Currently, there are many people who run accounts for social media; Among the most used are: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, in many cases, the administrators of these, need publish the same content in other social networks. As a consequence, it is necessary repeat the process the number of times the account is accessed to publish. In this case, we will focus on learning how to enter Instagram from facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, after having acquired Instagram, decided link it with facebook. Therefore, we want to let you know about these improvements and updates. Mainly teach you to enter Instagram from Facebook. We must take into account that we can only link it to the Facebook Fanpage; in this way, the shared content must be dynamic and of quality, which in turn can be viewed on both social networks, generating various reactions on the part of the users.

What is a FanPage?

La fanpage which has the meaning: fan page, was created as a means of communication; in order to promote a corporate brand. Therefore, it is possible to create and design marketing content, achieving greater exposure and interaction with fans regarding the content of shared interest.

Creating a FanPage


It is necessary to know that wants to communicate, as you want to communicate, what will be the identity and what type of audience the information is directed. It is important to express yourself in a simple way with the users so that they feel identified with the company, brand or person.


It must be connected in a real facebook account:

  • Go to the Start bar, display options and select create page.
  • Then a new tab will open; where you can choose the modality of the fanpage, for example: place or business, entertainment, products and others.
  • The required information is essential for the account optimization.

Customize Fanpage

Now that everything is clear about the type of page to create, it is necessary to configure the fanpage, configure the following options:

  • Information
  • Profile picture
  • Add to Favorites
  • Preferred audience of the page

Now that this is clear, it is possible to understand more precisely the Central theme and it is the following: How to enter Instagram from facebook.

How to enter Facebook from Instagram?

Facebook has included a new option to enter Instagram and visualize the publications that have been made in that social network, that is, through the fanpage:

Access facebook

Here, the user must enter their personal account Facebook and go to the search bar

Search or write Instatab

This is the button that is added to the left menu of the Fanpage to access Instagram and see the publications made.

Select Fanpage

Choose option add page tab. in this step, the user must wait a few seconds until the button is installed and redirects it to the selected fanpage.

Click on the left menu

Select Instagram below the cover photo choose "Application settings" Then where it says Instagram user name; place the username of the Instagram account to link.

When the user has complied with these steps, he will notice that all the publications made in that social network. Once users link the accounts, the content can be seen in both social media; The idea is to create dynamics and empathy between users and brands as well; that through a marketing plan achieve increased followers, since they share stories of interest.

How to gain followers on Instagram and Facebook

When the user links the Instagram account and Facebook, they usually increase the number of real followers, in real time; It is important that the user shows content of interest, and of space, so that the followers can react and comment on the shared publications. Since in some cases, the owner of the account publishes consecutively and before the followers, this fact is tedious, losing interest in the next stories published

Here are some tips to gain followers on both social networks:

  • Registration: fill out the form and answer some questions.
  • Orientation: You need a username, geolocation, course of the stories and announcements.
  • Trend: According to the intention of the content, the stories become viral in a few hours, either positively or negatively.
  • Interaction: Show warmth with the followers, giving them participation according to the objective of the publication; that is, make it feel important and that it is part of the message.
  • Collaboration: If the user wishes to connect with unknown followers, he must reach agreements with others that have a high level of tendency; either sharing stories or giving likes to certain contents, to gain interest from others.
  • Raffles: This is a strategy that should be known to apply to promote the brand and the product, since the public is waiting to interact, comment and even refill the contents. There are users who participate only to test if they are doing well, and verify if they can get the desired attention.