How to have likes in Tik Tok Learn now!

Tik Tok is a social network formerly called Musically and as in any digital platform, its constant and lasting interaction between its users is a fundamental part of its work, it is also a basic piece of the growth of the accounts of its participants.

To remain active and develop your profile within the social networks of your preference, you must have an exchange and coexistence, and by taking an agile and energetic attitude to promote the collective activity in the network, you will surely have a great opportunity to increase your followers .

The more professional your presence in social networks, you can generate a better strategy for you to reach a different audience and in turn you can direct interested users to check your Tik Tok channel, in such a way that you increase the traffic in your account .

Methods to get more likes and followers in the Tik Tok application.

Take care of your profile

You must establish a personal profile that is attractive, but also clear and above all concise. Your profile is your showcase, it is who speaks for you, and the type of content you originate.

With an attractive and eye-catching profile, you can attract the interest of the people who visit and see your profile for the first time. Highlight your identity, try to highlight what can differentiate you from others, but be careful not to spread too much.


You should use the hashtags (tags) that create trends for your videos. Make the most of these hashtags and the songs that are at the top of the ranking for the moment, since the system itself includes your video at the rate of hashtags.

Additionally you could produce videos that are related to the current and most popular labels, and give you an added subtitle usage to your account.

Sometimes some users make viral challenges using hashtags, that would be a luxury opportunity, that you should not miss to make your video that can put you in front of many people.

The original videos can be the difference

Try to innovate by making your own video, originality can catapult you in Tik Tok. To make an original video it is essential that you have two things: talent and confidence, if so, please, do not hesitate to make your video with original content.

There are many users who make videos of lip sync, that is not the way, to stand out and differentiate yourself from the common users, you must use your talent, your conviction, your security, to create something original.

In addition, the most prestigious and consequently most known users of Tik Tok, made and projected their name thanks to the supply of original content of the exposed material.

Choose the soundtracks of your video well

Another key to broadening your chances of getting followers is that you get the right soundtrack for your video.

Choosing a good musical curtain for your Tik Tok video is fundamental, the usefulness of the senses forces us to just watch and listen to a video, no other sense intervenes (smell, taste or touch), therefore the choice of the background is essential musical that accompanies interesting, captivating, original images.

Tik Tok has many soundtracks available in his library, but you are the one who must be cautious, diligent and choose the one that best suits your needs or use your own soundtrack and add a plus to your video.

The quality of the videos

High quality in your videos is essential. If you like popularity and want to gain notoriety, you have to become a user who uploads funny, unique, innovative videos, but above all that have unsurpassed resolution quality, that are well edited and without technical failures, the better your videos are, more popular they will be and you will have more visits.

It is not essential to use professional cameras, if you can not afford them, you can allow them, but if you have access to a better one, use it. And make sure the synchronization of the video with the background music, do not allow the noise to gain space and prominence to the music, as it distracts the viewer.

Number of videos synonymous with constancy

Upload your videos on a regular basis, at least once a day, there are many users on this telematics platform and some of them upload several videos per day, in such a way that the more videos you upload, you increase the chances of getting viewers and consequently followers

But remember to make sure you check the quality before posting your videos. This is how the best practice is to establish a systematized video release pattern, in a regular schedule and quantity, so that you can induce a kind of expectation according to the quality of your productions, and without a doubt insisting, your followers will increase rapidly.

Committed to your viewers

Keep the commitment with your followers, since that commitment sets the tone and bases the growth of your fan base, but once they go up in a sharp climb, you should take a closer look at the profiles of the people who intend to follow you

Take advantage of the opportunities to consolidate this support, for example, by responding to your comments on your video, you can even reach your own audience to watch your videos, comment and participate in its contents.

Own and third party comments

Comment on the videos of other users. Investigate other users who make videos that you can frame within your type of audiovisual, in particular those that have high standards of creation and mark a good performance, even videos that have more followers than you, that can give you highlights, guidelines.

He comments his videos that those who have more followers are sure to see your comments, but that if the trick, the cunning is to make eye-catching and attractive comments.

Use of social platforms

If you are active on social platforms and operate other social media channels other than Tik Tok, promote your content on them, you can share the trailers of your videos on your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, among other networks.

Give a clear and unambiguous description of who you are and the type of videos you like to share. Additionally you can ask your followers to share your content.

The collaborative work in Tik Tok

Remember to collaborate with other people. Do not make the mistake of asking a person who has 50 thousand followers to collaborate with you if you only have 200 fans, find users with a similar rank to yours, start working together and look for other people who produce videos with similar, related topics , directed to the same target,

To the same kind of audience as you and your fans. Your audience will be captivated if you can record videos with others who follow them.

Conclusion about Tik Tok

Be innovative, different, unique and offer entertainment of high technical quality and content to your followers, always try to offer new things to your audience. The Tik Tok application presents you with an almost infinite range of music and video editing options, which will allow you to express your talent and creativity freely and without ties.

You must bear in mind that producing large videos is not enough to captivate the public, you must be smart when reusing the tools that allow you to be popular with people.


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