How to detect fake followers in social networks

In social networks like Twitter or Instagram it is very common to use bots or false followers to simulate and inflate the number of followers of certain profiles and thus earn money in social networks. It is estimated that on Twitter the number of these false followers can be around the millions 17, very similar numbers to those that occur in Instagram. That is why it is important to know how to detect fake followers in social networks.

It is likely that even our own Twitter or Instagram account has false followers, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover them. However, there is a series of general keys that can give us to understand that we are precisely in front of a bot.

How to detect fake followers in social networks

There is a series of characters that occur in many of these false followers. On the one hand, they usually have an intense publication activity, especially in a social network like Twitter. Without going any further, it is very common to use repetitive messages to attack or praise the figure of someone or a particular brand. With this, what is intended to achieve is to position and give greater visibility to a specific topic. Is very habitual buy followers for social networks with this type of activity to appear normal.

Precisely, a reliable way to detect false profiles is to copy part of the text they have written in your account and enter it in the search bar. If this text takes us to several users who are tweeting the same, most likely we are facing a false follower.

At the same time, you have to take a look at the avatar and the biographical information of these followers. The profile image is usually linked to images of easily recognizable photo banks, while his biography in most cases contains a vague or incomplete description.

Another key aspect is the number of followers and followed by these false followers. There are those that follow very few users, but at the same time they have thousands of followers. But there are also those who follow thousands of profiles, but are barely followed. The imbalance between the two is what occurs most frequently.

Tools to detect false followers

Fortunately we have a series of tools that can automatically detect the false followers of our profile. These tools are especially useful fors community manager and his strategies in social networks. The most popular tools are the following:

  • SocialRank: This free tool analyzes our Twitter and Instagram accounts to study some cases that may be false
  • Twitteraudit: an online service that analyzes our Twitter account to tell us which ones are false and which ones are real
  • Fake Follower Check: this tool only tells us an estimated percentage of fake, inactive and real followers that we have in our social networks
  • Social AuditPro: another tool that analyzes the false and real followers that we have on Twitter or Instagram, although in this case it is a payment platform

In recent months, social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are putting more emphasis on the hunting of false followers. It is increasingly difficult to skip the rules of these networks in this regard. Anyway, there are still millions of these bot users swarming through the networks. For all these reasons we must know how to detect fake followers in any social network and only buy Instagram followers, YouTube or Facebook that are of quality.

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