Verification codes may be a headache for you. Since, it is curious that this is a problem very widespread in different applications. And is that the famous social network Instagram, has this type of problem that has affected many users, who see how their account is blocked without being able to do anything. But well, there are two very simple ways to solve your situation. The first is to enter Instagram without verification code and the second is to force the arrival of the code. In both cases the result is the same. But it is also important that you know that the Verification codes are not all bad.

What is a verification code?

The verification codes are security strategies who use e-mail platforms and social networks, through SMS guidance on Link your account to your phone number. In this way, if someone wants to access your accounts, in addition to having your password (in case you have obtained it) you must have your phone at hand, otherwise you can not enter them. But, sometimes these verification codes, they become an impediment to having your Instagram or any other social network.

Why are there problems with the verification codes in Insagram?

The reasons for this to happen may be due to the security mechanism from the platform Instagram. That in some occasions associates your electronic mail with the one of a account already exist or this redirecting the information you added. As well as, the problems you could have generated yourself, introducing wrong way your phone number. Then, you'll be looking for a way to enter Instagram without a verification code. For both cases the solutions are the same.

Enter Instagram without verification code

It is opportune that you know, that Instagram privileges the verification by means of email when the activity is suspicious and other times it sends verification codes Maybe they do not arrive To solve this problem follow these tips.

  1. Verify that the number you entered is correct, if so, make sure it is active so you can receive the verification code. If this does not work, try another number you have available for this, you must change the number you have in your Instagram account. It is advisable to have your account open from a phone and a PC for this process.
  2. Check the spam folder SMS, it may be that the code is there. If not, try to use the backup codes who received when I create the Instagram account, which you will find in your configuration. If this works for you, you can enter Instagram without verification code.
  3. Turn off the computer and change the location where you are. Maybe the problem is that this redirecting the signal.
  4. If none of the above has worked, try reporting Instagram from the help center, so they can give you a solution.
  5. But if you want to fix it by your own means then try the next option.

Steps to receive the verification code

In this case you will have to use a web page to receive the message SMS, call Receive SMS Online. Which, is totally free and does not require a registration. If entering Instagram without a verification code is not the solution. This process will help you, following these steps.


The first thing is to enter the web of Receive SMS Online. Once inside, you will see a list of numbers from different countries and next, the messages received in the last 24 hours. Now, press the mobile phone with the most messages. The network will suggest that you choose the number that has fewer messages, but has worked with those that have more. If it does not work for you, try with another phone number, since it can be drunk because the page is not updated.


After having selected, go to the message reception page, at the top, you will see the phone number. Copy it including the "+" sign, when you have done this, paste it in the window that shows you Instagram and press "Submit".


When the telephone number has been sent, Intagram will proceed to send you the verification code. You must then, go back to the message reception page and update it.

Copy the code

With the updated page you can see in the table that is at the bottom, the last messages received. The next thing you'll do is copy the verification code that Instagram has sent you, which you'll find in the column of Message. The message should be among the first. Similarly, verify that the column number From number be 69988.

Paste the code

To finish the process, paste the code you have copied in the previous step, on the page where Instagram asks you. Once done, you'll have Your verified Instagram account and you can access it without any problem.

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