On the Twitter platform, if the User views photographs and videos In Tweets that you consider should be treated as Confidential Content, according to the Twitter Multimedia Content Policy, you have the duty and the right to report to Twitter.

The User, to denounce Photographs and videos in Tweets, you have to: Locate the Tweet you want to report on twitter.com or in the Twitter application for iOS or Android, click; choose Report Tweet, click; choose This Tweet contains a confidential image, click.

In the social network Twitter the reports of Multimedia Contents marked by the Users to specify if they require a warning message to comply with the Multimedia Content Policies of Twitter.

Control the Viewing of Confidential Photos and Videos in Tweets

If the Twitter User intends to adjust his / her settings Photographs and Videos in Tweets; First, you have to log in to twitter.com, head over to see the instructions by selecting your PC icon and following them.

According to the instructions, the Twitter User: Locate the navigation menu or the icon of your Profile, choose Settings and privacy, click; In Privacy and security, click; select Security, click; and choose Show photos and videos that may contain confidential information, save.

Completed with the procedure, and the User informed the platform Twitter as related to such Content. Twitter will flag it, but you will not receive a warning message or automatically remove itself from the website. It is expected to be withdrawn by its author.


Twitter offers the User the perfect virtual environment to share ideas and global information; For this reason, this platform promises tools to control what the Twitter user sees and what other people observe of the User.

So that the User can express with confidence On Twitter, you must address the measures in relation to a Tweet, such as: Clicking on the top of the Tweet you want, accessing the various options offered by Twitter directly from your start timeline.

These options are referred a: Stop following, filter notifications, show less frequently, mute, block, report, choose what type of multimedia content you want to see in the Tweets on the platform.

How to control what other Users see of me on Twitter?

Twitter Users have various tools and options that Twitter promises; with which, the Twitter user can control what other Users see of him in conversations, in interactions, etc.

To control, the User is suggested protect your Tweets, only your followers will see it; tag photos, decide if you allow anyone to tag your photos, only your friends or no Twitter users; visibility, change the Account settings so that it is not visible.

The User can decide whether share your location in Tweets; Twitter gives you the option to choose in each Tweet if you want to include your location; Here you must consider the probability of not knowing all your followers, you must be cautious.