Did you know that YouTube incorporates an incognito mode among its functions? If you have no idea what this tool means and what it is for, we invite you to read the following article where we are going to explain what YouTube's incognito mode is about and how we can activate it in a few minutes.

This is one of the best tools offered by the YouTube mobile application and that basically serves to leave no trace of the content we view through the popular video streaming platform. Stay with us and learn how to use this amazing feature.

What is Youtube incognito mode

Youtube recently launched this new option for its mobile applications and users can turn it on and off whenever they want. The incognito mode serves mainly to prevent the platform from saving the history of all the videos that we are viewing through the platform.

When activating the incognito mode of Youtube we will prevent video history from being saved on our mobile device that we are reproducing. Also, remove all customizations.

What does this mean? We are going to prevent the YouTube application from starting to suggest content similar to the one we have been viewing for the past few days on the platform. Now the recommendations made by YouTube will be more generic.

Once YouTube's incognito mode is activated too we will avoid watching the videos of the channels to which we are subscribed. This happens because the Subscriptions, Inbox and Library tabs are also disabled when activating this feature.

Steps to activate incognito mode

Very well. Now that we know what the incognito mode means and what it is for, we are going to teach you the easiest and fastest way to activate this interesting tool that has incorporated YouTube to its mobile application.

The first thing to clarify is that this feature is only enabled for the mobile app, that is to say that we will not be able to activate it from the desktop version. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Youtube application on your mobile
  2. Click about your profile picture icon
  3. You will automatically go to the Account menu. There you will have access to various options of setting.
  4. Now you just have to click on the option "Enable incognito mode"

How to disable incognito mode

Did you find it super easy to activate incognito mode? This is how simple and fast it will be to deactivate this tool from the mobile application. Here we explain each of the steps to follow:

  1. Opens the Youtube application from your mobile
  2. You will notice that your profile photo no longer appears on the screen. In its place will be the incognito mode symbol.
  3. Click on that icon and select "Disable incognito mode"

That's how fast you'll have gotten out of incognito mode And now the application will begin to save all the history of the videos that you are viewing through the mobile application.