How to record a video with the camera of your mobile phone? This is a very common activity today. The use of this device can bring us great advantages and above all save us the investment in a professional camera.

Make a video It seems simple but it is good to follow some recommendations that allow you to get the most benefit from the team. The best and main recommendation is to use it correctly, so that you can ensure all its potential.

Maybe you have a good camera in your mobile and you do not know some aspects that can improve the videos you make. That's why I invite you to continue reading this article to get the most out of using your camera.

How to record a perfect video with your mobile phone?

Today most of the mobile They bring built-in good quality cameras to record videos. With them you can make the authentic recordings you need to share on social networks or other platforms.

In general, in the face of ignorance, we usually use security in automatic mode at the time of make a video. The ideal would be to know all those features that provide us with tricks and advantages for improving our videos.

There are some very simple tips that will be of great help to you when you are recording some material personal or professional Here are some:

Clean the lens of the camera of the mobile.

Yes! I know, you'll say that this is a silly trick, but even if you do not believe it, it's very important. You must remember that you spend a good amount of time with your mobile in your hand, purse or anywhere. Dirty can stick to the lens and when you record, the captured image it is observed with less clarity.

You should only clean the lens before start recording, preferably with a clean handkerchief. In this way the images are perfect, without any dirt in the video.

Make the recording of the video with the mobile horizontally.

It is recommended record the videos horizontally or landscape. It is usually the failure to do the process with the equipment in an upright position. The horizontal framing is much more aesthetic and allows a more accurate view of the final recording.

On the other hand, it's much simpler hold the equipment with two hands when placing it horizontally. If you do it vertically, it is most likely with only one hand, which makes you lose the stability of the image.

Keeping the mobile Horizontally the equipment allows you to make the most of the screen.

Take care of the sound during recording.

There is a very important aspect within the video recordings, as is the sound. It is possible or it may happen that by paying attention to the image of the recording, you forget the sound. This should not happen, since the sound is as important as the image itself you want to project.

It is necessary to have a good sound to be able to understand the images, so they are of excellent quality. For this, it is necessary to be aware that at the time of recording, do not cover the microphone.

One aspect to take into account when you are recording is Sound that produces breathing. If you have strong or accelerated breathing, it may be noticed in the audio and you may damage the recording. For this you should try to be as relaxed or removed from the microphone at the time of recording.

It is recommended that, before starting the recording, locate the microphone on your mobile so as not to cover it up. You should stay away from him when necessary. Check how you hold the phone, to be sure you will not block the audio input.

On the other hand if it is very windy, if it is advisable to cover the microphone or edit with music to avoid noise.

Adjust the brightness of the colors.

Indicates the adjustment of the color temperature of the images that are captured under conditions of space luminosity. The colors red, green and blue will be adjusted and it will be called white balance.

Adjust the white balance You can include in your mobile the options: automatic, interior, sun, shade, artificial light, etc. You can select some mode according to the settings you want to make before recording.

Adjust the light or ISO sensitivity.

ISO sensitivity refers to the one in charge of regulating the amount of light that the sensor picks up. It is one of the most important parameters of the camera of your mobile so it is ideal to adjust it correctly.

If the light level that exists in space is high, it is more appropriate to have lower ISO sensitivity. If you increase the ISO with low brightness, you will achieve a better image with improved lighting.

Keep your mobile in airplane mode.

This simple recommendation can mean a lot, since with it avoid being interrupted during the recording. Receiving a call or message can damage the work you are doing in the process of recording your video.

Then to avoid discomfort or interruptions during the process, connect the mobile to airplane mode and continue recording without pauses.

Use the digital zoom of your mobile camera efficiently.

If during the recording you need to approach someone or something, you can take the shot approaching yourself. It is advisable not to use the Digital zoom, since using it can cause the sharpness of the image to decrease. This affects the quality of the image and in turn can completely damage the video.

The recommended mode is optical zoom They bring some more advanced models of double lens cameras. In the same way it can be used but with measure. The recommendation is not to exceed 2x for greater benefit. On the other hand, it is advisable to use optical zoom in spaces with good brightness, not in low light.

Maintain the stability of the video with a point of support.

It is advisable to use a tripod or structure that supports the equipment, in order to guarantee the stability of the video. This is a fixed point of support that will allow you to obtain a clear and clean image. If this recommendation is not applied, you may catch unwanted movements in the recording that may damage the work.

Maybe you trust your pulse because it is very good, but it is difficult to maintain it for a long time. Therefore the point of support It is important for long-term recording days, above all.

Other considerations…

In addition to all the recommendations given in the previous segments, you can also consider other aspects of record a video. This in order that the results are the most satisfactory and the least unpleasant. So:

  • Lean on apps or apps for video recording that you can download on your mobile device.
  • Do not be afraid to make adjustments in the configuration of the camera of the mobile.
  • Take advantage of recording 4k quality in case your equipment has this function. In general, videos are heavier but of better quality.
  • Use image editing to guarantee a video without errors, they are very helpful.
  • Visualize and test the results of the videos before publishing them, and then do not regret it.
  • Always remember the importance of lighting at the time of recording, you can use controlled artificial light or natural light.

We arrived at the end of this article ... Now you know that it is very simple record a video with your mobile with excellent quality. You just have to follow the recommendations that you observed and that's all, you just have to edit and show it to the world.

It's very simple, it's not that complicated to get a perfect video, as long as you meet the aspects you could have known before. So you're ready to create spectacular videos, because you already know How to record a video with your mobile phone?