Meet all breeds of cats of different sizes

Would you like to know all the breeds of cats that exist in the world? If you like these adorable pets or are thinking about adopting one, you will be interested in knowing which one suits your personality the most.

Knowing the breeds of cats is a very important element that we must fulfill if you have or want to have this pet animal. When you meet them you will have a greater understanding and they may be an excellent company for you.

The domestic cat has more than ten thousand years accompanying us. Currently, there is a wide variety of breeds of pigs around the world.

In this post I will talk about the breeds of cats more known. As well as some tips to choose the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

What is a breed of cats?

  • The breed of cats are the different types of this pet that you can find in the world. In different international feline exhibitions have been known and approved different races that exist.
  • Some kinds of cats vary according to the geographical area or country. Others have been created after human-made experiments and have defined a unique standard, such as hairless cats.
  • To differentiate them, they were created three groups of races:
  • Cats with short hair.
  • Cats with semi-long hair.
  • Cats with long hair.

Cat breed list

Next I will show you the best breeds of cats what you can find You will know its characteristics, colors, character and everything you need to know about each of them.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats are a very particular breed. They are well known for being one of the most wanted pets by international artists.

One of the main characteristics and the most striking is the shape of his ears, which are small and folded. For that reason its name "Fold" that in Spanish means folded.

It has a short, dense and very soft coat. You can also find it in several colors, bicolor or unicolor. The color of your eyes will depend on the color of your coat.

They are very sweet, agile and intelligent kittens. They are very dependent on company, since they do not like to be alone!Much tenderness together!


The Abyssinian Cat is an extraordinary pussycat, because it is a very intelligent animal with unique physical conditions. It is a cat that likes to jump, climb and run, that is, always looking for the way to be active.

His character is very cheerful. Is ideal for children since it has a playful and fun nature. It is a mascot with great activity that, in addition, begs for you to give it affection, so it is not advisable to choose it as a pet if it is going to spend lonely long periods. You will fall in love!


The Bombay cat is characterized by being very sociable and calm, adapting easily to any environment and family life.

It has a great intelligence and cognitive memory. They like to play and interact with people. Its coat is uniform coppery black, short and smooth, with a very bright tone. His eyes are beautiful, as they have a golden to coppery color, very large and slanted.


It is a race that has a large size, strong and strong structure, as well as a huge head. His personality is very hyperactive, never get tired of playing with people. It is affectionate and adapts easily to any environment.

He is very intelligent, you will be surprised how quickly he learns his name, how he behaves at home and how he uses his accessories and games.


The Siamese is a Thai race that are divided into two diversities: Modern Siamese and the Thai Siamese. Their curiosity is their main characteristic, they are also affectionate and agile possess excellent energy.

A curious fact about this breed is that their life expectancy is long in comparison with other races. They can live up to 20 years, of course, if they have good care, food and care that they need.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthairs are short-haired. This breed was made very famous and recognized after appearing in the story of "Alice in Wonderland."

It is a race of English origin that many families love because of its beautiful physique and its very peculiar character. They are very cats calm, tender and sweet which is an excellent life partner.


The Snowshoe is a breed of cats slim and stylized, with a moderate body size and short fur, smooth and compact.

Among its characteristics it is highlighted that It is a very expressive cat, with a sociable character, who likes companies. They also love jumping behind the balls and playing with water, something very peculiar to this race.


The Persian cat breed is currently a very sought after pet for the homes in the world, as they are very affectionate, lazy and calm.

The Persian cat requires a lot of care, since they tend to be overweight, so you must take care of your diet. In addition, you have to brush your fur frequently, because it is very dense and very delicate.


The exotic cat is a race similar to the Persian cat, however its difference is that it has short fur, big eyes and a round head. It is a cat with a character authentic, sociable and serene, therefore it is a favorite breed in many homes.

It is a race that does not like to be alone, they are very attached to humans and permanent contact. They are very smart and playful. It is an ideal pet for a home with a large family and where there are children.


Today is a race that has been losing strength in its purity. Among its main features is that They have a very agile body and its size is medium. Its tail is long and with a lot of hair.

His character is unique, because does not like to sleep a lot, since he loves to observe. It is very curious by nature. You can spend hours observing the behaviors of humans or look out the windows.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is characterized by having the square head and symmetrical eyes. They are very affectionate cats. They easily get used to any family environment and even other pets, like dogs.

They are very sociable and try to communicate through different kinds of meows. They are very resistant to diseases and with very smart. They are affectionate, reserved and loyal.

Tips to choose the cat breed that fits your personality

If you have decided to adopt a cat, and you do not know which breed to choose. Here are some tips that can help you help make the best decision and which race suits your personality:

  • If you are looking for a cat to show off or show off, you can choose an exotic one, such as Egyptian Mauor, which is a very friendly and independent race. It has a mottled coat that looks like a leopard.
  • When looking for a family pet you can look for a breed that is characterized by having an affectionate, friendly and sweet character. As for example
  • If you have small children at home, you should look for a cat class that is relaxed and tolerant, and that loves to play with children. You can think of a
  • If you wanted was a dog but, for some reason, you could not have it, you can look for a cat like Burmese It is a very intelligent and loyal breed, they love to share with humans.
  • If you are a very busy person and your cat should be alone at home for a long time, you should choose a quiet cat that does not require so much care. The Russian blue It may be the best option for you.
  • If you are looking for a small cat for your home, Munchkin It is the ideal. It is a cat breed that has very short legs. It is a very small and adorable breed.

A cat will always bring home much joy, excitement and companionship. If you choose one cat breed correctly, you should only enjoy it, since it will be your companion for several years.

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