How to know who sees my photos on Instagram Best tricks!

Are you worried about who looks at your photos on Instagram? Do you want to know who sees you silently, either out of curiosity or concern? !! Congratulations!! You arrived at the indicated place, since in the next post I will tell you some tricks of How to know who sees my photos on Instagram You can not miss it!

This social network is used by many people of all ages worldwide. Especially, to mount photos and videos, some with personal intentions and other professionals. In either case it would be interesting know who visits your profile true?

Remember, it is also the ideal platform for many artists and famous people from different fields. All of them, without a doubt they must monitor their accounts. Do you want to know how to do it? dare yourself! And keep reading.

Why be careful with the tools to know who sees your Instagram photos?

Instagram, is the social network that has captivated attention and dedication, of a significant percentage of people. So much so, that it has become a platform that configures a new way of doing marketing.

For this reason, it is natural that you want to know who is visiting you, both out of curiosity and safety. Who they leave you likes and comments, they make this task easier, since by the notifications you can know of them.

But what happens when they are not so obvious? That is where curiosity and risk arise. However, you have to be very careful, with the techniques you use to search for silent visitors. I mention some reasons:

  • Many of the applications, which say they can show you who sees your photos, just want to cheat you. They add you in your database to send you advertising.
  • Other softwares are malicious (viruses) and want to enter your PC or Smartphone to cause damage to equipment. Do not be fooled! Always research before using.
  • There are other platforms that develop to steal data such as photos, personal information, files and bank details. This, with the intention of later committing computer frauds cybercriminals.
  • Some of these applications are free, but others fall in love with you and then charge you.

Among the applications, most recognized used to know who sees you on Instagram we have:

  • Qmiran
  • Who saw my profile
  • Kazuy
  • SocialView
  • InstaCare
  • Who Viewed Me on Instagram
  • InstaAgent

I suggest, do not fall into the temptation of use of fraudulent applications, many of them have gone out of operation. Most complaints from the same users, so I recommend you be aware of the comments from the community.

Always check the rating that other users have given to the applications you are trying to download. This will allow you to have an idea about the reputation of the software you are about to acquire.

Remember, the Internet is a space open to all types of people. There are software developers, with good intentions and others with not so ethical purposes.

If, in any case, you tried some of these platforms, you will be interested to know:

What to do if you used an application to know who sees you?

In case you have logged in with some of the platforms that they do not fulfill their promise, I suggest you, follow the following steps:

  • Enter from the web to
  • Place username and password.
  • Go to your profile, slide the screen to your left and click on the configuration icon (toothed wheel). It is located next to the image of your profile that is in the time-line at the bottom.
  • Go to "authorized applications"
  • Revoke access to applications that you estimate may be suspicious.
  • Change the password and place a new one.
  • Before downloading any application, make sure of its effectiveness, avoid risks and protect your networks.

The Instagram social network from its platform, does not allow to know who is looking at your profile in a silent way If someone saw you but did not leave traces, the possibility of knowing is null.

But still, it's still interesting know who sees my instagram photos. If you have a company or personal brand, you will want to know to know possible competitors. Undoubtedly, if it is a personal account, you are also curious about those who visit you silently.

Cheer up! Although as I told you above, if who sees you, it leaves no traces you can not know who did it. But, there are options in case you have left traces. Ready to discover it?

See how to know who sees my photos on Instagram

It does not matter, if you're famous, you promote your brand or just an active Instagram user. Here I mention some ways to know who sees your photos on Instagram:

By notifications

When there is any type of interaction between a user and your account, there is a notification. This happens in these cases:

  • When a user, when viewing your publications, triggers a "I like"To a photo or video.
  • When performing, some comment about your publications.
  • There are people who continually see your publications, that is, perform stalkeo of your account.
  • There are those who mistakenly when they visit you they give a like. If this happens, the notification will arrive quickly to your mobile. But if you do not detect it at the right time and observe the notification, the person will return his action.

Instagram Stories

This functionality of Instagram, allows to draw the attention of your followers for its broad and modern applications. Also, eIt's one of the most efficient methods, to know who spies on you silently. I explain why:

  • Although its duration is 24 hours, you have that time lapse to know if they saw your photos or videos. The important thing about this option is that you can know who saw you, even if the spectator did not take another action.
  • By constantly reviewing the viewers of your stories, you will be able to know who is visiting you.
  • Al publish at least one story daily, you will have monitored your fans, through statistics.
  • All you have to do is go to the story, slide up, and you the list of your viewers will appear. Likewise, if you have someone you do not follow, there appears the follow-up button.
  • All this is possible because Instagram Stories, has a visitor counter who makes the records.
  • Here it does not matter if the user interacts or not, when viewing your story you can know that he saw that photo or video.

The fact that a user sees your story does not mean that he saw all your photos or that he entered your profile. This only indicates that you intentionally or casually displayed that photo or video.

For this, I suggest you register the visualizations of your photos, because if someone does it regularly. You can consider it, within the list, of "who see my photos".


In this section, you will find certain important information regarding followers. Among them: total number of followers, cities and countries from which they connect. In addition, age and predominant sex, hours and days in which they are most active.

This does not tell you who sees your photos, but it gives you a reference of the type of audience who visits you

If you have a private profile, only your people will be able to see your photos. previously approved your request. In this way, you already have an idea of ​​who are the only people who can visit your profile. But, you will not know how many times they do it or if they never do it.

Do not let, curiosity win you, what important in this social network is to post quality images, gaining constant followers. This brings, greater benefits than downloading applications that will only bring your mobile spam or put security at risk.

I hope I have helped in your questions, do the same, spread the word and denounce these applications. So that other people do not fall into the trap of unscrupulous beings who only have masked intentions to achieve their goals.

Finally, Instagram is a social network in constant development. But, even within its profile, it does not have its own applications to know who visits you. If you are worried the projection of your photos,, I suggest you use only the mentioned paths and follow us in the next post.

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