Dm on Instagram

Instagram is a social network whose main function is to share photos and videos with followers. It also allows you to apply photographic effects such as filters, frames, thermal similarities, retro colors. In this sense, the application launched in October of the 2010 by Kevin Systrom y Mike Krieger has been many updates since then, one of them is the DM on Instagram.

This application had its beginnings for iOS operating systems, which are marketed by the Apple inc chain. But two years after its launch, the April 3 of 2012 comes out the version for devices with Android system. Once published and in less than 24 hours I had achieved more than one million downloads.

From the purchase, in the following year you will be includes the messaging function to the platform similar to the one that has the Facebook interface. The 12 of December of the year 2013 the application included among its functions the direct messaging, Direct Message (DM).

What is dm on Instagram?

The social network Instagran, in addition to publishing photos, includes the function of direct messaging or private message. In this sense, the dm are messages that are sent to the user's profile, which facilitate the flow of a conversation, either between one or several people.

Text messages, voice, photos, videos can be sent through the direct messaging function. Likewise, real-time locations, profiles of other users, hashtags and also news section posts.

You can also share stories and publications of third parties, without the user who published finding out. That is, this is done as long as the user who publishes the photo sent by direct message, has his public profile or the individual with whom the publication is shared is part of his followers.

In the event that the person has a private profile, they will be shown a message that says “an @XXXX post has been sent but their profile is private, therefore they cannot look at the post”.

How to send Dm on Instagram?

First of all it is necessary to have the application on your mobile phone, to then be able to enter the profile, with the username and password you have set. Also in a section located in the upper right corner, you can see the icon of direct messaging, which is marked with a paper plane.

By pressing this icon, all messages exchanged to date will be displayed. Then you can look for the option "new message", which is located at the bottom of the screen. Later, it would allow you to choose the name or user of the person with whom you want to make a conversation. Moreover, it has the advantage to do a multiple chat. That is, you can send the same message directly to different Instagram users, and multiple selected users can interact with each other. In this sense, once the recipient (s) is selected, at the bottom of the screen is the field to write the message, at the end of writing the message press the "send" option.


In addition to sending text messages you can send audios, you just have to press the microphone symbol located at the bottom right of the screen. As well you can share images or photos by selecting the image option that is similarly found in the lower right of the screen, right next to the voice message option. On the other hand, the images to be sent can be edited with the different filters that the application has.

Send direct messages from the profile of the target user

Mainly, open the Instagram application on your smart computer, with the username and password, to enter the home page. Then select the search engine located at the bottom of the screen, which is identified with a magnifying glass. After this you will see the search bar, in which you must type the name or user of the person with whom you wish to communicate.

Therefore, when entering the person’s name, the application will return the search results, and you must select the user's profile. Once chosen, the application will take you to the individual's profile, where you will see the photographs, videos, stories that he has published. In this sense, to send a direct message you must select the three points (...) which are located in the upper right corner so that the platform then shows you the following options:

  • Copy profile URL
  • Share profile
  • Send message
  • Enable publication notification

Select option "Send Message", pressing it will open the direct chat you have with that person, where you can look at the direct messages they have exchanged. And at the bottom it has the field to “write message” accompanied by the voice or image message options.

Who can I exchange dm with on Instagram?

People who follow each other can exchange direct messages without any inconvenience. In addition, your followers of the social network can send you direct messages and the application will notify you with a red dot About the messaging icon.

Also your followers and other people who do not follow you, can send you messages, only in this case will not appear directly as a message in the inbox but, a message request notification will be shown, option found in the dm. By approving the message request, you can review the message that was sent and respond to it.

Instagram Direct Groups

From DM Instagram you can set chats with multiple people in real time, in which all the people included in the conversation can receive and send messages. In this sense, to establish multiple conversations, the direct message option must be opened by pressing the paper plane located in the upper right corner.

Then, select the option "new message", which is located at the bottom of the screen. And once you have chosen it would allow you to choose the name or user of the participants. Then the users you want to include in the conversation will be shaded. Then so that people can be selected, you must type or press the type of message to be sent, image, audio, video, and then press the send option. In addition to these conversation groups you can edit and place characteristic names, by which they will be subsequently available to send messages.

The development of group chats allows you to chat and interact with friends without the need to exit Instagram application. Or constantly changing the application which interrupts and makes the communication and response system irregular and discontinuous.

Advantages and Disadvantages of dm on Instagram

At the start of the messaging function in the Instagram application was criticized by users, since they claimed that it became a version of the now sister social network Facebook. Since, it originally had the messenger system "Messenger".

But, over time the function has gained better acceptance among its audience, since can share private opinions of specific publications. Also send photos and videos privately and directly to one or more people without the need to be published and viewed by the rest of the followers.

By using direct messaging you can send erroneous messages. But the application has The message deletion advantage, canceling or canceling the possibility that the message was sent to the recipient.

Another advantage of direct messaging is the momentum of virtual companies, since it allows the exchange, interaction and communication between entrepreneurs, users and potential customers. It also allows to create a better environment of trust for customers and in this way they can know, know and clarify the characteristics and details of the product or service that you want to acquire.


Among the disadvantages of the direct messaging system of the social network, we can point out the characteristic of being like any messaging system, which is used to send spam messages or junk messages. In the same way it lends itself to non-productive messages and without any type of function that cannot be filtered.

The main major disadvantage of the direct messaging feature of Instagram is that only available in the mobile application, so the web version visited from a computer does not have the function of sending direct messages, since it does not allow the inbox review. In addition, this is only possible as mentioned above. by downloading third-party applications or emulators that will simulate an operating system and allow you to open the application.

For example: Ig: dm Desktop which is one of the applications developed with the objective of sending direct messages from a computer. In this sense, it can be said that it is an open source software, which you must download and install on your computer. Then when entering the messaging system you can use it as you commonly use it with the mobile phone application.

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