How to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily or permanently?

Do you need to deactivate an Instagram account? Do you want to give yourself a break to decide whether or not you want to continue in that social network? If this is your case, then you are in the right place. Well, today I will teach you how to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily or permanently.

One of the peculiarities to be able to execute this function is, that you will need to sit a few seconds in front of your computer and enter Because, this procedure can not do it from your mobile device. Even so, it is a quick and simple process that will not take much time.

To facilitate the procedure I have prepared for you a step by step. That will help you to deactivate your Instagram account quickly, effectively and easily, either temporarily or permanently. Keep reading!

What are the steps to temporarily disable my Instagram account?

Sometimes, we feel the need to disconnect from social networks. But, with the constant notifications reaching our device, it is impossible to ignore them.

If you want to take the time to give yourself a break from your social network, you can deactivate your Instagram account temporally. Just, you must follow this series of steps:

Step 1: Enter your profile

From a PC, log in to the Instagram account that you wish to deactivate temporarily to go to your profile. You have to click on the icon in the form of a person, which is located on the right side of the top of the page.

Once, that you are in your profile go right next to your username to select the option edit profile.

Step 2: Temporarily disable your account

When you enter the profile editing page, you will instantly see all your personal data that you had entered when creating the account.

Right at the end of the page, after your biography and your private information. You'll find, a blue color link, which clearly says deactivate my account temporarily. You have to click on that link, but not everything ends there. It will only open another page in which you will initiate the process of deactivating the Instagram account.

Step 3: Complete the process

The link will open another page to finish completing the process. On this page you will see a pop-up tab, which asks you, Why do you want to disable your account? This step is very simple. You just have to select one of the 9 responses shown in the drop-down tab which are:

  • I am very busy / it deconcentrates me too much.
  • I have created another account.
  • I want to delete certain content.
  • I need a break.
  • Too many ads.
  • I worry about privacy.
  • Problems to start.
  • I do not find people to follow.
  • Another reason.

This way, you can justify the reason why you are deactivating your Instagram account.

Then, for security and to continue with the process you have to enter your password. Once the password is entered, you will have automatic access to the option Temporarily disable the account. When you click on this button all your information supplied to the Instagram account will be hidden until you decide to reactivate it.

What happens if I deactivate an Instagram account temporarily?

When you temporarily disable an account on Instagram, it is hidden:

  • Your profile.
  • All your photos
  • All the comments you have made.
  • All like.

In such a way that it will seem that your account has never existed. So, absolutely nobody will have access to your information.

Disabling temporarily is ideal for those people who just want to take a break from social networks. Well, this function allows you to hide your information for as long as you need.

When you decide to reactivate your account, You just have to start the section as you normally would. And quickly and automatically all your information will be visible again.

What are the steps to permanently disable my Instagram account?

Many people get tired of that digitized world called social network. Perhaps the cause is the vulnerability of privacy, since keeping photos private is not always enough.

Instagram presents by default the option to deactivate your account temporarily. But, What do you do if you want to permanently delete your account? This function of Instagram is almost hidden.

After doing a thorough search on Instagram help pages, we have achieved a hidden link, which will allow you to permanently deactivate your account. Of course, when you press the button delete my account permanentlyThere is no going back Absolutely everything will be eliminated forever.

To carry out this process it is important that you remember perfectly well the following:

  • Username.
  • Email with which you created the account.
  • Password of the account.

If you are determined to perform the procedure, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account

The first thing you have to do is enter the account to log in from a computer, since it is not possible to perform this process through a mobile device.

Step 2: Click on the link

To continue with the process of deactivating your Instagram account permanently, all you have to do is enter this address It is a specific page created by Instagram, which does not advertise too much. Therefore, having access to this function from the web of the photographic network is complicated.

If you have already logged into the page will automatically recognize you and you will be able to Finish the process with just three clicks.

Step 2: Why do you want to leave?

Like the temporary deactivation method, you have to explain Instagram because you want to delete your account. For this, they give you 8 answers of which, you will select one that is related to the decision you are taking.

Depending on your answer, Instagram will offer alternative solutions to help you solve the problem you have with the photographic social network. All this, with the aim of preventing you from deleting your account.

Step 3: To continue, re-enter your password

Once you have chosen your answer, you can continue with the procedure. Next, you will see a box where they ask you to enter your password again in the soft field on the right side.

Step 4: Delete your account forever

Once done, you can click on the red button, which clearly says definitively delete my account

If you press that button there is no going back, all your data will be deleted forever without option to recovery.

What happens if I deactivate an Instagram account permanently?

When you finish deactivating an Instagram account permanently it will be deleted forever.

As a security measure Instagram warns you that if in the future you decide to create another account in the photographic social network you will not be able to register with the same username. In this way, absolutely no one can pass themselves off as the owner of the deleted account.

When you deactivate an Instagram account permanently, it will be deleted:

  • All the photos
  • All the comments
  • All like.
  • All your followers.
  • Any account data

Because you will not have option to recovery I recommend, download the photos and videos that you do not want to lose. Since, once done in the process of elimination, you will never have access to the content of your account again.

Taking into account that you are no longer interested in continuing to enter Instagram. And, that you have also deleted your profile from said social network and internet. I recommend you to uninstall the application from your mobile device. Well, this will no longer fulfill any function and will only occupy space in the memory of your device.

In this way, we finalized our post about how to deactivate an Instagram account temporarily or permanently.

As you can see both options will allow you to disappear from the internet, leaving you invisible to your followers. In such a way that whoever tries to find you will find it impossible to find your profile in the network. In this sense, both Deactivation methods are ideal to vanish for a while or forever from Instagram.

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