The social world is under the control of interactive platforms. These platforms are usually well known today, for this we talk about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. However, one of the social networks that very little is usually included as one is the well-known YouTube interface. Through this medium there are many users who make themselves known and can even To achieve fame. Maybe that's why it was a trend to know how to create a channel on YouTube.


The YouTube platform is a well-known network, frequented for the visualization and publication of different videos with different themes. This interface has become an incredibly necessary means of information, recreation and research. This, due to the large number of followers of the network that are in their constant use.

In addition, once on the platform users can choose to create a profile on this social network. And they may even post different videos Of your liking. However, the requested platform has a series of regulations or regulations, which are violated when they are processed. suspension of the channel or the removal of content.

How to create a channel on YouTube?

The process to create a profile in this social network is extremely simple, and will only consist of a short series of steps. For this, the user must read the following instructions in detail; if you want to achieve the task successfully. In order to create a channel on YouTube, individuals must first own an account from some other network.


The first step to create a profile in this social network will be the creation of a Gmail account. This can be done through access to the main Google platform and later to Gmail. To be able to achieve the task with it, you must answer all the questions of the questionnaire that will be presented to the user. So, practically at the end, you will have to click on "OK".

Log in

Once the creation of a Gmail email has been completed, it should be access the official page of this social network. Once there, the user will be asked to log in to their account by using their username or email and their respective password.

My channel

Automatically, after entering the platform with your data you should go to the tab "My channel". It will be located in the upper left corner of the screen and will allow the user to choose the name of channel to use. In case the name to use is your first and last name, you can click directly on "Create channel". If, on the other hand, you want to change the name, you will have to press "Use a company name or another name." To do so, in this way, select how the profile to be created will be identified.


After the name of the profile of this social network has been selected, the user will be redirected to the description of their profile. In which, the same, you can start the channel customization. For this you must make use of certain tools that will allow you to manifest attraction to other users. The best known is an excellent wording in the description of the site. Through it, you can indicate to the potential subscribers what kind of videos and material is shared in the profile.

For this purpose, the use of keywords that are related to the main objective of the channel. So in this way, it will be easier to capture the attention of the desired users for the profile expansion.


The first impression is practically permanent. That is, the user must make sure to select an appropriate profile picture or make use of a specific logo for the channel. In this way, it will be able to attract a greater range of subscribers at the moment of interact with the public.

That is why, the image must be representative and consonant with the objectives of the profile; or otherwise, it must be the Logo of the company that created the account. The ideal size for the images and logo are 800 * 800 pixels. Also, the format to be used is varied, jpg, png or gif extensions can be used.


After all the aforementioned, the user must initiate post content in your new YouTube profile. To do this, it is suggested to do it in an attractive way to the public, and to do it from a constant shape. Since, this will bring benefits for the disclosure and knowledge of the user.

Also, publish about themes of interest or that are trend, will allow a greater flow of visualizations for the videos made. So individuals who wish to be known on the platform should be in constant update and informed of the nearby situations and creators of controversy or center of attention.