Free antivirus

Is your PC exposed to viruses or malicious programs? Do not know which one free antivirus Is it the most effective? You are in the right place! You need a protection system for urgent devices, that gives you the security and protection that your computer needs at no cost.

The harmful and malicious software that compromise the security of your computer will always be on the lookout. Avoiding it is easy and simple! A protection system for devices will always give you protection against attacks from viruses, spyware, adware, rasonmware, worm and other malwares on time! This way you can prevent these intruders from filtering on your PC.

With a protection program for devices it will allow you to surf the web without any problem. You can open and download files without worries, thanks to the protection of a good free antivirus.

Meet the best free antivirus on the web

Next, you will find the list of the best protection program for web devices. They will guarantee your computer the much needed security and protection. Do not wait any longer to install a protection program for free devices do it now! and protect your PC from any intruder worm. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading!

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus is a software created with the purpose of protect your equipment (PC and smart phones) against harmful programs. Even, it will also provide protection in situations where they try to steal the user's identity.

Previously, the viruses were code blocks that affected a certain computer program. Later, they spread among the users who shared the attachment in the infected email.

However, viruses have evolved on par with technology. Today viruses are complex and dangerous, capable of corrupting startup sectors. They are also able to demand ransom payments and be permanently integrated into the memory of each system.

Why do you need a protection program for devices?

An antivirus program that generates a line of defense against threats of online cybersecurity. These software use sophisticated algorithms to recognize strange behaviors. They also quarantine and safely eliminate threats that are generated in users' operating systems.

Nowadays viruses come in forms of malware, spyware, adware and rootkits. They will affect your PC to the point of making your life a disaster. And the worst is that increasingly new threats appear increasingly evolved.

Running a reliable protection program for devices is an essential solution. Thanks to him you can be sure of not being a victim of damage to your PC, cyber attack, identity theft and more.

Below I will show you some of the most frequent damages caused by viruses at present:

  • It affects the performance of the computer or mobile device.

  • Sometimes it makes the start of the computer's operating system impossible.

  • They are able to send emails with content to contacts without user consent.

  • It affects the functions of the operating system, even managing to damage some of its parts.

  • It is able to send or share the personal information of the user or third parties without leaving traces of sending.

  • They can execute attacks against other devices or computers to which they are connected.

  • They can affect backup copies and become part of them.

  • Give authorization of tickets to spies, people or any device without leaving a trace.

  • Extract specific information quickly without leaving a trace.

Do protection programs for free devices really work?

Protection programs for free devices they are an effective alternative to protection programs for paid devices. Despite not having all the tools that promise protection programs for Premium devices. They are able to guarantee the security and protection of your computer.

A protection program for paid devices is usually more complete and powerful, promising multiple tools of great utility. However, you will be amazed by the detection ability with which the protection programs for free devices work. Most of them offer different options and multiple updates that promise greater protection, at no cost.

You Protect and maintain excellent performance of your pc with a protection system for free devices effectively. It is a good, easy and practical tool, able to adjust to your requirements and those of your computer.

There are hundreds of harmful software on the Internet with the intention of infecting and compromising the information on your PC. However, you can protect your computer from viruses and other malwares with protection program for high quality devices, Free, effective and easy to use.

What are the best protection systems for free devices?

Next I will show you the best free antivirus Without a doubt, they will help you prevent malicious software from interfering with your computer while you are connected to the internet.

With an effective protection program for free devices you can surf the web, upload and download files with greater comfort and confidence. Protection programs for free devices with better valuation by users are:

Free antivirus avast

Avast is one of the best protection programs for devices available in both its free and premium version. Its protection capacity is successful, it also works as a password manager.

The free version of Avast does not have spam filters or a privacy shield. However, it is capable of detecting and avoiding 100% of computer viruses.

Additionally, it has the power to manage the security of the home network. You will be surprised at how easy it is to install and use this important device protection system.

Bitdefender antivirus free edition

Bitdefender will protect your PC, Mac and phones intelligents of any unknown threat.

It is another protection program for free devices, with an incredible capacity for the protection and security of your device with internet connection.

It is characterized as a product solid, lightweight and easy to use, that you have all the basic tools for the protection and performance of your computer.

AVG Antivirus System Free Edition

The ones that makes the protection system for AVG devices so popular, are their privacy policies, they do not normally disseminate information with any company.

It has some extra tools in its free version. These consist of detecting, blocking and downloading deceptive links, and attachments in your email.

It will even allow you to analyze your device, to reveal performance difficulties and perform updates in real time. In addition, it is capable of stopping ransomware, spyware and other malware, without you noticing. Its efficient system allows you to work in such a reserved way that you will hardly notice its presence.

Microsoft Security Essentials

If the operating system of your PC is Windows, the protection program for Microsoft security essentiales devices will support you in a wayEnchanted and effective your computer This is thanks to the constant updates, which silently preserves the security of your PC with an increasingly advanced technology.

This protection program for devices promises the protection of your personal computer or that of your small company in real time. You will not experience interruptions and prolonged waiting times before all kinds of defective programs.

Microsoft Windows Defender

It is a protection program for devices for Windows operating systems. This has special features, so it stands out among the rest.

If you are thinking about installing on your PC a Windows operating system 8 or 10 version, you will not need to download any antivirus. This is already integrated into the system.

Su practicality, simplicity and ability that will surely surprise you !. It is a protection program for devices that works automatically and ensures greater protection to your PC against rootkits and booktits. Thanks to its advanced technology it detects a greater number of malware.

You will not have to worry about looking for a protection program for devices. You should only verify that your device protection system is enabled, and that's it! Now you can start doing any task from your computer.


This protection program for devices is exclusive for Mac computers. It currently has more than 38 millions of downloads from users. With it you can enjoy all the features you need without problems!

It is a free antivirus that fulfills everything it promises. However, some users say they have many pop-up windows that notify you about the actions they are running. However, it is one more function that contributes to computer security.

Comodo Free Antivirus

Comodo Free Antivirus is a free antivirus solution that will cleanse you from all the time infections of malicious software.

This tool is optimal effective, thanks to the fact that it was developed by a company with a long history dedicated to security. Comodo specializes in Secure DNS, firewalls and digital certificates of security in addition to system of protection for devices.

Among other features it allows Scan locally and in the cloud all the information of the user. It offers simple and friendly options that are easy to configure. It is one of the most complete free software protection program tools on the market.

Panda Antivirus Free

Naturally it is one of the protection programs for devices most requested on Google, thanks to its performance and capacity of protection.

This award-winning free antivirus has the security and protection your PC needs. Now you can play, work or surf the web with confidence and safely.

It stands out for being very light, since its updates are executed and stored in the cloud. You do not need to worry about having extra space on your hard drive to store repertoires and daily updates.

In effect, you will install it and forget its existence. Thanks to your automatic operation, You will get rid of complex configurations and tedious updates, which take up long periods of time.

However, the most important thing is the protection faculty that guarantees your computer. Is a 100% secure antivirus, which will detect any threat with minimal impact to your PC. This way you will be protected against any malicious program always.

Avira antivirus free

It is listed as one of the best protection programs for devices, thanks to which it does an excellent job. Maintain the security of your PC under simple, quick and practical guidelines that try to optimize the performance of your computer.

Together, it provides multiple instrumentals, programmed to block advertising companies that pursue your information online.

Also, identify defective websites and it has a file scanner that you can program. This way you can perform an exhaustive analysis of all the elements of your pc, every so often.

360 Total Security

This antivirus will help you keep your PC away from any threat coming from the Internet. In addition, you can also protect your local networks or intrusion from any removable device.

360 Total Security is a protection system for free devices that will help you protect your computer in real time thanks to its antiphising technology. It will also provide blocking of threats from unsafe pages and online purchases while using your credit card.

Among its additional benefits will allow you to keep your computer clean, and will check for Windows updates. Undoubtedly, it performs these essential tasks to prevent problems and malware infections.

One of its disadvantages is that it does not have a friendly interface, although it does not reduce effectiveness and quality in its virus prevention function.

Sophos Home Free Antivirus

If you have the Windows operating system, this device protection program is an ideal alternative for you. Thanks to its potentialities you can avoid problems of malicious pages and phising. In addition, it will perform a complete scan of the disk of your PC and will eliminate all traces of viruses and malwares efficiently.

Choose this free antivirus option to protect your computers with each threat. It will also protect you while you browse unsafe pages that can infect your PC, isolating it from intrusion.

Total AV

If you want to experience the effectiveness of a protection program for free devices, you can not stop trying Total AV. This protection system for devices will provide protection not only to your computer, but to all your electronic devices.

He is able to detect quickly the presence of harmful software. It is characterized as a free antivirus very effective and easy to use.

In addition, when installed on your PC you will have a powerful protection against digital infections, however common they may seem. If you want a anti-ransomware system To detect all types of encrypted files, you must opt ​​for this protection program for devices.

Among its advantages are antispyware, to prevent pages from accessing your personal information. Avoid all types of aggressive advertising without authorization and you can make safe downloads.

Compatibility is not a problem. This protection system for devices he is friendly with all kinds of devices and provides protection and performance suggestions for your computer. What are you waiting to try it?

McaFee Antivirus

This protection program for devices is one of the most popular among users, thanks to its effectiveness. With it you can protect your computer and remove it from any threat of rootkits, trojans, malware and worms.

So you can surf safely on the web, without the fear of infecting your computer. It also has the ability to protect against attacks via email, and also has a defragmenter. This way you can eliminate all types of junk files without problems!

This free antivirus can be downloaded from Google Play for your mobile, and protect it from all types of threats.

McaFee Antivirus will not affect the performance of your computer while running and has a friendly and easy to use interface. Have you used it before?

Bull Guard

It is a powerful software solution before viruses and malware that are constantly stalking your electronic equipment. Once installed, it will provide protection to your system against the terrible and dangerous intruders on your PC and mobile devices.

It is a protection system for free devices, from easy use and efficiency in its functions. With it you can detect any intrusion process from files, input registers, modules and other elements of your system. Keep your equipment clean and protected against any attack that may cause irreparable damage to your equipment.

Bullguard Antivirus is the more robust free option to protect your equipment. It has spam filters, it offers notifications and it is easy to install. What are you waiting to try it?

Norton Security

This program protection program for devices will provide you Comprehensive protection to your electronic equipment before all types of threats.

The free version lacks some features offered by the paid version. However, the free Norton Security is very competitive and effective to protect your equipment.

It is a very versatile and multiplatform program. In addition, it is able to protect your privacy and security against any attack. It has a very simple and convenient interface to use, which will allow you to perform frequent analysis on your PC and clean up garbage files.

Without a doubt, when using Norton Security you will feel calmer while you browse the web. You can now carry out your financial transactions safely, and not feel threatened.

Avoid risks of infection in your equipment and use a protection system for free devices that allows you to avoid all kinds of risks.


It is a free antivirus program very little known but very powerful. It has a fairly consolidated computer security system. However, its main disadvantage is that it is very heavy and this makes it slower.

This disadvantage has caused that less and less users use it with respect to the other protection system options for free devices. However, its functionalities are quite optimal.

Although the free version does not have all the features of its paid version, it is a very effective and compliant device protection program. With it you can protect your files, and email while you are connected to the Internet. In addition, it automatically updates the software, and has the options of "self defense" and "quarantine system".

Thanks to this protection program for devices you can detect malware and phishing sites, among other malicious software. Without a doubt, it is an antivirus solution that you should try and evaluate. Undoubtedly, it is a recommended 100% protection option that you can not rule out to try. Do you dare?

ESET Internet Security

If you're looking for Protection program for free and light devices, that does not affect the performance of your computer, this is your ideal option! With ESET Internet Security you can protect your computers from all types of threats while you connect to the web.

If you have a team with low performance and you want to protect it, you should opt for this solution. With it you will get the protection your computer needs with the lightness you require.


It is a protection system for free devices little known but very effective among its competitors. It is a protection program solution for devices compatible with the Windows 10 Operating System.

Among its features, the tracking power that it offers its users. It is very effective against any file download from the web to your local storage disk.

You will not be afraid anymore while browsing the web. Undoubtedly, it also offers protection against threats of all kinds, much tranquility and confidence. You have to try it!

Finally, once this list of the best antivirus free On the web, you can choose the best one. Opt for a free option that works efficiently and consumes few resources from your system. Which one have you chosen? Tell us about your experience

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