If you have a lot of followers On Instagram. If you also have a good online reputation Thank you The posts that have been shared and the success that they have achieved should go one step further. And it is that with Instagram you can earn money, you can take an economic advantage of this social network. Next we tell you how earn money with instagram.

Companies seek to reach a specific audience and influence it. This is precisely what influencers do and what makes them so valuable to entities. For that reason that influencers they can monetize their Instagram profile in different ways.

Increase followers

The first thing you need to know is that the more followers you have, the more likely you are to earn money there will be. Can be buy followers on Instagram in a safe way. This can be done through a large number of websites available on the Internet. GuyoGram and Turbo Like for Instagram are two of the reliable applications that can be found to buy followers having the assurance that they fulfill what they promise.

But obtaining economic benefit with Instagram will depend on several elements: the niche in which the account is and the ease of linking to a topic, the degree of commitment of its followers and the revenue channels that are sought.

The images

Once seen the above, A good way to make money with Instagram is by selling images. This is an ideal option for those who dedicate themselves to photography and who are very good at capturing the best snapshots. Some applications or websites that buy and sell images are: pixels.com, Instaprints or Instacanvas.

Sponsored publications

Influencers are very sought after by brands. With them they seek to achieve greater visibility of your products, but also the confidence and ability to influence the audience of those influencers. For this reason, some companies they associate with them to carry out sponsored publications. This is another good way to make money with Instagram.

Own store

Another way to monetize an Instagram profile is selling products of their own creation and making them known through this social network. They can be services or physical objects. If we are good at crafts, crafts or fashion can be a good alternative to make money with Instagram.

In addition, nowadays it is very fashionable to make our own t-shirts with messages that attract attention. In fact, if we are photographers we can print our images on T-shirts and sell them among our followers. Thus, they will have something unique and original.

Influencers and advertisers

Moreover, there are several applications with which influencers (people who have more than 1.000 followers on Instagram) and advertisers can be contacted. And, therefore, they are one more way to monetize our Instagram profile.

Among these platforms are some such as Socialpubli, which sets a price determined by the mentions sponsored by the influencers 'accounts according to their relevance and notoriety, or Takumi, which has influencers' databases and makes advertising campaigns for advertisers. In order to earn money as an influencer, many users decide buy followers on Instagram with the aim of increasing its popularity.