The email address that is affiliated with Facebook affects many of the actions of the social network, for example it allows you to receive notifications through said email. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to change this address at any time you want, so that they can do this endless action. The process to change your Facebook email is very simple and can be done from anywhere.

Change email address on Facebook How to do it?

Making a constant update of information such as email and cell phone number in social networks is really significant, because these things are necessary to be able to access accounts, be able to receive notifications, recover passwords, among other things.

Fortunately, changing the email address that is affiliated with the Facebook account is not a procedure that involves a lot of work, since the same is a action as easy to execute as making edits to publications or simply post a comment. The following will explain the procedure in a simple way to update the main email address.

Steps to change your account's primary email

First of all, you have to enter Facebook as usual. Next you must click on the menu bar located at the top of the home screen. Then you must press "configuration", to later press "Generate Account Settings". The “contact” section should be specifically located.

Once this is done, you have to press "add another email address or cell phone digit". Now in the content box that pops up, the new email address must be entered. Specifically on the line that says "new email", once done and confirmed you have to click on "add".

With this, an email will be received, at the address provided previously. You must open and go to the link that appears there or write the code on the Facebook screen. Once this is done, you must press "save change". If the address is still set, it is necessary to press "set as main" and delete the other.

Benefits of keeping your email address up to date on Facebook

To make this clear, it is really significant to keep the email address up to date, the main reason being that the account is completely compromised due to this. The constant change of the password and the updating of the information, allows account theft or hacking to be prevented.

In addition, Facebook has the option of having two email accounts affiliated with the platform, so that both can receive notifications and realize that everything is fine in the account. What it is quite useful in terms of security and monitoring what is happening on social media.

In addition, doing this only takes a few minutes and is not complicated as you could see. As an additional recommendation, it can be said that the email that is added must be private and personal, If possible, it is not known to anyone other than the account owner, so that security is maintained to the maximum.