One of the differences of Instagram with respect to a platform like YouTube is that regardless of the number of followers you have. This social network will not pay for the content or the visits that we have. Which means that Instagram will never pay anyone directly. So, how earn money with Instagram? Use the Instagram option.

It does not matter how many followers you have on Instagram, since this social network will not pay you for the number of them or for the visits you have. The key will then be to try to reach agreements with companies external to be able to promote among your followers Your products and services. It will be the only way we will have earn money with Instagram.

How to make money with Instagram

Depending on the theme of your Instagram account, you can contact one type of advertiser or another. The first step can be to write yourself to the brands or resort to a marketplace where influencers and advertisers are found. But, for that, you must have a significant number of followers.

From here, you can earn money making sponsored publications for brands that want to have your audience. In this way we will be affiliated and we will generate commissions when selling products of other brands. We will create and sell a physical or digital product, we will sell our photos, etc.

In reality, what companies are looking for are profiles that have real and quality followers. There are a large number of accounts that have thousands and thousands of followers, but it is very likely that these are bots or false profiles, which does not interest brands at all. These what they want are followers who are interested in the content we promote, who interact in the offers, give likes, etc. Without a doubt, the key to how earn money with Instagram It is through followers with engagement.

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How many followers do we need to earn money on Instagram?

Seen like that, you do not really need as many followers as you believe to make money on Instagram. However, there is a series of factors to consider to know how many followers we would need for it:

  • Know the market niche in which we find ourselves and the common interests of our users
  • What is the level of interaction with our followers
  • What profitability channels are we exploring?

If the brands see that we have thousands of real followers with common interests and that we usually interact with our followers every day, they are likely to be interested in our profile. It is true that in the first place they will take a look at the number of followers we have, but they will also check if these are real or not.

In this way, an Instagram account that has 5.000 real followers and interacting usually can be much more profitable and interesting for one brand than another that has 20.000 followers, but more than half are bots and the rest just leave comments or likes . Look at the song phrases for Instagram.

From this it follows, in short, that the influence you may have is not based on the number of followers, but rather on the effect you have on them. From here, everything is at the expense of your level of reach in the network to be able to earn money on Instagram. But remember, to be able to influence you need them to see your popularity and for this a good option is buy followers for Instagram.