Learn how to unarchive an Instagram photo

Would you like to know how to unarchive a photo on Instagram? Although you may not believe it, there are many reasons that can motivate you to archive photos on Instagram. The first one is to have them saved in the application, and thus be able to look at them whenever you want.

However, you may regret it and you want to unarchive them again. The problem arises when you do not know how to recover it.

Do not worry! Fortunately, this application includes the possibility of archive and unarchive your photos, instead of eliminating them. Remember that, if you delete a publication, you put yourself at a disadvantage with the likes and comments that you have won, since these are also deleted.

Come! I invite you to accompany me so you can learn how to unarchive your Instagram photos without inconveniences.

Why is there the option to archive and unarchive Instagram photos?

At the beginning Instagram did not give you the opportunity to archive your photos and videos. This was a problem if you did not want to delete the photo, but you could not leave it hanging on your profile either.

Instagram had many losses, due to the amount of users that deleted photos and little by little they stopped using the service. The idea of ​​the file option is that you have the opportunity to save images. The intention and desire is that the photo is not available for everyone, but for you.

Previously, the destination options of your photos led to a crossroads that resulted in retaining the photo or delete it. That is why, the application was in need of improving that function including the archiving option.

When archiving a photo, the you can recover in the future if you change your mind. For your followers nothing will change unless they realize that the photo is no longer there.

What is the purpose of archiving and unarchiving Instagram photos?

Are you sorry for a photo or video that you put on Instagram, but do not want to discard it forever? Now you can archive those images that you wish to stop making visible to other contacts, in addition to being able to recover them when you want.

This function is great, since if you archive a photo or video, it will no longer be visible to your contacts. However, you can continue to see it and also keep the comments and likes that this has generated. Obviously, If you archive a photo you can unarchive it when you want.

Why delete a photo that perhaps in the future you will want to make visible again?

It is quite ironic, that if you have an Instagram account it is because you want to upload images for others to see. So, why would you want to let it be visible? The reasons can be many.

Maybe because it's already obsolete, or because it's not a good picture and it's embarrassing, or because you regret publishing it. Or simply because the photo did not achieve the success you expected. However, the idea of ​​eliminating it may overwhelm you, and you may want to save it at some point to unarchive it.

Some people file their photos to give another view to the profile, and make it more updated. Regardless of the reason why you want to stop making your image visible, you already know that it is not necessary to eliminate it, with filing it will suffice.

How to unarchive Instagram photos?

You can archive those images that you have posted some time ago and no longer wish to be visible to your followers. This will allow you unarchive it at another time, or periodically.

If you archived a photo and it turns out that now you do not know how make it visible in your profile, I tell you that it is very simple.

I invite you to follow the following steps to unarchive those images that you have kept in your Instagram file.

1. Open the application

The first thing you should do is open the application by clicking on the Instagram icon. Next, enter your profile, and go to the publications archives section.

Remember that only you can see the publications you have archived.

2. Enter the Instagram Archives section

To enter the file section and unarchive your photo you must press an icon that simulates a clock. It has a circular arrow pointing backwards. It is located in the upper right part of the screen of your device.

By clicking on this icon, you automatically enter the publications archive section. In this section you will find two options, these are: archive of stories and the archive of publications.

You must verify this well, so you will know where you should enter and not confuse you. In such a way that, at the moment of find the photo you want to unarchive it would be easier. To do this, verify the following:

  • In the archive of stories You will find all the stories published on Instagram Stories. Remember that they are those that are available during 24 hours. These will be automatically saved each time you upload something to this section. You do not need to keep them.
  • In the Archive of Publications You will find those images that you have decided to archive on your own. Those images that you have archived because they no longer fit the current style of your account.

3. Go to the Archive of Publications section

Once you have entered the file section of publications you will find the images that you have archived and select the photo you want to unarchive. This photo you want to unarchive will open in a single window.

On the upper right side you will find three points located vertically, and press those three points. There will be displayed a small window with 2 options: "Show in profile" and "delete"

4. Unarchive your photo

Select the option show in profile and in this way the photo will be available again and visible to all your contacts. As well as unarchive a photo on Instagram!

5. Check in your profile

Now go to your profile and check that the photo is in it again. Do not think that it will appear in the first position as if you had uploaded it at that moment. She will occupy the place she had before filing it. According to the date you hung it.

This photo will appear on your profile without sending any notification to your followers, it will do so stealthily, just like when you hid it.

Another thing that will change is the file counter. More or fewer images will appear depending on the number of photos you file or unarchive.

Advantages of archiving and unarchiving your Instagram photos

  • You can manage the photos what you want are visible to all users.
  • Lets keep your profile updated.
  • You can keep those memories without eliminating them, even if you do not want it to be available in your profile in the eyes of everyone.
  • This function It is very useful for those who have a marketing account, since they can hide images of promotions or offers without having to eliminate them.
  • Any photo archived it can be noticed again when we so arrange without eliminating it, which is an irreversible option.
  • Allows you to post unimportant photos visible according to your time, as well as Instagram Stories. Only that the time can be greater than 24 hours.
  • If you prefer to keep the highlights in your account, you can do it. You do not have to be eliminating every time what you hang in it. You just have to archive it and unarchive it when you need it.

Recommendations when archiving and unarchiving your Instagram photos

  • Remember keep the application updated in its latest version.
  • Keep your account checked of Instagram periodically. You will probably find images that you would prefer to archive.
  • Keep your profile updated. On this depends the number of followers, likes and comments you achieve.
  • If your account is associated with marketing, Consider archiving and unarchiving photos. Especially those that are associated with a service or product promotion. According to the utility that they offer for the moment to your business.
  • You do not have to delete the images, it is always better to archive than to delete the publications.

We have reached the end of this post, where I showed you the ways to facilitate the process of how to unarchive a photo on Instagram.

Without a doubt, it can be a cumbersome process for some people, but it is not impossible to learn. Remember that this application has more and more options, which make its use a process increasingly simple and easy.

Do not forget to take advantage of the benefits offered by Instagram, which are increasingly useful and Stay updated.

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