Learning to personalize our YouTube channel is extremely important if we want to grow within this popular video platform. If you are thinking of dedicating yourself entirely to content creation then it is necessary to start by having a well designed channel in order.

In our article on Today we are going to show you some practical tips that will help you create a perfect banner for your YouTube channel. Currently there are different tools that could help you design the best banner, and here we will mention some of them.

What is the banner?

This is one of the main things we must know before learning how to make a banner for Youtube. When we speak of the word "banner" we are referring to a type of prominent image that serves to identify a certain channel.

The banner is characterized, among other things, for its remarkable size. This is one of the main differences when compared to the profile photo or logo which are usually smaller and more precise. The banner is located at the top of our channel.

A well-designed banner it could be the perfect hook to catch new subscribers for our channel. That is why it is essential to learn how to create an original, eye-catching and interesting one in the public eye. In this way we will achieve a better positioning of our brand.

We can all have our own banner

There are those who consider that making a banner is a task only for business brandsHowever, we can all have one. People can also have a personal brand and we must invest time in it to achieve growth in the medium and long term.

If you have a personal channel within YouTube, it is important that you start inserting each of the elements that identify your brand, for example:

  • Profile picture
  • Channel description
  • Watermark
  • And of course, the banner

How to make the best banner

When creating the best banner for YouTube, it is necessary to take into account several key aspects, including our imagination and creativity.. Let's not forget that making a banner is a design issue, so creativity is essential.

It is also essential to choose a good design program or application. Fortunately on the web we find many alternatives, some of them totally free. Try to choose an app that offers you ready-made templates, where you only have to modify small details.

It is important take care of the size of our banner for Youtube. Remember that depending on which device it sees you is how your banner will look. It is also key to know how to use the type of color, font and size of the images that you are going to insert in your banner.

Could you put some words that describe your channel. So people will have a brief overview of the topics you develop in your content and can subscribe if they feel attracted.

Steps to upload the banner to Youtube

  1. Opens Youtube
  2. Pleasure click about your profile picture
  3. Click on "Your channel"
  4. Locates the design section and upload the banner you have designed for your channel.