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If you have not yet heard the expression Stalkear, or have Stalkers Instagram, we tell you what it is. It is a millenial word, which is used to refer to all those people who spy on us through social networks. We have all been stalkers at some time. So, in Spanish, stalkear would be something like virtually gossiping, or spying on networks.

Having a crush or having a crush during the Instagram age is a thirsty job. You feel something of them, you look for them, you scroll to the photos of their vacation to Corfu in 2010 with their aunt and the wrinkles when you like a photo from eight years ago. Most have at some point, and it is likely happening to you right now. Being harassed on Instagram can be flattering or just plain creepy, but if you're curious if it's happening to you, here are five signs that you have Instagram stalkers.

Who are your Instagram stalkers?

Well, surely, you know: the exs are the ones who stalkean the most. And if you are an ex, you have stalked both your ex and your new girlfriend.

Also, fellow workers who are competitive, and want to see what you do in your free time and want to know, out of morbidity, or do not know why, what makes you be as you are.

Your bosses could stall you. And if you are a boss, your employees. As if you are a teacher, your students will be your Instagram stalkers and all your social networks.

Comrades and friends that we no longer see.

And, the archenemies. People who hate us for some reason, or who have a bit of a mania for us. Surely you have done it too.

All this to have the feeling that we control not only our lives, but the lives of others. We know where the people are that we care about and because we are a little morbid, and we like to look even if it does not correspond or it does us wrong.

Therefore, if you are the stalker, consider if it is really necessary to spy, why do you do it, what are the reasons. Surely you are going to see things that do not make you feel as good as you think.

How to know who is spying on you?

If you are experienced with your stalking skills, now is the time to brush up on your stalking skills. stalking.  We tell you who may be lurking. While it can be difficult to detect if someone has created a bogus account, as this BBC story reports, the best way to insure against people you don't know who are harassing you is to set yourself private. However, if you want to know which of your friends, family, or potential love interests are crawling on your page and how often, these techniques might help you.

1. Viewers of Instagram's story

Have you ever been intrigued by the order of the viewers on your Instagram story? Well, while Instagram has officially said there is no logic to the request, reports Babe, a user of Reddit  has given a pretty compelling theory as to why that might be important to knowing who your Instagram stalkers are. They conducted an experiment in which a friend made sure to visit another friend's page very often. Lo and behold, they soon rose to the top of the viewers list. Coincidence? Actually, maybe not.

2. Stalkers Instagram, the application.

The best way to catch your stalker on the spot is to download the application  Followers Plus for Instagram  , which can be found in your app store. It gets the best ratings of all the apps of its kind (most of its reviews are 5 stars on iTunes) and, best of all, it's free. That means you won't have to spend a penny to see who views your profile, as the app determines how each user engages with your account.

3. Instagram private: avoid your Instagram stalkers

This requires some commitment, but you can make a way to find out who is stalking you and get rid of them. Taking down your old Instagram page might not be so bad, as it will delete all of your lurking experiences and photos that you still have together. Also, by creating a new private account, you will get to see all the weird people who can't resist a follow and want to be thirsty for your sweet content.

4. Experiment with this new application. 

The new application in the market,  Instareport , has a good number of people talking, including The Edge of Australia. The site says that the app will supposedly "show you the time" your stalker saw your snapshot, so you can check who has a weird stranger at 3am, as well as see who isn't following you.  The Edge  testifies.

5. Patience, stalked friends.

Controlling Instagram Stalkers can be much easier in the not too distant future. As  Tech Crunch reported in January, Instagram was beginning to test screenshot alerts for stories. That means whoever takes photos and saves them for their story later will not go unnoticed. In accordance with  Tech Crunch , if this is the case, you will not be notified when the capture of your story is captured, but you will be able to see your viewers and see a small image of the camera next to anyone who thought it would. Save this for later.

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