How to connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch

For the most part, the Galaxy Buds is an excellent choice for wireless headphones . They are easy to transport and the cumulative battery life of thirteen hours can be considered decent. And the touchpads are the cherry on top. We tell you how to connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch. Keep reading because the process is quite simple.

1 Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 1

Unfortunately, the process of connecting the Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Watch is not a simple process. You need some solutions, especially if your Buds have been paired with a phone previously. But rest assured that it is not impossible.

In this post, we will show you how to connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch. Let's start!


Step 1: : If you have taken the Buds right out of the box and have not been paired before, start by opening the case to move them into pairing mode. You should see a notification turn on.

Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 3

In the case of previously connected Buds, disable the Bluetooth connection of the phone (or laptop) to disconnect them. Now, keep the lid open to push the Buds into pairing mode.

NOTE: : The needs of Buds have a certain amount of charge to match. Make sure that the battery life is sufficient.

Step 2: on your Galaxy Watch, open Settings and go to Connection> Bluetooth> BT Headsets and touch Scan.

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Once the headphones are found, touch to connect.

Step 3: : The Galaxy Watch allows you to listen to tracks without connection through the built-in player.

To add tracks, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and select Add content to your watch> Add tracks and then select the song tracks. Just make sure the watch is close to your phone.

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Let me tell you that adding tracks to the Galaxy Watch takes quite some time.

Step 4: : Then, turn towards the audio player of your watch. Tap the small phone icon to change the way you see.

Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 4

Tap Play, and that's it! You will get a mini music player on your watch.


Syncing Galaxy Buds with a new phone, even without the Galaxy Wearable application, is not a complicated issue and is similar to the synchronization process of other Bluetooth audio devices.

Just keep the Buds in pairing mode, scan them and bam!

However, without the Galaxy Wearable application, you will not be able to use the functions of the complementary application, such as Equalizer or Ambient Quiet.

To connect the application to the Buds, open it and select Galaxy Buds from the list of devices. Then keep the case open and start scanning on your phone.

Pair of Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 3
Pair of Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 2

Tap the buds to select it. At this point, the application downloads the Galaxy Buds plug-in separately and needs some permissions to configure it.

Once this is done, you can use it as you did in your previous devices.


The pairing process is not perfect at all times. In some circumstances, one of the devices needs a reboot. For now, you can reset the Buds through the Galaxy Wearable application. You must make sure that the phone is connected to the Buds when you perform the reset.

If this is the case, the outbreaks are paired with other devices, matching through the method described above.

Once done, open it and go to About Headphones> Reset the headset, and then press the Reset button.

Pair of Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 5
Match Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 1

The method is infallible and guarantees an adequate restart.


1. Customize the Touchpads

With the Galaxy Buds, you can reassign the 'Touch and hold' action of the touchpad.

To make the changes, go to the Wearable application and select Touchpad. Now, tap on one of the left or right sides, and select the option.

Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 3 Copy
Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 3

Voice Command will open the Google Assistant (or the digital assistant of your choice) while selecting the Fast Atmosphere sound, will decrease the volume and increase the ambient sound.

At the same time, toggle the button to Lock the touch panel will make the touch panels no longer effective. This feature is useful if you are someone like me, who usually shakes with his headphones. After all, I would not want to jump to the next track just because I was looking for a better fit.

2. Switch to dynamic mode.

El equalizer It comes with four modes: bass boost, smooth, dynamic, clear and treble boost, and my favorite is dynamic mode.

Equalizer Galaxy Buds

It automatically selects the equalization preset according to the songs that are being played. Trust me, they sound very good.

3. Manage notifications

The Wearable application allows you modify notifications that you receive in your Galaxy Buds. After all, you would not want your song to be interrupted often. At the same time, you do not want to miss the important ones, at least I do not.

To make the changes, tap Notification Management and toggle the switch of the application for which you want to receive notifications. That's.

Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 4
Connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch 1


Both the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Buds prove to be the perfect equivalents when it comes to playing songs on the fly. You just need to have a little time on hand to transfer the songs to the clock. Once you cross that obstacle, the rest comes easy. So far today's entry, in Followers Online, about cHow to connect Galaxy Buds to Galaxy Watch.

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