Before starting earn money, we must know that there is a whole preliminary work with your Web All these actions are focused on locating a niche adequate on the subject and conquer a target. However, How to earn money with visits to my website? It is an excellent question.

First, any project to generate economic benefits must be conceived on a solid foundation from its origin. It is important to work on SEO, planning Social Media and have a own domain for your accounts.

Another determining factor is the constant analysis that must be done both on your website and on the competition. This allows us to have a global vision of what happens in the ecosystem that surrounds your online business. To do this, we have tools such as Google Analytics.

After having well-founded, the pillars of our Web and all the strategies planned and projected. We can then introduce the term "monetization of the Web".

What is the monetization of the Web?

It consists in converting your Web, in a constant income source so profitable that you can live well with your contributions. Attentive! When uploading your blog or website we suggest you wait a prudent time before starting the advertising. This is done, to avoid penalties that Google applies to those sites that have little number of visits.

The algorithms of Google, are excellent to detect disorganization in the content or lack of planning adequate This means that Google will reward the use of Keyword correct and a value content, sanctioning the contrary.

All these aspects, however simple they may seem, are important when wanting to monetize your website. Now, you have everything in order! Then you are ready to make money with your Work online.

Look 3 ways to earn money with visits to my Web

There are many ways to earn money, with a Web as is the case of the sale of the product or service. Also, we can achieve it with a good strategy of digital marketing industry increasing the audience and gaining income for it. But this monetization, it does not happen directly by visits to the page as it is the topic that interests us today.

In this sense, we must tell you that there are many applications and that not all fit perfectly to your characteristics. Everything depends on your market niche and the Thematic of your contents. Therefore, some results are more tractive than others.

Also, we invite you to see some ways we have to earn money for visits to your pages:


It consists of the use of a sponsor, whose financial contribution represents a monthly income for the Web. Generally, it is a company with a lot of power in the market where you are immersed brand. For example, if your page is makeup your sponsor can be a recognized makeup brand.

In this aspect, the Content must be of value so much for the public as for the sponsor. First of all you must persuade, to the sponsor to decide to accompany you in the adventure. This you will achieve, showing the seriousness of your business and the planning of the strategies that will take traffic to the site.

The sponsor will always demand some spaces on the site, but you can negotiate with them. If they want several spaces, an alternative is to mention them in the Social Networks or through newsletters e-mail.

Google Adsense

This form of income consists of registering in the application with the data of your Web. It is an advertising system, where third-party companies will place ads on your website. These ads must be created in Adwords, which is a Google tool to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers.

To be a member, you need a domain of your own and original contents No plagiarism! In addition, you must be older than 18 years for registration and if you are younger you can support yourself in your parents.

This application places ads on your website in the place you decide, but it must be strategic. This with the purpose, that the users are motivated to give a click. With this platform, you earn money for "Pay per click" Google will start paying you when you win the first hundred dollars.

This system also allows earn money for impressionsWhat does it mean impressions ?. It is the display of the ad, by the user to this is called CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Surely it has happened, that you enter a Blog and visualize an advertisement that represents income for the owner of the site.

For that reason, it matters the number of visits that has the Web and the trick in moving traffic to it.

Affiliation Marketing

It consists of promoting products or services of third parties, constituting an affiliate network. It earns money, for cost per action (CPA) that involves the conversion of a visit to an action. For example, that a certain client through the affiliate's announcement makes the purchase of the promoted product.

For the use of this technique, there are also platforms to create the network and legal payment modes.

In conclusion, how to make money with visits to my Web, is intimately linked to the amount of traffic you have. It also matters, the conversion ratio that there is with each click or visualization of the site. So you do not get lost, no detail of what happens in this virtual universe!Follow us in the next pots! ...