The aim of the Twitter Help Center, the User can solve problems related to his User Account: Login, Suspended Account, Hacked Profile and improve the security of his Account on the platform.

The User can solve problems of general matters of use: Notifications, photos and videos, questions related to his Profile, Identity fraud, abuse or harassment, phishing or spam and sensitive content.

The User is informed in the Twitter Help Center of his Regulations and Policies Use of the social network; This will guide you when making publications, participating in conversations, in Messages, so as not to commit any type of abuse and break rules.

New Twitter Tip Jar feature

Twitter has reported a new function called Tip Jar, in Spanish it means jar of tips; which will facilitate the User to pay others for eye-catching, stimulating, insightful and inspiring Tweet.

According to Twitter, the User is aware that a Account is enabled for Tip Jar when you notice a Tip Jar icon next to the Follow button on your Profile page. To pay, you just have to click on the icon and a payment menu that the User has enabled will appear.

Next, choose which payment service you prefer and it will be transferred from Twitter to the site where you can show your support in the amount you choose. Tip Jar includes services such as: PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Cash App and Bandcamp.


The role of Font Tags del Tweet is to help the User to better perceive how a Tweet was published. Such Tags, add more context to the Tweet and its author, facilitating a better interpretation and understanding of its intention.

If the User does not know the source, it requires find more information and decide if the content is trustworthy; To do this, you need to: Click on a Tweet to go to the details page; At the bottom of the Tweet is the Source Tag, for example: Twitter for Android.

The Twitter Tag for Advertisers in Tweets indicates that Tweets were created using the Creator of Twitter Ads. In certain cases, the User may observe that some Tweets come from an application other than Twitter.

Tell your own story on Twitter

If the User wants tell your own story, Twitter offers these functions: Create a thread of Tweets with the intention of achieving the greatest impact, find your community through topics and lists, be organized and help spread the word by hashtag.

In addition, the User must constantly share with your community making use of Retweets commented or not, post photos and videos with your followers and your community to give a more personal touch.

The User requires sharing what is happening in the current live moments; and personalize your Profile, here the biography must always be updated and your most recent message posted at the top.