How to remove a saved Instagram account

In any application, if you touch log out, you will be logged out of your account. To log back in, you will need to enter your login credentials again, unless you use Oreo's autofill feature on Android devices. But things are different with Instagram. To save you the trouble of remembering your login details, Instagram retains them for quick login. Therefore, today we tell you how to remove a saved Instagram account so that your user does not remain registered in any other person's PC, or in another phone.

Instagram Delete the remembered account Fi

You will get the option 'Continue as' on the login screen of the Instagram app. That's a bit daunting at times.

I am sure you must be thinking that it is not a practical solution as anyone who has your phone can log into your Instagram account. But then how can you remove the login information from Instagram or prevent it from being automatically logged into the app?

Well, Instagram provides a native way to do that. Here I will tell you how to delete remembered accounts from Instagram.

Let us begin!


Instagram does not automatically save your login details. It offers you an option where you can prevent it from saving your login details. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: open the Instagram application and go to your profile screen.

Step 2: Touch the icon of the three bars in the upper right corner and select Settings from the menu.

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Instagram Delete deleted account 2

Step 3: : Scroll down and touch Sign out in your account name.

Instagram Delete deleted account 3

Step 4: : A pop-up window will appear in one of two ways. Or, you will get a logout box with text saying Remember my login information. Uncheck it first and then tap on the Sign out option.

Instagram Delete the 5 Remembered Account

Or you will get an option to decide if you want Instagram to remember your account details. Tap on Not Now.

Instagram Delete deleted account 4

If you have already disconnected from Instagram and want to delete the remembered information, you need to log in again and follow the steps mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also use the method mentioned below. With this, you know how to remove a saved Instagram account.


Once you have logged out, the app or website will take you to the Instagram login screen. Here you will find two options: Login as and Delete. If you press the first one, you will be automatically logged in as Instagram has saved your data. If you need to delete your login information, tap Delete. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the action. Tap on Delete. Once you do, you will need to enter your login details the next time you want to login.

Instagram Delete deleted account 6
Instagram Delete deleted account 7


Similarly, if you have multiple accounts on Instagram and you tap Sign out of all accounts, you will have the option to save your login details. You cannot specify and select a particular account.

Once you log out, you will see multiple accounts on the home screen of the Instagram app. Tap the three-dot icon next to the icon whose details you want to delete and select Delete from the menu. That will remove the account details of that account from your phone.

Instagram Delete deleted account 8
Instagram Delete deleted account 9


If the above methods don't work, you can also clear the Instagram app data to remove the login information. Clearing data will not delete any Instagram images that are live on your profile. However, if you have enabled the option to save a copy to your gallery, those copies of the Instagram images on your device will be deleted using this method. So please move them to a different folder before following this method. This is another way to remove an Instagram account saved on a device.

To erase data, here are the steps:

Step 1: : Open the device settings on your Android device and go to Applications / Application manager.

Instagram Delete deleted account 10

Step 2: In All Apps, tap on Instagram.

Instagram Delete deleted account 11

Step 3: press Storage followed by Clear storage or Clear data, depending on the option available on your device.

Instagram Delete deleted account 12
Instagram Delete deleted account 13


If the above does not help you, there is another method to know how to remove a saved Instagram account. If you use your Facebook to log into Instagram and the above methods didn't help you, you will have to log out of the Facebook app. After doing that, open the Instagram app and you will be logged out as well. Then log back into Facebook. Now until you manually log into Instagram, you won't be connected.

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