How to hack Instagram with Free Software

Have an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that it be popular and very followed requires hard work that requires creativity, commitment and perseverance, so it is not surprising that users, popular and not so popular, feel fear that their profile may be taken away because someone has known how to hack an instagram account.

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If you are not familiar with the term, "Hacked”Defines the action of entering abruptly and without authorization to a computer system or a network. In the case that I bring you in this post, an account or profile, specifically from Instagram.

How to hack Instagram

First of all, I would like to clarify that I do not try to encourage any person to perform such actions, since, in addition to violating the privacy of other users are actions that could potentially be punished by law and bring you serious consequences.

Getting into someone else's instagram is illegal!

On the contrary, this post is intended to show how easy it can be to lose an Instagram account, since there are a large number of free and paid tools on the web that allow you to break into a user's profile without it being necessary to be any kind of computer genius, as is my case.

Therefore, I recommend taking with tweezers the methods and recommendations that I will give below, and use them wisely, I reiterate that at no time it is intended to teach how to hack instagram accounts, simply how to use each tool preventively.

I have specially made this post so that you can take the necessary precautions that prevent you from being a victim of a hacking of your Instagram account or do not manipulate actions within the platform such as instagram direct and others.

Hack an Instagram Account

If you already know this world you will realize that there are more or less ethical methods, so it is important to know what you want to do at all times.

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An account contains confidential data in which stealing identity is considered phishing, a completely illegal practice in almost all countries.

Next, I will present some pages that claim to be able to hack Instagram accounts free, it is your responsibility to test them, I will show you the ones I have tested and how it is possible to steal an instagram password:

Hack Instagram free online with

A page that allows you to send deceptive links to steal user passwords through fake ads and / or promotions, with xploitz, you design your trap in a very simple way:

Hack Instagram

  • To make the trap more effective you can additionally enter the page you want to redirect to the "victim"
  • If you know your username or email you can also add it, so that the deceived person just has to enter his password
  • Select the language of the trap page
  • You can also choose a page to shorten the link
  • And that will be all, click on “Create Link” and you will have your trap link ready to appropriate passwords of unsuspecting users

Another utility that some users can find when using these tools is that of recover your own accounts if they have forgotten their username or even their profile password, and have failed to retrieve it through regular channels (i.e. changing the password, via codes sent to emails or text messages to your cell).

How to hack instagram Instagram account hacker presents an extremely easy-to-use tool that allows you to obtain the email and password of an Instagram account, just by entering the user of the profile you want to hack.

  • First, go to the page and you will find an interface like the one shown in the image below
  • Enter the name of the Instagram user you want to hack and press the “Hack account” button

Instagram account hacker

  • Next, you must wait until the page indicates that you have already obtained the account data that we intend to hack
  • If you have not verified your session on you will be asked to do so in order to access the email and password of the account we are hacking, click on "verify session"

instagram hacker

  • Finally, to verify the session, the system will ask you to complete an offer or task with the supposed objective of verifying that you are a human and not a Bot, in my case at the time of verification I indicated that there was no offer of tasks available for my region, so I have left it there.
You may also be interested to know who visits my Instagram and look at my posts, hashtags, comments and mentions that I make.

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It may interest you:  Instagram Video Editor - Apps to Add Special Effects, offers an alternative quite similar to the web trick, essentially they give you a tool that you can access at with which you must enter the Instagram user (without the arroba) from which you want to obtain the password, wait for the program to act and then confirm that you are not a Bot by completing a survey.

You can see better how to do it in the following video where it explains how to hack instagram in minutes:

if you like the universe Android I recommend you take a look at this famous Android blog where you will discover all the news of this operating system

Another page with similar operation is, which we can access here where we will enter the url or the name of the profile to be hacked, it is expected until it loads the information and the process is completed and then it gives us the option to download a zip file with the password and the account data, that would be all.

If you are looking to hack an Instagram account without programs, this could be an option, although the first one that I recommend I have tried with several profiles of mine and it does work.

As a last step (if you are still on time and have access) you can remove instagram account If there is no other choice. | the instagram hacker

This page gives us 2 ways to hack instagram, the first online, similar to the previous ones described, the second and more interesting is through the download of a software that they have available for both the PC (Windows, Linux and MAC) and for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system.

how to hack an instagram account without programs

This software, offers free hacking up to 5 users per day, in addition, not only deciphers the password of the user in question, you can also access all your photos or direct messages in minutes.

Another additional function provided by this same software is that of make you gain followers, by entering your username and the number of followers you want to add to your account, yes, the page warns not to overdo it with the number of followers, since if Instagram detects an increase too steep it could close your account for a week.

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How to prevent them from hacking our Instagram?

As you see, in this 2019 anyone could hack our Instagram account, so we must be cautious and follow some tips that I bring to prevent being hacked:

prevent them from hacking our Instagram

Have a strong password

Includes letters uppercase, lowercase, numbers and Symbols interleaved, it may not be infallible but it will definitely give more work to the person or program that wants to hack you

Change your account from "public" to "private"

In this way only the people that you authorize can follow you and see your posts, it is also believed to be more difficult hack an instagram account private, although I could also tell you that if you are a person who wants to reach many users and have an account very often, this option may not be recommended for you. If they steal your password they could even alter the instagram advertising that you have programmed through Facebook.

Beware of certain apps

Some providers or tools on Instagram, offer you the option to facilitate sharing images or participate in contests and / or promotions, so be fussy about the amount of information they request to run on your mobile and the developer responsible for the app.

prevent hacking insta

Be cautious when connecting on public networks

Not only with your social networks, but with your email or bank accounts. Avoid connecting through public Wi-Fi networks or computers cybercafes, since your data could be violated by people who are also connected through these networks.

Be careful with the bots

They can reach your profile, even when you have as a "private" account requests for fake accounts that want to follow you, so if you see any profile that seems suspicious, do not respond to private messages, or access links sent to you.

What to do if my account is hacked?

If you think your account has already been Hacked or compromised, try to access and change your profile password and settings, you could even go to the “help center” of Instagram and request to reset your password or report accounts that distribute spam, among others.

In case you give it up, you will always have the option to create a new instagram account, although of course you have to try to recover your own before getting new free accounts.

Remember to buy a good antivirus that protects you from malware and viruses that want to take over your passwords. Now that you know how to hack an Instagram account without downloading anything, you have to be careful how you use the methods I have mentioned, after all, it is stealing Instagram password from unknown people and it is considered a crime.

Remember that if you want to know how to enter another person's facebook is not accepted by the fb program policies.

Did you like this post about how to hack an instagram account? Do you know any other way to hack or prevent them from hacking your Instagram account and your data? Protection Status

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