How to recover an Instagram account without email

Social networks have increased their popularity in recent years. In such a way, that the number of users for it is in constant increase. One of the most used social networks is Instagram. The platform has captivated the population before the possibility of publishing videos and images and adding a description. Although, superfluous operation of the interface seems simplistic. The reality lies in the fact that this famous network has consolidated its stay with a large number of users. However, a numerous amount of individuals tend to forget their password to the platform. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to recover an Instagram account without email.

Forgotten person

The number of people who daily they forget some data or important commitment is innumerable. The more, those who get to forget their password of some social network. The Instagram platform, faced with the constant problem observed, has engineered suitable mechanisms to recover an Instagram account without email. In this way, users will be able to re-enter to the application, even if they do not remember the requested data.

Missed email

To regain access to the interface, the traditional mechanism requires the use of the linked email account in order to recover the password. However, there are many cases in which the user has lost access to their email. Whether this is due to disuse, change of mail or even for having forgotten it too. That is why Instagram has brought with it the innovative option of recovering an Instagram account without email.

Before him loss of data access to Instagram, and email users must be able to access their account on the platform. That is why in the process of loss of information The interface has established a couple of additional options. In this way, to recognize the identity the individual and allow him access.

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Retrieve an Instagram account by SMS

One of the safest options to recover an Instagram account without email, is through a text message. For this, the device to be used must be part of the Android operating system. So that in iOS devices that option is not available. In addition, it should be noted that, to make use of this option, it will not be viable to use the Web platform to recover an Instagram account without email, so it must be directly from the application.


The first thing that the user must ensure is that in his Android device You will find the most updated version of the application. This is because the option to recover an Instagram account without email, by sending a message is only available in the most recent versions. So, in the case of not being able to visualize the option, you have to update the platform through PlayStore, your virtual store.

Have you forgotten your login information?

When the individual has confirmed to have the most recent version of Instagram has to enter the application. In the main page of the same, you must click on the tab Have you forgotten your login information? In this way to be redirected.


Subsequently, the user must enter their nickname or name in the application. Afterwards, you will have to click on the "next" tab in order to continue advancing. After that, you have to select or click on the option "Send an SMS".


A message will be sent to the number of linked phone to the individual's account. Therefore, the user must follow the instructions that must appear in the message in order to reach the objective. This way you can recover an Instagram account without email with total success

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Recover an Instagram account through Facebook

The Instagram platform has been acquired by the largest and most popular social network, Facebook. This fact was announced in the 2012 year; so since then the amount of Instagram updates It has been maximized. However, to restore the network password through the use of Facebook it will be extremely necessary for the user to have both accounts linked. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this option to recover an account from Instagram without email This option is available for operating systems Android and iOS.


The user must start open the application previously downloaded in installed on your mobile device. By being on the first identification page, the user must be asked for their name or nickname; as well as its respective password.

Forgot your password?

Since the individual does not get access to his account due to the loss of the income data, another measure must be taken. To do this, the user must click on the tab Forgot your password?

Log in with Facebook

After having accepted to have forgotten the login data, the user should search in the lower part of the screen for the option "Log in with Facebook". To start this process of access. The platform must request its confirmation of access through the Facebook interface. Therefore, the individual must confirm the fact. In this way, the user has achieved success in recovering an account of Instagram without email

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