Increase your interactions! Learn how to get followers on Instagram

Instagram is more than a social network, because it can become a business and generate interesting income. If you know how to communicate with your audience through this medium, you can guarantee an excellent advantage for your business.

But first, you have to know how get followers on Instagram, so that they are hooked to all your publications.

In this post I will give you some tips that can serve you quickly and consistently. Continue reading so you know them.

12 tips to get followers on Instagram

If you follow these correctly 12 consejos it is very likely that the number of followers of your Instagram account grows quickly

#1 Create a good profile

By filling in your profile data in Instagram, you will be able to establish and generate more relationships through this social network. To ensure that your profile is the best, take into account some of these aspects:

Images: You have to take into account that this social network has the purpose of offering its followers visual contents. Therefore, you have to select an image that defines you as a person or brand. You should look for an image that you think your followers or target may like.

Description: It is a space where you can describe who you are or what are the characteristics of your brand. You can include emojís or hashtag.

Links: This social network offers you the option to include a link, so if you have a blog or a web page you can include the link to this space.

#2 Theme

If you want to get followers in instagram you have to give importance to the smallest details, since this social network is the Share your day to day.

If you are a sports fan, you can upload images of a sport that practices, or if you are passionate to the kitchen you can place recipes. The important thing that you are clear what is the thematic turn what you want to offer your followers.

#3 Profile public or private?

If you have a private profile and you have to authorize people to see your content, then you are forbidding many people to follow you. You have to choose to have a public profile so that people follow you without any authorization.

If your account is for sale, company or business that offers services or sales, it is essential that the profile be public.

Choosing one of the two profiles will depend on you and the experience that you want to live with your followers. You can try any of the two to see which works for you to get a lot of followers.

#4 Quality publications

You have to show your followers quality images and videos. To achieve this, you do not need a high-end mobile to make good photographs. Be inspired, be creative, flashy and above all experience new techniques.

If you manage to increase the quality of the images and publications, there is no doubt that you will have many followers on your Instagram account.

#5 Use hashtags

In the social network Instagram hashtags are indispensable, unlike others, because followers seek what they want through the hashtags.

You do not have to place a large amount of hashtags each time you place a publication. But, if it is good that you take advantage of the labels that are in popularity. This is undoubtedly a excellent way to reach more audience and get followers.

The hashtags have to be related to the image or video that you are going to publish. To achieve this, you can use applications that usually generate hashtags according to the content of an image or video. With these applications you will save a lot of time looking for what are the most popular of the day on a subject.

#6 Use the stories

Stories in instagram allow you to upload content from your day to day. Choose to post quality material that attracts your followers. You can add hashtags and locations from where you are recording.

When you upload a storie with a hashtag and the geolocalizes. These can appear in the search section, and when a person searches for a hashtag, your storie will appear.

The stories disappear in a span of 24 hours, unless you anchor it in your profile, so you must place interesting content. If you do it well, you will have new visits and more followers will want to follow you so you do not miss any of your posts.

#7 Make live videos

Direct videos are very timely and interesting if you do them properly, since they can help you increase the engagement and the number of followers. But, yes, you should make videos assiduously.

Lives are an excellent way to interact live with your followers. If you have different publication formats, you are showing that you are interested in offering good and pleasing people who follow you.

#8 Interaction with the community

One of the fundamental factors to get more followers in this social network of natural and easy way is that you interact with the users. For that you have to comment and like other people's posts.

Also, it is essential that you respond to the comments of your followers, because if you do not do it as if you do not care. You have to remember that social networks are communities of interaction between people.

Generate conversations, share stories, invite friends and families to participate. Without a doubt, this strategy will help you to achieve your goals.

#9 Public at predefined times

Instagram is characterized by a very dynamic social network, that's why it's fundamental and interesting You publish content constantly. It is recommended that you publish every day and several times, so your followers will not stop seeing what you do every day.

So, if you are going to open an account in this social network and you plan to publish once a week, then you better not do it.

It is also important that you determine what is the best time and perfect time to post. To know it you can publish contents in several hours, then check the likes and comments. With that you can get an idea of ​​the hours that your followers are dedicated to consult you.

#10 Promotes contests

The contests are an excellent strategy to get new followers. The key is raffle something that people like and that your profile may seem interesting to you. Through the contests you can ask your followers to tag friends or acquaintances in the image of the contest.

When they tag, the most likely thing is for people to enter your profile. If you like the contest, you can tag other followers and often start following your profile.

If your account is commercial, this is an excellent way to make your business known and spread. Keep in mind that, you must make real contests and you must deliver the prize you promised.

#11 Public videos

The videos, nowadays, are the visual contents that are most used in this social network. The videos offer a lot of interest to the contents, as well as diversity.

It's a kind of strategy that will help you get many followers on Instagram organically. Through the publications with video You can address topics that your followers like, such as tips, trends, etc.

In addition, Instagram offers you the option to make video in your stories, which can also highlight your profile.

#12 Connect your account with other social networks

Your presence in the most popular social networks has to be part of your digital strategy, either personal or commercial.

Instagram offers you the option to connect with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and thus you can offer a more professional touch. This type of action will allow you to connect your followers even more to your Instagram account.

If you take into account these tips from how to get followers on Instagram, we are completely sure that you will generate more than expected. You just have to do it properly and you will be able to increase your followers quickly!To many it has worked!

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