5 ways to increase traffic to your website for free

Ideas to increase free web traffic

An online business grows and survives depending on increase website traffic for free. But you should not have to spend an arm and a leg to gain traffic. Here are 5 ways you can increase traffic to your website for free.

1 search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will increase traffic to your website In two ways. Initially, there is SEO on the page. It's about refining every page of your website with the correct navigation, keywords, headlines, etc. The following is the SEO off-page. This is almost the same as the pages you control. For example, guest blogs, comments on forums and anything you can do to get reliable links to your website. It would be advisable also generate quality backlinks.

2 Blogging

Su blog it is ideal to improve SEO due to the fact that you can write articles with authority and rich in keywords full of valuable information that your audience wants to read and needs to know. Search engines like websites that are updated regularly with valuable content. Also try to become a guest blogger. Write posts for other relevant blogs. And be sure to link to your website in your profile or in the author's resource box.

3 Social marketing

One of the most effective ways to rank in search results is to be active in social networks. Regardless of whether you are using a group page of Facebook, a page of Twitter, Instagram or a site of social media different, the key is interaction. Create an interesting profile Interact, share and comment. Then, when appropriate, post links to your website. This will increase web traffic for free.

4 Comment on industry blogs

Register in the industry blogs and, when appropriate and applicable, comment on the new blog posts. Be sure to register on the site and include a link to your website. If you provide a good value, it is likely that Readers of that blog visit their website. Needless to say, make sure your comments represent you and your business correctly.

5 Affiliates

Affiliates that sell your products or services can send a large amount of traffic to your address. You only pay when your traffic results in a sale. This is a wonderful way to make a lot of fans do a lot of their marketing for you. The simplest way to start an affiliate program is simply to offer special discounts to friends and family recommended by customers, along with a coupon for the person who gave the referral.

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