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Web traffic is one of the great attributes that every owner of a page would like to have. It is because of that Google privileges the social actions that users perform on web pages, and with an estimate, places it in the first section of the search. In this sense, buy backlinks securely so that increase the positioning of your websiteIt would be an excellent strategy, since they can represent those social actions that Google values.

In fact, buying blacklinks is one of the most used practices by Webmasters, since they consider it favorable to carry out the strategy of their project. In addition to being key to bring relevance to their websites.

Difference between links and backlinks

Internal and external links are not the same as backlinks, although they behave similarly, they have different objectives. Since internal links are used to link different URLs within the same web page. While external links are those that point from your website to any other domain. Notwithstanding the Blacklinks, they are incoming links that arrive to your website with the goal of giving you authority in the eyes of Google.

Does it help to buy backlinks to the positioning of your website?

Inbound links have great value for a website, that could translate into a reward. Seen in this way, the purchase of blacklinks are the wings you are looking for to make your page take off. But, you must know the advantages and the risks before this purchase.

Risks of buying backlinks

When someone links you, considering that you Content is valuable, you will be receiving whitelink, known as the natural way to get SEO. But when you have purchased the links and Google can verify, you could be penalized. Therefore, the purchase of blacklinks to be done under a strategy of SEO off page, in a natural and coherent way.

Advantages of buying backlinks

  1. Saving time: Buying links is the way to do SEO faster, since other strategies such as guest bloggingn or the creation of links manually takes a long time.
  2. You get quality links: this tool allows us to access relevant links that would boost your positioning.
  3. You get results faster: this is the main advantage, as long as it is done correctly, following a media-data strategy.

These advantages apply if you know how many and how to choose the links. For this reason, we explain it to you in a simple way.

What type of backlinks do I choose? Dofollow / Nofollow

Although the label Nofollow was created to eliminate spam in comments from Blogs, is being used to manipulate the internal PageRank. In fact, we must bear in mind that when this label is used in an article, they cause the PageRank to be lost or consumed. Still, have incoming Nofollow links, offers naturalness to SEO strategy off page, which Google values. However, it is advisable to concentrate on buy backlinks Dofollow and maybe the rest could arrive spontaneously.

How many links should I buy for my page?

There is no general or valid answer, since it depends on each project. But, if you must consider these aspects:

  1. Age of the page.
  2. Brand visibility
  3. Sector / area where it operates.

En este sentido, you must be consistent when buying the links, it must appear that you are doing an SEO off page naturally. For example, that a recognized company of many years, launch a new product and websites are congested linking this information is natural. But it is not natural for a new page, with few visualizations, to be linked by many other networks in a short period of time.

Type of anchor tex to buy inbound links

The domain in the search results or the brand anchor, are being increasingly valued by Google. Consequently, evaluate the percentage of anchor keyword and domain used in the sector by your competition or the best positioned pages, can throw you data that you should replicate. But when it comes to doing this, if you are a page with few visualizations and little time on the internet, you must aim your goal progressively so that it looks natural. So use the anchor of the domain or brand in order to generate your own. Even you can make money writing.

Distribution of the links you buy

It is convenient and recommendable, distribute the backlinks you buy through the different pages of the website. Although what interests you most are the service pages of the home, as it is not natural for all links to stop at the same site.

For this reason, one of the most important factors of web positioning is the user's behavior. Which, is analyzed by indicators, such as the stay, the percentage of rebounds or The number of pages a user visits on the website. For this reason, your articles must be linked correctly.

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