The current trend of buying visits on YouTube

Internet and new technologies have revolutionized the day to day and the lives of people. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube have had a special impact in recent years. They are platforms with which to have direct contact with millions of people around the world, receive information, do business and even earn money. That is why especially YouTube is looking to buy visits on YouTube.

To make money with YouTube or other social networks is necessary to have a large number of followers. Only in this way the content we publish can have the impact and visibility enough for brands to focus on us and we can promote some of their products.

It is within this context that there are a proliferation of companies in the network dedicated to offering followers and visits selling services to increase the number of followers in a profile. For YouTube, without going any further, we have the possibility to buy visits in our videos to give the impression of having a large audience.

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Buy real high retention YouTube visits

The purchase of visits is for the user the possibility of placing their content in the top positions in the search results. However, they should be real high retention visits, since YouTube monitors each of these visits with new algorithms to check if they are real or false.

With real visits of high retention we refer to those that allude to the real interest that a user shows for the content of a certain video. And how is this proven? Very easy. Users who watch this video must last on average more than half of the video with the window open on their devices.

But in addition to being real visitors of high retention, we must take into account another very important factor such as the case of interaction. This refers to number of comments, likes and options to share in social networks that our video has had. Hence, when buying visits we also have to acquire comments from those visits.

The quality of the video is fundamental

More and more people want to become the fashionable youtuber. For this they need a lot of visits on their channel. Some visits that can be bought today to try to grow the channel and turn it into a company.

However, despite being able to increase visits on YouTube through this medium, The quality of the video is still a fundamental aspect to make our content succeed. Because what really matters is not to have visits, but to keep the viewing percentage.

In addition, if the content of the channel is of quality it is very likely that little by little the number of followers will also increase.

Ultimately, buy visits on YouTube It is a practice that directly or indirectly many youtubers carry out. Not in vain, it is a future investment in the channel and a more than real possibility that our content reaches a wider audience.

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