Often there are many users who want to be known through the social networks. These have been a trigger for society. It is an incredible amount who want to become famous through these means. One of the most used networks of the date is Instagram. And those highly known individuals on the platform have to be called instagramer. For this reason, many of the users of the network have asked themselves how to be instagramer. For that, be recognized on all continents.

La content dissemination has marked pattern in recent years. The number of influencers has increased considerably. That is why business advertising has redirected its focal point towards sponsored promotion. In this way, the advertising brands they have reached market, and the influencers increase followers. The socialite world has increased its size incredibly, and the intagramers are at the forefront of it.

What are Instagramers?

The user index with thousands of followers It is elevated. To achieve this level, you must have done an arduous task of publicity and social campaigns. This degree of social influence involves time and perseverance. In addition, of a liking on the part of the public to which it arrives.


An Instagramer must be a user that on the Instagram platform has the ability to move masses of people. In addition, it can modify or influence the thinking or decisions of other users. In this way, they have consolidated a community of followers stable. Becoming thus in live advertising which can be used by the various business brands. In order to execute marketing strategies and sales increase.

Influencers Vs Instagramers

The main difference between the influencer and the Instagramers lies in their extension. Influencers are individuals with an exaggerated number of followers and followers of all or several social networks. To be able to coerce your audience through different platforms and increase the number of users you can reach. Unlike Instagramrs, who make exclusive use of the Instagram interface. And so, through this means reach their target public.

Requirements to be Instagramer

Being instagramer is not something so simple, as some users have to think. Certain must be fulfilled minimum requirements in order to fulfill the capabilities of an Instagramer. That is why the attribution of the title is not as simple as it seems.


The instagrammers have to mobilize crowds. That is why the amount of followers of a user must be substantial and solid. Since the get followers through dishonest mechanisms it will not indicate the successful extension or consolidation of a specific public.


Instagramers are creative people. Innovation should always be present when instagramers are spoken. Since through creative publications, and attractive approaches they reach to raise their level of influence. So in this way, the creativity and imagination It is the most effective influencer tool.

How to be Instagramer?

The process to be instagramer involves a series of strategies and range of tools. The user must make use of the aforementioned in order to reach a larger audience. And so, power consolidate fans and constant followers who will accompany you along the way.


The instagramer must have a highly creative and attractive user profile. The profile is user's cover by creating a specific theme and with a broad appeal the instagramer ensures the curiosity of the rest of the users. Likewise, you can make your way in a specific market.


One of the mechanisms most used by users to ensure the increase of their followers is the link. The individual must link their Instagram account with their other social media. Guaranteeing this way, viewing your publications and dissemination of them.


The use of Hashtags is an ideal mechanism for the promulgation of Instagramer publications. To do this, the user has to place in their posts around 10 to 15 labels. They must be clear, concise and precise. In this way, the scope of viewing the publication is ensured. However, for this the modality of the individual's account must be published in order to allow the dissemination of information.


The make repost is a highly functional tool to be instagramer. Being an intermediary in the propagation of a specific information. In addition, to ensure the use of the respective originality credits, dissemination partnerships may be made between users reposted.

Day and hour

The day of the week and the time of publication have a lot of relevance in the scope of the influencer. Statistically, Thursdays are the day with greater activity in the social network. Unlike Sundays, which are the days of least activity. Therefore, when publishing on Thursday, users must be able to reach the users they want, while on Sundays the publications would be to highlight. On the other hand, based on the schedules, the best hours are at the beginning and end of the day Since in those moments the highest given activity is recorded.