How to go to Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most famous applications. Also the application and number one photographic platform in the whole world. Its impact It has reached different parts of the globe. In recent years it has also adapted magnificently to the growth of the internet. The latter has given it an advantage over many other platforms and applications. It is also what made her become the application that she is now.

In its beginnings, Instagram stood out as a photographic platform. Little by little they adapted other functions. The videos They were integrated to the platform. Subsequently, its purchase was made by Facebook executives. The latter was good for its users. Those who saw how direct messaging was included in the application, archive publications and instagram stories.

Instagram has multiple functions that are as good as its easy to use. All these attractions have provided and continue to provide great visibility both to the application and the platform. That's why so many people wonder how to go to instagram.

How to download instagram on your phone

The only way to how to go to instagram from your phone is downloading the app in the. This part is very simple. And it depends on what type of mobile device you have. At first instagram was made only for mobile devices are iOS system, this included iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Over time the company also integrated the app for devices with Android system.

Since instagram made Android available to your application. This can be found in the Google Play Store. In the case of iOS mobile devices, they can find how to go to instagram through the App Store. The instagram download on both Android and iOS devices is completely free.

Download on Android devices

To download the Instagram application on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Enter in Play Store.
  • To log in to the Play Store, you need to have a Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Once you have entered the Play Store you must click on the search box and insert the instagram name.
  • When they have given the results of your search, enter the certified instagram application.
  • A download button will appear next to the logo and the description of the app. You must click on it.
  • Once you have clicked on the download button, you will immediately start downloading the app on your phone.
  • When the download is complete, you must click on open application.
  • You will see the instagram start and two options, if you log in or create an account.
  • According to your case, choose an option.

Download to iOS devices

The instagram download procedure from iOS devices is very simple as it is in Android.

  • The first thing you should do is enter the App Store.
  • The second thing is to look for the word instagram in the search engine. For being a very popular application, instagram is at the start of the App Store so sometimes it is not necessary to do the search.
  • Once you have found the application you must click on download.
  • After having done this action you can open the application.
  • If you have an instagram account enter your data. If you do not have one, you must open an account.

How to open instagram from the computer

How to go to Instagram from the computer is even simpler than from the phone. In the beginning, instagram was only for mobile devices. As time passed, the company made adjustments and nowadays it is possible to enter the platform through its official website.

To enter instagram from computers you can do it through your search engine or installing the app on your PC or Mac.

The simplest way to how to go to instagram from your computer is through its official page. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Login to the official instagram page from your computer.
  • Once you have logged in you can log in or create an account. according to you, you do it and that's it.

How to create an account in Instagram

In order to create an instagram account, you must follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Login to the app or official instagram page. According to your case.

Step 2:

A form will appear on the home page, you must fill it out:

  • First you must write your phone number or your email in use.
  • Your full name.
  • The name you want for your user.
  • A password of your liking.

From the purchase of Instagram, you can create an account with your Facebook account.

Advantages and benefits of instagram

The creation of instagram in the 2010 as a photographic application brought to the world one of the most popular platforms in the world. Instagram is not only one of the most famous applications, but it is also one of the favorites of the whole world. Its simple design guarantees its users a very simplified process. But, in addition to this, the platform and application have the following advantages and benefits:

Es free

One of the most popular advantages of the application is that it is free. When the application is downloaded to a mobile device it can be done for free. It also has no cost to enter the platform from the computer.

Is complete

The user loves that instagram has such a variety of features. Instagram has evolved a lot with respect to its beginnings. It started only by publishing photos and now the user can even send messages. Similarly, it also allows the user to take photos from the application. You can also add filters to your photos.


The instagram social network has also become a means of communication. You have crossed the barriers and nowadays you can not only communicate with your closest friends, but with the whole world.

Classified content

Within instagram you are able to get the exact content you are looking for. This is possible due to the design of the application. This design allows the user to access classified content in different areas.

How to use instagram

Instagram is very versatile. The user can use it for the purposes he wants. The companies are very privileged within the platform. And it gives small accounts the springboard to achieve fame.

Earlier we mentioned how easy it is to use instagram. The platform gives its users simple ways to use their accounts. Once the basic level of instagram is mastered, there is to be alert to new updates.

New updates

Something that stands out instagram is in its updates. Nowadays it is one of the most complete applications. It has an instant messaging system, you can post photos, make publications, archive your publications, comment and interact with other users. Among the new instagram updates are:

Archive and unarchive photos

For some time now the user has been able to archive the publications of his profile. The archiving of a photo consists in a process of saving publications, where they disappear from the user's profile but they are archived in another place on the platform visible only to the user who made the action.

Now it is also possible to recover the photos you archived. The unarchived photos return to the profile as if they had never disappeared.

Short Stories

Instagram stories is nowadays one of the most famous and used instagram functions. This function allows the user to make publications with a specific duration time. Feature that differentiates it from normal instagram publications.

Save publications

Within instagram the user is able to save in his profile publications both from himself and from other users. These saved posts can only be seen by the user who performed the action.

Archive stories

The published instagram stories are now archived automatically.


One of the functions that characterizes instagram from the beginning is its filters. When a publication is made, the user has at his disposal a series of available filters.


Since Facebook made the purchase of Instagram. The application has gone through many changes. One of these changes are the messages. In the beginning, the only way for users to relate to each other was through comments. Nowadays the user can interact with other users through the direct instagram.

In alive

Through the function of instagram directives, the user can record live videos. In these videos other people who see it can interact.


Previously, within the instagram you could not zoom the images. Which has changed with the latest platform updates. Now the user is able to zoom in on photos, videos and other publications.

Updates to the videos

For some time, instagram consumers have been able to watch longer videos. Previously in instagram, only 30 seconds videos were allowed. Subsequently the duration was increased to 60 seconds. Nowadays videos of more than one minute are available in the application. How it is also available to locate them in the second you want. Things that were impossible before.

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