How to send messages on Instagram from your computer

The daily use of social networks is indisputable. One of the platforms that prevails in the social world, is Instagram. This application available on mobile devices, whether iOS, Android or Windows system, now it is also available in a computer version. And this is due to the fact that the platform has already had a web version for some time, however it has launched a desktop version that is available to users of the Internet. Windows 10. This version brings attractive tools, such as sending Instagram posts from the computer.

Desktop version of Instagram

The acclaimed Instagram app, not long ago has launched a desktop version that may not be accessible to all users. However, it can solve many of the limitations present in the web platform of the application. One of the mentioned limitations lies in the impossibility of sending Instagram Direct from the web. Since, this option belongs originally to the mobile app. That is why, this new desktop version has broken the schemes since the creation of the application. Allowing users a range of options, such as sending messages on Instagram from the computer.

This version can be used by those who have Windows 10 on their computer. And, its impact lies in two aspects mainly. The first is to send messages on Instagram from the computer. Meanwhile, the second will be the possibility of add stories to the profile from the PC. The aforementioned before were impossible without a mobile device. Currently, the user of Instagram PC, will be able to send posts and messages through Direct Messages. We tell you how help your company grow

Why the need to send messages on Instagram from the computer?

In many cases, some users of the platform do not have access to the mobile application. Either this for varied motives, like the loss of the cellular device. Another reason could be the battery discharge of the same, or even have been the victim of theft or theft. In addition, this new version will allow users with a Business account to improve their use. How to access with greater ease from computers and take effective use of Instagram Ads Stories.

How to send messages on Instagram from the computer?

Send messages on Instagram from your computer, much easier than it seems. Since having Windows 10 the user will not have to download emulatedr some. With just the Instagram PC version, the user will be able to effectively communicate with relatives and relatives and even with their audience or labor market.


To install the desktop version of Instagram, you must enter the Windows store. This has been available for some time. So the user will have to download and install the application that will allow to send messages on Instagram from the computer.


Once the application is installed, the user must identify himself in order to access it. To do this he has to make use of his user and password regular of the platform. Once the account has been validated, you can access the homepage of the application. This is very similar to the mobile app, only seen from the PC.


After access, you must go to the messaging area. This will have its icon in the upper right corner, just like its counterpart for mobile devices. Once in the messaging you can select any of the chats already started, or select start one totaly new.

New message

When selecting a new message, the application will allow you to type the name of the recipient. Being, displayed on the screen the most frequent, in order to have a quick access. When writing the message, you can empty all the information you want and even send images and videos.


Then, when I finish writing. You can press send and the message will reach the receiver. In this way, the message will reach the recipient immediately.

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Alternative Option

Although the Instagram Direct option, typical of the platform, allows the user send private messages to others on the network. These Directives can be text or even multimedia content. Although when using the application from the PC it they restrict some possibilities. Since the app's web platform does not allow you to send messages on Instagram from your computer.

And despite the existence of Instagram Desktop for Windows 10 users, this version is not completely free of options. On the contrary, it has some limitations for both the Windows 10 user and for the non-Windows user. For this reason, an open source software capable of allowing users of any programming system on their computer has been created. access Instagram Direct.

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It is necessary and essential to download the application from your Official Site. This, has a free program, and can be developed with the use of interfaces such as Windows, Mac and even Linux. The application is quite simple. And once it has been downloaded, the user must proceed with the installation. After that, it must be ingresar with the identification of the user of the platform.

After that, all conversations made will appear on the left side, and the tab for create new messages. For more information, the interested party should enter the official page of the application.

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