How to post on Instagram from Facebook

The social world has evolved drastically. The samples of affection have changed to a technological mode, the coffees have become followers. As well as hugs in likes and comments. There are too many existing social platforms, however within the most used only two are at the top. Facebook and Instagram are extremely famous networks and those that have the most followers worldwide. In addition, the Instagram platform in the 2012 has been bought by Facebook. That is why when linking, facilities such as posting on Instagram from Facebook are allowed.


Facebook is the social network largest in the world and the one with the largest number of users. It is available to the public from 2004. The platform of this network, has a series of attractive tools, among which the sharing. In addition to eta, there is the famous "Like", a tool that shares with Instagram. And also other striking tools, such as the well-known "I touched" Facebook.

On the other hand, after the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, the platforms have enabled the link option. To do so, in this way allow tools such as publish on Instagram from Facebook. Allowing in this way to make use of social networks as a whole, and simplifying the work to be done by the user.


Instagram social network, has been known worldwide for attractive platform, who is the second in command in the popularity competition between social networks. This famous network allows users post pictures and stories with great ease. In addition to its convenient interface to establish communication with other users. So also, it allows individuals to comment and give "like" to the publications that you wish.

Instagram social networks, Instagram, has broken continental barriers, because its reach has globalized. It has more than 600 million users assets per month. And its attractive tools, has made it possible to constantly grow them. That's why, Instagram is the one preferred by many users, so it has gone through constant updates and innovative tools. To do so, much more comfortable the experience of the individual in his use of the application.

Why link Facebook and Instagram?

The reasons for unifying Instagram and Facebook have different origins. For many individuals it is a way to attract new followers and the convenience to publish. Unlike those who have been found in advertising campaign or similar. The diversity of reasons to post on Instagram from Facebook is notorious.

Network Control

Given the use of a certain amount of social networks, the user may feel exhausted. In addition, if you want to publish exactly the same in each of them, publishing on Instagram from Facebook has to simplify the process. In this way you will get better control of networks, bringing with it a optimal organization.


There are many shops and businesses that use social media to reach your clientele. That is why an effective use of social networks is crucial for them. Therefore, publishing on Instagram from Facebook will allow the same offers and various publications expand in the various networks.

In this way, the business or company can reach the digital market with greater simplicity and in less time. Then, investing the time and other necessary resources in necessary areas. Posting on Instagram from Facebook will allow maximize reach of some sales promotion. As well as it has to extend the name of the company in question.

Calls for scholarships

Given the immediate need to publish ads of diverse nature, the use of a single social network will not be enough to reach a large crowd. If the desire is to make a general call, and reach a large mass of people has to be extended and published by all possible means. That is why publishing on Instagram from Facebook will be an option highly functional in these cases.


When the user wishes to make a "viral" publication or at least expand its viewing range must be able to post on Instagram from Facebook. Thus in this way, a greater extension in the level of scope of the publication is guaranteed. Allowing thus, a greater recognition of the desired objective.

How to post on Instagram from Facebook?

To post on Instagram from the Facebook platform, a certain number of previous steps have to be met. They are not very complex and it will only take around five minutes to comply with them. To do this, the user must already have Installed the Instagram application in their mobile. If you do not have it yet, you can acquire it through the store of your respective operating system.


The first step to publish on Instagram from Facebook will be to open the application on the device. Once the app has been opened, the user must identify himself using his Username or nickname, as well as your respective password.


After having entered into your account, the individual should go to his profile. In this way, already in the profile, you have to click on the three vertical points that are in the upper right corner. For later, after unfolding the options menu, click on linked accounts.


Once in linked accounts, the user must do click on Facebook. To do so, select where the posts are to be published. Either in the user's personal Facebook account or even in the Fanspage that you may be administering After having completed this process, the series of steps to be completed has been completed. So it has been successful to publish on Instagram from Facebook.

How to know if they have read a message on Instagram

Communication is a function and an innate need of humanity. With the advance of social networks, many users have become adepts and they. This thanks to the ability to satisfy this need for half cybernetic Instagram is one of the platforms that has allowed communication to more than 600 millions of people. For that reason, it is one of the most acclaimed of contemporary times. One of the most recent Platform tools is like knowing if they have read a message on Instagram.


Instagram is a famous social network, which has allowed users to communicate via images. This happens, since the post of the platform must carry a photograph, image or video. And to these is added a description of what is being done at the moment. In addition, the social network has, for some years, brought the option of sending direct messages. For so promote communication among the users of the network.


Instagram direct messages have been revolutionary for the application. These have been in constant evolution for improve the experience of the user. The Instagram Direct allow the individual to share ideas and written messages with other users. So you can also add photos and videos attached to the message. And more recently, the sending stories by Direct message.

To send a direct message, the user only has to enter his message mailbox and select create a new message. Then you have to select the user to whom you want to send a direct message and thus start writing it. Once the message has been sent and the user has read it, the application will indicate the status of the message That is, with this the user has to know if they have read a message on Instagram.

How to know if they have read a message on Instagram?

There are many Instagram users who want to know when a message sent was visualized by the recipient. The Instagram app, has brought with it a reading notification. The how to know if they have read a message on Instagram, can be done in an extremely simple way. For this, the user must follow a series of steps not complicated at all.

Login to the application

For this the user has to identify on the platform. This can be done through your email associated with Instagram or your username in the app. In addition, you must enter your current password in the box requested. Once entered into the application must continue to be able to know if they have read a message on Instagram.

Tray or Mailbox

After having entered the application, the user must enter the message mailbox. Once in, you can visualize all messages made or received. To check if a message has been displayed, the user can enter any of the existing ones in the tray.


The user has to open any chat already existing where the last message was sent by him. These can be to any person and have been made on any date. So that if the user selects a direct message chat from a few years ago, he will also be able to know if the recipient You have seen the Instagram message.


Once the desired chat has been opened, the user must make sure that the last message has been sent by him. Thus, just below the message it must be able to be an eye-shaped icon or not. This will happen depending on the status of the message. In cases where the message was displayed, the icon is found under the message. Unlike an unread message, which will not own The icon with an eye shape.

How to avoid showing that a message has been read on Instagram?

In the same way, as many users want to know if they have read a message on Instagram. There are also many who do not want to leave this evidence. So in this way, they can avoid that the sender can know if they have read a message on Instagram.

To receive

To hide the status of message display, the first thing that is required is to receive a message. Regardless of the recipient, the user can hide that he has read the message. This may be because various reasons, such as avoiding the pressure of generating a specific response.

Airplane mode

Before displaying the message, the user must place the mobile device in airplane modeDeactivate Wi-Fi and mobile data. This will prevent the application from sending the information to the platform in general.


After having cut the communication to the web, the user you can review the message received without any concern. Since there will be no possibility that the user who sent it can know if they have read a message on Instagram.


After reading the message, the user has to leave it. Afterwards, you may withdraw from the application and reactivate the phone. To do this, you have to deactivate the airplane mode or reconnect the mobile or Wi-fi data.

how to republish a story on Instagram

Instagram, is the social network of the moment. Its origins go back almost a decade, however its popularity has quickly climbed to the top. The famous social network, whose original focus was the publication of photographs by fans and art lovers, it has evolved. The most recent Instagram versions bring with them a range of tools, each one more attractive than the other. The most acclaimed Instagram stories are one of the most used in the contemporary world. Therefore, we will teach you how to republish a story on Instagram, in this way you can make even more striking your timeline of stories.

Instagram's platform

The acclaimed social network has more than 600 millions of users in the world, all of them active per month. In addition, their updates have increased since their purchase by Facebook from 2012. In fact, each update of the platform brings with it a better adaptation of the tools it possessed. Or even, a new e innovative mechanism to post the user's events.

This application is available for various mobile operating systems. Being Android, iOS and Windows among them. If the user wishes to own this app on his mobile device, he must only enter the respective one shop of your phone. These can be GoolePlay, AppStore or MicrosoftStore. Once located, you must download them and then install them on the device. In this way, you can use the much acclaimed social network.

Instagram Stories

This particular tool has been designed with the purpose that the user does not have to overload your profile with everything you want to publish. Since its inception a couple of years ago, its popularity has been on the rise, especially among young people. Since, this option will allow the user to post each event of their day and they will have a lifetime of 24 hours, to later be self-removed.

Not only this, the application allows you edit your photos for Instagram Stories and make them much more attractive and creative. Since you can have the option to add filters, emojis, stickers, and others. In this way the user will be able to put their imagination to fly and create new and original Instagram stories. In fact when adding text to the publication, the platform has added a diverse number of fonts, for the user's tastes.

How to republish a story on Instagram?

If the user wants to republish a story on Instagram, they should know that there is a single prerequisite. This is, the be labeled in said publication. Therefore, before photos published on Instagram Stories where this labeling you can also share them in your stories. This option is called Mention Sharing, and it will allow you to share which story you have been tagged with. Regardless of whether it is video or text image, your user has been mentioned you will have the option of adding that publication to Storie.

However, this option will only be allowed on devices with the version 48 of the Instagram interface and must be applied only to user accounts that are public. If these precautions are met, the user can republish a story on Instagram. And so, be able to fill your timeline with stories in which it has been labeled in the last 24 hours.


At the time of tag in some story, If your user is public, a notification will appear. This notification will inform you about the mentioned users may republish a story on Instagram during the following 24 hours. And in this way, when publishing, the aforementioned user will be notified.

Direct message

When it is mentioned, it has to be receive a message direct with the published story. Also, just below the thumbnail of the story in the message; you will find an extremely important option. This will be the one that will allow "Add to your story". Clicking on it will accomplish the task of republishing a story on Instagram.


After having clicked on the option "add to my story", it will redirect you to the beginning of the posting of a story. From this moment you can edit or customize the publication to your liking. You must also be able to add text, emojis or stickers; and thus customize the publication in which you were tagged. However, in history the name of the original user, that is, who has tagged you.


After having completely edited the story, and return it aesthetically acceptable for you you must publish. To do this, click on the publish tab. Subsequently, a menu of options for the publication will be displayed. This will include being published in your story or sending it to one of your friends. To be published in your story you have to select the homonymous option and click on "To post". Thus, the user has achieved success by republishing a story on Instagram.

how to block someone on Instagram

Social networks are highly expanded on the globe. It is currently very common to ask what is your user of a specific network. Among the youth the Instagram platform has opened gap. In addition, it is widely used by young people and early adults. However, the rise of social networks has decreased the level of privacy of the individual. That is why, the level of harassment has increased in many countries. Since the users have shared part of their personal life with the world. Due to this, many users have seen the need to take drastic measures, such as blocking someone on Instagram.

The Instagram platform, with its most recent updates, has brought with it a series of innovative tools. This has the purpose of improving in increasing the level of publications what the user does In addition, to facilitate communication between the individual and their close circle of friendship and family. However, there are many cases in which some individual uses the social network to assault or bother to the user through the network.

Why block someone on Instagram?

Many with situations of cyberbullying that occur daily. From the technological revolution, much is the information shared by the various users. And that has led to an increase in cyberbullies through the social networks. These can take the information of the people with whom they walk or even the places they frequent. In addition to the previous ones, they are not the only reasons why a user may want to block someone on Instagram


If the user wants keep your privacy before a specific person, you can use this option to limit the viewing of your information by the third party. In this way, it will guarantee your privacy with respect to the individual in question.


On occasion, there are users who start writing for direct messages, obscene things or a bit creepy. Therefore, the victim in this case of constant harassment must be able to block someone on Instagram. This way you can restrict your access to write direct messages.


These cases occur when a user has started to tag you in publications that could be offensive. Or even when your posts are constantly commented by the unwanted person. Such comments can be grotesque and uncomfortable. That is why the user victim in this case may block a user on Instagram.

How to block a user on Instagram?

The process to block a user on Instagram is extremely simple. For this, the individual should only have access to your user and know the name of who has bothered you at such a level that it needs to be blocked. This option will allow users to protect their privacy against cyber-aggressors. In this way will limit access to the information that the aggressor possessed.

To open

The first step to block someone on Instagram will be open the application on your mobile device Either this Android, iOS or even Windows. Once the application is open, you will be asked to identify yourself, for this you must use your respective username and password. Once you have entered, the start screen on Instagram, where you can see news of the people you follow.


Once you have entered, you have to select the icon with magnifying glass in the bottom bar of the screen. This way you have entered the Explore section, where the potential users that could like you are shown. Then you will have to click on the search bar located at the top. There you must insert the Username or nickname that you are looking for. After finding it among the options thrown by the platform to the user in question has to click on it.


After having selected to enter the user's profile, it must be displayed on the screen. You have to display in the upper right corner a tab with three points, one on the other. You have to click on the tab and a menu of options will appear before you.


When the options menu is displayed, the option will appear between them "Block user". You have to click on the tab and automatically, you have already made use of blocking a user on Instagram. And this has protected your privacy a bit more.

What will happen when blocking a user on Instagram?

After blocking a user on Instagram, the unwanted person can not visualize your profile. Since this will appear as if your account does not have any published photographs. Similarly, you can not send direct messages to your user either. Do not comment on any previous publication. Thus, you can cut the communication mechanism and discomfort exercised by the individual. However, you should know that when you block an Instagram user you will not be able to see their updates either. Since it is a bilateral blockade.


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