How to move Instagram photos

In contemporary times there are many users who invest time in having an attractive profile. Certainly, a striking profile, neat and creative attracts a greater number of followers. In addition, you could say that the profile page is the image and face that is presented to other users. That is why there is a growing concern about how to move Instagram photos. Knowing that the social network, despite its updates has not yet allowed This tool.


The Instagram platform is the social network of the moment, has an amount greater than 600 million active users per month. In addition, its origins come from being an exclusive network for lovers of photography. However, it has evolved in such a way that it reached almost the entire youth market and even the adult. Its simple interface, together with its constant updates have caused the attraction of the users Focus on this platform.

However, the famous platform of Instagram, yet It has certain limitations in your tools. One of them would be the fact that it has not allowed the tool to move Instagram photos. That is why, users have traveled to third-party applications to the interface to achieve the task. And so, make your profiles more creative by moving Instagram photos.

Why move Instagram photos?

The reasons to move Instagram photos are varied. Each user must own different backgrounds to require the modification of the order of Instagram photos. However, it is very frequent that different varieties of users require this option. So the use of applications external to the platform has become quite common. This in order to be able to move Instagram photos.

Most popular photos

Many of the photographs of the users are trending. However, in several cases the best pictures of the profile are practically at the bottom of the profile. This due to the material update. That is why some users resort to moving Instagram photos. To place your most popular photos at the beginning of the profile.

Make collages

By being able to modify your Instagram profile and move the photos in it, you can unleash a myriad of creative varieties. Among her is the power to do fabulous collages With Images. Or even, making a puzzle of a macro in the timeline of the profile.

Improve profile

Through moving Instagram photos, users can create a unique and innovative profile. The individual will have the power to order the images on his / her profile to his taste and decision. Allowing this, perform a timeline many more attractive and very creative. Therefore, before originality of the account of the individual, many other users could start wanting to know more about it.

Increase followers

A good profile should find well organized and be creative. In this way, to be able impacting users Follow him That is why, some users resort to move Instagram photos. Because in this way they have to consolidate an original and striking profile. And consequently, this will be translated into a increase of followers and "likes" on your Instagram account.

How to move Instagram photos?

There are many users who come to ask how to move Instagram photos. So, as a result of the concern, a alternative software able to solve the need. Therefore, the user will have the possibility to move Instagram photos from the computer. And so preview how your profile would look when you add some number of photographs.

Instaplan, is the software of the moment. This will allow the user to move Instagram photos from the computer. In addition, it facilitates the visualization of the profile and planning. In this way the structure of the previous one is taken care of when raising a certain amount of photographs. Likewise, the use among users has been exponentially high due to its cost. The application is totally Free and effective. What has made it a "boom" among Instagram users.


The first step to move Instagram photos will be to enter. The user has to enter the website of Instaplan. Once on the site, you must be able to identify yourself with your user and Instagram platform password. By doing this, the software will extract the necessary information to allow you access to your profile. As a result, the user will be able to visualize the order of their publications onscreen. It should be noted that Instaplan only works with public profiles for the moments.


From this point, users will be able to choose the sequence what will be the publications. To do this they must click and drag the post to their desired location. This can be done with all the post. In addition, the application allows the user to add photographs from your computer and so observe the result.

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