy or get by watching videos of other users of the app.

UChannel - Sub4Sub

This amazing application could not be missing from our list. Thanks to it, we will achieve more subscribers, likes and greater views within the YouTube platform.

It works quite simply: You upload a video, copy the link in the app and create a promotion to attract the attention of other users. To do this you will need "coins" which you will get by viewing the content of other users.

UTViews - Views Booster

Here we present another of the best alternatives to get subscribers on YouTube easily and quickly. This application works quite similar to the others. You will only have to share your video in the app and they will help other users to see it.

You will also require coins to use the application. You get this type of rewards just by viewing the content that other users upload to the platform.