Essential Computer Programs

The performance of any Windows computer depends on both hardware and software. To know how your PC works and avoid possible critical Windows errors, you must perform a comparative evaluation of the PC.

The best 10 best computer programs essential in 2019 for Windows

It is not so easy to do since a hardware evaluation is done through the software. Therefore, you may need a reference software to facilitate this task. In this article, you will read about the best 10 free or paid trial programs that you can use for your Windows PC.

1. Speccy

This reference software is completely concerned with the specifications of the computer. Using this, you can get all the information about the specific elements and functions of the computer, such as kernel details, cache, speed, threads, temperature and many more. You can also go to the summary for a quick overview of the data related to the CPU, RAM, storage, motherboard, graphics card, audio, operating system and others.

Speccy is one of the best best free reference software for Windows.

All the problems related to the critical components of the computer are presented through the analysis through the real-time value of the temperature, the speed of the core and the threads. This will help you implement direct ways to avoid problems and problems. You can keep this data in the form of a text, XML or snapshot file by scanning the results for future reference.

2. HW monitor

HW Monitor is a powerful optimizer and reference software for the CPU that works in Windows. You can control all the hardware components of your PC with this software easily. It has powerful tools for detecting the values ‚Äč‚Äčof energy consumption, fan speeds, clock speeds, temperature, percentage of use and many more.

HW Monitor is one of the best free reference software for Windows.

By obtaining the measurement of an important parameter, you can check the status of your PC through the comparison. It is presented with the temperature of the SMART GPU and the video card, which is used to optimize the data of the central thermal sensors and detect the temperature of the hard disk. The best part of this software is that you can use it for free and keep your PC safe by solving the problems.

3. SiSoftware Sandra Lite

If you are looking for a smarter way to perform a PC benchmarking, SiSoftware Sandra is perfectly suited for you. This is a paid reference software, but it will provide you with detailed numerical data and other values ‚Äč‚Äčaccording to the specifications of your computer. It is designed to be used by experts and has many outstanding tools to monitor the PC meticulously in an advanced way.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is one of the best free reference software for Windows.

This software provides all the information about CPU, chipset, memory, ports, printers, PCIe, USB2, ODBC, 1394 / Firewire, connections and much more. By comparing the details obtained with the standard value, you can easily search for updates or any other tool to solve the problem. It is a very useful software for the proper maintenance of PC performance and to keep records of online connections.

4. CPU-Z

As the name implies, the CPU-Z is mainly focused on maintaining the details of the main components of the CPU. You can get all the necessary details about the CPU components, such as the name and number of the processor, the cache levels, the name of the code and the package with this benchmarking software.

CPU-Z is one of the best best free reference software for Windows.

In addition to the CPU, get the details about your motherboard, graphics card, RAM and other system components. This software provides the user with accurate and real-time values ‚Äč‚Äčof the frequency of the memory and the internal frequency of the kernel. In addition, it has a simple graphical user interface and can analyze the data obtained easily. You can scan the details and save it as a TXT file for future use.

5. Fraps

Fraps is a reference software popular among players. You can use this software for free for your Windows PC. This software is mainly used as a game lover to detect all the value of the general and important parameters of a computer system. You can use this software easily and get detailed information about all the hardware components.

Fraps is one of the best free Benchmark software for Windows.

In addition to the detection of component values ‚Äč‚Äčand test hardware, it is also used to take screenshots and record the videos of the game. In addition, it is also offered with tools to overclock the PC. Save the frames per second (FPS) and it's very fast with your results. In general, it is an advanced software for benchmarking.

6. Cinebench

CineBench is a multitasking software capable of performing many other tasks in addition to benchmarking. It has an excellent ability to get all the details and descriptions of the hardware components of the computer. In addition, this software is presented with Maxon Cinema 4D, which makes it compatible for use in studios and production houses for the creation of 3D content. You can optimize and monitor the CPU and graphics performance of Windows and Mac. This software supports up to 256 processor threads for free. It is an incredible software that comes with the combination of cinematic and reference features. Its cross-platform features make it popular among other CPU test tools.

7. Real Bank

Here comes an open source application that can be used as a reference software for free and is very efficient and fast. You can quickly give the results of the parameters by running three simple tests. Within its three tests, namely GIMP Image Editing, Handbrake h.264 video compress and LuxMark rendering, you can get all the data as the reference results covering all the components of the computer. If you want to compare the result obtained with other standard hardware configurations, you can easily upload the data obtained on the Real Bench website and obtain its reference specifications. This website not only provides fast and accurate data, but also provides good technical support and customer.

8. MSI Afterburner

Regardless of what you can expect from your reference software for a secure benchmarking, MSI Afterburner is able to provide everything. With various specializations and features, this CPU reference software provides all the detailed specifications of the Windows hardware components. It offers real-time values ‚Äč‚Äčof temperature, clock speed, data usage, cache and many others with frame per second (FPS). You can see the value and compare it with any standard value on the screen easily. It is also offered with the overclocking utility for the maintenance of the graphics card. You can use this software to control any brand of graphics card. This software is available for Windows for free.

9. Unigine Suite

Unigine Suite is a popular reference software for PC with advanced tools and functions for maintaining the performance and stability of the PC. Basically, it tests the graphics processing unit and other processors that make it easier for users to find the defect in it. You can use this software for free for your Windows PC. Any graphics card can be used with this reference software. However, there is a maximum limit of the graphics card that can be tested with this software. In general, it is a powerful tool with advanced GPU tester and optimizer.

10. FutureMark

Last but not least, FutureMark offers other high-quality software for players to evaluate the GPU. You can download it on Steam, then take the data and make the corresponding changes. You can calculate the overclocking values ‚Äč‚Äčand the operation of the system using the values. You can easily configure your hardware correctly with the data provided by this software.


In this article, we have analyzed up to the best reference software that you can use to obtain a well optimized value of all the CPU and other components of the PC. In addition to free PC optimizers, the reference tool is the most reliable method to verify and troubleshoot the computer. In addition, some of the above tools can also be used for other tasks in addition to benchmarking. If you have any problems or questions related to an article or topic, please include the comments below.

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