Discover the most popular games when one is bored

Are you looking for entertaining games and still do not get anything? Do not worry! In the next post I will give you the solution you are looking for with the best collection of games when one is bored.

There is a wide variety of them, and some can help us exercise our mind and keep us active.

Also, they can be our allies to entertain friends and family in meetings. The most important thing is to know choose the best for each situation. Do you dare to meet them?

Games for mobile or Tablet

Mobile games or Tablet is one of the best options, because we have the advantage of having them available at any time:

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

It is the most recent Dragon Ball game that has arrived for Android in this 2019. The game begins with Trunks landing his time machine in a universe.

In this version, the Dragon Ball timelines have been intertwined and plunged into absolute chaos. The fun of the game consists in try to solve this chaos by choosing your favorite character.

Candy Crush

The best game to get out of boredom, is based on combining and exchanging candies. You will have to go through numerous levels that will be getting more and more difficult, deserving our maximum concentration.

Candy Crush is one of the most popular games in the world and is characterized by being addictive, without a doubt, an excellent option for you.


It is one of the classics that never go out of style, its modality is puzzle. In this game the pieces of tetris will fall into the main rectangle, where you have to fit them.

The idea is make a complete horizontal line, that automatically disappear and add points. Each time you add points you will advance to different levels.

As you go up the level the fall speed will increase and this will require more concentration. Adrenaline rises when it gets faster and it costs to control the changesYou will undoubtedly have fun with tetris.

Virtual pets

It is a virtual pet type in the modality of mobile application, of which there are many versions. These pets simulate us having a real pet and at the same time help to end our boredom.

Most virtual pet applications they contain a variety of games that allow more fun with your pet. You will have to cleanse them, feed them, exercise them, give them affection and play with them.

In the mobile app store you can get your great variety and choose the one that most identifies with you.

Who wants to be a millionaire

  • This game is based on a TV program broadcasted by hundreds of countries. Thanks to its popularity, a Digital version to enjoy it in the comfort of home or in meetings with friends.

On the screen is presented a question with its four possible answers, where only one is correct. Every time you guess, the questions will be a bit more difficult.

You will have 3 wildcards. These are the audience, the Joker of 50 and 50, and call a friend, just like in the program.

It is an excellent option and can be used in group meetings to have fun times between friends.

Virtual puzzle

This is the game of all generations, which came to rid us of boredom and stimulate our intelligence and concentration. Previously, it was presented only for board games with many pieces, however, the chips used to be lost.

Currently, we find digital versions, such as mobile applications and Tablet. This virtual version allows us take it to all places, play at any time and enjoy it on long and boring trips.

Bubble Shooter

This game is very entertaining and relaxing, It is a strategy game that has had great success. It consists of having a box with bubbles of colors where you will have a bomb thrower of any color.

The player must make the pump reach where they are of the same color to exploit them together. The idea is to knock them down until they run out.

Each time you raise the level increases the difficulty. With Bubble Shooter you will have a lot of entertainment and there will be no time for boredom.

Board games

Board games are also very good for end the moments of boredom, you will only have to count on other players.


This is a fun game of 112 letters of colors. These are divided into 4 colors, blue, red, green and yellow and each of them has a numerical value from 0 to 9.

Consists in combine letters by value or color, there are special cards with wild cards that stimulate the game.

You can play it with 2 to 9 people and see who ends your letters before. You will have the classic mode following the rules of the game or customize the game with your own rules.

Monopoly (board game)

It is an entertaining game based on the exchange and purchase and sale of real estate. It consists in forming a commercial monopoly by trying the player to own most of the real estate properties that appear in the game.

Players move their respective chips in turn clockwise around a board, based on the score of the dice.

It is a game that gives us fun for many hours, the game It can last up to more than 4 hours. It is ideal to have fun with friends and family, be assured that boredom will not be the protagonist in your meeting.


Is a card game that will test your memory capacity. Each card is double and must be placed well mixed so that its disposition is random.

To start a memory game, you will have to have another person or more and mix the cards. The content of the letters can be varied, from images, colors or numbers, the important thing is to have two of each.

The trick is place all your attention and remember if someone raised the other partner of the cards that you raised

The one that manages to reunite the two equal cards adds a point, when they are exhausted who has more hits is the winner.


A board game that unites family and friends providing entertainment and a lot of adrenaline. It consists of a board with 4 boxes of different colors and 4 chips for the color corresponding to the box and dice.

The chips will go forward according to the number that comes in the dice. They will go around the boxes and return to the corresponding color in the center of the board.

The adrenaline rises when two chips fall in the same box, the last one that arrives returns the other one to the exit. Win who comes with your 4 chips to the center.


The domino is a popular and fun game consists of 24 rectangular tiles, usually white. These have a division in half, each one will have a number of points that go from zero to 6.

It's a strategy game that consists of the one with the double 6 comes out first. Then the other player will place one containing 6 and so on until one of the players runs out of chips.

It should always use the best strategy of placing the correct tabs in the best moment.


It is a board game based on word construction. It consists of a board with numbering in the boxes and contains 100 square tiles with a letter.

The first player must form the first word and others will form others from that. In a sheet you will have to put the names of the participants to take the points obtained when forming a word.

The score will depend on what the board indicates. It's a game ideal to end boredom in an educational way You can play with maximum 4 participants.


It is a game of chance used by many people to end boredom. It consists of several cards with random numbers, where each card is different in its enumeration. Also, it has balls listed.

The game develops when one of the participants takes care of take out the balls listed and dictate their numbers. If a player counts on his card with the number he must cross it out until one of the players fills the card and is the winner. This game must be played with several participants.

Group games

In many occasions we do not have any board game, that is why it is convenient to know these group games:


It's a game where only you need paper, pencil and intellect. It consists of dividing the sheet into boxes with different options to identify by letter.

A player choose a letter and they should put words that identify the options. The first one that fills in all the boxes says the word stop.

Each box has a value of 100 points for each unique hit, if it is equal to that of another participant, 50 points are awarded. Win who sums the most points.

Finally, knowing this selection of games will not have time to bother you. There are many options for games when one is bored, do not forget to know them, they will be useful for meetings or leisure moments.

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