Most people think that YouTube is just a video platform, when in reality it is a social participation tool. That is why, if you are a new creator and you are just beginning, we recommend that you do not spend a lot of time thinking How do you earn money on YouTube? First you must master your art, create an audience and feel passion for what you do.

But if you start thinking about earning a lot of money, you may never achieve your goals. You must use this social tool to create an audience and commit it, after being successful and having a large audience, there will be more ways to earn money. Therefore, we go with the first.

Define your potential audience

First of all, you must define your own audience, this will place you in an excellent position when it comes to monetizing your content. Although you can only get the most out of performance if you understand nature and everything that surrounds your audience.

In the same way, having a specific channel will help us to have a specific audience. And for that, keep in mind:

  1. GenderIt is important because it indicates where your audience is leaning.
  2. Age, to know within what ranges is most of the users that form your community.
  3. Geographic location, to determine which place you collect the largest number of users. In addition, brands may be interested in certain locations.
  4. Play time, the Commitment of your audience is vital to add value to your channel.

Beware of including

So that your channel is taken into account and you can enjoy some benefit, do not include:

  1. Sexual content be partial nakedness or sexual humor.
  2. Violence, I already know about the exhibition of serious injuries and events related to violent extremism.
  3. Inappropriate language, including blasphemy, harassment, and vulgar language.
  4. Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, This includes the sale, use and abuse of such.
  5. Controversial and sensitive topics and events, related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic images are not shown.

Once you have taken into account precautions and you know the address you want for your channel, you can think about your strategies to monetize.

How do you earn money on YouTube?

Earn money on this platform it's not something simple, unless you have thousands and millions of subscribers. However, we will show you some ways to monetize your channel.

Adsense advertising

This may be the least laborious way to earn money on YouTube. For this, your videos must have a certain volume, in order to link your Youtube account with an Adsense account and in this way, to be able to insert advertising videos on our own channel. But to collect, you'll have to wait for your income to be greater than 100 dollars.

Create a community for our channel

You can also earn money indirectly, that is, outside of YouTube but through it. In this sense, your goal is create a large community of followers on your channel, which you can redirect to another website, such as a personal blog. Next, on your page, try to monetize Youtube traffic. Currently, many consultants and coaches They use this strategy.

With affiliate links

For this option, affiliate links can be an excellent way to earn money. Especially if your channel is of beauty or fashion and you are constantly recommending products, this strategy will serve you a lot.

Then, if a person buys something browsed from the links you share on your channel, you will receive a small part of the income from the sale of the product.

As a YouTube Partner

This is a good alternative if you are looking to earn money on Youtube. Once your channel has grown and you get 4.000 hours of views in the last 12 months and 1.000 subscribers, you can make the request to enter the Youtube Partner Program. Afterwards, once the application has been approved, you can monetize with Youtube help and get income with the ads shown in your videos and also when Youtube Red subscribers see your content.

As a Youtube partner

This option is a bit similar to the previous one and flange access to more content creation tools and prizes for your visits. For this, you should have monetized your Youtube videos and have a large number of visits. After having this, you can make a request through the Youtube Partner page and to obtain the best programs of this plan, you will have to count 15.000 accumulated hours of views in the 90 days previous to the request.

As a Youtuber

Finally we offer you this possibility of how to earn money on YouTube. For which you have to have already clear your objectives, have created empathy and transmit that spark to have a giant audience that this anxious to see your content. And with this get millions of subscribers and visits on YouTube. That is why we leave this option for the end, since it is the most laborious one for which you must determine to be very good in this medium.