Best social media tips of the 2019, updated

In 2019 it continues to be fashionable and more accentuated than ever the use of Social Networks for your online business. It's time! that you update do not waste more time with traditional advertising. Also, if you already have your Marketing plan you need to know some Social Media tips of the 2019 to also be a trend.

The scope of Social Media It is a dynamic universe, everything changes with ease, Social Networks are continuously modified. Every day, more support technologies emerge for Community Manager in your task of managing the platforms. Therefore, you have to stay alert to these changes so that you do not fall behind in your techniques.

That said, we invite you to follow us in this post, where we offer some tips of the 2019 quite useful to practice them. With them, you Social Media plan for this year he will be immersed in the priorities of the users!You'll love it!.

Check out the 5 Best social media tips from 2019, updated

Without a doubt, a good strategy of Social Media includes updated actions focused on the success of your online business. This strategy is designed by the manager of the networks that can be a Community Manager or the Social Media Manager. For this reason, this person must be up to date with what is currently a trend in Social Networks.

Now, let's see some tips to establish strategies with relevance and in a planned way.

1. Follow the line of the user experience

This year there are no excuses, your content must go to the target. You can not, throw general messages that get lost in the way for lack of awakening the interest of users. Your presence in Social Networks should be something serious, planned and with a deep knowledge of the sector and niche.

There is an important fact to know the preference of the format in which your target audience likes to receive the content. This differs, depending on the product or service you offer as well as the platform you are going to use.

In this aspect also influences news in the media, since the constant users are always up to date. You have to adapt the contents to these new features that the client follows. On the other hand, the tendency of influencers to expand the audience of a brand continues to be a trend.

2. Use of fast content

The information in the Social Networks is increasingly instantaneous, so the loading speed becomes important. This speed refers to the speed with which the files are downloaded and the videos are viewed. For this, for example, we have PageSpeed ​​Insights that Analyze the speed of the pages and generate suggestions.

On the other hand, it is very important to learn to tell stories in a fast, pleasant and condensed way, so that you love the target. In addition, this content must be visual and useful, this you can not forget.

In terms of Web pages and App is the microcopy trend. For example, in the case of purchase forms, they reduce the abandonment rate of the shopping cart. They, strategically located, help eliminate possible doubts and give clear instructions for users to complete some task.

3. Connect with the public naturally

Usually, it bothers us all to get fatigued with unwanted advertising. Therefore, we suggest being very subtle with brand advertising on any platform, including on your website.

Today, native advertising is a trend to reach users in a more natural, less invasive way. Social networks are the perfect platform for initiate content advertising actions, in it content and product are merged.

In this ecosystem, users consume content with voracity and advertising is integrated with the contents in a natural way.

4. Live or streaming videos

Speaking of speed in the content and making direct contact with the public, we can not leave out the video Marketing. Now with streaming mode, consisting of live broadcasts; being used already by several brands. This, with the intention of capturing an increasingly difficult audience to retain.

They reveal some data that live videos have more views than recorded, and the comments they receive quickly expand. This happens basically for three aspects: geolocation, narrations to fill micro moments and vertical video boom.

5. Use of Artificial Intelligence in some applications as Social Media tips

Shows of this trend are the chatbots, already used by some for a while. It is used, in instant messaging applications what brings an authentic innovation. It is usually integrated into some Social Media strategies

We consider it good to clarify that we should not abuse its use so as not to cause "Robotic sensation".

Actually, we have many others Social Media tips what to share with you For this we wait for you in the next Post Follow us!

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