Facebook has a variety of options that can be customized to make the experience within the service the best. In this sense, the most used social platforms so far allow many privacy functions to be configured for their users. Therefore, each user can choose an operation and undo the operation on them, but in the options provided, it is not possible to find if someone has isolated him from the contact.

Specifically, in Facebook notifications, if someone is blocked or for being blocked, no one will notify it. However, if it appears, certain clues on the social network that may reveal this behavior to draw the conclusion that a person has decided to isolate you from their connection, or if you want to block someone from Facebook, all of which will be shown in this article.

Block on Facebook How to do it?

In the first instance, it goes without saying that the reasons for removing someone from virtual life can be countless. But almost always, this occurs due to interpersonal problems, users who are annoying or for the simple reason of not wanting the other person to have any type of direct contact with their profile. The process does not involve anything complicated and a few minutes invested will suffice.

If this decision has been made for any reason, it is necessary to understand that from that moment on you will no longer be able to view the posts made by that person, or comments, or send messages to each other and vice versa. So before making this decision, remember that it has many limitations and repercussions.

Procedures to block a Facebook account

There is really nothing complicated in blocking someone from Facebook, one of the simplest and most common procedures is entering the profile of the person with whom you do not want to have any type of virtual contact. Subsequently, you must click on the three ellipses that appear below the cover image. There you must press the "block" option.

Subsequently, you must give "confirm", explain the reason why you want to delete and block the contact, this step is optional. And voila, with this the person will be completely blocked from their Facebook network. In the application for mobile phones and devices the procedure is the same.


It is necessary to consider that people can know when someone blocked them, through clues or situations that occur in the social network. For example; when there are joint conversations, the person when entering the chat, you can see that you cannot send messages because the contact has blocked it, Likewise, if it tries to enter your profile, it will not be found in the search engines.

A very formidable option, if you don't want the person to appear among your main news without having to block or delete them, all you have to do is stop following them on the social network. The way to do it is by entering your profile and pressing the option "Stop following", in this way it will not appear in the updates.