Phrases of the hard life

Phrases of hard life en Followers Online. Sometimes, little phrases get you motivated and they can open a new way of seeing the world.

Life is full of nuances, details and elements that often make us reflect.

They are a way of approaching in a poetic way the topics on which more reflections are usually drawn, from the hand of great thinkers and cultural references.

Phrases of hard life to reflect

It is always stimulating to consider new thoughts from the opinions and ideas of great historical figures.

Sometimes very few words are needed to say a lot.

Phrases of life hard to ponder that will help you share them with your friends.

Short hard life phrases

In the thoughts and Short hard life phrases There is a lesson to learn about the situations of our daily lives.

This to start thinking, increasing self-confidence, since you don't need to read long texts to understand great teachings.

Hard life phrases for states

Using these Hard life phrases for states that you upload to your social media You will get the attention of your friends and colleagues, and you can add them as sayings to your states or publish them with the accompaniment of a photo of you.

Surprise your friends with short phrases that inspire happiness, love, friendship and a moment of reflection.

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We will inspire many people with Hard life phrases Instagram (although sometimes life has a bittersweet taste).

We encourage you to share them on your Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WhatsApp or other social networks.

In order to help you reflect and think carefully to understand well why your day-to-day things happen, find Phrases of the hard life to make you see in a deep, thoughtful and inspiring way all successes and failures that happen to you in daily life.

For pictures

For pictures that we usually publish and reflect our way of being.

What is the first thing you think when you get home and sit on the couch? Dreams and goals? Disconnect with friends? Do you feel like being with your crush? Reflections on your life? Reflect on mistakes made? Y … Have you noticed that these thoughts reflect your personality?


What comes to mind when you have a moment to think? Future plans? The person who you love? Maybe your friends? Actions that you are proud of or that you regret? Think ... Are you aware that these images are part of your reality?

We have created a list of Phrases of hard life Facebook, we encourage you to do yours.

You will help other people to think about the beautiful (though sometimes difficult) life we ​​go through. You can share in Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WhatsApp or leave your own reflections in your social media states.


The importance of working for dreams is essential to achieve them, share these phrases in your states of WhatsApp and give your friends a surprise with Phrases of hard life for WhatsApp

Consider the online Followers phrases as a way that will help you in different aspects of life. But to see the changes, you must initiate them ... Believing! Since you have the power over yourself and your life.


These Phrases of hard life Twitter They will help you see things differently, to inspire you and to mature. In them, you will find nuances of optimism, friendship, love, motivation, overcoming, joy and more moods.

Many will already sound to you, since we have compiled only the best of them for use on Twitter.

Significant reflections of life

Many reflections and quotes from people who came to change the world as Einstein, Socrates, John Lennon, Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln.

Use them to motivate you, as a source of inspiration and personal growth.

Also to reflect on values ​​such as love, the desire to live, friendship, effort, honesty, sadness or happiness.

Share with friends and family.