Facebook without a doubt it is the most famous internet platform of all time, clearly it has endless options that allow users to enjoy all kinds of actions with each other. Among these, today the famous "followers" will be highlighted, an option that any common user can choose, without having a page.

For this, the process to follow is not complicated at all, because in essence what you have to do is locate the settings, edit them and activate the option. Same that will be explained in detail in the next section.

Activate the followers function on Facebook How to do it?

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the importance of this function lies in that it serves, so that people who enjoy the content that another shares, can keep abreast of new profile updates. This without the need to be friends. But so that the content can be seen by external people who are not added to the profile, the privacy settings must be modified.

Either way, the way To activate the Facebook followers function is the following:

  1. Must be login to Facebook account as normally accessed.
  2. The person must go to the menu bar, where they must be located "Settings and privacy".
  3. When it opens, you will have to look specifically for the "configuration" section and then the option "public publications".
  4. There, you will have a view of options, among which you must press the one that is displayed as "who can follow me."
  5. For the content to be viewed, shared and reacted by different people, it has to be given in the option "public".

From the Facebook mobile app

The procedure is basically the same as when it is done on the web, what must be considered is which of the Facebook applications is the one installed on the device. Well, both in the Lite version and in the Facebook app, the menu is identified by the icon of the three horizontal lines.

In any case, activating this option is not difficult at all and as said the procedure is really similar, what should be considered is know how to identify which publications you want to be suitable for anyone and which ones will be only for added friends and acquaintances. For this, the privacy of said publications must be constantly modified when they want to post and that's it.


Necessary keep certain things in mind in case people disagree. As can be some users who may annoy or may not add anything of value among the followers. For this, Facebook also has a contingency plan.

In the event that a certain user is not liked and becomes annoying, you can always block to avoid having to encounter negative and tedious comments. To do this, you only have to locate the profile of this person and press the three ellipsis of his profile, where among other options you must press the option "block", and voila this will no longer be a problem.